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February 9, 2013

2013 Phoninar Quick Course

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Here is the study guide for the phoninar!

The purpose of the phoninar is to help notaries learn some of the basics of signing without taking an actual course. Many notaries do not want to take a course, or they already took a course without mastering the material. My solution is to have a free quickie course to start them out with. If they can pass our over the phone test, we will keep them on the site. However, if they fail miserably, then we will most likely remove them from the site if they have a free listing.

Topic #1
The Right to Cancel
Most notaries have a rescission calendar that they refer to when calculating the last day to rescind. Few notaries know when all of the Federal holidays are. Many notaries also can not think clearly about how to calculate the last day to rescind mainly because they have never practiced calculating this date. If you want to come across as a professional, learn to give quick and accurate answers to simple everyday signing questions.

In a residential refinance, the borrower has (3) days to rescind not including Sundays and Federal Holidays. Be careful, Presidents day and Washington’s birthday are synonymous. Also, Flag day is not a Federal Holiday, but banks might be closed. Some lenders do not count SATURDAY as one of the (3) days to rescind, but formally, Saturday is considered a business day in terms of calculating rescission. Other lenders allow the Friday after Thanksgiving to be considered a holiday when legally it is not. Basically, each lender is different, but you have to know the basic laws effecting rescission instead of relying on what the handful of lenders you work with say.

Here is a list of Federal Holidays — memorize these for the test
(1) New Years Day, (2) Martin Luther King Day, (3) Washington’s Birthday, (4) Memorial Day, (5) Independence Day, (6) Labor Day, (7) Columbus Day, (8) Veteran’s Day, (9) Thanksgiving, (10) Christmas

Quick Facts
(a) There are two blanks for dates in the RTC which are generally filled in by the lender. Once in a while the notary needs to fill in these dates or correct them. The technical terms for these dates are the Transaction Date and the Rescission Date. Please memorize these terms for the test.
(b) The date of the signing is NOT included in the (3) days to cancel. If a loan is signed on Monday then Tuesday is day 1, Wednesday is day 2, and Thursday would be the 3rd or last day to cancel.
(c) Loans must be cancelled in writing by the deadline in writing by fax or mail, but not by email.

Pop Quiz
(1) Name all Federal holidays that come in January
(2) If a refinance is signed on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, when is the last day to rescind?
(3) If a refinance is signed on a Friday, when is the last day to rescind?


Topic #2
Most notaries know a little something about the APR, but this topic is actually very critical for your success as a signing agent. Every borrower wants to know why their APR is higher than their Rate. How good is your explanation. Here is what we want you to know for the phone test. Sure, there is more to know than what we are telling you, so learn the basics from us, and learn more on your own.

Definition:The APR is the annual percentage relationship between the payments and the amount borrowed, minus the fees. This rate is often used to compare the different loans borrowers have to choose from. The APR is almost always higher than the rate. The rate, on the other hand, is a monthly percentage relationship between the payments and the total amount borrowed, including fees.

Quick Facts
(1) The APR is documented on the Truth in Lending Disclosure
(2) The APR is usually but not always higher than the Rate
(3) Your definition for the APR should include the fact that it could include loan origination fees, closing costs, appraisal fees, inspection fees, points, escrow fees, notary fees, and other costs of the loan — those are some of the big ones.
(4) If you mention that the APR is often used to compare loans, you get points on the phone test
(5) If you mention that the APR might be compounded, you get points.
(6) Several notaries have claimed that there is no government standard for computing the APR, it is up to each individual lender.
(7) You could also claim that the APR includes the interest rate, all fees and costs of the loan, and incorporates them all into a compounded Annual Percentage Rate.
(8) There are many ways to define the APR, the key is to mention all of the components in a clear and easy to understand way.

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Pop Quiz
(1) Which document contains the APR?
(2) What are some fees that might be incorporated into the APR
(3) Please create and rehearse your definition of the APR so that you will sound professional before your borrowers


The Rate
The Rate or Interest Rate is more of a topic of confusion with the notaries than the APR although it is much simpler to understand and actually easier to find. Traditionally, the Rate is always documented in the Note. The note by definition discusses the Interest Rate, monthly payments, and prepayment penalties (if any). Once in a while there will be a Rider associated with the Note that might discuss these issues as well.

Inexperienced notaries typically claim that the best place to look for the Rate is on the Truth in Lending. Half of them say this because they are so uneducated that they can not distinguish between the APR and the Rate. The other half choose the Truth in Lending Disclosure because the Rate is actually documented there in many cases. But, let me ask you — if you are in front of the borrower and want to make a good impression — would you look for the Rate in a document where it sometimes is, or in a document like the Note where by definition it ALWAYS is? I vote for always because you will look like a fool if you go fumbling through the documents trying to find the right information in the wrong place.

Quick Facts:
(1) The Rate is always located in the Note
(2) In loans over the last few years the Rate is also generally documented in the HUD-1 Settlement Statement which comes later in the documents than the note unless it was sent separately.
(3) Some lenders include the Rate in the Truth in Lending, although this should NOT be the place you look for it first since it is not always there.

Pop Quiz
If you want to show the borrower the rate, which three documents would be where you would look, and in which order would you source those three documents?


Dealing with errors in signings

Errors on Notary Certificates
From time to time in a signing, there will be an error in the notary certificates. Please keep in mind that handling an error in a certificate might be handled very differently from an error in the actual documents, or in the body of the actual documents, so please make the distinction.

If there is an error in the notary certificate — such as an acknowledgment or jurat certificate to name examples, there are various ways to rectify the situations. The problem is that each method has an upside and a downside.

(1) Cross-out and initial
This is a messy way to solve a problem on a legally significant document such as an acknowledgment. If a person’s name is spelled incorrectly, crossing out an initialing could get the document rejected by a county recorder. One notary had to cross-out wording on an out of state certificate that claimed that she personally knew the signer when in fact she did not know the signer. She crossed that out, and the document custodian was very upset. I told her to consider adding a loose certificate.

REMEMBER, it is the notary who initials changes on notary certificates and NOT the signers.

(2) Add a loose certificate and start all over
Legally, you can always add a loose certificate. However, the person or entity to whom you are submitting the documents to might not like it. Please distinguish between what makes your work legally acceptable and popular as the standards often do not match. The loose certificate has the advantage of having whatever name and wording you want it to have so you don’t need to cross anything out.

(3) Notarize the document twice?
Not illegal. You can do two journal entries and notarize twice. Notarize the original acknowledgment embedded in the last page of the document with the cross outs, and add a fresh certificate as well assuming you have a 2nd journal entry to match that one. Document this well in your journal for your protection.

(4) Redraw?
Redrawing documents is time consuming and expensive. It involves making new appointments and risking not getting paid. But, for an out of state that needs to be worded in a particular way, you can have them word it however they want it to be worded, so that no cross outs or illegal claims or acts are necessary.


Errors in the right to cancel
Notaries typically do not know how to fill in the dates of the right to cancel. From time to time a signing will be postponed a day, and you need to change the two dates in the right to cancel which are the transaction date (the date you sign), and the rescission date (the last day you can legally cancel). Please try to appear educated and don’t say the signing date, or the cancel date as these wordings are not educated sounding and are also not clear.

To fix the dates on the right to cancel you can:
(1) Cross out, right the correct dates and have both borrowers initial
(2) Pull a fresh copy from the borrowers copies and start all over. The borrower’s copies might or might not have the dates printed in the blanks. If you made a mistake correcting dates, then sourcing the borrower’s copies definately makes sense.


Fees on the HUD-1 Settlement Statement
If someone wants to know where their fees and closing costs are, please direct them to the HUD-1 Settlement Statement. But, which fees are on the HUD. There is a huge conglomeration of information on the HUD. Too much to teach. But, to impress us, you should be able to rattle off a handful of fees on the HUD without batting an eyelash. Here are a few fees typically on the HUD.

Services: Abstract of Title Search & Title Charges, Appraisal Fee, Attorney fees, Document preparation, Notary Fees
Transaction Costs: Assumption fees, Broker fees, Credit reporting fee, Escrow account deposits, Escrow Fees, Loan Origination fees, Points or commissions, Settlement or closing fees
Inspection Fees: Lead based paint inspection fee, Termite inspection Fee, Other Inspection fees
Insurance: Flood insurance Fee, Hazard insurance, Mortgage insurance application fee, Title insurance
Payments: Interest, Cash payments


There are no legal standards for initialing. However, the purpose of an initial is to have an abbreviated way of writing your name in a document.

Andrew B Clay Sr.
His initials could be ABC, or ABC Sr. Which is better?

Some lenders don’t want a Jr., or Sr., on an initial.
However, if it is part of the signers name on Title, then it is part of their name.
The initials for Junior would be Jr. Therefor in my opinion, it should be part of the initial representing the forth word in the name.

What about Andrew Hooper III
I would have him initial AH III

There is no way to shorten the III part. But we don’t want to confuse him with his father and grandfather who might have been on title, so we will include the III unless asked by the lender not to. There are pros and cons in the different ways of initialing. Be thorough unless asked not to be by the lender.


Parties involved in a loan
Many notaries don’t realize how involved the loan process is, and how many parties there are involved. So, if you make a mistake signing a loan, you might be inconveniencing more parties than you think. Here are a few:

Notary Public
Relatives of the Borrower
Signing Company
Settlement Agent
Escrow Agent
Insurance Companies
Loan Servicing Companies
Loan Holding Companies who purchase the loan from your lender (at great risk)
County Recorders
Oh… I almost forgot — the pets of the borrower

If your stamp was smudgy
If your stamp (notary seal) isn’t clear on notary certificate forms, recorded documents might be rejected by the county recorder. If there are cross-outs, or anything that the recorder doesn’t like, they might reject the document as well which would mean that the notary would have to notarize the document all over again which is very time consuming and involves scheduling. Each county recorder is different and there are over 5000 different county recorders throughout the United States!


Attorney in Fact wording
If Sam Smith is signing in his capacity of Attorney in Fact for Sharon Smedley, how would he sign? There are at least two ways: Here they are.

(1) Sam Smith, as attorney in fact for Sharon Smedley (I like this way best)
(2) Sharon Smedley by Sam Smith, her attorney in fact (ambiguous as to who you are in the signature)

Memorize the wording including the commas if you want to pass our phone test!


Fraud & Journals
Not all states require you to keep a journal, but for your protection you need one regardless of what your state says. No state forbids you from having a journal. In your journal you record the date & time of notarization, type of notarization, document name, document date (if any), signers name and address, type of ID used, ADDITIONAL NOTES where you record anything unusual about the signing, or if you used credible witnesses, the signature of the signer, and a THUMBPRINT.

Quick Facts:
(1) If a signer is accused of committing fraud. OR, if a third party is accused of tricking a signer to sign something or of forging a signature, then the thumbprint in your journal could keep protect you.
(2) The thumbprint could stop an investigation in its tracks since you have evidence
(3) A thumbprint could drastically reduce the time involved in an investigation or court case. Imagine being stuck in court for 30 days with no income because you did a risky notarization for an elderly lady in the hospital who was on morphine and couldn’t think straight.
(4) Warning — beware of notarizing the elderly. Make sure they understand what they are signing and can paraphrase what is in the document for their protection and yours. You are not legally required to understand the contents of the document, but they can get into huge trouble, and drag you into the trouble if they are being tricked into signing something — especially a power of attorney or deed.


Spouse not on loan?
This question is very state specific. New York deals with spousal issues differently.

As a general rule, if the spouse is not on the loan documents, they might need to sign any Deeds including the Deed of Trust, (Mortgage), Right to Cancel, Truth in Lending, Correction Agreement, HUD, and perhaps a few others.


Define beneficial interest
If a party is a beneficiary to a document being signed, they would have beneficial interest. But, who else might have beneficial interest too? If you are a relative of the signer such as a spouse or child, you might benefit from the document being signed. If you are a notary who won’t get paid unless the document is signed, then you have beneficial interest in the document being signed which is illegal. To keep it legal, make sure you get paid regardless of if a document gets signed to keep yourself impartial and above board. A notary’s job is not to notarize, but to say NO when necessary. Stand in front of the mirror and practice saying NO!


What is the difference between e-documents, e-signings, and e-notarizations

e-documents are documents that are sent to the notary electronically via the internet. A password and various types of downloading software would be necessary for e-documents as well as a high speed internet connection and a fast printer with good ppm.

e-signings are signings typically signed on a laptop with a wireless card. Some of the documents are still physical, and the journal used is physical.

e-notarizations require a special eNotary commission. Only about (9) states have such a commission. The signer is still required to appear before the notary in all, or almost all cases (varies over time and state by state — AZ at one point had some exceptions to the personal appearance law). ENJOA or an eJournal is used for e-notarizations. Unfortunately, county clerks offices are not always able to fulfill their legal obligation to be the custodian of eJournals after a notary’s commission is over. An interesting twist on some new technology that has many serious issues.

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October 3, 2012

The Pros and Cons of eNotarizations

The Pros and Cons of eNotarization

As the technological world continues to evolve on a regular basis, more and more industries are looking to go from the paper route to the electronic route, allowing them to save time and money while providing more convenience to their customers.

One such industry that is following the technological advancements is the notary industry, which is looking to utilize eNotarization on a more frequent scale.

For those who are not up to speed on exactly what an eNotary does, they are quite simply a Notary Public who notarizes documents electronically. One of the means to do this is through utilizing a digital signature and notary seal to notarize electronic documents and validate with a digital certificate.

With electronic notarization, a notary puts an electronic signature and notary seal in place using a secure public key to an electronic document (such examples would be a PDF or Word document). When the signature and seal are affixed, the piece is looked upon as being tamper evident, meaning that any unauthorized attempts to alter the document would be noticeable to relying parties.

eNotarization Focuses in on Security

In taking a look at the short history of electronic notarization, the National Notary Association (NNA) saw the need to put rules and standards in place for a workable, accessible, and, most importantly, secure system of electronic notarization.

As a result, the NNA came up with Enjoa (the Electronic Notary Journal of Official Acts), which allows both electronic and paper-based notary acts to be recorded—and that record should be free from tampering in an electronic database.

With Enjoa, notaries can electronically gather both a holographic signature and a fingerprint of each document signer, also providing the added choice of capturing within its database the signer’s facial image via a Web camera. Whether it be recording eNotarizations or paper-based transactions, Enjoa offers proof of a signer’s personal
appearance, a detailed database of the notarial act, and a level of security that is not available in a paper-based recordkeeping system.

It was some six years ago that the NNA partnered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in unveiling the nation’s initial Electronic Notarization Initiative, a comprehensive eNotarization program. All Pennsylvania notaries participating in the initiative utilized a digital certificate to perform electronic acts that were subsequently
made available for recording in the four original participating counties. Other counties throughout Pennsylvania were quick to enroll in the program.

So, what can be seen as some of the pros and cons of eNotarization?

On the plus side:

* Electronic versatility offers benefits for both the notary involved and the business and legal communities. One of the more notable benefits is the time in which documents can now be notarized via a computer. Such documents include power of attorney paperwork, affidavits, deeds, title loans, wills, and prenuptial agreements, among

* eNotarization makes it easy for the notary to adapt to changes in the document in just

* eNotarization allows notaries to stay on top of cutting-edge technology, meaning they can compete with others in their business who are also using this manner to notarize documents. For those who choose not to, it could mean losing potential or current customers who opt for the more technologically advanced means to notarize paperwork.

On the negative side:

* eNotarization is not available everywhere, meaning you may or may not have it as an option where you live.

* Some worry that security could be compromised when using eNotarization. If that happens, the notary could lose business from customers who fear their private information leaking out. Whether with traditional notary usage or eNotarization, both the notary and customer should make sure private data is as protected as possible.

* eNotarization is still evolving, meaning some parts of the process are not entirely up to speed. As the process evolves more, eNotarization will become commonplace for both notaries and customers.

With more and more processes going the electronic route, is eNotarization in your plans?

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About the author: With 23 years of experience as a writer, Dave Thomas covers a wide array of topics from office cubicles to starting a small business.

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September 7, 2011

What goes WHERE in your notes?

We have close to 7000 notaries, and most of them have written a notes section.  I am always stressing that the length and quality of the notes section strongly effects how many calls you will get.  I recommend a few paragraphs of notes. Browsers want to compare notaries and read through many different profiles before choosing who they will call first. If you leave your notes blank, or only have a few choppy sounding lines of text, I assure you that you will get left behind.    But, there is more.  Experience is very important and should go on top.

What goes at the top?
The first sentence or two of your notes is visable on the search results, and strongly influences readers.  Their decision to click, or not to click is heavily based on the first two lines of notes you wrote, and whether or not you offer 24 hour service, or are certified by  It’s that important!  If you have reviews will strongly effect how many clicks you get too!  People write about many things in their notes sections. They write about their equipment, their coverage areas, types of loans they are familiar with, and experience.  They might also write about professional memberships, jobs they did before they became a notary, and anything else they think will impress or move a potential client.  If you look at all of these various types of information, there is one that triggers a reaction in the reader most, and that is what separates you from the pack: experience.

Put your experience at the top
If you have a lot of experience, that is the single most important trait that a client looks for.  If you are on the white glove list for some well known large company, that makes a huge impression.  If some other notary covers twenty counties and has some great equipment, that means something, but it doesn’t make up for lost experience.  Any fool can purchase expensive equipment, but how many fools have signed 15,000 loans with a 99.9% error free track record?  Any nitwit can sign a Reverse Mortgage (this is valuable experience by the way), but how many nitwits are on the approved list for some major American Title agency and have 20 years of experience? All pertinent information has a value, but there is a hierarchy to which information is the most valuable, and you need to put the most critical selling information (experience) on the top of the list.

What comes next?  Credentials & memberships
3rd party credibility is key to getting work.  If you say you are good and write well, that counts for more than nothing, but not that much more than nothing. If someone else says you are good, that counts more.  People who are already certified by another agency claim that they don’t “need” 123notary certification, however, to get the credibility of the green certification icon you actually DO “need” our certification.  That is 3rd party credibility from an agency who has been very serious about the notary business for 11 years and has 6500 clients.  Having testimonials is another form of 3rd party credibility.  So, writing about your professional memberships and credentials means a lot, and that comes right after experience.

Coverage Areas
Coverage areas comes third ideally. You can write about where you service, and which areas cost extra.

Specialties is fourth
If you want to put specialties as 3rd instead of 4th, it would be about the same.  Telling the world what types of loans you are familiar with is very important.  If you have a long list of impressive types of loans, you might put it higher on the list just to make an impression. If your specialties are very run of the mill doing refinances and reverse mortgages, etc., then put it third or fourth on the list.

Equipment & Insurance
Equipment can really make a difference and set you apart from the rest of the locals.  However, it is not quite as important as the other things I mentioned unless you have a very impressive mobile office which makes you one in a thousand.  If you have slightly above average equipment, you can mention it at the bottom just to be thorough.  E&O insurance can be put in the equipment section.  If you have a million dollars of E&O, then maybe put it in the first line to knock people’s flip flops off.  If you have been background screened or listed with the BBB, that could go here too.

Other information
If you want to talk about identification, legal considerations, or your unwillingness to give legal advice, put it here.  Parting notes should come here at the bottom as well.  I usually discourage discussing details of your rate structure, but that would be good at the bottom as well.

Here are some interesting things people put in their notes that stood out.

Keep in mind that some of the individuals offering these services are attorneys.

Adoptions; Probate; Preparation of Wills; Trusts;  Movie set notarizations; Constructions loans; Foreclosures; Medical power of attorney.;  Car title Affidavits; Durable powers of attorney;  Time-Share docuements; Rental Property Agreements; e-signings; Inspections; Debt Consolidation;  Courthouses; prisons; hospitals; Balloon mortgages.

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February 2, 2011

Interesting and uncommon notary acts

Notary Acts
There are various types of notarial acts, and the rules and types of acts vary from state to state.  In this blog entry, I’ll go over all of the types of notary acts that I can find information about, and introduce some of the points that differ from state to state.  The states associated with each specific act are NOT necessarily the ONLY states associated with those acts, but are the state(s) that we are referencing.
An acknowledgment is the most common notary act and accounts for roughly 80% of all notarizations with Jurats being in second place.  Many states allow notaries to charge a maximum fee per notarized signature, while Florida’s fees are based on how many times you affix your stamp when executing an acknowledgment.
An affirmation is a type of Oath where there is no mention of a higher power (God).
Attesting to a Document’s Validity (AR)
This is a notary act that is peculiar to Arkansas.  I don’t recall seeing this as a possible notary act in any other state. Please visit our Arkansas Notary page for more information.
Authentication, Apostilles, and Magistracies (General)
These are general notary public procedures common to most states. However, less than 1% of notaries know how to do such notary acts, and you normally have to contact your state notary public division to learn the rules.  The process of getting one of these generally takes a minimum of a few days, and the price is usually high.
Certified Copies (WA)(CA)
Some states allow Certified copies of powers of attorney such as California.   Other states often allow a notary to make certified copies of any type of document.  New York doesn’t allow any type of certified copies. The type of documents that a notary may certify copies of vary from state to state.  Washington allows a notary to charge $10 per certified copy of any document for example.
Copies of Journal Entries
California notary law allows a small fee of 30 cents per entry for notaries to charge if a member of the public needs a copy of a specific journal entry.  The notary should be careful to make sure that all other transactions recorded in the journal do not show up on the photocopy sent to the individual making the inquiry to protect people’s privacy.
Depositions – Certifying Depositions (AR)
Most states use the term, “Take a deposition” while Arkansas allows notaries to certify a Deposition.  Some states allow a fee for the Deposition and then another fee for each oath to each witness.  Rules vary from state to state.
Document Copy Charges (CO)
Colorado notary law allows a notary to make copies of documents and charge for this act.  This act ensures that the copied document is a real copy and not a different document or one that is slightly altered.  If you are in another state that doesn’t have this type of notary act, its still advisable to witness the photocopying of documents that are to be certified as copies. Its also not a bad idea to make a notation on the document that you witnessed it being photocopied even though thats not an official act outside of Colorado that we are aware of.
Rules for e-notarizations differ from state to state.  The main point is to use an electronic journal to record transactions and for the documents to be online or electronic documents.  e-signings are signings where some of the documents are online while others are printed out.  A regular journal is used when doing an e-signing although the signature on the document is electronic.
This is the second most popular notary act.  A Jurat requires the signer to sign the document before the notary and to take an Oath before the notary as well regarding the document or verbiage.  Several years ago, Jurats did not require identification in many states, but as of 2011, almost all states require the signer / affiant to be positively identified for this notary act.
Marine Protest (RI)
Rhode Island is the only state we have seen to have a separate fee for a marine Protest.  A Protest is an act where
someone Protests non-payment of a bill.  A Marine protest or sea protest is a statement where a captain or officer can include relevant details about the ship, voyage, cargo, drafts, date of departure, date of arrival in next port. This type of act is used if unfavorable weather conditions were encountered.  The Marine protest will protect the vessel and their owners from further claims brought forward by charterers, shippers, and cargo receivers.
Non-Certified Copies (VA)
Virginia allows for notaries to make copies that are not certified.  A non-certified copy if for information only and is not accepted for legal purposes such as school enrollment or applying for a drivers license or passport.
Most if not all states allow notaries to take Oaths.  An Oath is a solemn promise or statement where the affiant swears that they are telling the truth.
Photocopying & Supervising Photocopying (AR)
In Arkansas, a notary can get paid to photocopy documents or supervise the photocopy of documents. 
Proof of Execution
This notary act requires a subscribing witness who sees the principal sign a document.  The subscribing witness appears before the notary public.  This act is the only notary act where the actual signer doesn’t appear before the notary.
This type of notary act is where an individual protests the nonacceptance or non-payment of money owed.
Safe Deposit Openings (NY)
Here is a unique notary act only allowed in New York and Florida that we are aware of.  The notary must witness the opening of a safe deposit box and record the contents of the box in a certificate, but not in their journal.  Please click on the link to read the details.
Taking a Renunciation of dower or Inheritance (SC)
Please see the South Carolina notary division’s website for details on this unique notary act.
Verification – Taking a verification upon an Oath or Affirmation (DE)(PA)
Please consult the Delaware or Pennsylvania’s notary division website for more information on this unique act.
Weddings (ME), (SC), (FL)
Notaries in Maine, South Carolina, and Florida can solemnize weddings.  Notaries need to be familiar with the procedure and proper wedding etiquette to provide this type of service.
Witnessing an Absentee Ballot (FL)
Notaries are not allowed to charge for this notary act in Florida, or California. 
Witnessing or Attesting to a Signature (DE)
Attesting to a signature simply means witnessing a signature, and then signing your own name to document that fact that you witnessed a signature.  Delaware is one state of many that considers being a witness an official notary act.


December 25, 2010

e-Documents Definition

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e-document definition 
 Documents that are sent electronically to the signing agent are called e-documents. There are a number of different common viewers necessary to view and print e-documents. Typically, a notary will receive documents and immediately need to print them and then go out to complete the signing with the borrowers. E-documents are typically sent at the last minute. Notaries typically charge extra to print out e-documents as it takes time, paper, and creates wear and tear on their toner or ink cartridge. E-documents have nothing to do with e-notarizations. An e-notarization is done purely online while an e-document signing is done with physical documents face to face with the borrower. E-signings are done with some of the documents being signed online. E-document signings are generally completed after the documents have been printed.

Issues with e-documents include the fact that a notary might have to go all the way home just to print documents.  Many companies send documents at the last minute and there are sometimes delays that add to the headache of doing a signing.  Some of our smarter notaries have mobile offices so they can print on the road while others have a kinko’s account so they can find a kinko’s near where they currently are to print documents on the run.


November 29, 2010

12 Points On e-Notarizations

e-notarizations information

Each state has different standards for e-notarizations. Please remember that e-documents and e-signings are completely different from e-notarizations. Here are some points about e-notarizations that are interesting.

(1) To do e-notarizations you need a special authorization from your state, and not all states allow this. The rules are completely different for e-notarizations and the types of documents you can notarize are limited as well.

(2) LindaH in our forum stated on 1-05-10 that the NNA is no longer supporting the ENS program (Electronic Notary Signature). There were technical challenges offering that particular technological product. There are no unified standards for e-notarizations which was part of the problem.

(3) ENJOA is an electronic journal. e-Notarizations require the use of an electronic journal and can not be completed with a regular journal. e-signings use a regular journal by the way.

(4) BobbiCT claims that in Connecticut that multiple documents can serve as “originals”. He states that physical documents can be scanned and used as electronic documents that receive an e-notarization.

(5) Many states do not allow a recorded document to have an e-notarization. Recorded documents are often documents effecting real property which is too critical to risk security issues relateing to e-notarizations.

(6) Its common for states to set up e-notarization legislation years before the first e-notarization is completed and years before the first e-notary is appointed in their state. States are thinking ahead. The problem is there can be many bugs in the new systems that are in place which make e-notarizations potentially less secure than “brick and morter” notarizations.

(7) Biometrics can be used on e-signatures on e-notarizations to record the speed of the various strokes involved in a signature. This is one excellent way to deter fraud. Its easy to forge a signature, but no fraud would be able to figure out what the speed of each stroke of the signature would be for a particular individual. There are too many strokes involved.

(8) An e-journal is required for all e-notarization acts. To get an e-journal, you would need to set up an account with a company who provides an e-journal system. You would probably need a login and password to use your journal, and god forbid if the server went down.

(9) 123notary doesn’t know of any particular notaries who have done an actual e-notarization. It sounds like fun though.

(10) LindaH claims that many borrowers she had talked to would not be thrilled if they were asked to be involved in an e-notarization.

(11) LindaH claims that its the state governments that are not prepared to handle e-signatures.

(12) Perhaps private industry and title companies might be ready, but if the county recorders can’t handle e-notarizations, then they can’t be used for recorded documents such as deeds, etc.

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November 27, 2010

e-notarization definition

e-Notarizations and e-Signings
e-notarization definition
An e-notarization is a notary act done purely online. The signer would not actually come into contact with the notary in many cases. Each state has different rules for e-notarizations, so learn your state’s rules if you want to do this. An online journal (ENJOA) would be used to record the transaction as well. e-notarizations would never be used for deeds effecting real property since those types of documents are very critical and involve high dollar figures. An e-signing is different from an e-notarization. Many states allow e-notarizations, but you generally need to get a special commission separate from your regular notary commission to be an e-notary.

e-signing definition

An e-signing is different from an e-notarization. E-signings are electronic loan signings where the notary visits the borrower’s home or meets the borrowers at a mutually agreeable location. The signer is present before the notary during an e-signing. Some or all of the documents in an e-signing are signed online while the remaining documents might be physical paper documents. The journal used in an e-signing would be a bound and sequential physical paper journal. e-notarizations are different from e-signings because the signer doesn’t actually appear before the notary in an e-notarization, and the journal in an e-notarization is electronic, and not physical.


Colorado Notary e-notarization
Arizona Electronic signatures
e-Signings and e-Notarizations


(1) edelske (forum member) claims that:

 e-signings are really slow and that the savings on printing costs do not compensate for the time consumed waiting for pages to load on your laptop.

(2) LindaH states in a forum post:

E-signings are a process where the mortgage documents are signed online at the lender’s website. You either have your laptop w/ aircard & internet connection or you use the borrowers’ computer (provided they have one and they have stable internet service) . You access a remote site, review some documents online with them and they sign by clicking on a button (the borrowers’ digital signature with the lender is set up ahead of time). If your state does not accept e-recordings, you will still need to print those docs that need to be notarized as they are “wet” signatures – and sometimes you need to print a copy for the borrower … oh, and maybe print an extra set of documents “just in case” the internet connection fails or there are issues with the website. The beauty of e-signings for the lender is that changes to docs can be made at the table, thereby avoiding no-signs…HUDs and TILs can be changed and re-delivered virtually immediately – so if your borrower doesn’t have a computer, be prepared to print table so they‘re provided copies of revised docs!! (So, IMO, in addition to carrying your briefcase with your standard equipment, you’ll now need to carry laptop with aircard AND laser printer)..

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May 28, 2010

Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Blog!

To see the blog roll with our most RECENT posts, just click on the link below!

Introduction – directory – who we are. is a nationwide mobile notary directory that helps notaries market their notary services and offers a wealth of notary resource materials as well on our resources page. offers loan signing courses and loan signing agent certification courses too.  Feel free to sign up for a listing with us by visiting our advertise with us page on the navigation bar.  We offer FREE listings with low placement and paid listings with medium and high placement.
123notary and Social Media has endeavored to build a community feeling by creating various social media profiles over the last few years.  We created a notary discussion forum in 2004. Our forum grew in popularity over the years, but we found that the trends in social media had changed, and that more people prefered Facebook and other providers. Then, in 2009, we created Facebook and Twitter profiles which quickly became very lively.  In 2010, we decided to create a blog, to add a format where we could discuss notary issues in detail.  The forum had a nice form of interaction, but our blog will make it possible to focus on what a particular author has to share, rather than reading a potentially chaotic conversation between a variety of strangers all chiming in.
Guest writers will attempt to have a lively notary blog by blogging about the most interesting and critical issues facing notaries today.  In order to spice things up, we will
be having guest bloggers write articles about whatever notary blog topics they find interesting.  The guest writers each have a very different style and write about very different topics than I would write about which will make our blog diverse and interesting.  Our current guest bloggers are Ken and Carmen, but we hope to attract more as time goes on. If you write interesting materials, and want to be a guest blogger with us, just send us an email introducing yourselves, and we will consider you!
Topics for discussion

I want to use this notary public blog to discuss issues in a way that can not be adequately done on other mediums.  Forums have too much weak commentary from members with posts ranging from two or three words to a sentence. Some of the input is helpful while others is not on forums.  Very little of the writing on forums is good enough to feature on a resource page.  One major pattern I would like to establish on our blog is to take the best content from the forum and publish it in blog format.  I would select the most popular and helpful forum topics, and condense the more helpful commentary from the notaries in one page in a blog entry.   That way the 90-95% of forum commentary that is not helpful would be filtered or weeded out.  Another pattern I would like to use on the notary public blog is to address major issues facing notaries, in detail.  Rather that focusing on quantity, I would like to address certain pressing issues, and have thorough and quality input about these matters.  Some issues that will be popping up soon will include:  How to handle common problems at signings, Loan Modifications, Billing, Etiquette, e-signings,  How to Dress, etc.,    If there are topics that you would like addressed, you are welcome to voice your opinion.
Facebook, Twitter and our blog
We will get materials for our blog from discussions on facebook as one of our sources of information. Our facebook profile is a source of lively discussions and information about the notary world. Each week or two we discuss a different issue and break it in to components.   There will be lots of material to work with.  We will be tweeting about our new blogs on Twitter as a way to get the news out quickly. We may even have a competition on facebook for notaries who can write a great blog article that is good enough for us to post.

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March 25, 2010

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Notary Journal Thumbprints – they can save your neck!

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Scary results when a notary uses our letter from hell

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Contact information for state notary divisions 2011 & 2012

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Rules for notarizing a bedridden person

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Most mistakes would be in the journal or certificate area.

How to fix notary mistakes

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Borrowers and their filthy homes

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Backdating from A to Z

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Rude notaries?

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How do I find out?

(14) Rules for notarizing minors

Rules for Notarizing Minors

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Deciding ahead of time when you are going to be available

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(17) Which gets the work? Skills or Certification?
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(18) Immigration documents for gay lovers
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(19) What does it really mean to be “certified?”

Certified Signing Agent – what does it mean?

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(20) Power of Attorney at a nursing home

Power of Attorney at a nursing home

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(21) Can a notary notarize a birth certificate?

Can a notary notarize a birth certificate?

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(22) Background checking notaries and signing companies
#backgroundscreening #notary

(23) Fraud & Forgery in the Notary Profession

Fraud & Forgery related to the notary profession

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(24) Do I notarize every page of a document?

Do I notarize every page of a document?

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(25) How much E&O is normal or practical?
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(26) Notarization Dates, Document Dates & Signature Dates!

Notarization Dates, Document Dates & Signature Dates!

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(27) Electronic #Notary #Journal Information

Electronic Notary Journal Information

#enotary #esigning #notarization

(28) How to get low ballers to stop calling you!
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(29) Death and the #Notary
I’ve heard that it is best to get some things done sooner than later…

(30) The signing from heaven

The Signing from Heaven

#mortgage #realestate

(31) Notary dragged into court!
#legal #notarization

(32) Sending loose certificates is #illegal.
Yet this is a very common request!

Sending loose certificates is illegal


(33) Do #notary journals need to be kept under lock and key?

Do notary journals need to be kept under lock and key?

#notarylaw #notarypublic #notarization

(34) Can a notary sign on a different day?

Can a notary sign on a different day?

#notarylaw #legal #notarization

(35) Don’t put the Fedex in the drop box?
If there is a cashier’s check in the package – be careful!

Don’t put the Fedex in the drop box!


(36) Your purpose is NOT to notarize?
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(37) How much should a notary charge for swearing in a …

How much should a notary charge for swearing in a…

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(38) Where do credible witnesses sign the notary journal book?

Where do credible witnesses sign the notary journal book

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(39) 123notary behind the scenes!

123notary behind the scenes

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(40) Notarizing your foreign language document

Notarizing your foreign language document!

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(41) There was a bear blocking us in the driveway!
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(42) How many notaries does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
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(43) Dr. Jeckle & Dr. Hyde
An emotionally charged signing with people who you thought you knew!
#mortgage #realestate

(44) Which states allow e-notarizations?

Which states allow e-notarizations?

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(45) 20 stories about animals at signings

20 stories about animals at signings

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(46) How many witnesses do you need when signing a Will?
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(47) Got notes?
Tips for writing a great notes section in your 123notary profile!
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(48) The technique — for getting notary reviews!
#notary #advertising #marketing

(49) I would need a new notary journal every week!
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(50) The Attorney General is the place to report bad signing companies!
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(51) I got beaten up by Spiderman at a closing!
#mortgage #realestate

(52) Protecting yourself with a contract!
Companies use contracts, why shouldn’t notaries?

Protecting yourself with a contract

(53) Don’t call until the documents are ready?
#mortgage #loan #notary #notarized

(54) An unreasonable client!
Some people just don’t understand how difficult parking can be in NYC!

(55) Do criminals deserve to be notarized?
#notary #notarization

(56) Who answers your phone?
#notary #marketing

(57) The borrower and the fallen book shelf
#mortgage #notary

(58) The chicken & egg: Birth certificate problem solved

The chicken & egg: Birth certificate problem solved

(59) The missing stamp
A story about a forgetful notary!

(60) Notarizing documents for the elderly

Notarizing Documents for the Elderly

#notary #notarization

(61) Borrowers with guns
If the borrowers have them, maybe notaries should too

(62) Ask, but don’t beg for a review?
#notary #marketing

(63) Overseas companies hiring notaries in America
#international #business #notary

(64) Stealing a business name!
A notary was accused of stealing a client’s biz name right before he registered it!

Stealing a Business Name

(65) What are your hours?
Do you have to think for a while to answer this question?

(66) The signer had a dark & dirty energy about him.
#mortgage #notary

(67) Power of Attorney and verifying capacity!

Power of Attorney and Verifying Capacity

#legaldocument #notary

(68) There was a person in the basement
#mortgage #notary

(69) Two crazy situations that lead to non-payment
#mortgage #notary

(70) Can you do the 3rd signing for free?
#mortgage #notary

(71) The dog ate my journal
#notarylaw #legal #notary

(72) Prison signings
Notarizing bank robbers & pornographers

(73) Double booking notary appointments
#notary #scheduling #smallbiz

(74) Attacked by an octogenarian lady with Dimentia!

(75) Over my dead body: a signing that was one person’s last!

(76) How to gain experience as a notary!
#notarizing #mortgage #startup

(77) Hostage situation on the way to a signing!
#notary #notarization

(78) Top 5 books every notary should own (and read)

Top 5 books every notary should own (and read)

(79) 3 notaries walk into a bar
The notaries wanted to ID the bartender.

3 Notaries walk into a bar

(80) The well, Chlorine, and diarrhea!
The pipes had broken and her well water was no longer pure!

(81) “You will be all alone with me”
Attn. women signers: don’t sign for this guy!

(82) Is it safe? Do I need an escort to this notary job?
#notarization #mortgage

(83) What is that god awful smell?
#mortgage #realestate #notary

(84) A notary steals oxicotton from a borrower’s house!
#theft #notarization

(85) Are they crazy? $70 for e-docs with fax backs?
#notary #mortgage #notarization #notarized

(86) They won’t pay me, so whose responsibility is it?
#mortgage #notary

(87) Notary needed, but the signer is in a coma!
#notarylaw #legal #notarization

(88) Borrower etiquette from A to Z

Borrower etiquette from A to Z

#mortgage #notary

(89) The reluctant husband
A story about a signing where the husband wanted to watch TV

(90) When to dump a signing!
We all have to draw the line somewhere

(91) OMG, there was alcohol on her breath
#mortgage #loan #notary

(92) She brought her children to the signing and thought nothing of it!
#mortgage #notary


(1) I saw who, I saw when, I say where!
Signing companies that have too many demands

(2) 12 tips for notaries
How do you get the job done!
#notary #marketing

(3) Time management for notaries
#notary #scheduling

(4) From 3 jobs per week to 3 jobs per day!

From 3 jobs per week to 3 jobs per day!

#notary #marketing

(5) No street lights
A story about a notary trying to find an address in the dark

(6) Hold harmless: good idea or not?
#notary #notarization #mortgage

(7) Moonshine and catfish at a signing
#notary #notarization

(8) The 1099 was too high!
One notary got the shock of their life when they say their 1099

(9) No place to sit
There was junk all over the place, but not a single chair

(10) Two faced — duplexed
The notary got blamed for the mistake of the lender

Two-Faced… Duplexed

(11) Do you ramble? What do your clients think?
#notary #communication

(12) 2013 analytics: which notaries are getting more business?

2013 analytics: which notaries are getting more business?

#notary #marketing

(13) Which tasks can you do which are worth $1000 per minute?

What tasks can you do which are worth $1000 per minute?

#notary #marketing

(14) Notarizing for an adoption

Notarizing for an adoption

#notary #notarization

(15) The notary called me back to tell me she couldn’t talk
#notaries #communication

(16) Notarizing a child who was abducted
#kidnapping #notary

(17) Identification requirements for being notarized

Identification requirements for being notarized

(18) Vampire notaries: 24 hour service
2 seemingly normal men were at the door…

Vampire Notaries: 24 hour service

(19) Why notaries don’t last

Why Notaries Don’t Last

#notary #notarizing

(20) Signing agent best practices: 63 points

Signing agent best practices: 63 points

#mortgage #realestate #notary

(21) The brothel notary
#notarization #notarized

(22) Bartender notary: a reverse mortgage on the rocks!

Bartender Notary: A reverse mortgage on the rocks!

(23) Do signing reviews get companies to pay?

(24) Feb 2013 Phoninar quick course

2013 Phoninar Quick Course

#mortgage #notary

(25) Why do they lie?
#mortgage #notaries

(26) Top 12 things to do when you are on hold!

Top 12 things to do when you are on hold

#notary #marketing

(27) Sexagenarian’s revenge: Put that lender away!

(28) Signing at a 14-room Victorian house
The notary didn’t have a ghost of a chance

(29) Free printing service: hire a notary on

(30) March Phoninar
When NOT to call the lender

(31) How to write a notes section if you have ho experience

How to write a notes section if you have no experience

(32) The top 1% and the 99% on
Why do particular notaries get more work?

(33) They always accepted this in the past
#mortgage #notary

(34) Meao notary service!
No strings attached, otherwise I’d chase them!

(35) Crayons and dog treats at a signing

Crayons and dog treats at the signing

#mortgage #notary #notarization

(36) Notes sections gone bad
#notary #marketing

(37) Help, I’m being sued, and E&O won’t help!

Help, I’m being sued, and E&O won’t help

#insurance #notary #notarization

(38) When is it legal to notarize a document twice?

Best Practices: When it is legal to notarize a document twice?

#notarization #notary #attorney

(39) What about notaries who work at mail box places?

(40) Are you too factual or too personal in your notary notes section?
#notaries #marketing

(41) Mistakes notaries make with Title Companies that cost them!

Mistakes notaries make w/ Title Companies

#mortgage #notary #notarized

(42) Types of witnesses in the notary profession

Types of witnesses in the notary profession

#legal #mortgage #notarization

(43) A detailed look at the Ninja notary signing agent course!

A detailed look at the NINJA course

#notary #notarycourse

(44) Phone interaction tutorial
What to say and what not to say on the phone if you’re a notary!

Phone interaction tutorial

(45) Personality and expressing your uniqueness in your notes section
#notary #marketing

(46) I now carry a weapon in my car!
#notary #notarization

(47) Swat team notarization
I arrived at the notary job, and guess who was outside the house with guns?

(48) How do I purchase a #notary #bond?
#notarization #notarized

(49) Minimum competency guide to be a signing agent.
ID’s, when to call the LO, communication, more…

Minimum Competency Test Study Guide

(50) Late documents = more money?
#notarypublic #mortgage #loan

(51) Getting what is due: a clever plan!
One notary finds an unusual way to collect!

Getting what is due! A clever plan!

(52) Does Elite Certification help on 123notary?
Is it worth it?
#notary #signingagent

(53) A client tries to blackmail a very seasoned notary
#mortgage #notaries

(54) I am dependable reliable and accurate, yeah right!
#notary #marketing

(55) How to get something notarized that doesn’t have a signature

How to get something notarized that doesn’t have a signature

#legal #notarylaw #notary

(56) The Starbucks notary wises up after allowing a client to save on travel fee
by coming to him (& keeping him waiting forever)

The Starbucks notary wises up!

(57) How many years is a notary commission good for? (in your state)

How many years is a notary commission good for?

#notarylaw #legal #notarized

(58) Make them do the waiting if they do the driving
#notaryfee #notary

(59) April Phoninar
The legals, Administering Oaths, The APR, Revoked Commissions

(60) Our fees seem to go into other people’s pockets

(61) My date with Jeremy
The date ends being dropped off at a Fedex drop box

My date with Jeremy

(62) What to explain and what not to explain at a loan signing

(63) Is a p#20 really superior to a lower ranked notary?
#notary #123notary

(64) How do you explain the APR to a non-borrowing spouse?

How do you explain the APR to a non-borrowing spouse?

#mortgage #mortgageterm #notary

(65) Why do I have to sign with my middle initial?

Why do I have to sign with my middle initial?

#mortgage #notary

(66) A 2am Signing
We all met for a transfer or a car title. But, the buyer had some words to say…

(67) Cross out happy, not a good idea

Cross-out happy; Not a good idea

#mortgage #notary #notarized

(68) The carrot, the stick, the notary and the bag

The carrot, the stick, the notary, and the bag


(69) What is a notary public?
Identification, journals, certificates & more explained!

What is a notary public?

(70) One person, many names, quite legal
#notary #identification

(71) The prepayment penalty
Which document do you look for it first?

(72) Which documents are recorded?
Maybe a few that you never heard of before

(73) Notaries should be setting the fees, not the other way around

We should be setting the fees, not the other way around!

#notary #notaryfee #notariztion #mortgage

(74) The notary and the tragedy
The signer seemed nervous. A few weeks later the boyfriend shot himself.

(75) Clarifying vague claims in your notes section
A step by step guide

Clarifying vague claims in your notes section

(76) Optional information on notary certificates
Why it’s important and how to fill it out

Optional info on Acknowledgment Certificate

(77) The lady and the handwritten will

The lady and the handwritten will

#notary #notarized #notarization

(78) The signer won’t sign the disclosure?
#notary #mortgage #notarization

(79) She ran through the house like a mad woman
A story about a signing gone crazy!

She ran through the house like a mad woman…

(80) Industry standards in the notary business
Cross outs, initialing, unsigned docs, instructions, more.

Industry Standards in the Notary Business

(81) Getting respect as a notary part 2
#notarization #mortgage

(82) A tough act to follow!
Administering a presidential oath of office!

A Tough Act to Follow

(83) Tomorrow’s notary publics
Kids dream of becoming firemen and superheros, but notary publics?

Tomorrow’s Notary Publics

(84) Health care power of attorney
Same as a living will?

(85) Having Emmy’s for notaries!

The Notaries! Having Emmys for Notaries!

#notarized #notarization #notary

(86) Notarizing an ax-murderer in San Ysidro
#notary #notarization

(87) Interview with Jennifer
A mobile notary who started out with a bang!

(88) Interview with a Title company
Learn why those documents sometimes come late!

Interview with a Title Company

(89) Protecting ourselves and our notary commissions

(90) 6 free things 123notary does for its clients

6 FREE things 123notary does for its clients

(91) The power of attorney was rejected by a bank!

The Power of Attorney was rejected by a bank

#legal #notarization

(92) How to get something notarized if you don’t have ID

How to get something notarized if you don’t have ID

#notary #notarization #notarize #identification

(93) A notary was accused of tricking the borrowers

(94) The police wanted to know about e-notary documents
#notary #notarypublic #notarization

(95) What is a Jurat?
When is it used and what does it entail?

What is a Jurat?

#notary #notarization

(96) Her magesty’s secret notary service

(97) Do not resuscitate?
If you sign advanced health care directives, you might deal with this issue

(98) Know-taries in Heaven and Hell

(99) Notary fines & penalties
Find out what happens if you overcharge or worse!

Notary Fines & Notary Penalties (gulp)

(100) He took out his gun because he wanted you to stay!
#notary #signing

(101) Types of powers of attorney

Power of Attorney: Types Often Created

#legaldocs #legaldocuments #notary

(102) A notary public cures lying

Notary Public Cures Lying!

#comedy #comedian #notaries

(103) Sign-Feld and the Notary Nazi
#notaries #notarization

(104) Has the notary industry slowed down again?

(105) The Notary, the Mafia, and the Fedex Drop Box.

The Notary, The Mafia & The Fedex Drop Box

#notaries #notarization

(106) The Alaska Notary wanted to get paid in Salmon!

(107) The Anti-Notary

(108) Get your will notarized, in a coma!
#notary #notarization

(109) The Real Estate Agent and the evil girl scouts

(110) How to get notarized
#notary #notarypublic #notarization

(111) Notary license to kill
#notaries #notarization

(112) Notary asked NOT to thumbprint?
#legal #notarylaw #notaries

(113) Getting Acupuncture for notorial schlerosis
Repetetive use of your stamp can cause this rare but serious condition

(114) Reasons why notaries won’t lower their fees
#notary #marketing

(115) $10,000 a month on a bad month

$10,000 per month on a bad month

#notary #marketing

(116) Notary accidentally gets arrested for robbing a bank
#notaries #notarization

(117) A great attitude gets the most jobs!

A great attitude gets the most jobs

#notary #notarized #marketing

(118) Companies that hire NEW signers!

Companies that will hire NEW signers!

#mortgage #realestate

(119) Don’t get volume sucker punched as a #notary
#notarization #mortgage

(120) Marijuana at the table during a notary signing!

(121) Notary fines relating to advertising and fraud

(122) How to notarize a copy of a passport

How to Notarize a Copy of a Passport

#notary #notarization

(123) $35,000 a month his first year in business?

He made $35,000 a month his first year in business?

#notary #smallbiz #startup

(124) What makes a mobile notary a mobile notary?

What makes a mobile notary a mobile notary?

#notaries #notarization

(125) The notarization afterlife

(126) A Seinfeld episode about a notary!

A Seinfeld Episode about a Notary

#notaries #comedy #notarization

(127) Can a Resident Alien card or permanent resident card be used for notarization?

Can a resident alien card or permanent resident card be used for being notarized?

#notary #identification

(128) Using expired identification cards.
Is it legal?
#notarypublic #notary #notarization

(129) Cross out and initial

Cross Out and Initial

#mortgage #notary #notarized

(130) Can you notarize someone’s initials?

Can you notarize someone’s initials?

#notarized #notarylaw #legal

(131) The Notary, the Realtor and the half bathroom

(132) Using an automated notary machine at CVS
“Did you say representative?”

(133) Fedex moved the drop box, but where are the contents?

(134) Clever Florida Notary commended by the FBI

(135) Don’t hate the playa, hate the notary game

(136) Does Real Estate experience help as a notary?

Does Real Estate experience help as a notary?


(137) Sworn Oath information
#notarypublic #notarylaw #notaryact

(138) Are you a point and sign notary?
#mortgage #notarization #loandocs

(139) Ahoy mate, I have the docs!
#mortgage #loansigning

(140) Interview with Timios Title

Interview with Timios title

#mortgage #notary

(141) 10 quick changes to your notes that could double your calls!

10 quick changes to your notes that double your calls!

#notary 3marketing

(142) Common mistakes with the 1003, RTC, TIL & APR

Common Mistakes with: 1003, Crossing out, RTC, TIL & APR

#mortgage #notary

(143) First number loses
Don’t bid first when negotiating prices for mobile notary work.

(144) Affidavits, what you need to know!

Affidavits — What do you need to know?

#legaldocuments #jurat #notary

(145) Rich Man Poor Man: #Marketing your notary services to the wealthy

Rich man poor man: Market Yourself to the Wealthy

#notary #notaries

(146) How much can a California Notary charge?

How much can a California Notary Public Charge?

#notaryprice #notaryfee

(147) Notary journals from A to Z

Notary Journals from A to Z

#notarypublic #notaries

(148) Notary seal information from A to Z

Notary Seal Information from A to Z

#notaries #notarypublic

(149) Notarize This!
A satire on a movie about a mafia boss notary and a shrink!

(150) How often do you update your # of signings?

(151) Notary suicide hotline!

Notary Suicide Hotline

#comedy #notaries #notarization

(152) I get paid enough to get something on the value menu at McDonalds.
#notaryfee #settlementstatement

(153) People shopping for notaries want to know the same things as guys looking for a date

(154) Speed notarizing and speed dating
#notary #notaries

(155) Many banks prefer to hire someone who is a notary
#banknotary #notaries

(156) Jeremy loses at Notary Monopoly
#notaries #humor #comedy

(157) A veteran notary interviewed gives advice to new notaries!

Advice to new notaries: Interview with a Veteran Notary

#notarization #notarized

(158) If your boss pays for your notary commission, it still belongs to you!

(159) General vs. specific information in notes sections
#notary #marketing

(160) The man with the golden seal
#notary #notaries #notarization

(161) How to get paid by out of business signing companies!

How to get paid by out of biz signing companies!

#notary #collection #mortgage

2014: Jan to Sept 30th

(1) If your name is everywhere then people will find you
#notary #marketing

(2) When the phone does not ring.
There are marketing & maintenance tasks notaries can do!

(3) No money callers
What to do with people who want to talk, but not pay!

(4) Superman found out he needed a notarized affidavit at the last minute and didn’t know who to turn to.

(5) Affidavit of Support and direct communication with the signer

Affidavit of Support and direct communication with the signer

#notarylaw #legal

(6) You could get sued if you don’t have a business license

You could get sued if you don’t have a business license

#legal #notary

(7) Honey I notarized the kids!
Don’t try this at home

Honey, I notarized the kids (don’t try this at home)


(8) I go over the HUD first
Learn what pro loan signers do!

I go over the HUD-1 first


(9) 10 ways to find the perfect notary!
#notaries #notarized

(10) Can I notarize a Will or a Living Will?

Can a Notary notarize a Will or Living Will?

#legal #notarylaws

(11) Fear of retaliation in the Notary business
Sherry was accused of misusing her notary commission!

(12) Reverse Blackmail at a notary signing

Reverse Blackmail at a Notary Signing

#mortgage #notaries #notarization

(13) A social media site for notaries — affiant

A social media site for Notaries — Affiant

#comedy #notary #notarization

(14) A 2nd date with Jeremy
“We know each other so well, we complete each other’s Jurat verbiage”

A 2nd Date With jeremy

(15) The Notary Olympics
#notaries #comedy #notarization

(16) Notary insults
The customer wanted a quantity discount and ignored the hour Ken spent in transit!

(17) Witnessing the Star’s signatures at Mann’s Chinese Theater
Notarizing VIP’s!

(18) Ken’s list of bad things that notaries do
#notary #notarypublic #notarization

(19) The notary who loved me.
1 notary kept calling to see if he needed anything!

(20) Notarizing affidavits of support
#legal #notarylaw #notary

(21) The homeless notary
#notaries #notarization

(22) Get the job specifications
#mortgage #notary

(23) Help, I’m getting married, my husband is in jail, and I need a #notary!

(24) Playing the cancer card after you made a blunder
#notary #mortgage

(25) She learned more from our blog than any course she ever took
#mortgage #notary #notaries

(26) We require notaries to be registered on our approved list

We require notaries to be registered on our approved list

#notary #titlecompany

(27) Welcome to the Notary Hotel
It’s so comfortable, many notaries stay there their entire commission

Welcome to the Notary Hotel

(28) Double and Nothing
Offering to do double the work for the same price!

(29) Notary reviews vs. movie reviews
“I didn’t like the ending of the signing — too predictable”

Notary Reviews vs. Movie Reviews

(30) What to write in your notes section

What to Write in Your Notes Section

#notary #marketing

(31) Many of the borrowers say, “That was painless!”
#mortgage #notary

(32) Administering an #Oath to an athiest
#legal #comedy #notary

(33) Who really needs who in the notary business.
Do notaries need signing companies or vice versa?

Who really needs who?

(34) The signing and the mistress
#notary #comedy

(35) – a dating site for notaries!
#socialmedia #notary

(36) Perhaps I should have titled this notary blog “A Recipe for Disaster”.

(37) Most notaries would rather die than go back to the 9-5 routine.

(38) Doing a signing with a gun sitting at the table
#mortgage #notary

(39) The acunotary: an #acupuncturist becomes a #notary!

(40) The flip side of your business card.
Ken’s guide to notary marketing

(41) Notaries who make more than Attorneys
#notary #smallbiz

(42) Witnessing intake forms for Notary Heaven

Witnessing the intake forms for Notary Heaven

#comedy #notaries

(43) A signing in the freezing rain
#mortgage #notary

(44) Going to a signing with your girlfriend can put the pressure on the signer to get on with it and sign!

(45) How my high school yearbook predicted I’d be a Notary Public

(46) Notarizing a female accessory to murder!
#notary #notarization

(47) If you are a VIP notary, read this!
#notaries #notarization

(48) Dress British, Think Yiddish

Dress British, Think Yiddish

#notary #marketing

(49) Signs you’re a notary workaholic
#notaries #notarization

(50) An easy collection remedy!
#notary #collections

(51) Do you have to be a CSS to get work these days?

Do you have to be a CSS to get work these days?

(52) Elite signers
Who are these lucky notary customers?

(53) Preparation, the key to notary success
#notaries #notarized

(54) Thank you excuse me, I’m sorry.
A guide to Notarial manners.

Thank You – Excuse Me – I’m Sorry

(55) The 24 hour icon and those who need their sleep
Do you mind being called at 3am?

(56) A Russian lady lists on 123notary and says, “It is terrible, I get called day and night. Make it stop!”

(57) Why do I have to pay when I went to the Title Office?

(58) Unprofitable requests.
How do you figure out which notary jobs are worth it?

(59) Notary Cheers: Sammy gets a name change #notarized

Notary Cheers: Sammy gets a name change form notarized

(60) She was dying of cancer and needed to get #notarized

(61) The Towles Booth — pronounced “Tolls”
Some come to pay a toll, others come for advice

The Towles Booth (pronounced “tolls”)

(62) Should 123notary accept other certifications?

(63) — a dating site for #notaries! — a dating site for notaries!


(64) When you goof as a notary public
#notaries #notarylaw

(65) The customers can tell if you don’t login to your profile on 123notary regularly

(66) If a pizza can get there in 30 minutes, why not a notary?

(67) Poo picking, getting the best notary jobs

Poo Picking – getting the best notary jobs

(68) Signing loans isn’t rocket science!
#notary #notaries #mortgage

(69) Teens forced to get notarized parental consent for STD tests

(70) Did you get chumped in a double booking?

(71) The Seinfeld episode about a Notary

The Seinfeld Episode About a Notary

#notaries #comedy

(72) Two and a half Notaries
What’s the difference between a Notary and a Notary experience?

Two and a half notaries! A Notarization Experience

(73) She took all my business away!
A signing company gets listed on 123notary & gets a monopoly!

(74) I didn’t notarize that!
#notary #notarized #notarization

(75) 123notary can change your county or state in a snap. It’s easy!

(76) An unhappy client pays again (family of Italians)

(77) I’ll stay here all day until I get paid!
A notary went to a signing company and raised hell.

(78) Put up or shut up!
A guide to dealing with Title companies!

(79) New Notary apps that you really need!
Lookup signing co reviews, find cheap gas, road conditions…

New Notary Apps that you really need!

(80) A frustrating four hour signing!

(81) Is this man a Notary?

Is this man a notary?

(82) Signing services take a portion of the notary fee

Signing Services take a portion of the notary fee

(83) Loan signing at a high school reunion

(84) I-9 verification requests for $20?

(85) A closing on my boat!
#notary #notaries #mortgage

(86) Cattle Call Notary Offers
Ken’s rant on how offensive and demeaning this is to notaries

Cattle call Notary offers

(87) Welcome to Notary Jail — don’t drop the embosser!

(88) How to become a successful mobile #notary from scratch!

How to become a successful mobile notary from scratch

#mortgage #notarization

(89) Wanted: Notary Punching Bags

(90) New Notary apps for the iPhone7 that you’ve never dreamed of!

New Notary Apps for the iPhone 7 that you’ve never dreamed of!

(91) Notary Hotel 2:
Even the notepad comes with Jurat wording!

Notary Hotel 2 — the sequel

(92) Become a process server to make additional income!

(93) Don’t die trying when your schedule is tight!
#notary #scheduling

(94) Why can’t a notary host their own late night talk show?
#comedy #notaries

(95) $30 loan signings. Is it even worth it under the best of circumstances?

$30 loan signings. Is it worth it even in the best of circumstances?

() More than half of notaries on are female. So much for the old boys club!