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April 8, 2020

Notarizing on a quarantined cruise ship

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Can you imagine being called in to do a notary job on a quarantined cruise ship? What if you contract the virus just by being there? You might have to put on a haz-mat suit and then be showered down when leaving the site. Let’s imagine Joe the Notary goes to a ship to do a notary gig.

JOE: I’m here. What do I need to do.

CLERK: You need to go on the ship, and visit suite D-15. Here, wear this suit.

JOE: Honestly I look better in gray.

CLERK: This is all we have. Do you want to risk getting the virus or not.

JOE: Now that you put it that way… uh… uh… uh… achoo!!!

CLERK: Oh no, you didn’t use your elbow to cover your cough. We will have to wipe your hand down. Okay, you are good now.

JOE: Hello, where do I go now?

CLERK 2: First of all, give me an elbow bump. We call this a Covid-bump and it’s cute.

JOE: Oh, is this a black thing?

CLERK 2: No, it’s a not getting infected thing.

JOE: Got it.

CLERK 2: Go down this plank and then down the stairs, then take a right.

JOE: I think this is floor D, now where is 15. Here it is. Knock knock.

INFECTED PERSON: Hi, I am Fred. I am going to swear that I have been infected with Covid-19 and therefor need medical care.

JOE: Okay, let me get out my journal. Uh-oh. I will have to take off the hazmat suit to get to my journal. Now, I can’t notarize you. How do I get into these situations. Oh, I’ll let a clerk help me.

CLERK 3: Okay, so you want me to remove the journal from that bag?

JOE: Nice and easy with no sudden movements…. Good. Fred, please sign there. Now, do you solemnly swear that you are infected with Covid-19 and need medical care as a result?


JOE: I now pronounce you man and disease. Here is a statement stating that we did our Oath today. Now, are you going to pay me with infected bills and have me touch elevator buttons that are infected too?

CLERK 3: We thought of that already. We disinfect the elevator regularly. I can spray down those bills with lysol as well.

JOE: Good, because I don’t want Andrew Jackson getting infected at his age. Okay, looks like our work is done. Back to civilization. Is the air I’m breathing sanitiary?

CLERK 3: That is above my pay grade. At this point all we can do is pray.

JOE: How comforting. If all else fails, rely on God. Sounds like words to live by. Good luck and get better. I heard that respirators are the way to health with this disease.


April 6, 2020

The Jeremy Diet

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The Jeremy Diet’s intention is to have all of the necessary nutrition you need in a day by eating sensible and hopefully yummy foods. It should be low in processed sugar, and high in vegetables, having enough protein, fiber, omega 3, K2, b12, and other essentials.

Here is my idea of a good daily diet program.

To live a long life, it is suggested that you consume a lot of fiber, enough so you have two bowel movements per day. Fiber helps to clean out your intestines so that toxins exit your system quickly. The following are good sources of fiber.

Psyllium husk: This adds bulk to your bowel movements. It is sold as a capsule in drug stores. It might slightly dehydrate as well, so drink lots of water if you consume this product.

Bran: Many cereals are made from bran or include bran in them

Berries: Berries have more fiber than any other whole food, especiallyblack berries

Fruits & Vegetables in general

Whole Grains

The best source of Omega three would be salmon, trout, halibut, and tuna. But, other fish have it too, but in smaller amounts. You can look up omega three content of the various fish online. Milk also has omega 3 in smaller amounts. Flax seeds have large amounts of Omega three. Walnuts have it too, but also have a lot of Omega 6 . The ratio of omega 3 to 6 in walnuts is about 1:4 which is fine, but it will not raise your overall ratio of Omega 3 to above 1:4. Fish and flax seeds will raise your overall Omega 3 to 6 ratio to a more healthy level. Omega 3 is good for your brain, and also decreases inflammation which can cause muscle pain and diseases.

Vitamin K2 is less known and is responsible for transporting calcium from the arteries where it clogs things up and depositing calcium in your bones and teeth where it is needed. K2 can be found in: Goose & Duck liver, Natto (Japanese fermented soy beans), certain European cheeses (look them up), and certain types of eggs.

Coffee, black tea and green tea all contain different types of antioxidants. Chai tea from India comes with spices in it such as cloves, cardamom and ginger which are also loaded with antioxidants.

Walnuts: Have half an ounce of Walnuts for Omega 3. It is also good for protein, and good for the brain, liver and kidneys. Almonds: Half an ounce of Almonds for protein, and vitamin E plus other minerals.

Small quantities of dark chocolate (with no alkaline or milk products) are the highest source of antioxidants.

Wild Salmon – low in fat, high in Omega 3, protein, high in vitamin D, B12, and other nutrients. Sustainably farmed salmon from a reputable source that does not use chemicals is a reasonable alternative.

Tempe: Although salmon tends to lower triglycerides and increase good cholesterol which lowers bad cholesterol, it is good to be vegetarian on some days to keep the overall cholesterol low so you don’t need lipitor.

Beans & Rice: Beans and rice or beans and corn have protein, but not enough for your daily requirement unless that is all you eat. But, to supplement a low meat intensive diet, some beans and rice are good.

Tofu is also a source of protein.

Milk or Yogurt: A glass of milk daily is a good source of protein and calcium.

Nuts: As mentioned in the nut category which I kept separate, nuts have about 4 grams of protein per ounce. A human needs about 50-60 grams of protein per day, so nut protein is a supplement and is not a good main source of protein.

Meat: Meat tends to be high in cholesterol. Bison, rabbit and turkey breast meat are lower in cholesterol. Lamb and chicken with skin on it tend to be higher in cholesterol. Meat is healthy, but should be eaten in moderation as it can lead to clogged arteries and can be somewhat toxic.

It is good to have a few items of fruit per day. Apples are healthy for your liver and intestine primarily, but are good overall. Oranges are good for C and B vitamins and nourish the heart energy in your body. Bananas nourish the intestines and have lots of potasium. Other fruits are good too.

I’m putting this in a separate category from fruits. Berries are good for keeping arteries clean of plaque. They are also beneficial to the kidneys and bladder especially cranberries. You can have berry juice. But, fresh whole berries are better as they have more enzymes when fresh plus they are the highest fiber whole food available. Blackberries are higher in fiber than any other whole food. You can also have berries in smoothies mixed with yogurt or other dairy.

Antioxidants are critical as they help to keep your body from aging and help to prevent cancer.
Chocolate: Small quantities of dark chocolate (with no alkaline or milk products) are the highest source of antioxidants.
Lemons and lemon peel especially (detoxifying)
Wine – particularly red wine which is higher in resveratrol,
especially particular brands

Berries: (mentioned above) nourish the kidneys and bladder. It is good
to have a mix of berries as they all have different antioxidants. Cranberries are one of the most potent berries for the bladder and kidneys and should be a staple. But, pure cranberry juice is more potent than mixed and try to avoid products with high fructose corn syrup.

Mushrooms: Shitake mushrooms are anti-cancer and good for kidney health in general. Other types of mushrooms are also good for the kidney.

Bananas: Bananas nourish kidney qi as well.

Lamb: Lamb is high in cholesterol but has been known to boost kidney qi if eaten regularly.

To nourish the liver, you need foods like kale, spinach, Swiss Chard, daikon, romaine lettuce, beets, seaweed, cherries, celery, and apples. In general, dark green foods nourish the liver and are high in minerals and vitamin K. They also boost your metabolism if you want to lose weight. But, there are foods of other colors that are very purifying and nourishing for the liver. Since the liver is your body’s toxicity processing plant and nutrition storage depot, it is imperative that you keep the liver clean otherwise one day it might not be able to do its job effectively which could cause damage to other body parts such as your eyes, or your legs.

Tomatoes, oranges, red bell peppers, rare or medium rare beef, and chocolate are excellent foods that nourish the heart. If your heart is weak or if you have a heart condition, it is good to eat these types of foods daily.

Both of these organs correspond to the earth element. However the foods that nourish these organs are not identical. Potatoes, peanuts, and lemons nourish the stomach. But, Carrots, ginger, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and dark yellow or orange foods nourish the spleen. The earthy orange foods normally have high amounts of vitamin A

To nourish the intestines you need foods corresponding to the metal element such as bananas, cabbage, broccoli, cruciferous vegetables in general (look that one up), onions, garlic, mango, celery. It is also recommended to have cereals high in fiber that might include bran. Psillium husk is a great fiber supplement that is excellent for adding bulk to your bowel movements and helps to scrape the walls of your intestine which need to be cleaned of hardened fecal matter.

Good bacteria vs. bad
Your intestines have billions of bacteria floating around. It is critical to understand this. Good bacteria aids in proper digestion. But, bad bacteria makes you crave sugar which is not healthy for you. Bad bacteria grows faster than good bacteria. Chlorine (bleach), and antibiotics in food or medicine kill all of your bacteria. So, when your bacteria grows back, it will be mostly bad bacteria. Foods that feed your bacteria are called prebiotics and include fermented foods such as:

Yogurt & Kefir
Miso Soup – A Japanese soup made with fermented soy.
Kim Chi (korean pickled spicy cabbage with garlic)
Dosa (South Indian pancake made with fermented rice and bean flour.)
Uttapam (Another south indian pancake made with fermented rice flour.)

Fermented foods are found throughout the world. So, to get a good variety, it is good to familiarize yourself with some foreign foods.

It is generally good for your circulation, liver health, and overall health to have spices in your cooking. There are many spices, particularly in Indian cooking.

There are different oils out there and much debate as to which oils are good for you and which are bad. In my opinion, fats should be consumed sparingly.
Vegetable oil: This is a processed oil loaded with omega 6 which
causes inflammation which leads to disease.
Olive Oil: A natural unprocessed oil. But, not ideal to cook with. Better if had raw on salads, etc.
Coconut oil: A natural minimally processed oil good for cooking.
Butter: High in cholesterol, but a natural form of grease.
Pork Fat: High in cholesterol, but natural grease.
Avocados & Raw Nuts: A source of healthy fats. But, consume in moderation.

There are many sweeteners out there. Which ones are healthier? It is hard to say. But, less processed sweeteners seem more healthy to me. Kane sugar: Popular in health food stores as an added sugar in packaged products.

High fructose corn syrup: a highly processed sweetener that I recommend avoiding if at all possible.

Sugar found in fruit: Fine, but don’t over do it. If having fruit juice it is possible to get too much sugar, but it is hard to overdose if eating whole foods as God intended us to eat.

Stevia: Not sure, see what the internet says about this. I believe it is a leaf.
Others: Not sure. I am not educated in this matter and cannot comment.



1. The antioxidant snack – have once per day (good for heart & kidneys)
(1/2) an ounce of Walnuts
(1/2) an ounce of Almonds (raw is better)
1 ounce of dark chocolate
Berries: fresh or dried, or berry juice.
These foods taste good together.

2. Fresh juice (good for liver & intestines)
Spinach or Kale

3. Stir Fry, Curry, or Soup
Cabbage, kale, or other vegetables cooked up with a little meat. Barley is good in soups too.

4. Fish
It is good to have fish a few times per week to get your omegas.

5. Cereal
Cereals are a great way to get fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is quick and convenient. Just don’t get an overly sweetened cereal.

6. Fresh Fruit
Fruit is easy and you don’t have to cook it. Whole fruit is better than fruit juice as it contains fiber and because it is fresh. But, if you can’t get fresh fruit conveniently, juice is a good way to get nutrition. You can get some of your fruit nutrition from real fruit and some from bottled juice.

7. Bottled Juice
If you want to nourish all of your organs in one meal, juice is an easy way to do it as it is easy to refrigerate and you can mix different juices together. Orange juice for heart, berry juices for kidneys, carrot for vitamin A, and green juices or apple for liver. For intestines it seems better to have cruciferous vegetables.

8. Sushi
Sushi is a nice way to get different types of fish, vegetables, and rice. I have natto sushi as well for my K2.

9. Other
In general, any type of fruit or vegetable is good, and it is good to get a variety and mix them up. Certain foods I think should be eaten daily like nuts, berries, and dark chocolate. But, other foods can be mixed up.


Avoid overly sugary cereals, pastry, processed foods, processed oils, and processed proteins. Eat real food.


April 1, 2020

The Corona-Notary

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People as of early March 2020 are beginning to get worried about the Corona Virus Covid19. The virus can last on surfaces for up to 9 days unless disinfected. But, what if an infected Notary spread the disease?

Once upon a time there was a Notary named Fred, or as I call him, the Corona-Notary. Fred went on a trip to Italy. Don’t ask me how he got there on a Notary salary. Let’s just say he had a rich girlfriend or father, or got a really cheap ticket. When in Milan, he contracted the Corona Virus. But, the disease is so mild in most people’s cases, that he didn’t even know he had it.

Since at this time in history, America was not testing that many people for the disease, this Notary not only did not know he had it, but went around spreading the disease.

He did five signings per day with a sniffle, and a cough. Every time he coughed, he covered his mouth, but then touched their table. Nobody suspected a thing except for one eccentric borrower who watched youtube relentlessly and knew to disinfect the table after the notary left. The Notary infected 150 houses per month over a course of several months and infected 2000 people single handedly or single stampedly.

Finally, it became known that many people were getting the disease and formal testing had begun. After extensive interviews with many of these people — the ones who hadn’t died yet, they learned that they all had one thing in common. They all had been notarized by Fred.

Finally the officials came to quarantine Fred, but by this time Fred was all better, but his borrowers were either grievously ill, (dramatic pause) or dead! So, the surviving borrowers were quarantined, couldn’t go to work, and hence couldn’t pay their mortgage. Their houses were foreclosed upon and they lost everything. And to whom did they owe this pleasure? To the Corona Notary.

But, given the fact that by this time in the Covid-19’s development, countries outside of China were not already testing everyone with symptoms, and also testing people who came into contact with infected people, it seems that government policy is more to blame than the Corona Notary.

Thus ends the charming story about the Corona Notary. The moral of the story is — disinfect surfaces regularly. Use hand sanitizer and wash your hands with soap regularly, and most of all, beware of sneezing notaries.


March 28, 2020

Coronavirus – childish understanding of the pandemic is dangerous

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I am trying to share some thoughts on Twitter about Covid-19, but I am met with hostile and childish responses. Even the politicians are thinking unrealistically about this. My responses are misunderstood and attacked. How do you reason with people who aren’t logical? It seems futile, but the future of the American economy or life in this nation depends on it.

Here are my predictions.

(a) Covid-19 will infect 100,000,000 Ameriicans more or less
(b)10,000,000 will likely be “registered” officially as infected as most cases go undetected.
(c) 15% of detected or “registered” cases end up with some hospital time, but the duration is not well documented.
(d) Roughly half of hospitalized patients for covid-19 end up dead within perhaps a week to several weeks — in China many cases have dragged on for months.
(e) 6 million people will die in the usa from this disease this time and 15 million will need to be hospitalized over the course of six months.
(f) It is likely that up to 4 million people will need to be hospitalized at the same time. The military and FEMA are able to create this type of capacity, especially if they use ships and trains which are good because you can move sick people to places where there are more doctors and staff.
(g) Lock downs do not end the disease, and it doesn’t matter if you lock down early or late. The fact remains that lock downs cost the USA about 1 Trillion per month at least and that the minute you stop locking down, the disease will catch up to where it was in a month or two depending on how long you locked down.

People scolded me on Twitter for suggesting that the economy was more important than the lives of humans. I merely said that sacrificing the economy permanently to temporarily delay people’s death did not seem like a good strategy. In the minds of childish people, their philosophy is often:

Death is bad; Lock downs fight virus & prevent death; Therefore lock downs = good. Additionally, we should SCOLD those
who in our opinion value money more than life.

Death is bad; Having a broken economy could cause complete anarchy making the USA unlivable and unsafe to walk down the street without the fear of being beaten, robbed or raped. A broken economy leads to death.

COVID-19 also causes death. Delaying deaths from Covid-19 does NOT prevent death, but only delays death unless a vaccine comes fast. Lock downs don’t prevent death. They only delay disease caused death. But, extended lock downs could cause the death of the US economy which could cause problems that nobody can even imagine. If you don’t believe me, take a closer look at what is going on in Venezuela or bankrupt African nations where anarchy reigns, villages get massacred, and five year olds are given guns and forced to join militia death squads. That could be the future of America if we break our system. Freedom and constitutional rights can also be ended, and in my opinion already have been due to the shut down. The equation is a lot more complicated than the dummies who rudely criticize my points of view on social media.

Viruses do not just go away on their own. If a critical mass of people gains immunity, or weather changes make transmission difficult, then the virus might just go away. Lock downs in china resulted in a dramatic reduction in active cases. However, now that China is opening up, people from other countries who are visiting them are reinfecting their communities which completely undermines the effort and self-inflicted economic damage the Chinese did. They could be reinfected to the level they were two months ago in just — two months. So, in order to combat this disease using lockdowns, you would have to lock down forever.

The other reality is that in my opinion 6 million will die in the USA. If we flatten the curve using shut downs, then those people instead of dying in six months, will die over a period of time. In theory, if we flatten the curve too much, we might have 10,000 people dying per month over a period of 600 months which would be 50 years. Some idiot on Twitter says that there is no evidence that the disease will last 12 years (I used 12 years in a mathematical hypothetical situation online) and I agree that there is no evidence how long the disease will last. But, with artificial means to limit the disease it could last for years — probably not 50 years. We could flatten the curve and have 100,000 people die per month and then the deaths will take place over 5 years to reach a death toll of 6,000,000 according to mathematics — once again a hypothetical analysis not based on reality.

The bottom line is that many people will die, and using shut downs, we can control how fast they die. At the rate society is willing to let people die –perhaps at a few dozen per month, we will be locked down forever, the disease will never be eliminated since we will have been prevented from gaining immunity, and our economy will grind to an irreparable hault.

Dummies and childish thinkers don’t think the American economy will grind to a halt and think that the economic problems are just temporary. Right now they are temporary, but could become permanent. The Great Depression took 16 years to fix, and if it weren’t for WW2, it would not ever have been fixed. I am speaking in terms of reality and historical precident here.

Shut downs do not prevent death — they just delay death and do long term damage to the economy and people’s life. We may not have a nation if this continues. Nations depend on taxes, money, and credit and if you ruin your credit you can’t perform functions as a nation. America cannot function without a payroll for the military, social services, infrastructure, school, medicare, etc. If you break the system to delay a disease the entire nation could dissolve and cease to be a nation. We would be left with 50 bankrupt states and a nation of paupers which is exactly what my guru prophecized twenty years ago. I am afraid that his prediction will be coming true faster than I thought.


March 25, 2020

Testimonial from Peggyann about our blog

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Life just has a way of getting busier and busier and I have been meaning
to drop you a line to let you know how much I personally appreciate all
the articles you take the time to send. I schedule half an hour every
evening to click on links and read. I recently mentored a new Notary
and I shared some of the information with her, hopefully she will sign
up with you. I have been doing signings for years but there is always
so much helpful information and REMINDERS that you share with us. I
thank you so much!!!!


March 24, 2020

No matter what you talk about, it keeps coming back to Covid-19

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I personally believe that the Covid-19 disease will kill 6 million Americans unless we come up with a miracle cure. All of these lock downs and shut downs will damage or permanently destroy the US economy. It costs more than 1 trillion to lock down for a month giving hand outs to people. During that month, the virus might shrink a bit, and the minute you lift the restrictions, the virus grows again, so you spend trillions, yet accomplish nothing but a delay.

But, I am tired of thinking about this. The stupidity, short-sightedness, lack of any realistic and definitive planning. I am tired of thinking about how the back of the American economy will be permanently broken, or brought closer to the imperative waterfall that we approach each day we allow our debt to rise. I am tired of the refusal of politicians to come up with a long term 18 month plan with clear objectives and price tags. I am tired of hearing who will get handouts and who will not. Trump is sounding more like Bernie Sanders with all of the Christmas presents in the form of hand outs he wants to give. The worst part is that my favorite Jamaican place, although not shut down, closed on their own when they had a thriving take out business. Those jerks. I guess you are what you eat (they eat jerk chicken.)

Bars, Restaurants, Sports? Not Anymore!
So, I am trying to shelter myself from the crisis and think about something else. No problem. I’ll just go to a bar. Ooops, all bars are shut for God knows how long. Okay, I’ll drink at home. No problem, I’ll just go to the supermarket, stand in line just to have permission to enter, go in, and find that 80% of the store is stripped bare. So much for not thinking about the crisis. The human reaction to the disease is worse than the disease itself – at least for now. No problem, I’ll just go to my favorite restaurant — closed. I’ll talk to my friend on the phone — no matter what we try to talk about it always ends up being 90% of about Covid-19, or what I call “The Hitler Disease” as I think it will kill 6 million Americans in FEMA concentration camps. On a brighter note, I could just watch some sports on television — except those have been cancelled. I would take a walk down the street – and be reminded that most places are closed and see a bunch of people wearing face masks.

Acupuncture & Massage? Cancelled!
Even acupuncture and massage have been shut down, as supplemental health services are seen as not essential, while the marijuana dispensaries are open. I guess it is better to keep the populace high so they won’t care how stupid the politicians are being. People also tend to spend more time washing their hands when they are high.

I did see the acupuncturist two days before they were shut down. She apologized because she had touched my credit card. I explained that to get there I had to touch five different cross-walk buttons that had been touched by God knows who, and never washed by the very same city officials who are shutting everyone down. How about touch-free guys?

My Symbolic Dream
I even tried taking a nap, but fell asleep and had a bad dream. I analyzed the dream and the empty zoo I walked through represented how everything was closed. Then I walked near the sea which represented infinity — and infinity of everything being closed in the entire planet except perhaps Kenya… for now. And then I was in a parking lot which represented not going anywhere. But, there was relief. A Japanese couple said I could hitch a ride with them in their little car if my driver license was not attached to my credit card. My psychic said that meant that my identity was not attached to spending lots of money. That makes sense, because during this crisis, the one thing I still can spend money on is in the supermarket if they have anything — and everything else is off limits. So, I am cooking more. So, even when I sleep, I am dreaming about Covid-19. What a drag.

I am tired of this disease. I am tired of shut downs. I think we should create a few million temporary hospital beds, train some temporary nurses (perhaps 100,000 of them) and let this thing rip. Our immune system was built by nature to solve the problems of diseases — also created by nature. Modern human beings do not live with a consciousness of nature which is why they are foolish enough to think they can conquer nature. Pandemics are one way nature kills off certain members of a species. As Americans, we need to be more complacent to the reality that we are mortal, we all die, and we might die of an infectious disease, and that is how the universe operates. You can’t cheat death. Living forever wouldn’t be that nice either. We are acting like three year olds who say, “Grandpa… why do people have to die?”

So, I am depressed. On a brighter note, I still have work since I work from home. I still get customers daily, although not as many as before. I can sort of afford to pay Carmen during this crisis. I am at low risk to get sick myself because I have hardly any human interaction even when times are good which for the first time in my life turns out to be a good thing.

I just wish I could press the Corona-Be-Gone button. I can even imagine how that button would look with those little prongs coming out of it just like the virus itself. It looks like the type of mine you put in a harbor and is equally deadly.

I’m not sure how life will be like with over a million people dying each month. I’m also not sure of how life will be like with the FED printing out endless money keeping us shut down forever foolishly thinking that the economy will “bounce back” and that pent-up desire to go shopping and spend money will naturally revive this economy. When it is all over, so many people will be so broke, they won’t be able even to pay rent. People will be foreclosing by the millions, and the homeless shelters will be filled with out of work bar tenders. The future is grim guys. But, we will always need mobile Notaries so look on the bright side.


March 19, 2020

How will the Covid-19 virus affect the Notary profession?

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As of March 8 2020 I am very bothered and obsessed with the spread of this very contagious and dangerous disease. My concern has turned to paranoia not just of the disease, but fear of the panic that is growing nationwide. People are not traveling as much. Additionally, many people are considering working from home. Concerns about touching elevator buttons and surfaces in public places are rising.

The disease has interrupted global trade with China being worst hit. China seems to be recovering from this epidemic, but it seems that they cannot fully recover. Here’s why: If China gets rid of every case of this disease, they would have to quarantine the rest of the world from coming to China to keep case-free. The problem with that, is that their international trade would have a huge damper on it as a result.

To combat this disease, China had to shut down massive portions of their country for weeks. If the disease continues to spread in the USA, and there is not much preventing it from doing so, America might have to shut down major cities as well. If that happens, then an economic slowdown will occur in the USA. If economic slowdowns in other countries happen, that will also affect the US economy.

Additionally, if China gets rid of the virus, but the virus comes back to China, they could have outbreaks all over again and have to do more quarantines which would devastate their economy.

The bottom line here is that it seems inevitable that there will be a US and global economic slowdown. This leads to decreased interest rates which are already in effect, and that leads to more homeowner refinances. More refinances for private individuals leads to more jobs for Notaries and more money for 123notary. After two slow years, I am happy that we can benefit from the misery of others. I would prefer to benefit from the happiness of others though, but that doesn’t seem to be an option. After all, Trump brought happiness, at least to the gun and pick up truck people who go to church every Sunday. The economy got better, and 123notary’s income went through the floor. We tend to benefit more during bad times and did better under Obamacare. Happiness just doesn’t cut it around here. I really don’t understand how the world works, but Notaries will probably prosper in 2020 as long as they dare leave the house.

As for me, I am stocking up on canned corn if I can find any. Stay happy!


March 17, 2020

Coronavirus – how it affected me and my recommendations

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Since I work from home and have savings, I don’t think I will personally be too badly affected by the Coronavirus.

But, today, I was subjected to a rude awakening. Public schools, universities, bars, clubs, restaurants, etc., have all been closed other than for restaurant take out. The restaurants were functioning at 10% of capacity when they were allowed to have dine in guests. However, in other parts of California the restaurants are still open based on a conversation I had using my fluent Mandarin Chinese (thank you, thank you, you may applaud… okay, that’s enough applauding.).

At Whole Foods, they were out of almost everything I normally get. I had to get chocolate flavored hazelnut milk rather than my usual vanilla almond milk. Unfortunately I use the milk with cereal and juice and was not sure how the chocolate would mix. It mixed well with Cherry juice which is one of the things the supermarket actually had in good quantity.

I invented the term Frankenstonian that is kind of like Draconian, but involves more “experiments” done with a German accent and the announcement, “It’s alive— ya!”

I got to see what other supermarkets are like in my quest to find toilet paper and wound up finding a far superior brand of pumpkin pie.

But, I was so sad walking around thinking of all the laid off bar tenders, waiters, and airlines staff that I actually almost started to cry. I was so depressed.

So, it hasn’t been all bad. But, here is my view on the policies.

COVID-19 is like a tsunami.
The “experts” say they are trying to reduce the height of the tsunami of infections by introducing draconian measures to create social distancing. I agree with social distancing if it can be done in a way that doesn’t cripple the economy which will have a domino effect and could land us in a depression or broke as a nation. The reason we are in this problem is that most countries including the USA do not have enough ICU rooms or ventilators. Why are we realizing this now? In my opinion, wars, earthquakes and disease outbreaks happen on a regular basis and therefor we should have locations for makeshift hospitals and RESERVE WORKERS for hospitals just like the military has. America is always ready for war, but never ready to take care of its citizens.

So, the strategy is to do permanent damage to children by hampering their education. Kids are dumb enough as it is with school, imagine how dumb they will be missing an entire year. We are taking two weeks off as a precautionary move. But, two weeks later nothing will improve, but lots of damage to the economy and lots of frustrated people, and lots of dumb kids. The tsunami is still coming, delayed perhaps by a few days, and its height will be far above our capacity to deal with it even if we delay it.

The damage from the tsunami is bad enough on its own, but now we will triple the damage by ruining our robust economy because we can’t control a tiny little virus with all of our technology and medical knowledge. Unbelievable. Am I supposed to put my faith in science after all of this nonsense?

My Recommendations for “dealing” with Covid-19
1. Have manufacturing plants for respirators, masks and Purell working 48 hours per day (if that’s possible)
2. Use prefab buildings and create a makeshift hospital near an airport or on a military base.
3. Create an army of reserve medical staff who are somewhat skilled in handling emergencies.
4. Let it rip – then we will have the mechanism to treat the ill and all of these quarantines will no longer be necessary.

I think at some point we need to let nature take its course. The angels want to do a cleanup of some of the negative spiritual forces in the planet, and outbreaks are one of the ways they do it. Personally I think they should use bolts of lightning. But, in a candid interview with an angel recently mentioning the lightning, the angel replied, “Nah, that’s old school, we prefer infectious diseases — that’s what’s in now. Thousands of people get infected, but we decide who will die. With lightning, it’s too hard to aim, plus you can only use it when people are outside in thudnderstorm.”

In the mean time, back to my chocolate hazelnut milk. That stuff is so good, that I am not minding this emergency of epidemic proportions as much.


March 15, 2020

A Notary President – what would that be like?

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Imagine having a Notary President. Instead of having a state of the union address he would probably address all of his concerns and self-praise in a serious of tweets. He would promise to create some new and more interesting notary acts, and make the more successful signers pay their “fair share” in tax. They would promise medicare for all Notaries just in case you cut yourself on your acknowledgment pad (it happens.) He would take expensive vacations on tax payer money and then claim that America needs to tighten its belt.

He might get tough on Chinese Notaries too who were violating trade practices and not importing enough Apostilles. He might try (unsuccessfully) to create a ban on Islamic immigrant Notaries (not fair) and propose building a wall to keep the hard working Mexican Notaries out.

The irony in American politics is that Trump talked tough about border security, yet Obama kicked out 50% more illegal Mexicans than Trump did on a year per year basis, but did it without all of the show and tell. Americans are so dumb that they think that Trump is anti-Mexican and that Democrats are champions of the downtrodden and minorities. The truth is the opposite.

Black unemployment under Trump is half what it was under Obama, yet America is convinced that Trump is an evil bad racist and that Obama is a champion to blacks. The truth once again is the opposite. Trump is the best thing that ever happened to American Blacks. They should be voting for Trump and the whites should be voting for Bernie. Americans judge you by what you say and not what you do which is a sign of incompetency and it is also dangerous. Don’t confuse Trump’s New York edge with something that it is not – it is cultural and it is an edge. Look at his actions and judge him on that only.

If I were running for Notary president, I would create a new act called an “Identificate.” A notary act that you could do if the person had no ID, but would submit his thumbprint. What do you guys think? In the mean time I have to go and write some more tweets.


March 14, 2020

Average # of days until payment

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Friends, Romans, and Notaries, lend me your ears, and experience in the form of online comments. I want the world to know how long it takes you to get paid so the beginners know what they are dealing with. Just comment on this blog article letting us know your experience. Thanks.

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