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January 31, 2021

Commentary on “A bar only for cool Notaries.”

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Don’t ask me how I came up with the idea for this. I think I must have been at Wood Ranch sitting at the bar waiting for my asparagus and baked potato talking to the cool bar tender Adolfo. Yes, he is not only a bar tender, but musician, philosopher and cool guy. I was thinking how nice it would be if there were particular bars where the people were at a measurable level of coolness. And then thought — what if it if were for Notaries only? They would probably just complain about signing companies which is totally uncool — but, we do have a lot of very cool people on the site and I talk to them periodically.

Here are some comments…
1. I literally laughed out loud while reading this witty tale… #lovededit

Jeremy’s take — glad someone liked my ideas and my comedy. Usually it is my paid comedy writer Andy who gets the hits. He is a pro and worked with Seinfeld and Cheers, so he has paid his dues. All I did was notarize stuff and come up with weird ideas.

2. I figured you didn’t sleep, let alone hard enough to dream! How do you find time with everything you do?

Jeremy’s take
I sleep odd hours. It got so bad I was staying up all night and going to bed at 7am. It was out of control. I need sunlight. So, then I disciplined myself and now I am going to bed at midnight and getting up at 9:30am. I need a little more than nine hours normally. But, how do I find time to write? First of all I love writing. It nourishes my soul and creativity. I feel empty without doing it. Second, I have to write because the Notaries need tips and laughter, otherwise they dry up (but, their stamp’s ink doesn’t dry up.)

I had no idea this blog entry would take off. I’m glad it did. It was just a spur of the moment idea. It just came up. We thought of other crazy ideas in that bar too. A bar just like Hooters, but where they make smoothies and juice. We decided to name the idea “Jooters” or “Smooters”. I told the bar tender all my crazy ideas for pick up lines too and he had a lot of commentary. But, he’s married now so he is out of the game.

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January 30, 2021

Warm and Fuzzy information about you

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It is very hard for me to teach people hard to write warm and fuzzy information about yourself. I would prefer to say, read other people’s notes sections and get a sense of what some people write that has a nice feeling to it.

I read a notes section written by a woman who loves her job and loves meeting new people. That came across as very sincere and warm. I don’t know if she is any good as a Notary, but I might be more inclined to try her (if I were in a hiring position which I am not thank God) than someone else who sounds generic.

Then there are the people who are “reliable” and “responsible.” Anyone can say that about themselves and it sounds phony and usually is. Say things that you can say about yourself that few others can. Most people do NOT like meeting new people, at least not random new people unless they work at Farmer’s Market in the nuts section — those macadamias are great, but $25 per pound? Ouchie!

And then there are the people who know where their nearest Fedex station is, and where the other ones in their general area, and when the cut-off times are at each location. This looks very prepared and thoughtful, and somewhat unique. Some people write about this, but only one or two percent of the total.

Next, there are the people who ramble on and one with inconsequential and meaningless banter about how the client is of utmost importance and how they will protect the information in the documents at all cost. This is a little like stating that you promise not to vandalize the borrower’s house when you get to the signing or park on their lawn. It goes without saying. But, some people will write five paragraphs of this type of nonsense.

Finally there are the people who talk about their hobbies and kids. Not sure this belongs on a Notary profile, but you could put it at the bottom if you keep it quick. People do want to know what you are a real person and have a personality.

Humor and classy lines are another thing that few add to their notes section, but it adds quite a punch to someone’s listing.

One lady brought crayons and dog treats to the signings. That is pretty unique and might be appealing to people.

Former scientist specializing in test tube signings

Former police officer — call me for an arresting experience

Ex-Military, I like my notes section to have mostly bullet points. Oh, and I’m always on time. My motto is, “Hurry up and wait, but not in your
driveway because that would be creepy.”

I am also a clown, but I promise not to throw pies at the borrowers, unless you pay extra for that.

Former therapist. And yes, I promise not to ask the borrower how their APR makes them feel or ask them how their relationship was with their mother. And once again, when we finish the signing, I always say, “I’m afraid our time is up.” That’s my signature phrase.

My parting tips would be to look at the notes sections of some of the high placed notaries in the various large cities. They are paying the most and sometimes (but not as often as they should) put a lot of effort into their notes sections. As usual, I am happy to proofread your notes section, but I can’t do it if it is a one liner. You provide the content, I provide the reorganization and commentary. Sounds fair to me.


January 29, 2021

A healthcare house of cards revealed by Covid-19

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Americans are all afraid of Covid-19 and the reported deaths are about 8x as high as India per capita. All day long this is what we hear and talk about. But, why don’t we just live and get on with things? It is because we live in a house of cards in many ways.

Many Americans live in poor health and depend on pharmaceuticals to keep them healthy. This is an artificial way of maintaining your existence and it is not God given. The average person over 65 in American is on at least five different medications at the same time and the ambulatory elderly fill 9-13 prescriptions per year. These numbers are several years old, and it is hard to know what they really mean. But, these drugs are not good for your liver and are not natural.

By contrast in Japan, people walk a lot, drink a lot of green tea, have lots of vegetables, fish, rice and other healthy foods. They are lean, healthy and live into their eighties. They are hardly dying at all from Covid and they didn’t shut anything down because of their constitution.

So, the bottom line is that we are afraid of Covid not because Covid is dangerous, but because many of us are on thin ice to begin with at least healthwise.

Most Americans have very limited savings. If you shut them down or deny them income for even a short amount of time, they could go broke right away. This would cause a chain reaction and put landlords in a precarious position. If we saved more like the Chinese do, we would not be in such a vulnerable situation.

My personal emotional state is not so great in general. But, others are in even worse shape. The shutdowns and negative atmosphere causes people to indulge in more drinking, drugs, child abuse, and other negative behaviors. Suicides are way up, and society doesn’t seem to care. If we were in better emotional shape before Covid-19, it would be easier to get through this.

The political situation has been bad in America for several years. People don’t respect the constitution, honesty, or even fair elections. When you throw a pandemic into the situation, it can get a lot worse.

For those of us who can’t reason properly, and then you throw in a fake pandemic, people think unrealistic thoughts. They believe that only mad scientists can save them with some dangerous sounding vaccine. The same people who invented the virus are probably involved with the cure, just like some B rated science fiction movie. But, why are people so dumb in real life? Haven’t we seen all of this nonsense in movies already? Can’t we spot the bad guys from 8000 miles away? Can’t we sense fake Covid death numbers and see right away that there is no definition for how the numbers are computed? If you are dumb as rocks, and most people are, you will be fooled by the fake news and no amount of reason can save you. In a sense, mentally you live in a house of cards.

If you are vulnerable in any of these ways, you could completely fall apart during Covid-19. This disease scenario tests us, and finds our weaknesses. I learned a lot about myself. But, honestly, I am used to the nonsense now, and I have gotten used to adjusting my lifestyle. I just reverted to my shutdown lifestyle. I have places I go for juice, to eat, to walk, and for fun. The first shutdown was murder for me, but the 2nd was easy. I already had my habits in place. For other people it is not so easy. Bar owners going broke. Drug addicts overdosing. People committing suicide. Idiots about to take a vaccine that has God knows what in it. I fear for our community.


January 28, 2021

Notes sections you might learn from

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Most notes sections on our site are dreadfully boring. Even most of the higher level members have very limited and dry sounding notes sections. The higher level people tend to say more about their expertise because they have more expertise, but do they say much about themselves, as humans? Well here are a few that do. Look them up by n# on our advanced search page (sorry, no links today).


Honestly, these notes sections are the best I could come up with after an hour of searching the site. There might be more, but I only searched those in big areas with a lot of reviews. It is possible to do a lot better than any of these listings, but these are the top 2% best quality of notes sections we have…. for now… until you meditate on how to write a notes section from heaven.

I wanted to stress how to write warm and fuzzy information in your notes section, but very few people did much in the way of that type of content although you will find a little in these specific profiles.


January 27, 2021

Covid Karma — did you get any?

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What is Covid Karma? Is it more serious than the disease itself? Some things weren’t meant to be shared, but karma is always changed between the victim and the victimizer.

If you are afraid of a disease because it is a serious disease or because you have been brainwashed, you might be tempted to want to go around restricting other people’s rights. You might be tempted to support others in their undermining of other people’s rights.

If you force someone to wear a facemask, you violated someone’s liberty unless you can prove that person is an extreme risk to others. The one in one hundred chance that someone might be asymptomatic, does not constitute extreme risk contrary to what the covidiots might tell you.

This is the same stupidity as forbidding all people from driving whether you are a good driver or not, because what if you crash into another car, and that car goes out of control and kills grandma. Yes it could happen, but it doesn’t constitute a risk any more than regular wear and tear.

Putting people out of business is very heavy karma. You might ruin their retirement, or leave them out in the street for the rest of their life all in the name of “safety.” Doesn’t sound very safe to me.

But who is involved in all of this karma? Governors, mayors, judges who sit and watch without putting a stop to this unconstitutional nonsense, the health department, and more. But, what about the Sheriffs who sit and watch when they swore an Oath to protect the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic? What about members of the public that support policies that ruin people’s lives. What terrible karmic fate do these people deserve?

Do they deserve to go to hell, reincarnate in a communist country, or end up penniless on the street? I am not the boss of this type of thing so I cannot answer. But if you support someone else’s demise who didn’t do you any harm, you will get some sort of karmic retribution — so… beware…….


January 26, 2021

An intergallactic Notary conflict

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This is kind of silly. We have one Notary named Deborah Planet, and another named Venus. I am thinking that these Notaries are in dire need of some slogans.

For the best Notary in this world, call me — Deborah Planet
For a Notary that is out of this world, call me — Venus Smithfield
For a Notary that doesn’t have a dark side, call me — Sandy Looney

But, we have no Notaries called Mars or Mercury. Those could be company names.

Mercury Notary Service — we rise when the temperature goes up.
Mars Notary Service — we declared war on the competition and were both wiped out, but got reincarnated and started again. This doesn’t make sense.

Saturn Notary Service — We run rings around the competition
Jupiter Notary Service — We have 6x more gravity when it comes to keeping clients happy and keeping them around. Oh, and we won’t leave our signature “spot” on the documents either — that stays on the planet. No signing in red please either unless you are into that.
Mercury Notary Service — A signing service that is never in retrograde, or at least not for you.

I’ll end this with one of my signature jokes.

UFO PEOPLE — Hello earthling

HUMAN — are you going to abduct me?

UFO PEOPLE — No but can you like us on Facebook?

HUMAN — Earth Facebook or intergallactic Facebook? Is that censored too?

UFO PEOPLE — We politely decline to say. We don’t have freedom of speech on our planet. Our 1st amendment was cancelled due to a virus that happened 1723 years ago.


January 25, 2021

Vermont Acknowledgment Certificate

Vermont Notary Acknowledgment Certificate. Vermont Acknowledgment Form. Vermont Acknowledgment Verbiage. Vermont Notary Acknowledgment Verbiage. Vermont Notary Acknowledgment Wording.

State of Vermont)
County of ______) ss.

On this _____ day of ________, 20____, before me personally appeared_______________________(name of person acknowledging) to me known to be the person who executed the foregoing instrument, and he (she) thereupon duly acknowledged to me that he (she) executed the same to be his (her) free act and deed.

Notary Public Signature


January 24, 2021

What to emphasize in your notes in 2020

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Things change; people change; The only thing that stays the same is that you need a good notes section on your listing on 123notary. But, what should you write about?

Most people have the generic information. NNA Certified (good to have). LSS Certification (will get you clicked on), and Notary2Pro Certification (in our opinion the best one.) 123notary certification (hard to get but proves yourself and will get you more clicks.) If you mention your certifications, emphasize the ones that are harder and more in demand when you write notes. It is also really good to have three or four certifications if you want to stnad out.

Anyone can get a membership just by paying. It doesn’t make you special. But, if you have five memberships to notary agencies, four certifications and some empowering notes on your professional background, that is impressive.

RON & Pavaso.
There are more and more Remote Online Notaries out there. Not all states allow this, but they get clicked on. Having an IPEN designation (whatever that means, sorry I’m old) helps you stand out too. Everyone on our site does notarizing, but how many do RON or can use Pavaso? Personally, I feel that if you are female you should be a RONDA — just my opinion.

Less Common Loans
Everyone does refinances, but how many do Debt Restructuring, demolition loans and time shares?

ME: Do you do time shares?
NOTARY: When I have time!

Focus on what makes you stand out, and write about the other stuff too, but put the jazzy stuff where it is more visable.

Unique Phrases
I scoured our site looking for unique notes sections and found a few somewhat good ones. But, we basically have hardly any notes sections I would give an A to which is sad. But, you can work on writing something unique and classy or funny about yourself and it might draw attention. Put something on there and see how people react.

As usual, if you need help with your notes, ask me! Email us.


January 23, 2021

Is the current societal situation depressing you?

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My previous guru says that we are all the masters of our mood. My current guru claims that your environment is more powerful than you are to control how you feel and your general consciousness. This philosophy dictates that we should choose our environment(s) and choose them cautiously. However, My environment where I live is generally good. But, with the Covid-19 situation and the demonic vibe in the atmosphere, my mood was effected.

I became more depressed, and despondent. I saw no hope in the future. I saw no hope in humanity. I am writing this in December 2020, and the vibe in the air is clearing up. There is not as much evil.

The angels told my psychic that in April 2021, the evil would be mostly gone and that there was a huge battle happening in heaven between the forces of good and evil. Down on earth, there was also a battle between those that value the constitution, America, freedom, and those who want to ruin that and ruin us. So, the war manifests itself in multiple realms — even perhaps in the underworld (wherever that is… think downwards.)

The forces of evil gave a lot of encouragement to the rioters, and governors who trample on our civil rights. These forces also make us feel depressed, and cause some to commit suicide or act more antagonistically than normal.

I’m trying to do the best I can under this situation. I do spiritual exercises to clarify the outer environment. I also leave Los Angeles to tap into more healthy atmospheres. Arizona and New Mexico had a better spiritual atmosphere. The irony is that the air is clean in Los Angeles because few people are driving, so the physical atmosphere is not bad here.

Not sure how you guys are doing, but I’m just scraping by on an emotional level.


January 22, 2021

Are you dual commissioned? Should you be?

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Do you live near a state border? Not all states allow out of state notaries to become a notary in their state but some do. To the best of my knowledge here is a list of states that allow dual commissions, or at least where one of the pairs or multiples of states allows out of state notaries and where we list notaries with multiple commissions.

Possibly More…

Being dual commissioned might cost more. You will have to have two sets of stamps and perhaps journals. Two sets of bills. Two sets of many things.

123notary can list you in two states. However, there would be two listings, two sets of counties, and we hate it when people mix their list of counties between two states. But, two listings, means logging into two listings every 120 days, and perhaps double the business.

Additionally, being dual state is impressive. It means you are serious. Nobody fooling around will bother getting commissions in two or three states.

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