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January 26, 2021

An intergallactic Notary conflict

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This is kind of silly. We have one Notary named Deborah Planet, and another named Venus. I am thinking that these Notaries are in dire need of some slogans.

For the best Notary in this world, call me — Deborah Planet
For a Notary that is out of this world, call me — Venus Smithfield
For a Notary that doesn’t have a dark side, call me — Sandy Looney

But, we have no Notaries called Mars or Mercury. Those could be company names.

Mercury Notary Service — we rise when the temperature goes up.
Mars Notary Service — we declared war on the competition and were both wiped out, but got reincarnated and started again. This doesn’t make sense.

Saturn Notary Service — We run rings around the competition
Jupiter Notary Service — We have 6x more gravity when it comes to keeping clients happy and keeping them around. Oh, and we won’t leave our signature “spot” on the documents either — that stays on the planet. No signing in red please either unless you are into that.
Mercury Notary Service — A signing service that is never in retrograde, or at least not for you.

I’ll end this with one of my signature jokes.

UFO PEOPLE — Hello earthling

HUMAN — are you going to abduct me?

UFO PEOPLE — No but can you like us on Facebook?

HUMAN — Earth Facebook or intergallactic Facebook? Is that censored too?

UFO PEOPLE — We politely decline to say. We don’t have freedom of speech on our planet. Our 1st amendment was cancelled due to a virus that happened 1723 years ago.


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