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July 8, 2024

AI-Powered Tools Transforming Notary Work

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In today’s fast-paced world, notary work is transforming thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence. From reducing administrative burdens to enhancing accuracy, AI-powered tools make notary tasks more accessible and efficient. Discover the different AI tools for notaries and how these innovative technologies can simplify your processes, save time, and ensure accuracy.

What Are AI Tools for Notaries?

AI tools for notaries are software applications that use artificial intelligence to perform tasks traditionally done by notaries. These tools can handle everything from document verification to digital signatures, making the notary process faster and more accurate. By automating routine tasks, AI tools allow notaries to focus on more complex aspects of their work.

Discovering AI Tools for Notaries

AI tools are revolutionizing notary services, enhancing security, efficiency, and accessibility for homeowners and business owners.

AI-Powered Document Verification

AI-powered tools excel at verifying document authenticity, utilizing machine learning to detect tampering and ensure document genuineness. This not only secures but also accelerates the verification process.

Digital Signatures and E-Notary Services

Physical presence for signing documents is becoming obsolete. AI-powered digital signature tools enable e-notary services, allowing remote document signing with advanced encryption to ensure secure and legally binding signatures. This offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility.

Automated Compliance Checks

Compliance is critical in notarization. AI tools automate compliance checks, swiftly identifying discrepancies and ensuring adherence to legal standards, thereby minimizing non-compliance risks.

Natural Language Processing for Document Drafting

AI also aids in document drafting through natural language processing (NLP), which helps notaries produce clear, legally precise documents. This is particularly beneficial for clients unfamiliar with legal jargon.

AI in Video Conferencing for Remote Notarizations

AI-enhanced video conferencing is essential for remote notarizations, providing identity verification, real-time document sharing, and ensuring secure and compliant processes.

AI Tools for Record Keeping and Storage

AI tools simplify record keeping by automating the organization and secure digital storage of documents, eliminating the need for extensive physical storage and ensuring easy access to records.

Enhancing Customer Experience

AI improves customer service by handling routine inquiries and scheduling through chatbots and virtual assistants, allowing notaries to focus on complex tasks.

Cost Savings and System Integration

Implementing AI in notary services reduces operational costs by automating tasks and minimizing errors, leading to more affordable services. AI tools seamlessly integrate with existing systems, enhancing capabilities without extensive overhauls.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are paramount. AI tools protect sensitive information with robust encryption and security protocols, ensuring confidentiality and security.

Staying Ahead with AI

As the notary industry evolves, AI tools enable notaries to meet increasing demands efficiently and reliably. Investing in AI is crucial for notaries aiming to future-proof their services, ensuring they stay ahead in a rapidly changing landscape.

Explore the Power of AI Tools for Notaries

AI-powered tools are transforming the notary industry, offering numerous benefits for homeowners and business owners. Adopting AI tools for notaries allows you to streamline your processes and stay ahead in a rapidly changing landscape. To learn more about the potential of AI in notary work, explore the different social media tips for notaries and start leveraging these innovative technologies today.


August 4, 2023

Car Lease vs. Buy: Which is Better?

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The age-old dilemma of leasing vs. buying a car has puzzled countless individuals seeking a new vehicle. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, catering to different preferences and financial circumstances. The decision to lease or buy a car is not taken lightly, as it holds implications for your budget, lifestyle, and long-term plans. In this article, we will delve into the key factors that should influence your choice between leasing and buying a car.

Financial Consideration

The financial aspect is paramount when comparing leasing vs. buying a car. Leasing typically demands a lower initial payment and offers lower monthly installments, making it an attractive option for those seeking to drive a newer car with minimal upfront costs. Yet, leases often come with mileage limits and penalties for excessive wear and tear.

Conversely, buying necessitates a larger down payment and higher monthly payments. However, once the loan is paid off, ownership is transferred, eliminating ongoing payments beyond insurance and maintenance. Unlike leaseholders who must adhere to restrictions, owners can customize their vehicles.

Lifestyle Factors

Individual lifestyle and driving habits significantly influence the leasing vs. buying decision. Leasing suits those who prefer the experience of a new car every few years, coupled with the assurance of continuous warranty coverage. This option is apt for those prioritizing convenience and minimal long-term maintenance costs.

Buying a car is ideal for individuals looking for a long-term commitment. It provides the satisfaction of ownership and the freedom to retain or sell the vehicle after the loan is settled. Those with high mileage needs or lengthy commutes may find buying more practical due to the mileage limitations on leases.

Long-Term Implications

Considering the long-term impact is crucial when choosing between leasing vs. buying a car. Leasing implies a cycle of returning the vehicle once the lease term concludes without accruing ownership equity. Buying, however, results in equity growth over time, which can be advantageous for future sales or trade-ins.

Leasing is financially favorable for those who enjoy changing vehicles regularly. At the same time, buying becomes economically beneficial as the years pass, and loan obligations cease. Both options carry distinct financial trajectories, requiring careful analysis of your personal goals and resources.

Choose wisely: Your car journey, your terms, your satisfaction


At the end of the day, owning or leasing a car depends on your lifestyle and priorities. Carefully consider each option and remember to factor in the future cost. Deciphering how many cars you can realistically afford can be difficult and time-consuming. For this, consult an expert financial planner or certified money adviser for unbiased advice, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Furthermore, if you decide to lease or buy a vehicle, don’t forget to find qualified professionals well-versed in auto transactions, such as mechanics and smart notaries for verifying documents. Whether you buy or lease, choose the route that best supports your goals and provides reliable transportation for years.


April 28, 2023

Simple Tips for Healthy Eating on the Road

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You don’t feel like driving home and preparing a healthy meal when you’ve been on the road for hours. Fast food and gas station signs tempt you to stop for a quick burger. Eating healthy while on the road requires some planning, but when the day ends, you’ll feel light and energized instead of tired and bloated.

1. Bring Fruit and Nuts

Instead of grazing on chips and pretzels, stock your vehicle with healthy, non-perishable snacks. Bring nuts, granola, dried fruit, non-buttered popcorn, crackers, and cereal. For variety, make homemade trail mix. Check the label before you buy trail mix at the store because many brands add salt and sugar.

If you miss the crunchy texture of potato chips, look up online recipes that make chips from vegetables, such as kale and sweet potatoes. Add a little dark chocolate to your stash when you crave sweets.

2. Grab a Cooler

If you know you’ll get tired of dry food, bring a cooler to snack on perishables. Build a protein box loaded with hard-boiled eggs, cheese, fruit, hummus, crackers, yogurt, and raw veggies.

You could also bring a simple meal with rice, vegetables, and a lean protein, such as grilled chicken. Other ideas include sandwiches, wraps, bagels with spreads, and healthy leftovers from last night.

3. Research the Area

Research the restaurants on your route before you hit the road. Look for sit-down restaurants with lighter dishes like grilled fish and homemade soup.

If these places are too pricey, check the fast food menus for lighter fare. Many places offer low-calorie and vegetarian options to keep up with today’s health-conscious world. Even a minor swap, such as drinking water instead of soda, helps you stick to your diet.

4. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

A hearty, fiber-rich breakfast can prevent midday cravings. Try enjoying one of these before you leave for work:

  1. Smoothies loaded with fruit, vegetables, and dairy or non-dairy milk
  2. Oatmeal with honey, nuts, and fruit
  3. Greek yogurt with fruit and granola
  4. Whole-wheat pancakes or waffles
  5. Smoothie bowls with nuts, granola, honey, and sliced fruit
  6. Scrambled, hard-boiled, and soft-boiled eggs

If you’re pressed for time in the mornings, make breakfast the night before and stash it in the fridge.

5. Snack Occasionally

You might not notice your hunger when you’re busy, but you suddenly realize you’re starving when the day ends. Try to eat something every couple of hours, even if it’s just a handful of nuts. This helps you balance your daily food intake instead of overloading your body with a sudden influx of fat, sodium, and calories.

6. Drink Water

Some people eat when they’re dehydrated, thinking that they’re hungry. Drinking water makes you feel full and keeps your body functioning, especially on hot days when you’re sweating in the car. If you don’t like regular water, add a low-calorie flavoring or buy a bottle with a slot for fruit and herbs, infusing those flavors into your beverage.

7. Start with a Salad

Order a salad when you visit a sit-down restaurant. Salads are loaded with healthy ingredients, such as lettuce, carrots, peas, and lean meat, and you’ll end up ordering a smaller entree. This helps you offset a hearty meal with a dose of fresh vegetables. Plus, salads are light and refreshing after a day of driving in the heat.

Now that you’ve learned about eating healthy while on the road, check out these mobile notary safety tips for a relaxing trip.


April 21, 2023

Chic Home Office Makeovers on a Budget

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Are you feeling the need to change scenery but don’t want to spend lots of money revamping your office space? Home offices should be stylish, comfortable environments that motivate and inspire us during work sessions. With a few simple home office decorating ideas on a budget, it’s easy and fun to transform any workspace into an amazing one without breaking the bank. Read on for more tips and tricks on crafting an irresistible working environment with inexpensive items you can easily find.

Use Multifunctional Furniture

Maximize your workspace and stay organized with multifunctional furniture! Whether you choose pieces that match existing decor or a brand-new style, these versatile options help create an aesthetically pleasing setup while taking up minimal space. Plus, they can keep all your work necessities in one place, helping reduce clutter and increase productivity.

Organize Your Desk

Transform your workspace into a functional and stylish area by clearing the clutter and creating plenty of space. Use desk organizers such as magazine holders, drawer dividers, and pencil cups to add personality and cable organizers to keep cords out of sight but easily accessible. Make it your own by adding personal touches like pictures and certificates. Create a productive atmosphere with a clean and organized workspace.

Good Lighting

Remember the importance of good lighting at home for a productive and peaceful workspace. To use natural sunlight wherever you can, position your desk so it’s right by the window or install sheer curtains to let sunbeams in, but not the bright light. Desk lamps and string lights also provide an excellent source for creating warm atmospheres without blowing out your budget. By investing thoughtfully in reasonable lighting solutions, you’ll increase focus when work gets tough, as well as keep yourself feeling upbeat.

Create your Own Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a great way to liven up your home office and make it uniquely yours. Strategically select pieces that inspire you and get creative with frames, colors, sizes – anything! Not only will this charming addition complete the décor of any workspace – but studies show that having visual reminders around can instantly boost productivity. So don’t settle for just another boring desk setup – excite yourself every day by creating a personalized gallery wall filled with art, photos & quotes that fuel your passion.

Define Space with an Area Rug

Creating a successful and cozy home office is all about defining your workspace – and that means making room for an area rug! Not only will it delineate the boundaries between work life and personal life, but it will also bring texture, personality, sound-dampening properties (bonus!) & more to your new digs. With size options galore + countless colors/patterns/textures at hand – you’re bound to find something perfect to put those productivity vibes in motion!

Incorporate Plants

Transform your home office from dull to delightful with the simple addition of plants! Not only will they help you breathe easier, but studies show that being around greenery lowers blood pressure and stress levels, boosting your productivity. But before getting started on selecting floral friends for your workspace, consider how much natural light is available — as this can affect which types are best suited for growing in their new digs. So embrace plant power today and watch it improve your work-from-home space’s air quality and atmosphere!

Creatively Decorate Your Home Office on a Budget

Decorating your home office can be a simple and cost-effective process. You can transform your workspace into a comfortable and inspiring environment with creativity and resourcefulness. Whether repurposing old items or adding small touches like a desk lamp or wall art, every little change can make a big difference. Do your research and plan ahead, but be bold and let your personality shine through. By incorporating your unique style, you can organize your home office that reflects individuality and inspires productivity. So, take action today and turn your home office into a space you’ll love to work in with these home office decorating ideas on a budget!


January 20, 2023

13 Auto Maintenance Tips for Mobile Notaries

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As a mobile notary, you know that there’s no such thing as a “typical day.” Document signings can take you all over town and beyond, making reliable transportation one of your most essential assets. To ensure your car stays in top shape and can safely accommodate the on-the-go lifestyle of a mobile notary – or any busy professional – here are some easy auto maintenance tips for mobile notaries!

1. Check Your Tires & Air Pressure

One of the most important things you can do to maintain your car is to check your tires regularly. You should check the tread depth and air pressure of all four tires at least once a month. If you notice any bald spots or low air pressure, take care of it immediately.

2. Check All Fluids Monthly

In addition to oil and brake fluid, several other fluids must be checked periodically. These include coolant, transmission, power steering, and windshield washer fluid. It’s important to check all these fluids monthly to ensure they are at the proper levels.

3. Change Your Oil & Filter

Another important thing to do is to change your oil regularly. Depending on the make and model of your car, you may need to change your oil every 3,000 miles or every 5,000 miles. Consult your owner’s manual to find out what is best for your car.

4. Rotate Your Tires Every 5,000 Miles

Tire rotation is important because it helps to distribute wear and tear on all four tires evenly. As a result, rotating your tires will help them last longer and improve your car’s handling.

5. Change Your Air Filter Every 12,000 Miles

The air filter helps remove impurities from the engine’s air. Over time, the air filter becomes clogged with dirt and debris over time, reducing engine power and efficiency. As a result, it’s important to change the air filter every 12,000 miles.

6. Get Regular Tune-Ups

It is also important to get regular tune-ups for your car. This means taking it to a mechanic to check the engine and be serviced as needed. How often you need a tune-up will depend on the make and model of your car, but it is generally recommended that you get one every 30,000 miles or so.

7. Flush Your Radiator Every 24,000 Miles

The radiator helps to keep the engine cool by circulating coolant throughout the engine block. Over time, the coolant becomes contaminated with dirt and debris, which can clog the radiator and cause overheating. Therefore, it’s important to flush the radiator every 24,000 miles to prevent engine damage.

8. Inspect Your Brakes Regularly

Brake pads wear down over time and must be replaced periodically to ensure proper braking performance. Additionally, brake fluid should be flushed and replaced every few years to prevent corrosion and maintain proper braking performance. Therefore, it’s important to inspect your brakes regularly to keep them in good condition.

9. Inspect Your Belts and Hoses Regularly

Belts and hoses can become brittle over time due to wear and tear, breaking or becoming loose. As a result, it’s important to inspect your belts and hoses regularly to prevent problems.

10. Don’t Ignore Warning Lights

If any warning lights come on in your car, take notice and take care of the problem immediately. This is one of the most important auto maintenance tips for mobile notaries because ignoring them can lead to bigger problems down the road, so it’s always best to nip them in the bud as soon as possible.

11. Get Your Car Inspected Regularly

Finally, be sure to get your car inspected on a regular basis by a qualified mechanic. This will help ensure that any potential problems are caught early on before they have a chance to cause serious damage

12. Keep Your Car Clean

One simple way to prolong the life of your car is to keep it clean, both inside and out. This means washing it regularly and vacuuming the interior on a regular basis. You should also avoid eating or drinking in your car, as this can lead to stains and crumbs that are difficult to remove.

13. Be Mindful of Your Driving Habits

The way you drive can also impact the longevity of your car. For example, if you frequently accelerate quickly or brake hard, this can put unnecessary wear and tear on your car’s engine and brakes. Also, driving in extreme weather conditions (hot or cold) can be tough on your car, so try to avoid this when possible.

Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape

If you are a commissioned Notary, these auto maintenance tips will help ensure that your car is well-maintained and running as efficiently as possible. Regular maintenance will make your car look better and save you money in the long run. So keep your vehicle in top condition with these thirteen auto maintenance tips for mobile notaries.


August 12, 2021

If Vivaldi wrote a piece for Notaries, what would it be called?

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Vivaldi wrote one of the most famous pieces of music ever written called “The Four Seasons.” In California, we only have two seasons and in India they have three. Looks like Antonio Vivaldi didn’t travel enough. But, what if he wrote for Notaries?

Here are my ideas.

The Four Signatures
The Four Notaries
The Four Brothers who were Notaries
The Four Italian Notaries.
Notarizing in Legato
Andante con moto Notario!

Personally, I never liked Vivaldi. I love Bach, Rameau, and some of the German Baroque composers. But the other French and Italian Baroque composers I didn’t care for.


July 14, 2021

How valuable are the various types of notary knowledge?

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Notaries these days who invest in Notary education study all types of topics. Some study Notary basics, others study TRID, Reverse Mortgages, Helocs, situational knowledge, elite knowledge, or just plain signing agent knowledge. Marketing skills are also taught by many agencies. So, which skills are the most valuable?

As a signing agent, companies typically babysit you unless you are very advanced and work purely for title companies. If you make mistakes, that is very unprofessional, but they generally catch you before it is too late due to the scan backs and fax backs. Notaries do not get complaints about errors on our site these days. When they do get complaints it is because they are rude or don’t show up, don’t return phone calls, or don’t get documents back on time.

So, let me make a pecking order of Notary skills in an order that makes logical sense to me.

Notary knowledge
If you don’t know how to be a solid Notary, you are endangering the public as well as yourself and leaving yourself open to legal liability. A mistake identifying someone, or filling out your journal can lead to a lawsuit, or lack of evidence in a legal proceeding. That is very serious and can ruin not only you, but all who are involved in a transaction with you. Failing to properly administer an Oath (when required) can lead to the termination of your commission if you ever get caught and is considered Perjury which is a Federal crime! If you don’t fill out forms properly or follow Notary law and procedure, you can ruin your life. So, Notary knowledge is the highest priority as a Notary Signing Agent and THAT is why we teach the finer points at no cost in Notary Public 101 on the blog.

Signing Agent knowledge
Knowing how to initial, date a right to cancel, and understanding the basic documents in a home-owner Refinances are skills that you will need to use a lot. You can ruin a signing if you miss signatures or initials, or put wrong dates on documents. Signing Agent skills seems to be a definite #2 in the pecking order of what you should study.

If you know your basics, but don’t know how to attract work, you might get a few jobs here and there, but won’t have a side career of any scope. Learning Notary marketing is easy because there are good teachers everywhere. 123notary and LSS do a nice job teaching notary marketing. Some of the knowledge is available in our loan signing course and a lot more is on the blog in the marketing category on the right.

Specialty Skills
It is always good to learn more. Being TRID trained, or trained in reverse signings is great. But, that is the last step in my opinion. It impresses clients when you go above and beyond in your training. It shows motivation and effort and makes them more likely to hire you. But, learn the other stuff first as that is a lot more critical for basic survival.

How many certifications should I get?
The more the merrier. If you advertise with us, you should consider ours. If you are a paid member, we sometimes offer to test you by phone at no cost if you study from Notary Public 101, but we get very few takers. Our test is the hardest in the industry and our teaching materials are the most practical — and NOT the most expensive. We have the least expensive certification compared to the big players!


April 21, 2021


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Don’t let people waste your TIME. That is all you have and you can’t reclaim it. This blog is to remind all Notaries of the “SCREENING” they need to do before accepting an assignment or even giving a quote.

First and foremost, you should check if the signer or anyone in that household has COVID, come in contact with anyone who has had COVID or are under quarantine orders. Of course, there is a possibility that they may not tell the truth. If that is the case, be prepared to walk if you suspect that the signer has COVID when you get to the signing.

Other important questions to ask when someone calls you for a quote:

Let them know that you are happy to provide them with a quote but you would appreciate it if they answered a few questions.

1. Are they shopping around for the lowest prices? If that is the case, just give them your bottom-line price and let them know that they can call you after they are done shopping with other notaries.

2. Make sure that you toot your own horn (No one else will!) Let the signer know about your experience, certifications and # of loan signings before they go shopping for a lower price. If they are not shopping, ask them the following questions.

3. What type of document is being notarized? Real Estate, Power of Attorney etc.

4. Do they have the document with them?

5. Does the signer have current and valid ID?

6. Do they have a private area where you can sit down safe distance apart to notarize the document?

7. Try to schedule your appointment during a 2- or 3-hour appointment window in case you are running late. Let them know that you will arrive anytime during that window and they should be available. You can let them know that you will call or text them 30 minutes prior to arrival.

8. Determine method of payment and let them know that you don’t accept personal checks if that is your preference.

9. Ask them if they have any other commitments during the appointment window so you can be adequately prepared.


April 3, 2021

The people who are supposed to be keeping you healthy

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I forget if I wrote about this before. But, the people who are supposed to keep your healthy and not healthy themselves.

It is common knowledge that to be healthy you should:

Get enough sleep
Not work too much
Have a balanced diet
Get natural sunlight
Be happy and have a normal social and recreational life.
Not live under too much stress or distress
Believe in God (false Gods are equally good for health purposes) and have some sort of worship.

People who do the opposite are a lot more likely to get cancer, strokes, heart attacks, or die young based on what I have read and seen in real life with people I know!

However, the people who take care of your health
1. Had to go through a grueling experience going through medical school, going without sleep day after day, year after year, and cramming excessively under severe distress.
2. Before medical school, they study like crazy so they can get into medical school.
3. To survive medical school, they sacrifice their friends and family because their time is all zapped up.
4. Natural sunlight? Not unless it happens indoors while cramming.
5. Balanced diet? Does the “Mac N Cheez” they serve at the hospital lunchroom count as a balanced diet? I’m sure it must — otherwise why would they serve it at a hospital unless their goal is to keep us sick (or unless they are clueless or don’t care?)
6. Medical professionals work themselves to death doing long 12 or 36 hour shifts under miserable and grueling conditions.

If these people choose to devote their entire lives to living under inhuman, unhealthy and grueling conditions, should you be hiring them to keep you healthy?

I use holistic doctors and the doctor at the clinic who works 40 hours a week and doesn’t over do it. I hire medical staff who look healthy and kept me healthy. But, what about the rest of you?

We just ad a Surgeon join 123notary. His body just couldn’t handle the punishment of the 80 hour workweeks at his age. But, he loves driving around doing signings and he lives in an area with amazing scenery which makes the driving heaven. I talked to him about this issue of doctors being the least healthy people and he agreed with me. That is why he quit being a doctor. I think we need to redesign the way the world works.

We should all live happy and well balanced lives and believe in God or Gods. According to Christianity and Judaism if you worship the wrong Gods you go to hell. But, according to long life research you can worship false Gods all day long and the more you do it, the longer you live. So, we’ve finally proven religious fuddy duddies wrong about something. However, there is no proof that after your happy long life of worshipping false Gods that you will have a positive after-life. The long life specialists don’t seem to discuss the afterlife other than the fact that some people believe or don’t believe in it. Hmmm.


March 7, 2021

Fake police scam targetting Notaries

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We are writing about this topic and others on our forum. Please reference the forum to read more about this and other interesting notary topics.


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