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April 30, 2019

Power of Attorney in Jail or Prison

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Power of Attorney in Jail or Prison

The most common documents to be signed in a jail are title documents to cars, or power of attorney documents. Please be advised that a Notary may not draft or give advice on documents unless they are authorized to do so by also being an Attorney, or in a legal support profession that is authorized to give legal advice. I do know personally know who other than Attorneys can draft documents, so ask an Attorney.

Many banks have their own power of Attorney forms. So, please be sure you are having the inmate sign the correct power of attorney that will be acceptable to your bank or whomever the document custodian is.

As always, please consult an Attorney before you decide which type of legal document to use, or draft a legal document such as a Power of Attorney.


April 29, 2019

Identification for prison notarizations

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Identification for prison notarizations

1. Inmate ID Cards
In Florida and California, there is such thing as inmate ID cards or an inmate identification card. These are issued by the Department of Justice of Bureau of Federal Prisons.

2. Wristbands
In other states, sometimes the Notary can use a wristband. But, that is subject to the laws of your state, so you will have to consult your state’s notary manual online.

3. Credible Witnesses
Credible Witnesses may be used to identify a person in many states. You need to ask the Notary Public who you intend to use what the rules are in your state for Credible Identifying Witnesses. Many states will allow two individuals who know the signer to vouch for the identity of the signer under Oath before a Notary Public and will allow this as a substitute for having proper identification.

4. Regular Identification Cards
Ideally, if you can find a current identification of the signer and bring it with you to the jail, this will make it a lot easier for the Notary to notarize the signer.

5. Guards
Guards at jails are normally helpful about passing the journal through the slit in the glass to the signer. However, they very rarely want to be involved in identifying inmates as a credible witness.

6. Thumbprinting
It is generally a good idea to thumbprint signers in the notary journal. Most Notaries do not do this, but it is prudent as you cannot fake a thumbprint and it is forensic evidence that can be used to prove the identity of the signer if the signing is ever investigated.


April 28, 2019

Americans have become complacent since 2015

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I had a talk with my social media manager, and read a few articles on this subject. Apparently, people in America have become a lot more complacent since 2015. People want to deal with less nonsense, the work ethic has gone down, and Notaries are not an exception to this rule.

Since 2015, those who were 123notary certified went very far down hill, and had lost their desire to study and better themselves. This is part of the reason I had to clean up the certification and retest people. The people who had our certification in 2017 were no better or smarter than the uncertified crowd. However, the 2018 people certified are considerably better — but, not perfect.

Additionally, racial conflicts are ten times worse than they were before. Racism hit an all time peak in 2015 that is worse than I remember it being since the seventies.

Ironically, the upper class in America are working harder with less hope of improving their position in the market. They work hard to provide more of the good life for their children in terms of karate classes, tutors, summer camps, college, eating out, etc.

So, we live in an America that is very different than what I remember as a child. It is different in so many ways. And it is so sad that the new astrology that is affecting our attitudes has damaged the Notary industry so badly. I hope we get some better planets in so that things get better. You know what I always say — when things go wrong… blame it on a planet!


April 27, 2019

Lakota Notary Woman

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Perhaps you have seen the film entitled Lakota Woman. Well this blog is about Lakota Notary Woman. She does her Notarizations the tribal way.

SHELLY: Hi, I need something notarized?

LAKOTA NOTARY: Well you have come to the right place. But, I must inform you. We do our notarizations the Lakota way.

SHELLY: Is that something your state notary division requires?

LAKOTA NOTARY: Not exactly. It’s not prescribed and not prohibited. The sun dance on the other hand was illegal for a long time.

SHELLY: Well today’s not that sunny so it shouldn’t be a problem. In any case, here is my document. It is an Affidavit of eye witness. I witnessed a crime taking place and the police wanted me to have this notarized.

LAKOTA NOTARY: Hmmm. Okay, could you sign it in my presence. We need to do a Jurat if you want an Oath with this Affidavit. But, you are the one who chooses what notary act you want. So… would you like a Jurat or something else?

SHELLY: Just as long as it has your stamp.

LAKOTA NOTARY: Yeah… about that. Ummm. How can I explain this to a “wasicun.”

SHELLY: Is that the name for us now? I believe in being politically correct and prefer to be called a “Wasicun-American.”

LAKOTA NOTARY: It means one who is not from our tribe who robs us of our resources. But, because you are paying me, you are giving resources to our people. Hmmm. We’ll have to find a new name for people who meet your description.

SHELLY: How about “Human Being?”

LAKOTA NOTARY: More like, “Human from other tribe who pay us cold hard cash.”

SHELLY: That has kind of a ring to it.

LAKOTA NOTARY: Okay, anyway, politics aside, and with our people, politics is never aside by the way, please sign the document.

SHELLY: Here ya go!

LAKOTA NOTARY: Would you like to swear under Oath or affirm on your honor? Buffalos prefer Oaths but dogs prefer affirmations… oh yes they do, isn’t that right… isn’t that right?

SHELLY: I’ll stick to an Oath.

LAKOTA NOTARY: Okay, do you solemnly swear that the contents of this document are the truth, so help you the great spirit?… That’s what we call God around here. It’s a Lakota thing.


LAKOTA NOTARY: Now…. in our culture, we don’t stamp documents, we do a stampede. WE believe we are the descendants of buffalos. So, I will do a buffalo stampede on your document.

SHELLY: That might tear the document. The police might not like that

(Lakota Notary lady puts on her buffalo outfit… does tribal song and dance to tape recording of buffalos stampeding. Takes toy buffalos and stampedes them across the document and then stamps the document.)

LAKOTA NOTARY: This is a ritual of our people to honor our ancestors the buffalos. Plus we like playing the drum, buffalos and dancing. But, I gave you the 20 second version because I know how you busy people are. But, there is one last thing we do during our buffalo style notarizations.

SHELLY: What is that?

LAKOTA NOTARY: We end it with a buffalo slider burger with green chili from our Zuni brothers from the South in New Mexico.

SHELLY: Oh, yummm. This is good, and just the right size. Thanks, and I’ll call again if I need to be stampeded… I mean notarized.


April 26, 2019

Does a Notary need a business license?

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Does a Notary need a business license?
Does a Notary need a Notary business license?

Yes. To do any type of business, you should be licensed and registered with your county clerk’s office. They will charge a small fee for a license that is good for a few years and they will send a renewal notice in the mail. It makes sense to pick a name that will be attractive to clients. We have written many blog articles on how to pick a good name for your business. Please consider reading those articles.

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5 Benefits Of Notarizing Your Business Documents

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The government does trust the notary public, so their signature or seal is a valid sign of document reliability. Below are a few reasons why you need to have a notary public present when you are signing your essential business documents:

Your contracts become ‘self-authenticating.’
Under the Federal Rules of Evidence, a contract with a notary public’s seal is considered to be self-authenticated; meaning that in the case of a case, the witnesses who signed the documents need not appear in court to verify their signatures. This saves plenty of time, money and acts as a huge convenience in the witnesses favor.

They ensure that your documents are signed under the right circumstances
Technically, the notary public notarizes your signature, not the documents themselves. They are reliable witnesses to the fact that the person whose signature is on the document in question is indeed the one who signed it. They also ensure that the person who signed it was of sound mind and not under any duress. Again, the notary public has to ensure that the witnesses who sign your documents are within the legal right to do so.

Notarization provides clarity
There are many legal documents now that stipulate the way people go about their lives. A Power of attorney is required by a grandchild to make significant, life-altering decisions for their ailing grandparent, or title deeds to transfer ownership of land. With a notary public’s signature, these documents’ validity can be ascertained to avoid grey areas that cause conflicts.

Notaries ensure that the documents in question are adequately executed
All legally binding documents hold the signer to a commitment, and one of the notary public’s duties is to ensure that the signer fully acknowledges the agreements and obligations. For instance, for a will to be valid, it needs to include the signature of the testator, and those of two witnesses, plus a QLD probate process to facilitate execution. Yet, some states will require that a will be notarized for it to be valid. Again, if disputes are litigated, it is crucial to have a notary present. A court considers sworn affidavits as valid if they are notarized.

Protects you from fraud, identity theft, and other kinds of crimes
Having a notary public present during the signing of your documents provides you with the safest possible fallback plan, if not a prevention plan in the case of forgery and other serious white collar crimes. In this age of technology and sophisticated forgery schemes, you cannot go wrong by having your documents notarized. Notarization is now a major risk management tool for all kinds of businesses.

Many people avoid notarization services because they are an added expense and may take time. However, with e-notarization, you get quick and more convenient services to keep your business documents risk-free.


April 25, 2019

A resurgence in interest in 123notary certification

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More and more Notaries are becoming a lot more serious and interested in 123notary.com certification. In the old days people said, “I am already NNA certified so why do I need yours?” The answer was always — how much work do you get from signing agent.com. The answer was generally, “not much.” Our site is based on quality and our certification gets people more work.

The amount of interest is like drops in a bucket. Every week a few people express interest and some of them will study enough. But, this can add up over time. Carmen and I like teaching people and we have given a lot of free time to those who expressed an interest in Notary knowledge.

I hope that in the future people start taking notary education more seriously. Although the general climate in the notary industry is low-balling and not quality, quality notaries do get more business and do make more money. So, there is a huge benefit in being at the top of the food chain even in today’s market.

People love our Notary Public 101 course on the blog. We have had more than 10,000 people visit the home page of that course. Most people read it for pleasure and not for mastery, but that is better than nothing. I hope that more Notaries express an interest in learning regardless of who they learn from. 123notary is not just a job, it is my craft and I seek to be the best craftsman I can be by having the best directory. Having the best directory means having the best and most desirable Notaries and that means that you guys need to study and be your best.

Many of you have the intellect to be masters of this trade. However few of you start out with the knowledge. Knowledge is there for the taking. It is just a matter of approaching the information with the intention of mastery. This takes time, patience and perseverance, and perhaps a little tutoring from the people here at 123notary.


April 24, 2019

Notaries can get jobs in banks more easily

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If you would like to have more options to work in a bank in any particular capacity, it is easier to get a job at a bank if you are a commissioned Notary Public. Being a Notary Public involves applying to your particular state, in many cases taking a course and passing a test. The rules for becoming a Notary are state specific and change over time so please ask your state or visit your state’s Notary Public information online which generally is on the Secretary of State’s website.

There are lots of documents that might get notarized at a bank. Sometimes banking power of attorney forms need to be notarized. Other times, contracts, affidavits, or other general documents might need to be signed and notarized. Loan documents might need to be signed at a bank and those include Deeds of Trust, Mortgages, Signature Affidavits and many others. It is good to be knowledgeable about the loan signing process if you get involved in loan signing.

It is likely that a bank might want to have multiple Notaries on staff. After all, people call in sick, quit, and take lunch breaks, but the Notary work still must get done.

So, consider becoming a Notary so you can get that bank job you have always dreamed of. And yes, I would like my withdrawal in ones please…


April 23, 2019

Notarizing the mafia at a Gelato place

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You’ve heard about the Starbucks Notary who gets paid waiting time while sipping on Frappaccinos. Well, now there is the Gelato Notary whose motto is, fuh-getaboutit.

So his clients came in wearing their normal trenchcoats. They stood in line. Louie ordered the blood sorbet, his favorite flavor. After all, it pairs well with a sangria. Vinny ordered the Amorino.

The signer named Frank came in a few minutes later dressed like a respectable business person.

LOUIE: Sign dis, otherwise we’ll make a cement additive out of you.

NOTARY: Could you make a cement additive out of my seal when I give up my commission?

LOUIE: Only if you’s guys cross me.

NOTARY: If I cross you, I would have to initial and date the change.

LOUIE: Don’t worry, the date will be on the death certificate.

NOTARY: Which I might add cannot be notarized.

LOUIE: It can be notarized if I tell you to.

NOTARY: Well the notarization wouldn’t be valid. You see, you can’t notarize vital records.

VINNY: Ain’t nothin’ vital about a death certificate Mr. Notary. Who is dis guy anyways?

FRANK: My constituents expressly asked me not to sign that.

VINNY: Well my constituents…. whatever that is expressly asked me to ask you TO sign it. Capiche?

NOTARY: I am sensing some duress here.

LOUIE: Hey! Stay outta dis Notary. This is between the both of us.

VINNY: And me too.

LOUIE: Yeah, the both of us and him too. Capiche?

NOTARY: It is illegal for me to notarize anything signed under duress.

VINNY: It ain’t illegal unless I say it is. Besides… it ain’t illegal unless you get caught. What a maroon!

FRANK: I have to go now.

VINNY: You ain’t going nowhere.

NOTARY: Don’t you mean anywhere? By the way, I think I’ll get a sorbetto while you’s guys sort this thing out. Oh my god, now I’m talking like you’s guys. By the way, your gelatto is melting.

LOUIE: We’ll mix that in with the cement. Nobody will notice nothing.

FRANK: Let me order a double fudge gelatto before I go.

VINNY: Yeah, for the deal you fudged.

FRANK: Okay… time to go. Bother me again and I’ll report this to the FBI.

LOUIE: You do that.

NOTARY: Do I get paid waiting time?

VINNY: We’ll pay you in gelato.

LOUIE: We’ll also pay you hush money.

NOTARY: Oh, I’ll be the best paid notary in town… My time has finally come.

LOUIE: Just don’t push it otherwise your time will finally end.



April 22, 2019

Why Notaries should get up at 5am…

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The age old saying that the early bird catches the worm is more and more true, especially in today’s cattle call Notary market. The texts have been coming from Snapdocs for a few years now. But, now Notaries are getting emails from title companies. Title is tired of calling people (perhaps due to bad phone etiquette — read our guide on etiquette to know what I am talking about) and emailing people. But, Carmen says that the emails are starting at 6am if the Title company is East coast.

Personally, I am tired of this East Coast West Coast rivalry which used to only be in hip hop, but now it’s in the Notary industry. But if you don’t answer your emails at 6am, say good bye to East Coast jobs.

Since 2008, 123notary has tracked people’s phone answering rate in the form of a percentage. However, now, it looks like how fast people answer emails will be the analytic of the future. The sad fact is that my emails typically get ignored. Hmmm. So, how can I find Notaries to give sweet discounts for upgrades if they are ignoring the few people who can help them.

So… you snooze you lose. Be a little more attentive to emails. Check them more often. Or get iPhone alerts for emails, especially if they are from Title companies. Additionally, my guru claims that people should rise before dawn and meditate right at the time when the sun is coming up. It is a state of equilibrium in the atmosphere during this mystical time.

On a final note, one of my most striking memories of 5am was in Darjeeling India. I went to see the sunrise at Mt. Kanchenzhonga (good luck pronouncing that mouthfull). I got up at 3:45, got in a van with some others, and saw the runrise. I remember waiting and waiting. Finally between two peaks a little dot of light inched itself up. Then it went up another inch. And then you could see the entire sun a minute or two later. There was great applause. And then we had mo-mo’s and noodle temtug soup which is a Himalayan favorite. Personally I think that part of the planet is sexist because they have the Himalayas, but not the Heralayas, but maybe with some idealogical counseling they will change their thinking.

In the mean time, check your email more often, and when someone says something and then says, “But, don’t lose sleep over it.” consider losing sleep if it means making your daily pay.

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