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September 14, 2017

Please don’t quit your day job…not just yet

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So you did what?

I get a call from a very nice lady who had just became a notary. She was interested in our loan signing courses and advertising. I asked her how she heard about 123 and loan signing in general, and she went on to tell me that a notary had come to her home and closed her loan. The notary who visited (also happens to be a 123 member) had spoke highly of the profession and that the notary shared with her, that through this income as a signing agent, she was able to send her family to Tahiti. She also stated that her notary had made the signing process look so easy that she wanted to get into the professions as well.

As the conversation started to wind down with all her questions asked and answered she goes on to tell me that she’s ‘waiting’ on her notary stamp/seal and would be ready to sign up immediately upon there arival. She also says’ that she had to get going with the business as she had just quit her job. Startled, I asked her ‘“What did you just say”?” And so she repeats that she had just quit her job. I was shocked. I asked her, “What in the world would posses you to do this”? She replied that she thought being a signing agent was easy to get into and that she was under the impression that she could start making money right away. She said that the notary told her there were places to sign up with. I had to explain to her that although there were places that she could try signing up with in addition to advertising with places like 123notary.com and notary rotary, there was no guarantee that anybody would give her any work. This is a problem for all new notary signing agents. When you are new not too many companies what to take a chance on you.

Seeing how she had just quit her job recently, I advised her to try to get her job back immediately. Sadly, she tells me that they had already fulfilled her position. Needless to say she was VERY upset. And, I was upset with her. For the life of me, I cannot understand this logic of this thinking at all.

In these conversations, I always wonder why folks don’t do more research when they decide to venture into this or any other business. As with all new business it requires dedication and hard work.

Moral of the story; don’t quit your job! The notary signing agent business takes TIME to build, cultivate and grow.



  1. You are so right Jeremy! How could anyone just up and quit a job based on what someone told them??
    And how old do you have to be to know that you never quit a job before you are hired at another?
    I really feel so bad for the person who quit her job and so very upset to the notary for making her or any one think that what we do as notaries is so simple that anyone can do it! It is not for everyone. Some people don’t even have printer knowledge or savvy computer skills that are highly required. Apps on your phone where the lender sends the docs to and therefore never emailed to you.
    There are so many variables…maintenance of printers and knowledge of toners etc… Lets not forget being NNA certified every year and fidelity approved if you really want to be considered. I can go on and on. SHAME ON YOU TO THE NOTARY WHO MAKES WHAT WE DO SO EASY THAT A WOMAN WOULD QUIT HER JOB!

    Comment by RODNEY REDD — May 14, 2018 @ 5:12 pm

  2. Hi Rodney This was not written by Jeremy..lol. Glad you enjoyed it.


    Comment by Carmen Towles — March 6, 2019 @ 10:52 pm

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