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June 30, 2016


At 123notary, we keep track of our Notaries. We make sure they are alive and that their phones are working. If you don’t login to your listing, we will either call you to make sure you are alive, or remove the listing in some cases. In fact, of all directories, ours has the highest rate of Notaries that are alive.

When I call people, I say, “I’m calling to verify that you are still alive and still a Notary.” Since we are so adamant about scrutinizing our database for deceased Notaries or dysfunctional numbers, perhaps we should rename our site NotariesWithPulses.com. It might get a few laughs.

Another idea I had was to have my psychic contact Notaries in the brighter world. That way we could see if there is any Notary work after death in heaven. You never know. Sometimes the angels need help. Plus, you can’t beat the idea of having an etherial seal.

One Notary who is currently alive who I am worried about has a business name Keys Notary. If this Notary gets an eNotary certification they will have to change their name to Electronic Keys Notary. I used an electronic key once. It had a mind of its own. But, they are still alive and that is the main thing (or the key thing.)

In any case, stay alive, and if for any reason you should die, just send us an email.


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June 29, 2016

The Loveless Notary

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There once was a Notary named Sam Loveless. He was asked to do a Refinance. So, he got in her car and got to the signing on time. The borrower gave him an ID that said, Ray Smith but wanted to be notarized as Mickey Mouse. The Notary politely declined.

BORROWER: “You can do it. The last Notary did it and nothin’ happened.”

SAM: “I’m Loveless not clueless!”
They finished the signing and then…

SAM: “I have to go home to my wife and kids now — it’s getting late.”

BORROWER: “I thought you were Loveless.”

SAM: “It’s just a name!”

BORROWER: Okay, no love lost!

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June 28, 2016

How good is your technical knowledge, should you learn more?

Most Notaries feel that they know it all and don’t need to learn anything more. But, the knowledge necessary to make it in this profession is deep and what you need to know keeps changing. So, you my friend need to keep reading. In addition to passing the certification exams of the various Notary companies out there, you also need to read.

What types of eduational content should you read? NNA has a good blog with technical posts. 123notary has a wealth of technical blogs as well.

123notary’s 30 point course

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What’s the difference in getting 16 clicks a month and 100+?

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June 27, 2016

How much should you spend on advertising?

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Many Notaries don’t want to spend much on Notary advertising because they don’t make much money or are just getting started. You cannot make money without spending money. Other Notaries have a presence on our site, but left their notes section blank, have no reviews, are not 123notary certified, and then blame us if they didn’t get any business. That is your fault for not dressing your listing up! If you pay $100 to go to a formal dance and show up in ripped clothing with your hair messed up and nobody dances with you — is that the fault of the people you paid $100 or your own fault?

1. Get a foundation before you pay big bucks
You need to get Notary certifications, reviews, and a good notes section before you pay big bucks for advertising

2. Assess the value of your advertising
All serious Notaries track their new sales. They keep track of where the sale or lead originated from. If you get 27% of your new sales from 123notary, then that is a factor in how much you spend on advertising the following year.

3. Base spending on income
If you have a listing with a good foundation as we described above, see how much new business you got from us. If you got a lot, then you should reinvest about 10% of the income you made in new business from our site. Or, you could figure out how much residual business you got from leads from our site as many will use you again and again for years to come. You might want to pay us 2% of the total long-term value of the business you got including residuals. The math is a bit complicated and involves some guess work as well. But, you have to do it otherwise you will be a poor investor.

4. Additional Areas
If you want to advertise in several counties on 123notary.com, see how well you do in those counties. If you spend money on one county and nothing comes back — try another county. Find the counties that work for you and stick with them as long as they continue working. Your success in a particular area might depend on proximity, the current competition (which could change overnight), population, and other factors.

5. How should you start?
Start by investing $100 in a listing with us, get our Notary certification and pass it. Get some reviews, and polish your listing. If things go well, then get a prorated upgrade with Carmen and move up the list and get other areas. If things don’t do that well, then keep what you have.


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June 25, 2016

June New Signing Companies

Here are some new signing companies we found mentioned on our forum!

Exclusive Title

Traveling Signatures

Diamond Star Notaries

Fremont Law Group

Eye Witness Signing

Sam’s Signing Service

Signing Carolina


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June 24, 2016

The Steve Jobs Notary Smart-Seal

If Steve Jobs created a hi-tech Notary Seal, what would it be like?
I can imagine several scenarios. There could be a seal that looks like a regular Notary seal, but with a touch screen. The seal could tell you when your last ink fill up was and when the next time you will need to fill the ink would be. Or the seal could affix itself to make sure the seal’s impression was perfect every time. The real genious of Steve Jobs is that he made his inventions easy to use, cool, and personalized. His creations became an inseperable part of our lives. If only his spirit could guide some living people on creating that ideal Notary seal…

Additionally, the seal could have a smart feature that could sort through your emails and identify any emails pertaining to recent or current jobs, and even interface with your GPS to make sure that you get to your next job on time.

But, what about a more futuristic Notary Seal?
In my blog about UFO Notarizations, their notarizations were done with microchips that were inserted within the fibers of documents, or watermarks with identifying traits. I was picturing a business card shaped notary seal that could insert coding into the document using laser beams. But, also scan the name, date and other features of the document and keep an electronic record of the notarization. The device could be touch sensitive so that anyone who “borrowed” the seal from the Notary wouldn’t be able to use it. To use this futuristic seal, you would just lie it down in the seal area, press a button, and it would do it’s affixing itself.

Additionally, the Notary Seal could be used to scan ID’s and check them against records from the DMV, Dept of State, or even foreign governments. In the future, we might all be connected. Thumbprints could also be used with this tiny device. Best of all, if you lost your seal, you could call it with your cell phone and it would start beeping. With even better technology, the device would be able to identify signers purely based on their thumbprints or even have voice recognition.

Taking it a step forward, what if the Notary Seal device could have a Siri type character that would answer Notary questions.

NOTARY#1 “Siri, can I use a Military ID as identification?”

NOTARY #2 “Siri, if a California ID is expired, but it has not been five years since its issue date, can I still use it?

SIRI: Can’t you see I’m having lunch? Ask me later after I’m fully recharged… Humans!!!!


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June 23, 2016

A talk with an angel

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When the going gets rough, or confusing, I call my psychic up and we talk it over. He is a gifted past-life expert, psychic, counselor, and good at dealing with people with mental problems (me before I’ve had my Starbucks.) In any case, my psychic has no trouble channeling spirits, gurus, consciousnesses of living people, and even angels. I don’t like to bother the angels unless the issue has some spiritual merit.

My first experience with the Angel
I encountered this angel named Michael for the first time while driving to New Mexico of all places. This angel is responsible for keeping watch over evil spirits who have been banished to a part of Eastern Arizona on the border of New Mexico. There are also many wild spirits in New Mexico who cause mischief to many by the way, especially in the Northwestern parts of the state. On a trip of 3000 miles, I noticed that I experienced serious car trouble, but the trouble didn’t become obvious until I was almost home. What are the chances. On a 3000 mile trip, trouble starts 40 miles from home where help is available. I knew it must have been because of the assistance of an angel. My transmission and few other things went out on my car.

RipOff Report
RipOff Report has long been a problem for 123notary. We work endlessly to provide a powerful venue for Notary advertising and are working seven days a week to assist Notaries with questions, technical issues, and promoting the site in general. I feel that we work endlessly and get three times as much complaining as we get compliments which is not fair. The RipOff report from 2013 is outdated, but the customer complained that we don’t give money back. Our policies page states that we don’t give money back unless you purchased by accident and got back to us within 24 hours of your purchase. In any case, I couldn’t figure out why this showed up so prominently on Google three years after the fact. Was it bad karma? Was it because I have not tythed this month? Or was it because I am not answering my emails fast enough? I couldn’t figure it out. I wanted to know what the angels had to say as they have a unique and divine perspective.

Asking the Angels
So, we asked the angel named Michael to explain the situation to me. He said that the RipOff Report was high on Google to protect me. He explained that I had many very negative and evil customers before, and that the angels want those people to stay far away from me. We asked in what respect were those people bad and what the damage was, but the angel just said they were bad and you don’t want them around. Neither my psychic or I was expecting such a response. But, it makes sense. We used to have some really awful customers who upset Carmen really badly. I can’t afford for Carmen to get that upset because her feelings go deep and she gets very bent out of shape in the long run from these people. So, although we lose some business due to these reviews, maybe it is for the best. The angel said that if I meditated more, and refined my state of mind to being always calm (not easy for me) that my mental state would be a substitute method of protection and I wouldn’t need the reviews to protect us.

On a Brighter Note
We also have many good reviews on the internet. Many clients appreciate the fact that we are the most serious form of Notary advertising out there and that they get 80-100% of their business from us year after year.


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June 22, 2016

What kind of impression do you want to make?

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When people sign up to be listed on 123notary, we call them. I ask them a few questions. The questions used to be to help them fill out their listings. Now, I ask questions for a different reason. I want to see if Notaries can answer a question with a straight answer — most cannot or won’t.

When someone at a signing, title company, directory, or Notary school asks you a question, you will make a better impression if you just answer the question. If you refuse to answer the question, think for a long time, or give a round about answer, you will try the patience of the listener and make a terrible impression. The worst thing is to start rambling about your qualifications and go on and on giving unwanted information. Let the question asker guide you — you just answer what has been asked.

To help you do a good job answering questions, it might help to practice. Do you know how many loans you have signed? Practice answering this question without rambling. Don’t tell us how many years you’ve been doing this as that is not helpful and not what we asked for. Do you know how to explain the APR to a non-borrowing spouse? You might be asked this, so practice answering it. Do you know what counties you cover in alphabetical order? People will ask, and a professional sounding answer will leave a good impression. The point here is to become an expert at giving fast and accurate answers to commonly asked questions. You never know when someone will call you up and start drilling you — so be prepared.

Some companies will give you pop quizzes too, so know your loan documents well enough to pass a pop quiz. Most Notaries don’t realize that they way they answer questions leaves a lasting impression. So, do a good job and for goodness sake — don’t ramble!

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June 21, 2016

Want some Extra Hours in your day?

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Want some Extra Hours in your day?

No, I am not going to ask you to turn off your cell phone for a day. Most of you would prefer two fish hooks to be embedded deeply, one in the palm of each hand. I get it. Your cell phone being on is not a discussion item. OK. So – let’s turn to the next greatest waste of hours in our day.

Now, for ease of typing, I need to define a term. My term is “canned stuff”. Canned stuff includes TV, Radio, the gadget that plays MP3 and other stored audio and, with some trepidation – I dare to include the use of the internet or a PC! You were unwilling to turn off the cell phone for a day, how about daring yourself to do without canned stuff for a day? Yup, I dare you to attempt survival for 24 hours without canned stuff. And no cheating by using that cell phone to obtain canned stuff.

Someone totally out of shape should not enter a lengthy running marathon. Exercise extreme caution! You have just turned on your mind – without the barrage of “attention getters” you are now thinking on your own. The pooch’s leash has been unhooked from the collar; Fido can roam around and sniff the flowers. No longer must the hound walk at your speed and by your side. It’s the same when you shut off the distractions – your mind is free from being directed.

I’m not asking you to forever give up your canned stuff. I probably would have to teleport you to very Remote Island for that to happen. Just one day, twenty four little hours, the sun and the flowers …..

Sorry. You need a battle plan. It’s not going to be easy. Chances are you are in a rut; you turn to the devices almost without thinking. Well, here is a simple way to break that chain of mental bondage. Just put a Post-It on the banned items. One on the TV screen (or the remote) some on the gadgets, and without any doubt; one dead center of the PC monitor. Keep the message on the Post-Its simple: NO

It’s a bit scary, you feel like a Borg disconnected from the Collective. The voices and images from others no longer fill your consciousness. Kinda like Peter Pan while singing “I’m flying” – it does take some “getting used to”. You might think “what should I be doing”, or you might just reason out a solution to a problem situation that, till now, seemed unsolvable. While immersed in canned stuff you only had a small part of your brainpower to call your own. Think of a V8 engine with only two spark plugs. If you were really immersed in the canned stuff, think of that same car without any engine whatsoever.

As usual, real self improvement has to come from within. It does not come from government, school, work or parents. That’s why it’s called “self” improvement. Is eliminating canned stuff a path to self improvement? Perhaps, perhaps not. Some, lacking the mental spoon feeding that occupies their minds will steer a course toward mischief. There is much truth in the old “The Devil finds work for idle hands”. However, I submit the defense of that is to have an active mind, even if the hands are idle.

Now to honor my promise to you. The title offered some extra hours in your day. It should be obvious by now where I am going with this. If you survived the 24 hour “Cold Turkey” elimination of canned stuff; you surely can “cut back” on a regular basis. It won’t be easy. That “Siren Song” that lured ships to the rocks wants to hook you again. It will take discipline on your part. Perhaps doing it by the clock? Say, no canned stuff between 7PM and 9PM? Make your own rule and stick to it. Exceptions are the precursor of failure. So there you have it. I have given you two whole hours a day to think, be creative; and dwell only with your own thoughts. Take care, this is powerful stuff; there is no limit to mental energy.

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June 20, 2016

80% of success in the Notary business is showing up

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It was a Woody Allen quote that 80% of success is showing up. 90% of success in show business is showing up was another similar quote. But, the Notary business is similar. You don’t have to be special to do well in the Notary business. You need to be businesslike though. People in Real Estate think their Real Estate background helps them as a Notary. It doesn’t. But, being businesslike, making appointments and showing up on time, communicating clearly, and dressing appropriately is the name of the game.

As a Notary, you don’t have to perform miracles. Just show up. Show up at your appointments, preferably on time. Or be Japanese about it and be there early and wait outside and then knock on their door at precisely the time of the appointment (and don’t forget to bow — very important.)

As far as Notary education goes, the same principle applies. Did you show up for class? Or if you are studying at home, did you set a time to study and then keep that time? You should! You don’t have to be a brain to pass our test or anyone elses. Just put in your study hours. Even if you are not a good student, (and most Notaries are not) just show up, and put in your study time. No excuses — just show up.

When you apply to signing companies, the same principle applies. There is no special magic. Just fill out the forms, for a few hundred of them and then bug them from time to time and ask them if they have any work. Bug them in the first two weeks of the month when things are slow, and then the last two weeks of the month you’ll be busy!

So, 80% of success as a Notary Signing Agent is showing up. The other 20% is triple checking your work for errors, and getting your work in the drop box at a staffed Fedex location on time! Good luck!

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