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June 18, 2016

National Preferred Notary

Here is what Notaries are saying about this outfit.

“Well it is 2016 now and not much has changed. I did a closing for you on December 30,2015 and today is March 14, 2016 and I have still not received payment. I sent an email to Harley Owens, the scheduler on February 22nd, she replied that she was forwarding to accounting, I called accounting on March 4th and left a voicemail, still no reply, I called today and spoke to scheduling department and the woman I spoke with, (I did not get a name) said my name was on the list to be paid and they were waiting no accounting or owner to come in to find out when this could be resolved. Very unprofessional, I will not be accepting any other jobs from you and I live in an area where I network with the other signing agents in the area, I have already sent an email to them warning them. I happen to know you recently got a new account for Vanderbilt Closings, I used to get their jobs from DocPros, I was in the local Clayton office today to do a cash closing for them and informed the manager that I have not been able to get paid from you for a December closing, she was going to notify corporate. This is not the way to do business. My next action will be to contact my attorney.”

“Finally received my check on December 14. Check was dated 12/10/15. So much for their payment policy!”

“Update: I ended up sending them an email letting them know that I would contact Escrow regarding payment if I didn’t hear back from them. Well, I contacted Escrow and they sent and email asking whether or not I had been paid (Escrow showed they deposited the check October 31). They replied that payment had been sent. Escrow asked when and where the payment had been sent and they never responded to her! NEVER AGAIN!”

“I did a closing for them on 10/15/15. I asked about their payment policy. Their policy states that closings performed between the 1-15th of the month are paid on the 30th. Signings between the 16-30th are paid on the 15th of the subsequent month. Well, it’s now December 5th and still no check. I have sent emails with no response. I finally called and Harley said that a whole bunch of checks went out in the past week but she would have to research to see if mine was in there. Then they call me to do another loan this weekend! Sunday Morning! I said that I haven’t even been paid for my October closing. As I am friends with the borrowers I actually took this closing, but oh boy I hope I’m not playing the fool!”

“I finally received a check on 11/13/14. This is not the way I run my business. When I do a closing I expect to be paid in a timely manner.”

“I have contacted you via email and phone numerous times regarding my payment of the above signing. It’s been over 45 days closing on 60 and that is unacceptable.

If someone would have contacted me this would have been much easier to handle but after seeing your “reputation” on 123 Notary I find I have no further reason to continue to wait.

I am expecting a call tomorrow at my number 209-256-2576 to explain that the check for the above signing will be placed in the mail later that day and I expect to receive it by Friday, November 14, 2014.

If I do not receive it by then I will be contacting other forums for notaries to be aware of accepting your signing appointments, I already have the BBB on favorites for your part of the state of California, and I have your Certified Notary Signing company name pulled up from the SOS to lodge additional complaints.

I have also pulled the information for Primary Title Services LLC Attn Vicky J Santamaria off the Skokie IL office to make them aware that that they are dealing with an exceptionally unprofessional company – to say the least. And recommend using a different signing service as to make sure their name, once they are made fully aware of the ongoings – does not become an accessory.

Upon Monday, November 17,2014, if I didn’t receive the check (or it’s short) I will also be contacting my attorney with added penalties and interest added to the amount due – gotta love Legal Shield!”


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  1. I finally was paid after 3 months when I emailed the President, call his cell and his direct line. POOR business practice.

    Comment by Kay Mullins — June 23, 2016 @ 11:44 pm

  2. Well, I did 3 signings for them in September 2015.. 190.00 2 of the signings were simple deed signings close to home and no print and one refinance . After continuous emails asking where my payment was I get an email from Sandra merchant in feb.2016 stating that the checks were mailed I waited 2 weeks and nothing came. I then emailed accounting, orders, Sandra merchant, and any other email I could get ahold of.. Finally got an email stating they sent my checks and they provided cancelled checks.. Problem is the checks were sent to Florida to another notary with the same name and they were cashed in March by this other notary. I live in Pennsylvania and the signings were done in Pennsylvania.. I told them they sent my checks to the wrong person. Ect… To this day have not heard of any response back as to how they are correcting the issue.

    Comment by Sherry — August 9, 2016 @ 6:46 pm

  3. S O S Almost 7 weeks. No payment yet. I was just told today that the check was in the mail. Never again!!!!!

    Comment by Shirley — December 16, 2016 @ 12:51 am

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