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June 18, 2014

The Towles Booth (pronounced “tolls”)

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What happens when you come “The Towles booth?” Do you come to pay your Towles, or do you come to get directions?

In real life, the ‘Towles’ booth is not a Kiosk on the side of the highway that you pay to get into the fast lane. It is a phone call to reach Carmen Towles of 123notary to pay your membership.dues and get helpful notary/signing agent tips to get into the notary fast track. I guess that the experience has many parallels to a real toll booth. You pay a toll, and get some travel tips in the notary world!

If you want a good laugh, try to picture Carmen working in a real toll booth, with real notaries driving through, paying her cash, getting change, and getting tips and maps to their destination. There would be a huge backup, because Carmen has a lot to say. She has about thirteen years of experience in the mobile notary industry, and she has seen it all: the good, the bad, and the criminally insane as well.

The thing is that some notaries just think she is some broad who collects their dues. Other notaries see her as a source of very valuable knowledge, experience, and information. I think that the way a Notary sees Carmen says a lot about the type of notary they are. Most notaries do not want to be all they can be, this is just some gig they try to get into to make a few extra bucks. The notaries who really want to excel realize what an irreplaceable asset Carmen is, and are willing to pay our high fees, partly because of the assistance they get when they are in a pinch, or need help making a complicated strategic decision about their business.

Carmen has helped people pass their notary exam, helped with signing agent questions, and she helps people figure out what to do with their advertising on 123notary as well. Some people call to complain, others to buy something, and a few to upgrade. But, the smart people call the Towles booth to get valuable information that no other notary agency offers. But, don’t believe me. Call the NNA, Notary Rotary, Notary Cafe, and see if they can offer the same type of practical help with signing agent and marketing issues that Carmen and I offer at 123notary.com.

Note to self: Purchase a ticket to be in the carpool lane!

(1) Need notary info in a hurry? It’s time to visit the “Towles Booth” (pronounced “tolls”)
(2) Some come to pay a toll, others call for notary tips: We call it the Towles Booth!
(3) If you want a good laugh, try to picture Carmen working in a real toll booth on the notary highway!
(4) Carmen has 15 years exp. in the notary industry & has seen it all.


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June 6, 2014

Poo Picking – getting the best notary jobs

Poo Picking
You are probably much more used to the phrase “cherry picking”. It’s a phrase that pays homage to the selection of the best fruit. Without belaboring the point; there is an analogy to picking the best notary assignments. But what about the rest of the assignments? Clearly there is a broad range. The cherries are close by, easy to do; and pay a high fee. The majority of the assignments offered to us are not cherries; they are average. Average, in that we work hard to earn a fair wage. However, there are also the “Poo” assignments. Difficult, far, time consuming, and with a bunch of special added requirements; often at bottom dollar.

How do you get the cherries and avoid the Poo? As the First Lady said “Just Say No”. It’s very bad business to accept every offer made to you. Some say it’s necessary to take the bad with the good. Why? I take the cherries and the average and reject the Poo. If you have been a mobile notary for any length of time you should have developed a good sense of what is a Poo situation. One classic warning sign is that the situation takes a large amount of your time, prior to actually doing the assignment. Do you have time to spare? Probably not.
Quote by Abraham Lincoln: “A Lawyer’s Time and Advice are His Stock in Trade.”. Swap Lawyer’s for Notary’s and that is reality. You have only so much time to devote. Any task that takes an unreasonable amount of your time needs to be abandoned. Sometimes you have to just “let go” – as what starts time-consuming will probably become more so. There are no exact guidelines for me to give you. If you feel you are descending into a pit, climb out!

Now to the real “meat” of this entry. Your calendar is the single most important time management tool. Do you guard it carefully, aware the entries represent the commitment of a slice of your time; unusable for other matters. Some feel anything is better than nothing. If you accept a “Poo” assignment you will be forced to decline all others. Thus, you are, if you are really managing your business; forced to determine the quality and “worth” of the offer. It is in this aspect of time management that so many fail miserably.

“Shields Up” shouts the First Officer on the Enterprise, the Star Trek Starship. It’s the duty of the First Officer, first to protect the ship; second to protect the Captain. You are the Captain of your business, and your experience and judgment must serve as the first officer. But what of the Starship? That’s your “bottom line” – does your business model protect both yourself (from legal action, danger, etc.) and protect your income flow? Assuming you don’t want to fire the Captain (you) then you might have to rethink how you apply your experience and judgment.

“Let me try to have that fee approved” a/k/a “as soon as I hang up I will be looking for someone cheaper, but if I can’t find one; only then will I call back”. One possible response is “fine, but I cannot make a calendar entry until we have an agreement; the time slot might not be available when you call back”. Some are a bit more “pushy’ – “pencil me in for that time” they ask. Sure, I reply but be aware that the next caller who wants that time will cause me to use the other end of the pencil and erase your entry.

Back to Poo, your time; and now add commitment. Today a Poo caller, this one an Escrow Co. (or so they said); made a solid commitment to having both payment and assignment sheet to me by noon for a 3PM assignment. As I write this it’s now 12:30 – nothing received. What to do? For http://kenneth-a-edelstein.com “it never happened”. No, I’m not going to call them; they were able to call me, and have chosen to just ignore their agreement with me. It’s not worth my time to call them. They never had a calendar entry, so there is nothing to erase. It’s unlikely, but if they suddenly resurrect themselves and call at 1:30; and I am “open” – perhaps I will be able to accommodate them. But it’s my rules that govern.

The key to Poo management is establishing deadlines for events; and mutually understanding what will happen when the deadline passes. Then stick to it. Nobody owns you, or manages you; unless you let them.

(1) Re: Notary Assignments; Do you know how to pick the cherries and leave out the undesirable jobs?
(2) Any task that takes an unreasonable amount of your time needs to be abandoned. Sometimes you have to just “let go”
(3) Nobody owns you or manages you unless you let them! When it comes to the worst notary jobs, “just say no”

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