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June 30, 2021

Vaccines for Notaries?

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As with any science fiction horror movie, there has to be an evil and mad scientist who creates some catastrophe, disease, or situation. It is usually the same lunatic that creates a genetically engineered virus who also has the cure.

But, is the cure toxic? I don’t know. But, my current guru says it is very toxic. (I have a current guru and an ex who died a few years ago, and some other gurus I channel for spiritual information. It’s complicated.

Notaries will have to wait in line to get a vaccine. The nurses, teachers, and old folks get their cut of the action first. The vulnerable probably next. But, Notaries are far down the list unless you are a vulnerable Notary. The fake news media has programmed us all to be afraid… didn’t work with me. Correctly, I am afraid. Not about Covid Covid Covid, but about Vaccine Vaccine Vaccine.

People are going to wait in line and pay big bucks for something that some conspiracy theorists think has a chip in it. I don’t think that is possible, otherwise it would be lodged in your brain and cause you to have a stroke. But, it could cause havoc with your immune system or DNA, and that is what I am worried about. That is a long term risk not a short term issue. No side effects might show up for years.

The irony about my former spiritual group is that my former guru Chari-ji preached living in harmony with nature. I am so happy he taught this, because now is the time when that lesson pays off. I don’t think I need a mask, a vaccine, or to have my outdoor gym equipment shut down (I jump the fence daily.) I got a little nervous when security was following me while I was walking away. Were they upset that I jumped the little orange plastic fence, or were they looking for an address where I was walking? Paranoid.

But, the successor of my guru called Daaji made his millions in pharmaceuticals and doesn’t look too healthy. Hint hint… If you want to be healthy, stay away from pharmaceuticals. So, Chari-ji says to live in harmony with nature which translates into stay away from drugs. His successor made his entire career out of drugs. Hmm.

My advice is — learn to be healthy without crutches like vaccines and drugs. Take vitamins and get them naturally through sunlight and healthy foods. Get exercise, socialize, and deal with signing companies who pay on time and treat you nicely (if such a thing exists.) When it is your time to go, then accept that. What is the point of living if you are having surgeries every three months, scans, twenty prescriptions, etc? That’s not what I want. I eat vegetables, but I don’t want to be a vegetable — unless it’s an organic vegetable!

Search your inner voice to see what you should do.


June 28, 2021

Shutdowns: Live by dying or die by living.

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The way I see shutdowns is that they keep you alive by preventing you from living. You have to get take out, you can’t go to work, you can’t do much. The only things you can do are walk down the street, go to the supermarket, and get takeout from your favorite restaurant. The numbers show that even if you have limited access to other people, you still are very likely to get sick if you are vulnerable. So the reducing social contact doesn’t keep you safe (although it might make you feel safe or delay your sickness) but not being physically vulnerable by having low vitamin D levels or poor health is what really matters.

The mainstream culture is trying to tell us that you might kill grandma by living and having a normal life. I think that as long as grandma has locked herself in her basement, she is safe regardless of what I do. The problem is what she is doing or not doing. Suddenly my life has to be completely altered to safeguard or allegedly safeguard someone else who doesn’t take precautions and to whom I owe nothing. It doesn’t add up unless you use what I term “Covid Logic.” A type of logic where nothing makes sense, numbers are always fake, and there is always an ulterior motive for any restriction.


June 24, 2021

Seinfeld and social distancing

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I’m not sure what Jerry Seinfeld would say about social distancing, but I will try to tune into his consciousness and figure it out.

JERRY: What’s the deal with social distancing?

GEORGE: Well, for one thing you can’t do stand up any more?

JERRY: Well that would defeat the whole purpose of Covid-19.

GEORGE: I fail to see the logic here.

JERRY: The jokes! Imagine all the joke material I could get out of this disease. I want to milk it for what it’s worth.

GEORGE: Milk it!!! Yeah! Don’t you feel guilty taking advantage of a very sensitive situation when there are so many vulnerable (hurt tone of voice.)

JERRY: No… I really don’t. It’s not my job to be responsible for other people’s health. Just as long as I don’t cough on them… I feel I’m off the hook.

KRAMER: Oh, you’re on the hook Jerry. You are so on the hook.

JERRY: Hey Kramer, have you noticed that you are five feet and nine inches from me?

KRAMER: Why, is that a problem?

JERRY: Yeah, it kind of is. Could you over three inches further?

KRAMER: Sure. Better? Wow!!! I feel so much better. I had no idea that would feel that good. Let me do it again. Move in 3 inches, move back 3 inches. Wow!! I’m being safe! I feel safety tingling all the way down my body.

GEORGE: Enjoy the feeling while it lasts. I felt safe once… yesterday. The feeling went away fast. The thought of my unpaid bills caught up to me. Maybe dying of Covid would be nice. I wouldn’t have to worry about my bills anymore. I’d just cough my way to heaven.

JERRY: I think I kind of like social distancing. I don’t wanna be around most people anyway… Nah… Most people are annoying.

KRAMER: Not Clara. There’s nothing annoying about her. I’m seeing her tonight. Yeah! We’re going to have a Covid date!

JERRY: Oh. So, if it gets hot and heavy are you going to use protection?

KRAMER: Of course, I brought extra face masks, one for her and one for him. To me this is like sex karma. Usually it is the man who has the burden of wearing the protection, but now it’s both of us. Yeah!

GEORGE: For once the universe has evened itself out. I feel a deep sense of relief.

JERRY: You know something Kramer. When you backed up 3 inches… I didn’t feel anything. If you were twenty feet away that would make me feel safe, but not six feet. It’s an imaginary number.

GEORGE: Imaginary? No, it’s backed by science.

JERRY: Kind of, but someone just arbitrarily picked the six foot rule.

GEORGE: It’s kind of like my rule, the 3 second rule.

JERRY: Yeah yea yeah, do we have to go back to that one, you embarrassed me so bad when you went through the trash at that party. I can’t even look at Elsie any more after that. But, on the other hand with social distancing I can’t anyway.

GEORGE: Very true, very true. But, my rule is completely arbitrary too. You have to draw the line somewhere.

JERRY: Oh God. Draw the line, I’d like to draw your line. You don’t go in the trash period. It doesn’t matter how many seconds.

GEORGE: Well then maybe you should go next to people either. Maybe your principle cross-applies. Maybe we should meet everyone on Zoom.

JERRY: Now that is where I draw the line. I don’t zoom.

ELAINE: Not even if someone is Zoom-worthy?

JERRY: Nobody is Zoom-worthy. Hey, I gotta go.

GEORGE: So, any verdict on the whole social distancing thing?

JERRY: I’m comfortable with ten feet. Also arbitrary, but that number just sits well with me. Ten. Just speak up a bit. What? Just kidding. Gotta go.


June 22, 2021

A RON signing that took too long

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We had a lady customer who did a RON signing. It took 45 minutes using Pavaso. Most of the time was used using the identification software.

The client found her through a builder that knew her as a Notary, and the customer was a client of the builder in Minnesota.

Another Notary I talked to does online notarizations and has customers around the world in places such as Dubai, Germany, etc. But, she had a lot of technical issues particularly with cameras and her signing took several hours.

Some people who do RON signings who are familiar with the software and don’t have a problem with their computer or the app or platform get RON signings done quickly. But, for people who don’t do it regularly, it is easy to have trouble. My suggestion is don’t become a Remote Online Notary unless you really love technology and not seeing people face to face and intend to take the profession very seriously. It seems to not work out well for those who are just doing it on the side.


June 20, 2021

Who is SnapDocs best suited for?

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On a regular basis, I hear Notaries complaining about Snapdocs. Yet, Notaries keep signing up for it. Notaries complain that:

1. Jobs are too far away (sometimes or often)
2. Jobs pay too little
3. You have to be fast getting back to people or you won’t get the job
4. They don’t get texted at all
5. They get texted too much only to find that they don’t get even one job.
6. The type of company that hires them micromanages them too much.

On the other hand, Notaries don’t have that many regular complaints about getting paid late for Snapdocs jobs, so that is a good thing.

So, who is SnapDocs best suited for?

1. If you like bells and whistles
If you like texts going off regularly throughout the day, you might like SnapDocs. You might be addicted to the action. Some people thrive on regular commotion, while some of us prefer peace and quiet.

2. If you like apps, portals and technology
You mean a stargate that takes you to the other side of the galaxy? Not that kind of portal. But, some people, even older people really like how well designed and intricate the SnapDocs software is. It keeps track of all of your accounts, reviews, stats, downloading docs is a snap (maybe they should call it DocsSnap), and texting back and forth is easy and partly automated. Personally, I only use technology when I have to, and I am generally far behind the times. On the other hand, I often master the effective use of certain technologies.

3. You are a beginner
I recommend SnapDocs to beginners regularly. It doesn’t work for all beginners, and beginners aren’t the only people who use SnapDocs in the long run. However, the people who hire from SnapDocs are not looking for the cream of the crop otherwise they would come to 123notary! SnapDocs is a way for beginners to sometimes get a lot of experience in a hurry. Some people get a heap of work all at once, while others get little or nothing. Business in general is unpredictable and often feast or famine, and feast sounds good if you get a Vegas style dessert buffet. Famine — not so good.

4. You like haggling
If you like to get $50 offers, and text the offerer back and say, “$125, and not a penny less. I have 20 years of experience, baby!” These experienced Notaries who wish they had been Moroccan and like to live as if they are permanently at a Bazaar love to bargain. If they answer enough $50 calls, eventually they get a few good offers from people who are either desperate, don’t care about the money, or are tired of novices.

Snapdocs works well for some and is a disaster for others. My suggestion is that you try it if you love technology and need to pay your dues working for low wages while you get some experience. For all others, I recommend against it unless you like the excitement and you like to bargain.


June 18, 2021

12 ways to negatively advertise yourself and fail as a mobile notary

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Notaries hire us to advertise them and promote them by virtue of listing them. But, many notaries do counterproductive things with their advertising. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Have a generic sounding business name like “Nationwide Notary Service” , “Statewide Signing Service”, or “Illinois Notary Service.” You will get confused with a lot of others and not stand out. Or just don’t have a business name at all.

2. Don’t ask for reviews — ever… And make sure your work isn’t that great, which will alleviate the risk of getting a positive review. Or you could try to get negative reviews.

3. Never answer your phone, and if you do, make sure to have screaming kids in the background, try to sound muffled, don’t speak into the phone, and don’t be polite. Never announce who you are when you answer your phone — make them guess.

4. Give roundabout answers to questions via phone and insert lots of unasked for information which you think makes you look knowledgeable, but to them makes you look like an annoying novice who won’t stop talking.

5. Use baseless cliche adjectives to describe yourself like “responsible” and “reliable”

6. Leave your notes section blank on your 123notary listing profile.

7. Ramble on and on in your notes section without letting people know your credentials or what you know how to do.

8. Don’t fill in your # of loans signed on your profile. Let people guess and when they ask, say, “lots” rather than giving them actual tangible information such as an actual number.

9. Only work two days a week, and only three hours on each day.

10. Only serve your home county and refuse to go anywhere else for any price.


11. Don’t get any. Or at a minimum, don’t get certified by any agency with tough testing standards. Why bother?

12. Make sure you don’t know your notary knowledge at all. That way you can ensure that you will make Notary mistakes, get in lots of trouble and lose clients.

If you follow all of my tips, I guarantee that you will do really poorly in your business unless you have a very loyal following already. On the other hand, do the opposite, and you might do well. In addition to these tips, if you send back packages late, or in incomplete form, and speak in a rude way to clients, that will enhance your ability to fail in business. Once again, do the opposite and you might succeed.

I wrote this article in jest, but the reality is that most Notaries are not doing everything, or even half of everything they need to do to succeed. Making it as a mobile notary is not a matter of luck. There is a checklist of things you need to do: Notes, Reviews, Certifications, Notes, Business Name, Phone Etiquette, Notary Skills, etc.

The good news is that we have many articles and even free courses on our blog for ALL of these points. And you can become an expert with n


June 16, 2021

A satirical discussion of RON (remote online notary)

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JERRY: Hey, how’d you like to become a remote online notary?

GEORGE: I’m not even remotely interested.

JERRY: Hmm, sounds like you’re not a good candidate.

GEORGE: Well what’s involved.

JERRY: Well for one, I’m going out on a limb here, but I would assume that you would need to be remote.

GEORGE: You mean I would have to go to Wyoming? I’ve always dreamed of going to Yellowstone, but living there?

JERRY: AND, you’d probably have to be online.

GEORGE: Oh, no, I’m right here — nothing virtual about me. I’m the real deal. You can touch my arm… No really.

JERRY: I think I’ll pass. But, if you got in trouble as an ONLINE NOTARY, your career would really be ON THE LINE.

GEORGE: I like that. That was a classy line.Or maybe if you got in trouble, you would be OFF THE LINE, kind of like laundry that’s in trouble. Offline. Right?

JERRY: Maybe. And the third qualification is that you have to be a Notary.

GEORGE: What is a Notary. I don’t think I’ve ever met one.

JERRY: Oh you’ve met one.. more than one. Elaine used to be a Notary. She never talked about it much.

GEORGE: GET OUT!!! (pushes Jerry) You know, let me get a sense of how this notary thing works. I’m going to look it up on my iPhone… huh… ohhh…. Online Notary and more… This is going to be good. I’ll call them right now.

SALLY: Online Notary and more, this is Sally. What are you wearing?

GEORGE: What do you mean what am I wearing. This is an online Notary service, right?

SALLY: I’m wearing something really short with black nylons. I’m sliding my online seal slowly up my leg.

GEORGE: Just out of curiosity is that a physical leg or a virtual leg?

SALLY: Oh, it’s real baby. Now, I’m slowly sliding off my left nylon.

GEORGE: Your left or my right.

SALLY: It’s mine, not yours. Okay, let’s get to business. How do you want it?

GEORGE: I want an online notarization.

SALLY: You will need an online ID and an online document. Do you have both of these?

GEORGE: Umm. (pause) No.

SALLY: You’ll need online payment too.

JERRY: I think you’re unprepared. Better see what is going on by visiting one of those online Notary portals. Maybe they will explain the process. Let me have the phone. Sally, it was nice. George isn’t ready for this yet.

SALLY: Maybe when he’s a little older, at least in cyber maturity.

GEORGE: Once again, thanks for the vote of confidence. But, I learned something today. I am an in person type of guy. Yup. That’s what I am . I know what I am and I’m proud of it!


June 14, 2021

If you get spam calls from 123notary, why bother me with that?

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Many people think that if they report spam calls that found them on 123notary, that I have a magic button to stop this behavior. There are scam calls too and many people get them. I don’t know who the bad guys are any more than you do. The fact they found you on my directory doesn’t make me any more guilty than you or some random stranger on the street.

I can’t do anything about this. Here is what you can do.

1. Block anyone who is a spammer or scammer calling you for any reason from any source of information.

2. Unlist yourself from public directories in general. It might be hard to get business that way, but it is at least an option.

3. Report the spammers to the FBI. But, don’t report us as guilty because we have no connection to these maniacs. Most of them are not even on American soil.

In short, there is nothing you can do that will lead to any positive conclusion with spammers other than to block them and avoid talking to them. If you reward them by talking to them they will just bother more people. If you reject them right off the bat and don’t give them a chance, then they will stop bothering others.

Some people get bothered by one or two spammers, and then get a legitimate call from me or a client — and they treat me like a spammer just because the last call was a spammer. You need to distinguish what is the difference between a regular call and a spam call.

1. A regular call will call for a purpose, speak grammatical English, not be agitated, or muffled in their tone.

2. A regular call will have administrative access to your account either directly, or will be able to get to me for access to passwords. A spam call will not have that access.

3. A regular call will not ask for money from a complete stranger unless we never talked before when your renewal is due. But, I normally send renewal emails a month or two before calling to make it easier.

If you are rude to me when I call, you will get written up. So, don’t assume someone is a spammer just because the last one was. This problem happens to me once a month and I don’t like false accusations, and I write people up. The reason I write people up for this is because if you treat me poorly, you will treat legitimate clients poorly who call from our directory and that is bad for the overall reputation of my directory with end users.


June 12, 2021

Notarizing Paul Revere

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A Notary was bored, and invested in a time machine. He wanted to see how people lived in different times and places. So, he set the machine to send him to ancient Egypt to see the pyramids in Giza. But, the machine malfunctioned and he ended up in the Boston area in 1775.

The Notary got out of his British looking phone booth, and walked around on a dirt road bewildered thinking, “Where am I? This doesn’t look like Egypt. I want some felafel.”

A crazy guy on a horse almost ran him over screaming, “The redcoats are coming — The British are coming.” The British were leaving Boston to march to Concord to confiscate some ammunition, weapons, gunpowder, etc., from the colonials.

NOTARY: Hey watch where you’re going.

PAUL REVERE: You shouldn’t walk in the middle of the road lad, it’s dangerous.

NOTARY: And learn to signal your turns. It’s common courtesy.

PAUL REVERE: I’ll work on it. Wait a second, what century are you from. Those are very odd clothes.

NOTARY: Ay lad… now I’m talking like you guys. I’m from the future and my time machine broke.

PAUL REVERE: We can’t even get gun powder easily here in the middle of a revolution, so I don’t think I can help you. But, do you know where I can get a good Notary Public?

NOTARY: Ay laddie, I’m a notary, and I brought my stamp. It doesn’t expire for a while, but I’m commissioned in Massachusetts

PAUL REVERE: Massachusetts colony?

NOTARY: It becomes a state. There are 50 states in my time.

PAUL REVERE: 50 lad? My head is spinning. Next thing you tell me is that we become the most powerful country in the world, and they give partial credit to me just for riding Barnie around screaming the news.

NOTARY: Actually, you become a well loved historical figure. Here, can you sign your John Hancock here?

PAUL REVERE: I know John. He’s an acquaintance of mine. He lives in Massachusetts you know. Born here and will probably die here.

NOTARY: His signature will become famous. He will sign the Declaration of Independence in another year or so.

PAUL REVERE: Wow, so I’m going to be famous and he is too. I’ll drink to that. Jump on back, I’m going to Monroe Tavern in Lexington to warn the locals, and then on to Concord. Just let me sign your log book, I hope this is not considered backdating by about 240 years, but… as they say in the valley — what… ever… Please stamp my document. Do you need wax for that?

NOTARY: We don’t use wax in my time.

PAUL REVERE: Okay, we’ll have a pint in Lexington, and then on to Concord. Then we can try to see what we can do about time machines. Hey, I have a friend in Phili who loves gadgets and futuristic inventions. His name is Ben Franklin — great with the ladies. We can ask him to ride up. It’s only a few days Southwest of here.

NOTARY: I guess I’m stuck here, so we’ll have hasty pudding, drinks and do some sniper attacks on the red coats in the mean time.

PAUL REVERE: Good. Are you good with a musket?

NOTARY: Gee, we’re a little close on this horse. So much for social distancing.

PAUL REVERE: Don’t worry, I don’t have smallpox. Onward ho…. Yee Haw!!!


June 10, 2021

Comments on good journal entry procedure

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I have written thorough information on journal keeping in other articles. But, here is a summary of some of the more critical points.

1. KEEP A JOURNAL – or else. Even if your state does not require you to keep a journal, it is your only evidence if investigated by the FBI or if summoned to appear before a Judge. This happens more than you think to Notaries so be prepared and keep records in a journal.

2. Don’t forget to enter the type of NOTARY ACT that you are performing in the journal. This is generally a Jurat, Acknowledgment, Oath or Affirmation. Copy Certification might be considered a Jurat in some states, but you could put both names to be thorough.

3. Obviously enter the ID INFORMATION in your journal unless you live in a state that forbids that. Otherwise you have no evidence that you looked at their ID. Make sure the photo looks like them and that the signature on the ID matches the one in the journal and the document. If you want to get cute, ask them their sign and see if it matches their birthday.

4. THUMBPRINTS are almost foolproof. ID’s can be faked, but all thumbprints in the planet are unique to a particular individual. To deter fraud and help the FBI catch very very bad people (and yes we have stories from 123notary members about exactly this.) then keep a thumbprint for all notarized documents in your journal. NNA sells a nice journal with room for thumbprints and you need an inkless thumbprint pad too which is not expensive.

Most people don’t know what a document date is or what it means. It is an arbitrary date inscribed within the document which normally corresponds to the date the document was drafted or signed. It is yet another indication of which document you are dealing with, just in case you notarize two documents from the same signer with the same document name.

Signers must sign all journal entries that pertain to documents that they are being notarized on.

7. PRICES. The price you are charging the signers should be indicated in the journal. If you are charging a travel fee, or a flat fee for a mobile signing, indicate this somehow in your records, perhaps on the top entry of a particular signing.

8. ADDITIONAL NOTES? The NNA journal has a section for additional notes. If you have credible witnesses, they sign there. If you notice anything unusual about the signing, write it down as that could jog your memory when you are in court several years after the fact. It is hard to remember all of your signings and roughly 15% of our full-time Notaries who have been around for several years have been to court due to Notary related reasons.

9. STORAGE. Keep your used journals in a safe and dry place. You might get a query for an old journal entry and you need to be able to find them. Your Notary division might want your journals if you quit your commission or you expire, so keep them where you can find them where nobody will steal them.

That’s all for today!

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