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February 4, 2017

Early 2017 Best signing company gossip

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Here is some of the best signing company gossip from the last half year. Click on the links to read the entire drama.

Local Notary Network
A Notary pays $24.50, gets no jobs, and then wants his money back!

The Notary Spot
A whole bunch of Notaries are owed money by these guys

A Notary gets constructive feedback from DMI and detailed instructions.

American Signing Connection
A Notary is owed $590 and gets no response to emails, etc.

Easy breezy with early docs, good pay, and no waiting around for payment either.

Vantage Point
A huge drama about a no signature page involving the big boss.

Bay Area Signings
Great Notary Support, but mediocre pay.

We Go Look
Inspections used to pay well, but fees suddenly dropped. They’ve gone low-ball just like everyone else.

National Loan Closings – IA
Doesn’t disclose if there are fax backs. One notary was told to find another job!

White glove lists and robotic speeches about the documents. Read the details

The deluxe email check system has some issues.

National Loan closers
The company was condescending when they made a mistake not the notary!
A seasoned businessman notary demands respect!

Express Notary Services, Inc.
A Notary on vacation is ordered to go back to a signing to fix a small mistake!



May 28, 2016

May Best Signing Company Gossip

Here is some of the best gossip that we’ve had in the forum in a while!


Signing Wiz, LLC
“The communication is great, the docs are on time, the instructions are clear.”

“Amerisign in Murrieta, CA paid me in 14 days. Met my fee $xxx,
no hand holding. Seems to have resolved payment issues.”

The Accurate Group
“I have worked with Autumn and find her very professional and no hand holding (seasoned agents hate that). Docs always on time as well as payments. Only require a call after closing to confirm completion.”


Signing Stream
“I was at these people’s home for 3 hours. When I got in my car, I called them and said I just got done. I said there was no way I could call you after an hour’s time. There is nothing in this Paper work that was right. The Borrowers have spent well over an hour and a half on the phone with their Loan officer. I said the Name was misspelled and that all had to be corrected.”

“I was paid within 4 hours of completing the signing.”
Doc Signers, Inc.

$30 for 2 sets of doc?
$30 for 2 sets of documents, 150 pages each, 50 miles round trip. Worth it or not?
Global Notary

Syntax errors on a signing company website?
Incorrect verb tenses? Did they outsource their web development to India and not check their work?

Mortgage Connect
“The 25 question test they put together is basic but flawed in many ways. The test maker seems not to have researched the answers to questions asked and wreaks of errors.”


Deducting $5 from my fee?
See post from 11-09-2015 by TinaMarie…
TinaMarie says she will not take assignments from this company because they are always deducting $5 from her fee for one thing or another not to mention having to wait 60 days for payment.

“And you were paid Paypal because they couldn’t find anyone else to bite.”

You will be sued for slander if you report this incident?

“People in the Wild West had faster delivery by stagecoach.”
Why does it take 10 days to get a check by USPS?

“I have found that any company that uses Snapdocs has lowered their fees by at least $10.00, if not more.”

“They only pay $40 for loan mods.”
Signing Trac

“This might be a good time to learn how to use the email filter in your email program.”
Does USA Signing Agent.com deliver, or do they just blast you with emails?


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December 26, 2015

December Best Signing Company Gossip

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Here is some of our recent best signing company gossip.

Great Lakes Settlement
One Notary claims they waited until November for a September signing. But, the check did not go through because the account was closed.

$90 for 125 pages instead of $125 for 90 pages.
This signing company just doesn’t pay the same anymore

Notary on the Run
The bookkeeper only comes twice per month. See how trying to get paid works with this accounting set up. Maybe it should be called Accountant on the Run.

Timios Title
See how this Notary has made a career of negotiating fees with them on packages that keep getting larger — up to 225 pages.

Signing Trac
The fee is only $50, but the signings are within 10 miles… Worth it?

Signing Stream
A $5 deduction from the Notary’s fee? There is a different excuse every time according to one Notary.

TL Signing Service
Four months and finally paid…


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November 19, 2015

LSI bought by ServiceLink?

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Notaries have been commenting that LSI and ServiceLink have merged. Personally, I am not sure if it is a good idea to do anything that would alter a brand identity. Notaries were complaining about not getting paid and being low-balled by these companies. But, here are my facts.

LSI had a stellar reputation. They had 18 positive reviews in my system with only one serious complaint.
Service Link on the other hand had 11 positive reviews and 11 negative reviews which is under average and a company I might put on my watch list.

Personally, I am a bit upset. Good loan signing companies are hard to come by. Every year or two we publish a list of them and notaries are relieved that there still are some good companies out there. LSI used to be a favorite company for several notaries who I personally know. I am saddened by this merger or buy-out. But, what can I do.

Anyway, if you have any comments, feel free to add them to this short and bitter blog entry!

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October 3, 2015

Oct Best Signing Company Gossip

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Here is some of the best signing company gossip that we’ve had for the last half year.

Locate Notary
A Notary registered with Locate Notary. She had responded to an email from them about a Notary assignment. The company sent an email promising to send them the necessary information within an hour. However, the information never came. Then the Notary asked to be removed from their list. Nothing happened. The fee was $150, so she didn’t want to give up the assignment…

Sunshine Connection
The notary claimed this company had a “new” method of payment. But, there were four jobs that were not paid for. The checks had allegedly been sent. However, the checks were in the email attachment which the Notary never checked as he was checking snail mail. Bizarre!

US Notary Service
One notary claims they have many stories for non-payment.
#1 Wrong paypal address
#2 They had an alleged paypal receipt
#3 Claims they mailed the check. Notary called back in a week. They claim they are sending it.

You can’t download the documents unless you agree to the terms of the particular signing service. But, what if you don’t agree with the terms?

A Notary was accused of using the wrong documents at the signing. But, the Notary did not send themselves the documents. The documents were sent to them. Unless there were two versions of the same documents. Hmmm.

Premiere Notary Service
Scroll down to April 11th. This company offered a Notary additional work when an outstanding invoice that was 60 days late had still not been paid! Amazing!

Timios Title
Timios is one of the all-time favorite Title Companies out there. But, a few Notaries claim that they used to love Timios more before the mass emailing system and the lower price jobs started happening!

Signature Closers – OH
Payment is always direct deposited on the 5th, even if the job done was the last day of the previous month!

Meymax Title
The loan officer upset the borrowers and the Notary was blamed! The borrowers were angry that the LO didn’t give them all of the pertinent information. Additionally, there was a written agreement for a $50 cancellation fee.

Title Source
One Notary loves the weekly deposit system Title Source is using. It is just like a pay check just as long as you don’t make mistakes. This Notary claims Title Source is their bread and butter.

Find out how a job involving 275 pages. The notary accepted, then declined the job. Then a happy salesman called the Notary and tried to sweet talk him. Did the notary mistake them for another company?

Premier Notary Service
One Notary says this company resolves issues fast. Jeremy was polite and conscientious and took care of everything. Not the same Jeremy as me though. I take at least 48 hours to resolve anything!

Mortgage Connect LP
One Notary want to blackball this company and get them shut down. This Notary wants to network with other Notaries at the annual conference to find a way to force Title companies to pay up. Do you think he/she will succeed?

One notary is upset that this company calls in orders that are too far away. Then, the Notary claims that docs are always late and that $75 is not enough. Boy oh boy!

Notary on the Run
The accountant is only there twice a month, but the invoice was 90 days old.

Speedy Closings
The Notary was to get $40 for printing and travel. Now, the Notary wants to go to small claims court to collect.

Skysail Group
Their website keeps track of all your signings online and you can access it by mobile phone!

Nations Direct
The check was sent to AR, not AZ. This Notary used to like Nations Direct, but they started paying her more — and that’s when the punctuality of the payments became an issue.


August 22, 2015

Late August: Signing Company Gossip

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Here is some more signing company gossip!

Great Lakes Settlement
One Notary claims it took six months to get paid..

Premiere Notary Service
At the 60 day mark, they called me for yet another signing.

#1 Notary Signing Services
“I love these guys”

Timios Title
“I love Timios… I don’t like the new mass emailing system they have…”

Notary Direct
“I don’t mind working with them….” says one notary who likes the company but doesn’t like one of their agents!

Signature Closers OH
Payment comes the 5th of the next month, even if the job is done the 30th of the last month…



March 7, 2015

March Signing Co. Gossip: Cattle Calls, Dropping fees, more!

Here is some more gossip about signing companies.


A long discussion about fee reductions that have been going on for years.

Timios Title
Fees have dropped like a rock


The Closing Group
One notary marked inquiries as spam because they were for jobs too far away.


Prestige Signing Group Services
$39 per month, this veteran Notary with 16 years experience has a legal service called Legal Shield make sure they get paid!

Performance Title
The signing agent contract states that they should have the right to audit the notary at her own expense? Seriously?

Pacific Document Signing
This notary was owed for six signings. Four were last minute cancellations. Two had the borrower’s address on the wrong form. The notary was asked to correct the mistakes, and then the borrowers didn’t want any part of that botched paperwork.

Midwest Mortgage
Only one signer listed on the documents. It was a spousal document issue



March 3, 2015

Best Signing Co. Gossip!

(1) There were six signers!
One Notary claimed: This Avenue 365 signing was supposed to be a standard refinance. But, the signing had six signers while the confirmation only mentioned two signers. “When I asked them to adjust my fee due to the fact there were six signers (which meant more work) the answer was a resounding no! Then, I went to another signing with them and there was an error on the documents. I called to ask for the documents to be redrawn and resent the next day. When the next day arrived and when I called them, I was told that the file had not been assigned to me and the person on the other line said,” “Why are you calling?”

(2) $20 loan signings. Maybe it’s time to raise your minimum?
One Notary claims: “Some of the N3 Notary jobs were so close, that I did them for $20. But then, after there were so many cancellations, I raised my minimum to $50.”

(3) Sorry, we can’t pay you due to errors
One Notary claims Signing Stream will agree to your fee, and then doc your pay and claim that some type of errors were made.

(4) 200 page packages
One Notary claims: Pacific Document Signings tried to claim that the package was 175 pages, when they are usually close to 200 pages in the Notary’s experience. And they want to pay $70 for eDocuments? Another Notary wants to know what “local” means. $85 for local? How close are we talking about?

(5) Paid on time for 3 signings, but what about the other 6?
One Notary claims to have been paid on time for the first 3 signings by Paramount Signature Services, but the next six never got paid for!

(6) $45 Debt Settlements & $15 print fees?
One Notary was offered $45 for a Debt Settlement from Professional Settlements Services. Another was offered $15 print fee if the borrower backs out. How generous! Can I work for them too?

(7) A closeline of signings where the Notary was left out to hang!
One Notary claims that Write n Roll promised a “clothesline” of closings from a particular vendor. But, since the Notary refused to drive a 120 radius for $100, they were left “hanging” (no pun intended.) Did this Notary get taken to the cleaners?

(8) A sadistic way of collecting what’s due!
Notaries were complaining about not getting paid on time by American Signing Connection, LLC. Then, Ken recommended a very devious way to collect from companies that don’t pay on time. Locate the number that they talk to their clients (not the one they use to talk to the Notary.) Fax your invoice multiple times to that number which will tie up the line and get their attention. Another Notary claimed that she was deceived about the package size and that at the signing, many documents were missing that she was asked to back at a later date to sign for free.

(9) 25 pages to fill out + fax backs? No thanks!
One notary was told by Mortgage Connect LP there would be no fax backs. The package had 25 pages to be filled out in addition to fax backs. The Notary declined the job and informed their Attorney associated with the assignment.

10) 1 hour to find the lost docs & 2 more to finish the signing that never gets paid!
During a signing from American Freedom Assurance, Inc., the Notary waited around for over an hour while the customer located the documents and another two hours to complete the signing. He was promised payment within three weeks. The person who made that promise was reported to be, “No longer at that company.” Payment had to be “approved.” 70 days later the Notary demanded payment plus a late fee. Do you think they will get it? Nobody responded to the email.

(11) 4 last minute cancellations + errors on the signing & the redraw!
The Notary claimed there were four last minute cancellations from Pac Doc Sign. Then, there were errors on the documents. The notary corrected the errors per the request of the signing company. When the borrowers saw the botched paperwork, they refused to sign. Then, new documents were prepared and after the Notary made a 70 mile round trip to the signer a second time – The numbers were found to be all wrong. Good grief!

(12) I quoted him $160, but they said I had already agreed to $115?
Nation’s Direct certainly has developed a new way of negotiating since I worked for them! Maybe agreements should be in writing to avoid all of this he said she said nonsense.

(13) They want you to pay an $18 application fee after you hit submit?
Firma Signing Solutions paid one Notary quickly, but others are wondering about low offers and application fees.


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February 7, 2015

Feb: Signing Company Gossip

Here is more signing company gossip for your reading pleasure!

Premiere Notary Service
45 days to payment – but, they were friendly!

Don’t accept work unless you are prepared to wait 60 days says one notary! But, are their numbers disconnected?

Notary ASAP
One notary said that their justification was: You should really try to just be happy in life and stop having so many restrictions on yourself. You would be surprises how much happier you would be..

Service Link
Service Link lowering fees to $45? base fee? Ken asked for $150 paypal-ed in advance. The result was a dial tone!

Title Source
I put a “-” instead of a “n/a” and had to go back to correct this huge mistake!

Firma Signing Solutions
They want you to pay a $18 application fee to be on their network after you hit submit for approval?



August 31, 2014

Aug: Signing Companies w/Gossip

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Two notaries get the boot from FASS and are heartbroken. Dropped from the list. That’s what can happen when you hang with a “fass” moving crowd! But, honestly, if they pay well, they can afford to pick and choose!

Land & Law Group
One notary had to wait four months to get paid and thanked me personally for our letter from hell (demand letter) which apparently worked. BTW, our demand letter is accessible if you visit our resources page and then click on the how to make sure you get paid page!

Notary Network Solutions
One notary is at the 59 day mark and didn’t get paid and is tired of excuses! Another notary complains of the same thing!

Notary Pro
Nine months and no pay in sight? Another notary had trouble getting paid, but is giving them another choice since they were trying to get everyone paid.

Safe Signings
A notary raves about this company and how professional, fair and fast paying they are!

Select Signings
One notary worked for them for 12 years! She said they were generally good, but once the Title company was late sending docs. Don’t blame the signing company for the failing of the title company!

The Closing Group
This company sent out cattle calls for notaries who were 100 miles away from the signing. Seriously!