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January 31, 2020

Oaths need to be signed?

Filed under: California_Notary — admin @ 11:39 am

I have heard from my sources that Oaths, Affirmations and Depositions all need to be signed by the Notary in California. This is on page 28 in the 2019 handbook near the top of the page.

But, how do you sign an Oath? An Oath is given in thin air? Unless you have a certificate stating that you gave an Oath. Or if the Oath is part of a document that is signed by all parties. Hmm. This is very odd. I wonder if any of our members have ever signed an Oath. Most of our Notaries don’t even know how to give Oaths correctly. Please let me know.

BTW, there is suggested verbiage for Jurat Oaths in the 2019 handbook on page 12. You can improvise upon it as there is no official verbiage.


January 30, 2020

Do you hire notaries? What do you ask them?

Filed under: Best Practices — admin @ 11:36 am

Are you a title company, mortgage broker, loan officer, escrow officer, Attorney or other entity that hires notaries? You can’t just hire any old Notary. You need to ask them questions. But, what would you ask them?

Should you ask questions about how they would handle particular situations? Or should you ask more cut and dry technical questions about notary procedure? How about asking them to describe certain documents?

Many title companies I talk to judge a notary based on the first twenty seconds of interaction. They can tell right away by a person’s tone, demeanor, and style of communication how the discussion is going to go and how the work is going to go.

For me, I prefer to judge people based on multiple layers. Interaction, competency, motivation in maintaining their profile, etc. Only looking at their initial phone demeanor says a lot, but that is not enough to size someone up in my opinion.

If you are hiring Notaries, think carefully about what is important to ask them. What you ask a Notary reveals a lot about what the notary knows, how they think and how cooperative they are about answering questions.


January 29, 2020

Do everything yet have nothing to talk about?

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 11:31 am

I have notice two definitive types of people.

1. Those who do everything yet have nothing to talk about.
2. Those who do nothing yet have everything to talk about.

Some people who rarely leave the house and never leave town have
endless interesting conversation to make. While others who have been
to many different countries and have done many interesting activities,
tried hundreds of foods – cannot describe their activities and don’t
even tried.

I am baffled and flabbergasted that people can be so different. And
then there are people like Anthony Bourdain who went everywhere, did
everything and could describe it all artistically with poetic nuances.
Why did he have to commit suicide — he was my favorite guy!

Unfortunately for me, I want our notaries to tell me fun stories that
I can publish to make the blog more interesting. Many of you have done
thousands of signings, but do you have hundreds of stories? If you
have juicy ones, tell us!


January 28, 2020

Facebook’s karma – freedom of speech violations

Filed under: Social Media — admin @ 11:20 am

Facebook was a popular way for 123notary get reach in our marketing and come into contact with a lot more people. But, in the last few years, Facebook got more and more restrictive in what you could post, especially on promoted posts. If anyone complained about a title being even slightly controversial or a photo used then I would get in trouble.

Facebook is a utility of sorts. In the USA, we have freedom of speech and press, and what we say on the phone or other communication utilities is our right. How I interact with my users on Facebook should be up to me. But, Facebook has intervened and told me that my image of a tarot card cannot be used because there is a figure of a naked person. It is so small I didn’t notice and it is a dummy person with no genitals, yet someone still complained.

It is a bit like living in a communist country where people are in a huge hurry to report you to the authorities for doing any tiny thing wrong. Why are Americans in such a hurry to limit another person’s freedom of expression? It baffles me. But, the current consciousness of Americans loves repression of freedom of speech, loves lynchings of people who have been accused of being racist or sexist whether the accusation is true or not, and even approves of torture of alleged terrorists. What is the world coming to? This is not the America I grew up in. It is getting very Marxist.

At any rate. a few years after Facebook became overly constrictive, I noticed that Facebook became a lot less popular in general, especially for 123notary. It is getting to the point where we might lower our involvement with Facebook or stop altogether. I feel that they developed bad karma from being too restrictive and that they lost a huge chunk of their business as a result.

I wonder if they will have a come back or whether they are just a has been who might be popular with an aging population but will never be popular with the millennials who run the country now. Hmmm.


January 27, 2020

Are you a phone person or an in person person

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 11:10 am

Boy this is confusing. You could be a people person, a numbers person, or even a cat person. But, what if you are a cat who likes people, then what would you be — a people cat? If a car is bad it is a lemon; But, what is a lemon if it is bad? Would it be a car, or a really really bad car?

Some people interact really well over the phone, but are terrible in person. Or perhaps they just don’t like seeing people in person. Some people just like interacting through texting or Facebook. I have a word for those people – millennials.

As a Notary, you need to be good by phone and in person. But, can you handle both? The skills are a little different. Over the phone, you need to make sure you answer nicely, have good reception, don’t have background noise, answer questions the way they were asked, etc. If you answer at a signing, don’t answer only to tell them you can’t talk — that is rude and defeats the point of answering in the first place. But, if you are in person, posture, eye contact and gestures really matter. Yes, it is a different art altogether. So, once again, another thing to ponder about. Food for thought!


January 26, 2020

Tired of being the bigger man?

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This sounds like a Seinfeld topic. Are you tired of always being the bigger man and giving into others. Apologizing when you did nothing wrong. Being flexible when others are jerking you around? When do you draw the line and stop being the bigger man? Or do you just go on a diet so you will no longer be bigger?

Why do I always have to be the bigger man? Why can’t someone else for a change? Why do I have to call someone back when it is convenient for them? What about what is convenient for me? I’m tired of being the bigger man. From now on, it’s all about me.

But, as a Notary, you have to accommodate difficult clients. Unless you have so many clients you can pick and choose, you have to be the bigger man. Once you have more people who want you than there is hours free in your schedule, then they have to be the bigger man or get cut. I guess in the notary business it is just a question of supply and demand.


January 25, 2020

Are you a go-getter or a stop-giver?

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 10:56 am

Are you a go-getter, a stop-giver, or a stop-loser non-getter?

Go-getters go and get. Stop givers stop but, don’t give to others. I’m not sure what a stop-loser is but I think they stop and lose things. You have to give to get, so a go-getter is also a go-giver. Boy, this is confusing and also deeply karmic. I’ll have to call my broker about karmic debt refinancing and get a HELOC.

To merit good pay as a signing agent, focus on giving the best and smoothest most knowledgeable service. Claiming to be knowledgeable and being able to pass complicated tests and explain difficult concepts are different things so be the real thing and then you can be a go-getter-taker-giver.


January 24, 2020

What hobbies could a mobile notary have?

Filed under: Humorous Posts — admin @ 10:52 am

Most Notaries work a lot, or complain that they don’t get enough work.
But, if they had time for hobbies, what would they do?

1. Finding new mechanics
Being a mobile notary puts a lot of wear and tear on your car. Trying out new mechanics for fun seems like a great past time for Notaries.

2. Eating on the road.
If you like to try out new restaurants and cafes, being a mobile notary puts you in lots of different neighborhoods. Starbucks has some new sandwiches that I just tried with arugula which were not bad.

3. Reading blogs
If you want to be a better notary, read blogs, take notary courses, and know your stuff. You can join forums too and chat not to mention Facebook groups.

4. Editing your profile on 123notary
Sounds like a lot of fun, but your # of loans signed goes up daily, but do you edit it daily? Change it from 87 to 89 please — let’s stay current.

5. Reading articles on your iPhone
Between signings you have free time. Check out your stock values on your iPhone and read a few articles too. See what Xi Jin-Ping and Kim Jong-Un are up to. Maybe they will invite Trump for some kimchee or kung pao – you never know!

6. Notary Monopoly
Notary monopoly is a little different. Instead of buying properties, you buy relationships with signing companies. Some are high paying and others require fax backs and take three months to pay. If you backdate, you might get the “go to jail” card. Lots of fun for mobile notaries.

7. Cooking dishes that can be interrupted.
There is a special cook book filled with dishes that you can abandon in the middle of cooking them when you get that call for a last minute signing. This is the only way to go because you never know when you will get that call.

8. Having a “stamp” collection
But, what type of stamps are we talking about? Can you buy them on eBay?


January 23, 2020

She was my student, but now she is hustling and succeeding

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 10:40 am

It is always nice to hear stories like this from your former students. As you may or may not know, the mobile notary business is filled with women. Notaries in general are disproportionately women (roughly 84%) and mobile notaries are more like 60% women. I recently had a conversation with a lady who studied from my materials, mastered them scored well on my quiz, and is getting tons of work. For a beginner, she is really hustling and getting a lot more work than other beginners normally work.

But, this woman has a personality that lends itself (sorry for the mortgage related pun) to success in the mobile notary business. She reads and reads and reads. She wants to know what is going on, what the rules are, what proper techniques are, etc. She wants to do everything correctly. Not everything she does is right, so I have to correct her every once in a while. There is a lot to know as a mobile notary, so it is good to correspond regularly with those who know the business.

Carmen also started out as my student back in 2003. She always had questions. I remember the first time I met her. I was handing over a book to her in person near the guard shack in my complex. Carmen had a thirst for knowledge. Now, Carmen is someone I refer to as the queen of the industry because nobody can answer questions better than she does. I guess there is now more realism to the saying, “Grasshopper, you were once the student, but now you are the master. Can catch fly with chopsticks, can do anything.” I guess when you hear that quote, the image comes to mind of Carmen quietly meditating while facing a statue of the Buddha with a samurai sword laid out in front of her wearing either a kimono or a ninja outfit. I have been urging Carmen to meditate for years to deal with the stress of constant whining on the part of Notaries. Maybe this mental image will prove to be useful.

There are other examples of people I have instructed who became wildly successful. It is fun to think about them when people call me whining about some petty concern. It is nice to know your work paid off in a meaningful way to someone.


January 22, 2020

The Notary with Cleavage

Filed under: Drama & Tragedy — admin @ 10:39 am

Yes, this is a true story. I did not meet the notary myself. But, someone on my directory did. The person on my directory needed to be notarized. And as you know, a notary cannot notarize themselves even if they have dual personality disorder, or rather, especially if they have a multiple personality disorder (they should put that one in the handbook — I’ll write to the Sec of State.)

There is a Notary who is very busy who goes to appointments showing lots of cleavage. She hands out a black and pink business card at the end of appointments. I wonder if she bends over in front of the client while affixing her stamp.

I’m not sure if this is a good business strategy or not. I think if you have mortgage company clients, they might complain if you are too sexy. We had a complaint about one of our clients up North who wore her disco outfit to a signing. But, for what Carmen and I call, “General notary work” where you just notarize a document or two for an individual, this dress code might be okay, especially if you have male clients.

I remember fifteen years ago we had a sixty year old client who promoted herself by saying, “Call me if you want a beautiful blond to notarize you.” I guess at sixty, some ladies still got it.

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