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January 18, 2020

Jeremy’s tips helped a Notary with title

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I just talked to a Notary in San Diego about an upgrade. She was the
star of the show and I gave her a huge discount as a result. She said
that she used to think I am mean, but now realizes that all of the
tips I gave her personally and gave via my courses really helped her
with title companies and helped her to be a better Notary (and a
better person.)

1. Using clean acknowledgements instead of doing cross-outs helped her
be a lot more popular with her title clients. Not all companies
appreciate clean work, but her clients did. Cross-outs are messy and
can lead to complications when financial companies sell loans, and can
also cause confusion if a loan ever goes to court which is rare, but

2. I reminded her many times to get reviews, and she followed that
piece of advice and all of my other advice and has the highest points
in my points algorithm of almost any notary on the site. The reviews
got her a lot of business and she keeps getting new ones too which is

3. My tips in general made her a better Notary because she is never
sloppy about anything, understands the intricacies of all Notary and
signing procedures, and always asks for clarification when necessary.
Being meticulous as a result of her education with me made her more
popular with her title clients.

So, if you are in doubt about what to do with your Notary situations,
listen to what Jeremy and Carmen say as a general rule because we are
experienced and know how to handle most situations cleanly and


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