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March 2, 2021

Jeremy’s July 2020 trip to New Mexico

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The stress of Covid-19 being in the environment, my site crashing for a week in July of 2020, and life in general necessitated going on a vacation. It was not possible to go earlier, so I waited until I erroneously thought it would be safe to travel. I wanted to be gone on July 4th, 2020, but had some things to finish up and wasn’t feeling well. I thought it would be WW3 here on the 4th due to all the recent riots in Los Angeles, but it was quiet. I guess the Antifa people had been subdued by the police fairly well in our area.

Joshua Tree
The plan was to have a long and relaxing drive, be with the shaman healing spirits of New Mexico, and do some hiking. I started the trip in Joshua Tree. I took some of my old favorite hikes and a few new ones. Joshua Tree is one of the best places to meditate because the vibration is very pure and spiritual. I started to feel lightheaded, and had to turn around a little prematurely on the boy scout trail on day one. But, on day two I had more water and aspirin and was able to hike five miles. On day three I went to Barker Dam where there were a lot more people. For my safety I like to hike near people just in case I get dehydrated or dizzy. So far I have never had a serious issue hiking, but sometimes I feel weird due to my circulation and liver issues.

Benson, AZ
Then I went to Benson, AZ. I like to meditate there in the hotel and there is good hiking ten minutes from there near Kartchner Caverns. I hiked in 100 degree heat, and it was a little too much for me since I was going up hill. But, I said a prayer that I would be alright in my hike. Within minutes a miracle happened. There was one small cloud in the sky, and that cloud moved exactly between me and the sun for forty minutes, which lowered the temperature and intensity making my hike a lot more tolerable. The next day I drove half an hour to Tombstone to see gunfighters, saloons, and get a buffalo burger. I saw an antiquated hotel and a tour of its ghosts. It was mildly interesting. Meeting the other tourists from the East Coast and hearing their stories was interesting too. They had to deal with being quarantined against their will by Cuomo once they returned.

Socorro, NM
From there I took a twisty route up the Eastern mountains of Arizona to Eagar and then East to Socorro. My psychic contacted the angels to ask where the best place for healing would be, and they said Socorro. I was able to get multiple shaman spirits to do healing work on me while on the road to and from Socorro in all directions from that destination. So, I feel Socorro, NM is the ideal place for healing work. From there I took a day trip the following day through remote areas. I went through Magdalena, then saw the very large array of huge radio dishes, and then went to a gas station with a restaurant which was closed on Sundays. So, I went to Pie Town, NM. There were lots of guys with guns in holsters. I remarked that it is refreshing to see socially responsible people having guns — because in my area it is that gangsters who have the guns and the responsible people who stand for nothing. I had a burger and blackberry pie and then drove to El Mapais National Park for some walking and scenery. From there I went to Albuquerque for more hiking but it was 96 degrees there and I was completely alone on the trail which is normally populated with mountain bikes.

I started seeing signs that all visitors were to be quarantined for 14 days. They sprung this rule on me after I had driven 800 miles. Gee, thanks for letting me know ahead of time — not!!! But, I was not there to do anything, only meditate, hike and get healing work, which I succeeded in doing. So, I got upset, and then kept seeing quarantine announcements on the freeway. The next day I drove into the middle of nowhere, meditated at a rest stop, and then went down to a town with the cheapest resorts in the country. I got a hot bath in mineral water for $8 — towel included with free drinking water. What a deal! After this, all restaurants in NM were closed for eating in, so I had to eat in the hotel. I had blueberry pie from the supermarket which was made by Jessie’s pie company who makes the best pies of all description and they are a nationwide chain. I had granola, fruit, dinner rolls and pie for dinner. Simple but yummy.

After three nights in Socorro I drove through Las Cruces and hiked at dripping springs. I got a lamb kabob plate from my favorite restaurant and had to eat it on the trunk of my car. Then I went to Deming, NM to rest on my way back to Benson. The angels had requested that I go back to Benson to do some spiritual work to protect the locals from evil spirits, and I did. The next day I went to Tucson, and then the next day I did a long trip up to Flagstaff and the Navajo Nation.

Navajo Nation & Flagstaff
Most of Tuba City in the Navajo Nation was closed down. There was a beautiful new hotel run by Hopis. They closed it down. The only things open were a testing site for Covid and two Chinese restaurants. So, I enjoyed some fried rice — you guessed it, on the trunk of my car in the searing heat. I spent the night in Flagstaff and my legs felt weird walking. I think I was having altitude sickness. So, I talked to an interesting old lady at a bar — yes, the bar at outback was open in Arizona. Then I went to the hotel, had trouble falling asleep because the vibe there was heavy. The next day I drove all the way to Yuma, did a food tour of Mexican and Asian cuisine. The food there is excellent. Marinated grilled spicy meat is used in their tacos and burritos with cabbage. This is not generally the way Mexican food is made in California. I would say that my best experience with Mexican food is usually in the tiny city of Yuma, AZ. I walked along the Colorado or Yuma river — whichever it is, had tacos, and then drove back home.

So, that was my trip. I felt better for 12 days after coming back. But, then I got depressed again. I think I want to go back to New Mexico for more healing work. My body seems to need more and more and health is one of my main priorities.


March 1, 2021

The devil caused the shutdowns, but it makes no sense what he did

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I am a firm believer that the angelic forces are cleaning up the evil in this world. To do so, they had to let the evil come to the surface, or elected to do that. In any case, since about Oct 2019 until now, and according to angelic sources until early April 2021, a lot of evil forces are lingering around causing a lot of trouble.

What they do:
1. Influence politicians to do evil things that make no sense like allowing people to walk on wet sand but not on dry sand, closing businesses, or limiting how many people can come in a building. This is oppression, and the demons love it. It is not for your safety. If they cared about your safety the demons would recommend you take Vitamin D. D for Demon. But, they prefer to see you suffer so they can do their evil laugh. Hmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

2. Cause people to go insane or have what I call CovidMania. A mental disease where you can only think about Covid or only be concerned about Covid. No other concerns matter. In real life 20 year olds have almost no chance of dying from Covid yet they run around like maniacs terrified that they will get Covid. They are not afraid of cancer. starvation, persecution, war or other likely causes of death — but, only Covid, Covid, and nothing but the Covid. I know so many people everywhere I go that have subscribed to this demon-induced insanity.

3. Cause depression that leads to suicide, drug use, and lethargic behavior.

4. Cause people to act aggressively towards others, often due to unnecessary or overly oppressive covid restrictions. This happens a lot at supermarkets.

The devil allows marijuana and liquor stores to be open, but not bars or comedy clubs. I thought the devil likes inappropriate and immoral jokes. Perhaps bars cause too much happiness and that is the problem.

The devil allows supermarkets to be open, but with limited quantities of humans allowed. But, why don’t the markets just extend their hours so that there will be less lines and less congestion or have their stores partially outside? It once again makes no sense. I think the devil is not so bright.

If you don’t believe in God, you are much more prone to fall to paranoia, depression, drugs, and aggressive behavior. I believe in God. I am frustrated with the situation, and am moderately depressed. But, I am not engaged in substance abuse, insane paranoia, or aggressive behavior except when I defend myself from other people’s offensive control tactics and harassment. Without God on your side, you leave yourself wide open. And belief is not enough, there needs to be faith of caste iron. I don’t see that in too many people.


February 28, 2021

Depression & Paralysis are in the atmosphere & affects Notary business

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Some Notaries say they are super busy. But, many are just slowing down. I feel that depression, fear, and emotional paralysis are in the air in the first part of 2020, and perhaps the second part as well. The whole world basically shut down, and is trying to figure out how to reopen. California reopened and then shut bars and indoor restaurant seating down again. What a blow to our freedoms.

A feeling of sadness and helplessness afflict many. Alcoholism, child abuse, suicide are exponentially higher. Traffic in Los Angeles is at 25% in my area. But, I went to the San Fernando Valley and saw heavy traffic on the 101. This was the first traffic I had seen in months. I just wonder what will become of our economy if nobody is driving. The sky is a little too clear.

Carmen became less active and then suffered a devastating health set back which she can describe to you if she likes. I don’t know the details. I became lethargic because I had no energy. Three months without a massage, and I was juice fasting and hiking too much. My energy was depleted from many different angles. But, now I am building my energy back up and attacking my work. Instead of juice fasting I am doing intermittant fasting where I eat only 8 hours per day and fast the rest of the time. It is easy and leaves me less hungry even though I am having less calories than juice fasting.

I am going to Joshua Tree and Arizona tomorrow. I am writing this July 3rd, 2020 but it won’t be published until long after that just to get perspective.

So, that is how it is. It is critical to remain positive. Some do this by listening to music, walking, hiking, doing happy things, and most important — don’t listen to the news. It’s mostly fake, and will just depress you. Take a media break — as it is called.


February 26, 2021

Notaries are angry at the Secretary of State

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Notaries are angry at the Secretary of State for making too many new restrictions on Notaries. Some make it a requirement to get a notary for absentee ballots, others want N-95 masks used, and there are other restrictions too. This group started a Notary Lives Matter group and burned down a CVS. Why is it always a CVS that gets burned down and a mayor who says, “Oh, they are just blowing off some steam.” Why not a Pizza Hut? Why not a liquor store? Why always CVS? What has CVS ever done to Notaries… or Black Lives Matter folks other than selling much needed prescription drugs to their grandmothers.

Then there is another group of Notaries who says there are not enough restrictions on Notaries and that is a danger to society. This alternate group claims that people will die because Notaries are allowed to leave their houses. This other group is threatening to block the entrance to the Secretary of State’s office if they don’t meet their demands.

But, if the block the entrance, wouldn’t that involved they themselves leaving their house? The hypocracy… It is even worse than hippocracy — it’s what I call rhinocracy. So, I guess that Americans and Notaries will never agree on anything and cannot agree on anything. Can’t we just do our own thing and get along?

I feel that the bigger problem with society these days is that Americans cannot be happy unless they can get legislation that will use force to prevent others from doing what they want — or force them to do what they don’t want to do, or make them pay for something that benefits everyone but them. It all seems very unfair, unjust or even criminal. What is the world coming to. They way it is looking, I don’t think there will be an America in several years. God knows how our banking system will work with the Feds gone. My guru prophesized this many years ago and it seems to be coming true now. He said America would be victim to a serious of uncontrollable natural disasters, go bankrupt, and cease to be a nation. I would give us a maximum of about seven years the way we are going.

In any case, the group Notary Lives Matter doesn’t care at all about the lives of Notaries, they just care about being able to do whatever they want to do, and care about spraying NLM graffiti wherever they please. So, there you have it. Personally, I think we should just ignore this crisis and live as normal — but, that would be too easy, wouldn’t it?


February 18, 2021

Notarizing Fauci

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A Notary went to notarize Dr. Fauci. Fauci said that the only way he could be notarized would be by looking at the numbers.

The notary said he wanted $15 per signature and if there were two signatures then $30. The notary assured Fauci that the rising quantity of signatures do not translate directly into an increase in hospitalizations.

But, Fauci said he could not consent to being notarized until the numbers went down and that he bases his decision on “the numbers” and “the science.”

So, the Notary said, “Okay, I’ll lower my price to $14 for the first signature or $23 for two.” Fauci said, “Deal.”

Then the Notary asked if he would have to wear a facemask or if Fauci would, or both of them — or would it depend on “the numbers?” Fauci said that both of them would and that they would have to sterilize the pen, stamp, and documents as well.

A bystander stated — the human immune system is strengthened by getting sunshine, happiness and by being exposed to viruses so it can build up its strength and genetic knowledge of viruses to be able to effectively fight future new viruses. By locking yourself in your house, depriving yourself of sunshine, social interaction that leads to happiness, and virus exposure which strengthen the immune system — you are leaving yourself in a vulnerable state for when you finally come out of hiding and will be a lot more susceptible to future viruses.

Then the Notary said, “Yes, but you can’t say that because that isn’t consistent with the narrative.” The bystander said, “Good point — carry on.”

The Notary went so far as to get a plexiglass divider between himself and Fauci that he hauled in his car to the site of the signing just to add to the insanity and inhumanity of the situation.

My question is — why is it that everywhere I go I see paranoia, plexiglass, facemasks and insanity, when only 1 in 1 million people is dying per day of Covid19 in California and those numbers are vastly inflated to meet a BS narrative.

Ending comments
Covid Covid Covid. Covid, oh my God Covid. What if I get Covid? Covid Covid Covid. Nothing else in the universe matters except for the dozen or so unarmed blacks who get killed by cops every year and Covid. The million who die per year of cancer and other who die of obesity, heart attacks, and suicide don’t matter even though their lives are also preventable because cancer isn’t contagious. The only thing that matters is – Covid, oh my god Covid. Covid Covid Covid. What if I get Covid? This is what a typical 20 year old in Los Angeles thinks who has a 1 in 10 million chance of dying from Covid, but a much higher chance of getting hit by a truck, but they never think about that because they are Covidiots. If you are elderly and have serious health problems then you have a legitimate right to worry about Covid. Every one else — does not! Why are educated humans so stupid that they voluntarily line up to get brainwashed by absolutely see through fake BS? I’m glad the universities are shut because they don’t learn anything except about neo-Marxism and they don’t even learn that correctly.


February 15, 2021

Jeremy watches the news

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I watch my news on youtube. I can check various news sources. It seems they are all controlled by the same entity. Fox news tends to chop down the other networks, but none of them tell you the real truth or so I claim.

JEREMY: Hmm, let’s see what’s on NBC news. What should I be scared about today? I think I should be scared about something. It’s either Covid, baseless claims of voter fraud (even though there are heaps of evidence it is still “baseless”, war, riots, or racism…

LESTER HOLT: (NBC news music . da. da. ta da da da …… da . da. ta da da da…. symbol crash… da da ta da da da…. symbol crash…) Be scared…. If you are not scared… you should be scared. this music we play is neurolinguistic programming to get you scared… Then when you hear our selectively scary news, you will be even more scared. There is a new strain of Covid that’s even more deadly than before… It makes you grow horns out of your head and it spreads 72.3% faster than the regular strain — be scared. And this strain is not only dangerous for adults — CHILDREN get it. Here is a 2 year old at Cedar’s hospital in Missouri who just turned blue. She will never be the same again and she might not make it. The solution? Stop having fun, socially distance, cancel Christmas, don’t go to church, and for God’s sake — don’t be happy or make a living, especially if you are a Notary Public or essential worker!

JEREMY: hmmm. I guess they pick that one 2 year old out of the 5 million 2 year olds in America that is having a problem, but don’t bother to mention that the other two year olds are almost completely resistant to Covid. Let’s look up to see how the Vaccine is going.

NEWSCASTER: Good news… Sally is the first one to get the vaccine and she is an African American woman. Finally, people from communities that were traditionally disadvantage can have access to cutting edge medicine.

JEREMY: That woman is about 33 and at no risk of Covid. Why are they going out of their way to show how they can give a vaccine to a black person who doesn’t need it at all at the expense of an elderly person who does — assuming it is a real vaccine which is a lot to assume with all the BS going on. Hmm. A black woman of child bearing age. What is their angle?

TUCKER CARLSON: In the news today… (Fox News)

JEREMY: Hmm. I bet Tucker is going to poke holes in hypocrisy today. He will chop down baseless claims that some Democrat made. Maybe Chuck Schumer, or Rashida Tlaib, or possibly AOC. Who will he criticize today, or should I say — which Democrat will he make a fool out of?

TUCKER: Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina wants to give funding to a gender equality program in Pakistan.

JEREMY: What??? Tucker is criticizing Republicans now? I have seen everything now. The end is near. I’ll start getting gifts for the Messiah ready should I live so long. Looks like Senator Graham is being too “Progressive.”

TUCKER: He wants to spend OUR tax dollars, or should I say our hard earned money in some foreign country telling them to rethink their gender roles. Isn’t that THEIR business how their society runs? Why should we butt into their business using money from unconsenting tax payers?

JEREMY: Hmmm. Looks like the Republicans have become leftists. Next thing you know, AOC will become anti-abortion.

HANNITY: (Fox News) In the news, AOC has reported that she has a new stance on a very critical social issue — she is no longer pro choice…. I repeat, she is no longer pro choice. She considers abortion wrong, not because it involves killing but because it leads to inequality.

JEREMY: I think I should stick to listening to music on youtube. All of this news is driving me crazy.


February 13, 2021

Fighting tyranny my way

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In order to fight the Marxismization of the USA, and tyranny, we must understand the power structure and how to apply pressure at the various levels of the chain of command.

TOP: Deep State & State Supreme Court Judges

MIDDLE: Governors

LOWER: Police & Sheriff & County Health Departments

LOWER(ER) Businesses subjected to unfair restrictions

LOWEST: We the people!!! (low, but dignified)

CHECK & BALANCE: Federal courts sometimes can help resolve local issues. I am not an Attorney and don’t know how that works. but, our checks and balances have been infiltrated by Marxists who oppose freedom of religion because it would be “suicide” according to a Federal circuit court in regards to a California case about freedom of assembly within religious buildings.


The deep state appears to be bribing judges and governors in many if not all states. Nobody quite knows who they are or how to stop them… for now. China might possibly be involved too. My psychic senses tell me the deep state is a bunch of rich board members who mostly live in Idaho who want power (but live off the grid so they have to generate their own power.) Unless you are a very good spy, it will be hard to figure out who the deep state is, but I think Trump is working on it.

The Supreme Court can shut down the power of a Governor to make executive orders, but they very rarely do, and when they do, they take forever. In California it took eight months for them to stop Newsom from making executive orders that contradict existing legislature. However, he still has orders that contradict with laws about discrimination against people with breathing disabilities via his face mask order.

The police in Los Angeles DO NOT enforce Covid related laws. They also do not protect us from discrimination as they see that as an issue for Attorneys.

The health department can shut down restaurants for disobeying orders that are arbitrary, tyrannical and unconstitutional that did not go through a system of checks and balances.

We the people in California sit and watch our rights being stripped from us by autocrats and oligarchies that do not function in an American system of checks and balances made by arbitrary orders that are not even laws and are far from constitutional as they normally violate our liberty and our freedom to assemble.

California’s solution is to recall the governor, and we have gotten almost a million signatures. But, recalling takes time, and there is no guarantee that the next idiot in charge will be any better than the original as they are controlled by the same deep state and are not subjected to a system of checks and balances as the court system is limp and mainly dysfunctional.

I suggest a system of concerned citizens putting pressure on all levels of the system.

We should put daily pressure on the police and sheriffs to protect houses of worship from tyrannical shutdowns and allow businesses to function normally with full rights.

We the people should put pressure on the health department to not enforce covid-19 restrictions. The penalty for non-compliance with citizen demands would be severe harassment, protests and mass civil disobedience.

Restaurants, stores, churches, and other entities should stay open and defy oppressive attempts from authoritative organizations to suppress them. Fines for noncompliance should not be paid out of principle no matter what the consequence — even if it is jail time.

The supreme court judges or justices should be tried on charges of treason for failing in their duty to provide checks and balances and stop unconstitutional orders from being originated.

The basic problem of the disaster of California is seen as a problem with a single human being — namely Gavin Newsom. He is a big problem, but I believe he is only responsible for less than 1% of California’s problems with unfair executive orders. The remaining percent of the problems are due to the fact that the courts allow him to do anything, law and health enforcement don’t stop him, and we the people sit and do nothing.

Covid-19 restrictions are not something temporary that will just go away. They are part of a larger undermining of American freedom and government that will strip us of our rights, money, freedom, government, culture, and anything that means anything to us. We will be completely destroyed if we don’t fight back. You cannot rely on Donald Trump alone to save you because he hasn’t saved anyone. Biden will sell us down the river. It is up to we the people to save America. Start putting pressure on the various levels of authority now!


February 12, 2021

Vitamin D could protect you more than a mask

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Many people fall into the false sense of security that their mask will protect them or others. The truth about masks is that they protect others from your droplets, but you still exhale, and the air comes out from the sides of the mask. Your germs still go in the room or in the atmosphere. If everyone wore a mask, there would be a slowdown in people getting Covid-19. But, a slowdown just means that the same quantity of people will get sick, but they will get sick over a longer period of time.

Vitamin D is critical for surviving Covid19. A, C, and D strengthen your immunity along with cruciferous vegetables. Since over the course of the next year, you run a 50/50 chance of being infected, your immunity will help you defeat the virus fast and not get sick. Infected doesn’t equal getting sick. The vast majority of infections are asymptomatic and the people don’t even know they have anything.

In short, protecting yourself from the inside is a more reliable plan, because that doesn’t spread the problem out over a longer period of time — it can solve the problem.


February 9, 2021

Best quotes about fighting tyranny

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The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants — Thomas Jefferson

When once a Republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil — Thomas Jefferson

Democracy is four wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. — Ambrose Pierce

If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy. — James Madison

If tyranny and oppression or (CovRanny and CoronaPression) come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign disease. — Jeremy Belmont


February 8, 2021

What does it mean to “defend” the constitution.

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Police officers, Notaries Public, and other officers and employees of the state often have to take an Oath of Office. We normally swear to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic at a minimum. California Police Officers also swear to defend the state constitution. They do NOT swear to defend the people, protect or serve however.

My questions are:

1. When was the last time you saw a Police Officer defend the constitution?
2. When was the last time you saw a Police Officer read the constitution?
3. What does it mean to “defend” the constitution?
4. As a Notary Public, you swore to defend the constitution, what situations do you encounter as a Notary where you need to defend the constitution?

“Don’t sign that contract of sale, that will violate the separations of powers clause in the constitution!!!”

As a Notary Public, you will not be in vocational situations where you need to defend the constitution. However, you need to make sure you ID people correctly and handle situations in a sensible way — and sensible doesn’t always seem sensible and might not occur to you without deep thought about various ways you could handle a situation.

Police Officers are capable of arresting people and deal with politicians regularly. If someone violates the constitution, they would most likely be a Mayor or Governor who makes an unconstitutional order. They might be a legislator who makes an unconstitutional law, or a judge who judges a situation in a way that is not consistent with the constitution. They could also be in charge of state infrastructure (like a school) and violate people’s right to free speech, assembly, dress code, etc. Law Enforcement Officers might also violate people’s first amendment rights.

Recently, we have seen people get arrested for going to the beach, going to the park, and kids were threatened by the park police for playing soccer during Covid19. Although kids don’t die of Covid-19 (more than one in a million), society has prevented them from going to school or even playing. People are not allowed to go to church in California because of Covid19. God doesn’t go on vacation during a plandemic (except perhaps to Cancun if the weather is good), why should churches?

So, how can a cop protect the constitution rather than adopting a policy of being neutral and not making waves?

1. If you see someone attacking the constitution, lock the constitution up and put it in a lock box that is dry and safe.
2. If you see a governor violate the terms of the constitution or amendments thereof, inform him of what he did wrong and arrest him/her if they do it again.
3. If a law is unconstitutional, complain to the courts.
4. At a minimum, when there is a violation, make a phone call, send an email, or have a talk with an individual who can do something about it.

But, does protecting the constitution mean that you protect it once during your lifetime during one particular action such as an email that takes five minutes to write. “Dear sir, you violated the second amendment when you asked me for my gun, please refrain from such unconstitutional activities, otherwise we will be compelled to accuse you of treason.”

Or, does it mean taking at least one action every time there is an infraction of the constitution? Can you imagine if every cop or citizen in the USA would jump all over a politician in an executive role, legislator, or someone in the judicial branch every time they violated the constitution? They wouldn’t dare even think about doing it. That backlash would be even worse than the backlash from wearing shoes in an ashram in India!

In my opinion, protecting or defending the constitution means reading the constitution first. How can you defend something if you don’t know what it is? And then making a regular effort to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, but more the domestic ones. Kim Jong-Un doesn’t seem to be violating the constitution much these days unless having a bad haircut undermines the 5th amendment and I don’t think it does.

If you swore to defend the constitution and then violate people’s constitutional rights, to me in my lay person point of view you just committed perjury on your oath. You swore to do one thing and then did the opposite. Is it treason to violate the constitution in a big way? In my opinion it is as it compromises the moral and legal fabric of America, our home. Without rule of law and our traditions, we end up like Venezuela, China, or various African countries that turned to Marxism and destroyed the integrity of their countries and their economies. One could even argue that issuing an executive order that is unconstitutional is sedition as you are encouraging others to violate people’s rights and hence undermine the legal fabric of America which is very damaging.

So, think for yourself about what defending or protecting the constitution means. Now is the time to stand up and fight for freedom otherwise we might live in darkness for the foreseeable future. Take this seriously.

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