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August 9, 2018

I heard that a particular Illinois Notary got kicked off the Notary Rotary forum

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I will not mention personal names, but will mention state names. This Notary has been bashing people for years. She signed up with us after not being listed for years. She got temporarily removed for not logging in for a long time and then reinstated. But, she got kicked off the Notary Rotary forum. I don’t think Harry has too many rules, and doesn’t kick people off on a whim either. He has a reputation of being very easy to deal with. I haven’t kicked anyone off my forum for a decade, so this sounds like big news to me.

Basically, the lynch mob of Notaries who hangs around on forums bashing everyone reminds me of the kids in the smoking section of school. They bash all the teachers, the principal, are rude all the time, and do nothing of value. How can states be so foolish to commission such derelicts into positions of integrity like being a Notary.

I really feel the states need to take being a Notary more seriously and commission people who are decent, serious, logical, and have proven that they will do a good job in this profession rather than causing trouble all the time. I feel that the state notary divisions are basically to blame for this horrifying behavior.

If I seem short tempered sometimes, it is because I am tired of dealing with Notaries who don’t know how to be Notaries, who cannot communicate clearly to save their lives and who are generally disrespectful. It wares Carmen and me down to deal with headaches every day.

You guys are supposed to be respectable professionals who know their trade and act with integrity. This is rarely the case. My suggestion is clean it up.


August 8, 2018

Running 123notary has become like being a school administrator.

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I now see why the school administrators where I went to school were always cross and always in a bad mood. They had to deal with and endless supply of unruly students. They were the only ones who kept us straight. It is hard to be nice when you have difficult people to deal with every step of the way. But, think about it. If you were a customer of Notaries, would you want to deal with dysfunctional Notaries day after day? This is why they micromanage you, because that is the only safe way to deal with most Notaries.

Maybe I’ll raise my prices to get rid of the riff-raff. I have had it basically. I do not expect everyone to be perfect, but at least trying to be a good Notary. I’ll never get all good Notaries, but at least a majority would make me happy. Maybe I’ll one day be able to achieve my goal and maybe not. We’ll see.

In the mean time, I would appreciate it if you learn from our free course:

Notary Public 101 on our blog. No password required.

I have worked over time to provide free educational materials for you Notaries. It is for you to benefit from and master, and not for you to casually skim, although skimming is better than doing nothing.


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July 26, 2018

Unfriendly cities are the best place to get work done

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I remember when I was in my late teens and early twenties, I wanted to socialize a lot. There was no end to the quantities of people I met. Unfortunately, I could count the quality friendships I had on one hand, but I guess that is true for most people. Perhaps I would have done better at school if I had focused entirely on school and not on parties, etc. But, on the other hand, ever since I graduated, the opportunities to socialize have almost completely dried up and it has been desperate and lonely. I got so lonely I wanted a second job doing wine tasting so I could meet cool people. But, I don’t know enough about wine to do that job (although I could read up.)

In any case, I noticed that my work like did well once I moved from Massachusetts to California. As a child, Massachusetts was a friendly place. Many people were mean, but at least people talk to you in their own crass or snobby way. New Yorkers are also friendly and often crass. But, in California, the small talk is limited, and over half the people I meet are not strong in English which is yet another reason why I am lonely. It is hard to find friends here and hard to get together with friends if you have them because everyone is so busy and traffic is so horrible.

But, I noticed that I got a lot of work done here as a result of having limited social opportunities. I work seven days a week, succeeded in business, and do my daily walking. The doctor says I lost 14 pounds in the last year since I saw him last. Must be all the walking that I do rain or shine, not to mention regular salads, although I don’t have salads every day. Maybe this year I’ll lose 50 pounds and walk a lot more. I like feeling healthy.

So, if you want to get work done, move to a city where people are downright unfriendly. Los Angeles takes the cake in this regard. I have never seen a more unfriendly group of people. Even in Germany I had more quality conversations than here, and the Germans are by far the most unfriendly and frigid bunch of people I have ever seen. But, I guess in German culture, they don’t bother with inconsequential small talk like Americans which I am culturally accustomed to. They either have a meaningful conversation or none at all. Ouch!!!

However, if I retire or slow down, I would consider moving to New Mexico where I feel more connected with the people and the spirits.


July 25, 2018

My best 100 days and Carmen’s worst

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 9:32 am

I remember right after Trump was elected, Carmen was so unhappy. Why did she love Obama so much? Obama took me for thousands of dollars on health insurance. I never bought health insurance and was fined thousands. That seems to be robbery to me. So, Obama is out and Trump is int. I was happy at first when Trump took over, but his presidency has really affected the whole dynamic of America. People behave differently now. Some people have gotten more aggressive and others are cleaning up more swamps.

My decision to clean up the notarial swamp happened simultaneously with Trump’s election. I’m not sure if my decision was consciously affected by him, but it did happen at the same time. I want all Notaries to know what they are doing. That is the main thing.

I have also noticed that there is more of a labor shortage in Los Angeles. I don’t know if people have been leaving the country, or have been deported or what. Getting good kitchen help and good Thai massage never used to be this hard.

I think Trump needs to have a proactive immigration policy. Rather than focusing on deporting people, focus on bringing in who you like and then the others will have fewer job opportunities and leave on their own. Giving more work visas to people makes sense. Why force people to break the law just so they can make a living by making legitimacy so difficult or impossible? Getting a five year visa for labor needs to be a lot easier as we have a labor shortage around here.

Additionally, under Trump, there have been a lot less Notary jobs, and my business has not made as much money. We are still in business, but not doing as well as before.

I cannot say in the long run if we are better off with Trump, but in the short run things have changed in many ways. People have changed, the Notary world has changed, and the labor supply in Los Angeles has changed. Maybe I need to wait to see how things are in the long run. But, people have so much hatred for Trump — and I feel a lot more hatred these days by the way in general, that he will have to turn his image around or he will not win a second term.


July 11, 2018

I was forced to forge my own signature in India

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I remember back in 2005 I went to Bombay to visit a friend. I took the train downtown to cash a few travelers cheques. I have never had an experience this bad and have brought a lot more cash with me ever since. You have to sign a traveler cheque when you buy it and then sign again when you cash it in. My signature was a little different than my normal signature, but not different by much. But, the clerk had had a lot of trouble cashing in traveler’s cheques and he was paranoid. He did not like the differential between my signatures. So, I had to forge my own signature so to speak. I had to practice signing the way I had signed when I originally signed the cheque a few times on a blank piece of paper. What a ridiculous ordeal. My passport wasn’t good enough for him yet it was good enough for airport security. Good God, or should I say Good Krishna?

In any case, I signed the way he liked and got my money.I spent my rupees on apple pie that had been in the same oven as melting cheese and it tasted horrible. I have so many India nightmares I never want to go back again but perhaps I will to see the mountains and meditate there with the Gods near Dehradun. My guru says I need to go where I can see snow in the mountains and meditate there for three days. One day I’ll do it, but not this year, because China is on my mind. Sounds like a Ray Charles song.


July 5, 2018

A notary was in court due to a suspicious marriage

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A Notary was in court. The judge could not figure out why the Jr. was taken off one of the forms that one of the signer’s signed. The signer was licensed to be married to someone twenty years younger which was also suspicious. It looked like someone was trying to conceal their age or their youth. The point of the story is that the Notary got in trouble because someone else was up to some funny business. It looked like the Notary might have been involved.

If you are involved in funny business or in a situation where you look like you are involved, you can get in trouble. It is better to avoid any situation which looks funny if you are legally allowed to avoid it in your state.

The rules for when and how you can decline a notarization are not always spelled out. Perhaps this needs to be a bigger part of notary law to spell that out.

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July 4, 2018

New Year’s Day was symbolic

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New Year’s day is when I think about my priorities for the year. I normally begin the year doing all the things I want to focus on that year such as meditating, working, taking a healthy walk, and staying organized.

My resolutions this year were to lose a lot of weight, learn to be better at feng shui and learn good Chinese.

But, I also got my photos organized that I use for my blog and got some other things tidied up on my site.

So, far I am working on my weight, but it is so much work to run 123notary, that I am always behind no matter what I do. I dream of the day when I will be ahead of the game. Maybe I have to have a better strategy

Do you guys have things you want to do in 2018? Did you set priorities? You should think deeply about priorities, because having a well directed life leads you in a direction you will like a lot better than just winging it through life. Written plans that you stick to really help. Even having a weekly planning session about your life can really help.


June 28, 2018

The day I sold Carmen’s spot

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This all happened around 2004. Carmen and I did not communicate as effectively together in those days. Carmen was given a top spot back then as a gift, but she did not see the value in it in those days. I asked if she wanted to get a formal upgrade and pay for the spot. She didn’t care then, and the key word is then. After that, there was this other lady in Los Angeles who was a Realtor and Notary. I think she is still with us although she dropped out for a few years. The Realtor Notary lady paid for the spot.

So, Carmen noticed that she wasn’t getting as many calls and complained to me about what had happened. Carmen got very angry I remember. I am not sure whose fault it was as our communication was not in writing. I think Carmen’s words are that it doesn’t matter if she is in the top spot. But, after losing the top spot, she started whistling a different tune. I am not sure if I waited for that other lady’s top spot to expire or if I bribed her to give it up. I can’t just take a legitimate Notary out of a spot you know — that is a violation of my terms and conditions. So, the minute I could legitimately get the other lady out of the spot which was a year or more after Carmen complained, I gave Carmen her spot back.

Carmen got so much business from her top spot that she became really good at selling top spots to other people. Carmen has been working with me since 2003 by the way. That was the year I got really busy with 123notary. The 123notary of today is very much formed because of that little communication mistake that happened back in 2004 or 2005, I forgot the exact year. Carmen has been the best top spot salesperson ever since. And I owe it all to a mistake.


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June 27, 2018

123notary back in 2005; I gave all my customers to Carmen;

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I remember that in 2005 I stopped having time to be a notary anymore My commission expired in December of 2005 if I remember correctly. But, I stopped having much time to do Notary work back in 2003 when I got really busy. I still kept some of my clients, but stopped doing most of the loan signings. In any case, I had to refer my favorite clients to someone. So, I gave them to Carmen, but they couldn’t afford her because Carmen is expensive.

The thing you have to realize as a Notary is that availability is a commodity. Skill is another. If you are available and can do work when and where the client needs, they might pay you a lot more than you think. They just want to get the job done, and money is sometimes not an issue. Notaries typically focus on the people who think that money is an issue. But, you cannot make good money dealing with cheapskates. Focus on the people who think that getting what they want when they want it is an issue and sell them quality work at a high price. That is the secret to success.

The other secret to success is knowing what you are doing. This is why we have Notary Public 101, Notary Marketing 102, and the 30 Point Course for loan signing all free on our blog. Who else gives you this much for free other than God?


June 25, 2018

A political party that represents me

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I dream of a political party that represents me. The Republicans are typically horrible for the environment, spend more on military, but want to spend less on everything else. The Democrats are slightly better for the environment, but don’t spend that much less on the military, but want to give lots and lots to people who refuse to work. Hmm. It looks like we have one party under two names with some small diversions in policy. Here is what I want from a political party.

1. Smaller military budget
I think that the USA does need a large military, and our safety is defined by how we control the rest of the world to an extent. There are some very dangerous people out there who will create havoc if not controlled. But, we spend too much on military and it becomes a tax burden.

2. Limited government health care
I do not generally like socialism, but life would be easier if instead of this Obamacare nonsense, there would be a better system. The singaporeans have a system where you pay into a bank account to cover future medical expenses and have preventive maintenance. That makes sense to me. But, if the government would cover two doctor visits per year, several hundred a year in medications and a percentage of scans and major surgery, that would really make our lives easier. That way we are not dependent on our bosses or jobs for medical care and don’t have to purchase a plan. We could purchase extra coverage if we wanted it, but the basics would be paid for at least.

3. A green policy
I would like a lot of the USA’s energy to come from solar, tidal, and wind power. We have plenty of sun in the Western states that could generate a majority of our energy with fields of solar panels. I don’t care if it is more expensive than oil is now, we need to have clean and sustainable energy and the government should require this for reasons of prudency. Wind power can be effective in many states with wind on the East coast, West coast and particularly Wyoming. And then tital power would require building infrastructure in the ocean which might look ugly, but is a great way to create endless power without toxins. Fossil fuels undermine ground water quality, and cause pollution that can cause cancer. it is better to live in harmony with the planet.

4. Notary policy
The government should have rules that make Notaries know what they are doing nationwide, but offer free or low cost training so that 123notary doesn’t lose all its members.

5. A haven for career criminals
For drug addicts, gang members and career criminals, it is too expensive to have the tax payers pay for their living. They should have their own territory where they figure it out on their own (behind a wall.) They can pay for their own living. In the natural world, people like this would not survive to begin with because a tiger would eat them (or a lion.)

6. Road taxes
Tax for what you use, rather than penalize people for how much they make. If you monopolize the highways causing traffic — pay for it. Singapore has rules like this and the result is that there is no traffic during rush hour because you pay extra to use the roads during rush hour. They also have lots of trees to eat up the pollution.

7,. Jobs for felons, incompetents and drug addicts
It is hard for the unemployable to get jobs. So, why not have cities or areas where every job is designed for people who nobody else wants to hire. This will get America working. Also, jobs for people with physical disabilities is another issue. If all capable people in America would work, we would all need to pay less in tax, and have more wealth. Instead we have people taking money from the government, pill popping prescription medicine and all sorts of other self-destructive and nation-destructive behavior.

8. A health food policy
Selling foods that cause Americans to be unhealthy is like selling poison. It needs to be discouraged, controlled or banned. French fries do horrors to your liver, yet it is the most common food. High fructose corn syrup is another silent killer. Why not just drink pure fruit juice which is good for you anyway? Genetically modified white bread is also bad. If all stores could have healthy foods bombarding the front of the store and make you go to a specific aisle marked “unhealthy foods,” then people might really start thinking clearly about what goes into their body.

9. Traffic and walking
Most humans prefer walking around in structured yet open places. Traffic is a nightmare and roads need to be refined to accommodate traffic. It makes sense to have routes for walking, biking and traffic separated from each other. Also, entrances to major parking lots as pedestrians have to walk down the side walk being bombarded with cars making right turns. This all needs to be reconstructed to make it safer and more enjoyable for all parties.

10. Immigration
We need to focus on inviting people to America who we like rather than focusing on removing those who we don’t like. If more people come who we do like, there will be less room for those we don’t. America needs to have an honest discussion of who we like and why and how many. That way we can decide on immigration as a group rather than having parties battling each other and mud slinging.

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