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June 27, 2016

How much should you spend on advertising?

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Many Notaries don’t want to spend much on Notary advertising because they don’t make much money or are just getting started. You cannot make money without spending money. Other Notaries have a presence on our site, but left their notes section blank, have no reviews, are not 123notary certified, and then blame us if they didn’t get any business. That is your fault for not dressing your listing up! If you pay $100 to go to a formal dance and show up in ripped clothing with your hair messed up and nobody dances with you — is that the fault of the people you paid $100 or your own fault?

1. Get a foundation before you pay big bucks
You need to get Notary certifications, reviews, and a good notes section before you pay big bucks for advertising

2. Assess the value of your advertising
All serious Notaries track their new sales. They keep track of where the sale or lead originated from. If you get 27% of your new sales from 123notary, then that is a factor in how much you spend on advertising the following year.

3. Base spending on income
If you have a listing with a good foundation as we described above, see how much new business you got from us. If you got a lot, then you should reinvest about 10% of the income you made in new business from our site. Or, you could figure out how much residual business you got from leads from our site as many will use you again and again for years to come. You might want to pay us 2% of the total long-term value of the business you got including residuals. The math is a bit complicated and involves some guess work as well. But, you have to do it otherwise you will be a poor investor.

4. Additional Areas
If you want to advertise in several counties on 123notary.com, see how well you do in those counties. If you spend money on one county and nothing comes back — try another county. Find the counties that work for you and stick with them as long as they continue working. Your success in a particular area might depend on proximity, the current competition (which could change overnight), population, and other factors.

5. How should you start?
Start by investing $100 in a listing with us, get our Notary certification and pass it. Get some reviews, and polish your listing. If things go well, then get a prorated upgrade with Carmen and move up the list and get other areas. If things don’t do that well, then keep what you have.


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  1. IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE – Design a great business card, front is about you, other side “a good reason to keep the card”. Then, get off the couch and distribute the cards in a systematic and through manner. Think like the days gone bye – door to door salesman. But what you are selling is yourself, your skills, and convenience to your client. I agree with Jeremy, 123notary.com has worked well for me. Most of us will rarely if ever “first page Google”, this site brings them to you. BUT, it’s certainly not the only thing you must do to market yourself. Cards are very cheap, I get 5000 at a time from vistaprint – so I can leave a few everywhere I go. They work!
    A personal visit is way more powerful than spam email, an envelope with a card, or anything else. AGAIN – all the above is fine, but also add personal business card “drop offs” when you have slack time.

    Comment by Kenneth Edelstein — June 28, 2016 @ 12:55 am

  2. Love your posts. Thank you

    Comment by Tracy — August 13, 2016 @ 12:31 am

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