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July 26, 2014

Do not call the Title Company?

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One notary had instructions from the signing company that said, “Do not call the Title Company”
He felt that those instructions meant — if you want to get paid, call the Title Company, otherwise you are a sucker!

One of the most ill-reputed signing companies (you’ll recognize the name if you hear it) used this technique. Then, they sent a partial payment for several of the loans the notary signed — it was enough to confuse his bookkeeping and get him off their back.

Title companies have a reputation, and can also fire the signing company which would be a huge loss of revenue for the signing company. The Title company can be your best ally in a billing dispute. Try the Attorney General as well if all else fails.

Many of our most seasoned Notaries tell us that if a signing company refuses to pay you, going straight to the Title company can often be the fastest, easiest and most effective way to get paid. We recommend invoicing the signing company three times before resorting to this tactic. Invoice once after the job is completed. Then invoice again after 30 days, and once more after 45 days. We consider the bill to be badly delinquent if sixty days go by without a payment. We also have what we call our letter from hell which almost guarantees you will get paid. This letter template is available to the public if you click on our link below the text about the comprehensive guide to getting paid by signing companies.

As a general rule, if a company tells you not to confirm with the borrowers or not to call the Title company, it sounds very fishy and a potential cause for a lot of trouble. Since so many signing companies are fishy, I would think twice before working for one that displays such evident red flags.

(1) One notary had instructions from the signing company that said, “Do not call the Title Company”

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July 20, 2014

The Seinfeld Episode About a Notary

George’s parents (of all people, parents who constantly bicker with one another) are renewing their vows. George wants a notary to witness their vows in writing…

The Seinfeld Episode About a Notary aka Sign-Feld

GEORGE: Get this. My parents are renewing their vows.

JERRY: Frank and Estelle? (off George’s nod) The vows to argue with each other till death do they part?

GEORGE: What makes you think death’ll stop them? You think the Grim Reaper’s grim now?
Wait’ll he meets the “ungrateful dead”.

JERRY: Renewing their vows. It’s kinda sweet actually.

GEORGE: Remember that notary Kramer hired to authenticate the picture of Jesus on a piece of toast?

JERRY: The guy who swore it was Johnny Depp.

GEORGE: I still say it was Colin Farrell. I need Kramer to throw me his name. I may hire him.

JERRY: Looked more like Uncle Sam to me.

GEORGE: No way was that Uncle Sam.

JERRY: So why are you hiring a guy who worships Johnny Depp? Wouldn’t it make more sense if you were Johnny Depp?

GEORGE: I want him to authenticate the vows. If he can corroborate…

JERRY: Attest?

GEORGE: That’s right. If he can affirm the vows to be genuine, maybe then the loony birds will have to live by them for a change!

JERRY: Unless their vows are to continue not living by them.

Kramer enters.

KRAMER: Guess who’s the new errors and insurance salesman? You’re lookin’ at him!

JERRY: What makes you an errors and insurance expert? Although I admit your expertise when it comes to ensuring you make errors is second to none.

KRAMER: Remember that notary I hired?

JERRY: The one who saw Johnny Depp in a piece of toast?

KRAMER: It was Jesus, Jerry! Anybody with half a brain could tell you that!

JERRY: You’re right, you just did.

GEORGE: What was his name, Kramer? I need to hire a notary.

JERRY: Why do you want to hire a notary who doesn’t know Jesus from Johnny Depp?

GEORGE: Or Colin Farrell! He got it wrong. Maybe he’s cheaper.

KRAMER: (offering) Here’s his business card. Come on, George. Don’t you think Colin Farrell has better things to do than pop up on a piece of toast?

GEORGE: Jesus doesn’t??

KRAMER: Jesus works in mysterious ways.

GEORGE: Do does Farrell. He doesn’t even do talk shows.

KRAMER: Jesus doesn’t even do Charlie Rose!

JERRY: Will you two knock it off?

KRAMER: I’m suing the guy for affirming it was Depp over Jesus. And now I can also sell him an errors and insurance policy that’ll absorb his liabilities for an honest mistake.

JERRY: If it was an honest mistake, isn’t suing him a little dishonest?

KRAMER: I’m Cosmos, not Jesus.

GEORGE: What kind of liabilities?

KRAMER: The difference between the cost of a certifiable Johnny Depp piece of toast on eBay versus a certifiable Jesus piece of toast on eBay. You do the math!

Elaine enters, munching on a piece of toast.

ELAINE: That’s it. I am done. He’s gettin’ a Dear John text.


ELAINE: The teeth picker.

JERRY: Can’t you at least give him some floss first?

ELAINE: Floss. Toothpicks. Sucking between my teeth. The guy can’t take a hint.

GEORGE: Are you officially breaking up with the teeth picker?

ELAINE: The man is (displaying the last of what she’s munching on) toast.

KRAMER: (Eyeing toast) Is that who I think it is?

JERRY: Here we go.

GEORGE: If he’s so bad at picking up on hints and you want him to get the message you’re dumping him, don’t text him. Write him a Dear John letter on paper that a notary witnesses. So he can corroborate it.

ELAINE: Attest?

GEORGE: Yes! Affirm to be correct, true or genuine.

ELAINE: Since when are you the notary expert?

GEORGE: When I was a kid, I had a dream about being a notary. Other kids were dreaming about naked women. I was dreaming about squeezing embossers. Your own seal. Administering oaths. It’s a very respectable line of work when you think about it.

JERRY: So why didn’t you ever take it up?

GEORGE: Since when am I respectable?



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July 17, 2014

Two and a half notaries! A Notarization Experience

This is a story about a happy notary in Malibu named Charlie. He lived with his brother Sam and his brother’s son Kevin.

Charlie: So, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Kevin: A Notary of course — ANYTHING BUT!
Charlie: Don’t knock until you try it
Kevin: All you guys do is stamp your dumb stamp on dumb documents.
Charlie: True, but it has its perks. That’s how I met Monica!
Kevin: Good point! Charlie notarizes Monica — Ooooh!

Sam: Hey, wait a second, I was dating Monica. I REFERRED her to you!
Charlie: Correct — you WERE dating Monica. And by the time we finished the Oath verbiage, she had forgotten all about you, so help you God!
Sam: Hey, that’s not fair, I’m never referring another of my friends to you ever again.
Charlie: Relax, it was all over within days. I gave her a 3-day right to rescind our relationship, and then I didn’t call her back.
Sam: That is JUST like you.

Kevin: Hey, what’s the difference between a Notarization, and a Notarization experience?
Charlie: Oh, about $1500

Maid: Keep your ink off the counters. By the way, I’m taking three days off this week. Tell Monica I said hi.
Sam: What? I thought you said it was over?
Charlie: I never said it wasn’t. For me it’s over. For her I don’t know. By the way, who is that person who keeps calling and then keeps hanging up?
Maid: I had the number traced. It seems to be coming from Topanga. Isn’t that where Monica was from?
Charlie: Oh brother.

(ring ring)
Maid: Hey Charlie, it’s for you. It’s a customer. Natalia. She sounds nice, you better take it.
Charlie: Hey Natalia. Are you up for another notarization with Vodka?
Natalia: Am I ever. Bring your notary stamp and your notary bond with you darling.
Charlie: I’ll be right over. Oh, but this time, let’s have the vodka AFTER the signing.
Natalia: Anything you like, just as long as — you — are there!
Charlie: I figure if we can remember to do the signing first, then after we have the vodka it won’t matter what we remember, because we won’t remember!
Natalia: 8 — sharp. don’t be late!

(1) 2 & a half notaries: What’s the difference between a notarization and a notarization experience?
(2) 2 & a half notaries: Find out what happens when Charlie notarizes Natalia and then have vodka afterwards!


July 14, 2014

She took all my business away!

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It is not fair, say some. 123notary allows signing companies to advertise. The truth is that we can’t tell the difference between a notary and a signing service. After all, signing services are notaries who hire other notaries. Large or small, they are offering the same service you are. A notary is a one person signing service — still a signing service. 2nd, signing services pay us the same fee that others do, and generally drop out of their spots a lot faster than single notaries do.

But, there was one Virginia Notary who was really upset. There was a signing service there that is very established. They have been around for years. He said that once that company got on our Virginia Notary Public page, that his phone stopped ringing. Sure, that person got the top spot, but they paid for it. Other signing companies in other metros sometimes start out high, and then downgrade to a preferential, but not this one.

The guy rambled on and on and on and wouldn’t stop talking. He was so rude that he wouldn’t let me get a word into the conversation. The “Big bad signing company” that took his business away from him has an individual who is always polite and professional. I told him that if I had a job, I wouldn’t be able to hire someone like him, because he rants and raves and doesn’t listen. I want to hire someone professional — signing service or not. Maybe I hurt his feelings, but honestly, how can you survive in any business if you don’t carry yourself like a professional? Instead of whining about these bigger outfits, learn what they are doing right and emulate them.

According to spiritual principles, you can never become rich if you resent the wealthy!


July 4, 2014

Where does 123notary get ideas for blog articles?

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When I started writing for my blog, I thought I would run out of ideas. I wrote about all of the technical notary issues I could think of. I wrote about journals, loan signing procedures, marketing and more. Then, I ran out of ideas. Then, we started talking to notaries and asking them about their craziest stories. There were many stories and many of them were excellent. The more gruesome the better!

Since, I have to write about 25 articles per month myself and have some help from Ken, Carmen and a few others for extra blog entries, I have to have tried and true techniques for finding blog ideas. Not all blog topics will be popular, but sometimes it is surprising to learn about what people like, or respond to the most. Our notaries are practical types for the most part. They like the stories, but respond more to everyday types of situations that affect their lives.

My new techniques for creating blog topics are reading Facebook, seeing what was popular on Twitter, our Forum, Notary Rotary’s forum, seeing comments to our blog entries, and even reading emails from clients. Additionally, we get stories from our notaries from time to time. I also come up with ideas from talking to people on the phone. From talking to people, I learn what some people are competent about and what areas they need improvement in. Reading through people’s notes sections also opens a can of worms. I wrote sixteen pages about notes sections in our Ninja course, and could probably write twenty blog articles on the topic as well.

If you have an interesting blog article idea, run it by us. We need 365 ideas per year.

(1) 123notary gets ideas for blog articles from Facebook, the forum, Stories from our clients, emails and daily life!

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July 1, 2014

I’ll stay here all day until I get paid!

I was speaking with one of our fellow notaries and in that conversation he shared a little story on collecting funds that were due to him from a particular company. I don’t remember now if it was a signing company or not but it really doesn’t matter. He like the rest of us know that times are lean. There are very few signings now and when you do get a signing and perform the duties asked of you, naturally you expect to be paid for them. Nonetheless, he like many of you have had problems collected fees that are due to you after the job is completed.

So it seems that in this particular case this company owed our notary quite a bit of money. The notary had tried to no avail (phone calls emails, etc) to get this company to pay. Nothing worked. So the notary felt enough is enough. Time to take action! He had a plan.

He got up early, packed up his ‘mobile office’ along with his lunch and proceeded to go to where the company’s office was located. He walked into their office announced himself to one of the person’s behind the desk and asks to speak with accounts payable. He was told they were unavailable. So he tells the office clerk, ” Ok, well, I’ll wait”. He then proceeds to go sit down, takes out his equipment (which included a small portable table) and commenced to working as if he was at his own office. (now I am laughing so hard, I am almost on the floor. I am loving this so much). The folks behind the counter are bewildered/shocked to say the least.

He begins answering calls, booking appointments, doing his emails, etc. A girl behind the counter who is watching him, leaves (we assume to go into the back office to tell ’somebody’ what was going on. When she returns she told him that he’ll have to leave and come back. He polietly refused. He let her know he would stay all day if it was necessary….he had done the work, needed to be paid and would not be leaving until somebody cut him a check.

He continues doing his work….even asks to use their copy machine and printer. (Now, I am just dying of laughter.) But guess what, after about a couple of hours of them seeing that he was serious about not leaving…somebody in the back office cut him a check so he could be on his way…and yes, it cleared the bank! 🙂

All I’ll say is BRAVO! Well done!

Until next time…..be well and safe! — Carmen

(1) He said he would stay in their office until he got paid. He answered phones, printed docs in the mean time.
(2) They decided to cut him a check to get him to leave their office. It worked!

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