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October 31, 2016

Safety Deposit Box Openings

Believe it or not, a Notary in New York is authorized to perform Safety Deposit Box Openings. Yes, if you are a New York Notary, you can get paid to witness a Safety Deposit Box Opening. You would be required to take an inventory of the contents of the box. Sometimes a bank has to terminate a safety deposit box because someone died, etc. In such a case, a Notary is necessary to make sure everything id documented correctly. It sounds like a fun task if you like going to banks.

I don’t know what they can charge for such an act though. It involves driving, parking, waiting, and performing a simple clerical task. In my opinion, a job like this should be billed at $40 for travel, a dollar a minute waiting time paid up front in 20 minute increments, as well as $10 for the actual paperwork for performing the safety deposit box opening.


October 30, 2016

Is Snapdocs a serious threat to 123notary?

Carmen is always worried about something. “The sky is falling, the sky is falling.” She always thinks the industry is going to turn down and that 123notary will have a problem. So far, the industry has come crashing down many times. But, 123notary is so stable that we have survived these ups and downs unscathed.

But, 123notary has never had a serious competitor. Sure, Notary Rotary has been around since long before 123notary’s inception. Sure, SigningAgent.com is a huge competitor. But, our market share has never been negatively affected by other companies. Snapdocs has become so popular, that Carmen rightfully became concerned that they would cut into our market share. Although I see no definitive indication of that, it is true that 123notary normally has a steady growth in clicks from February to August. This year, our growth has been less dramatic. Our growth over last year is only a fraction of a percent which is not bad. At least we didn’t lose any ground.

The bigger question is, will Snapdocs become a serious threat to 123notary as they work out the kinks in their system and gain refinement, or will Notaries get tired of working under their platform and quit? My prediction is that seasoned Notaries are already beyond fed up and quit. New Notaries are also fed up, but don’t have any better offers. I believe that the new Notaries will continue to work for Snapdocs. If the current supply of Notaries is dried up by their disdain for lowballing, a new batch will come.

If you look at the Notaries on Snapdocs, they are almost all brand new and with hardly any experience or capability to write anything about themselves. In the past, no Notary directory was able to compete with 123notary in the long run. Snapdocs is the first serious threat to our market share that has happened in the history of 123notary.com.

The bottom line is, will Snapdocs figure out how to keep their Notaries happier, or will their Notaries all defect?


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October 29, 2016

How can I find a Vietnamese speaking Notary?

Where can I find a Vietnamese speaking Notary?
Aside from booking a flight to Saigon — there’s always 123notary.com! We have many Vietnamese speaking Notaries in California, Texas, Virginia, and many other states. Just do a Notary search by zip code.

How do I get a Vietnamese document notarized?
In California, the Notary is not required to be able to read the document so long as the signer is named in the document (for an Acknowledged signature.) However, in California, direct communication is required between signer and the Notary Public. However, in other states, the Notary might be required to understand the document. The actual notarization proceedings go on in written English. The Acknowledgment or Jurat wording must be in English and ideally using the official wording of the state where the notarization is taking place.

Oaths in Vietnamese?
You can give an Oath in whatever language you like including Vietnamese for Notarial purposes. You might need to administer an Oath as a separate Notary act, or accompanying a Jurat, Acknowledgment or for credible witnesses.

Notaries are not Attorneys
Notaries in the United States are not normally Attorneys unless officially designated. So, please direct all legal questions to a licensed Attorney and not to a non-Attorney Notary.

Immigration questions
If you have immigration questions, please do not burden the Notary Public with these as they are not likely to be authorized to help you with these matters. Please contact immigration or an authorized advisor for immigration questions.

Vietnamese Speaking Notaries are expensive
Many Notaries who speak Vietnamese charge up to double for loan signings. So, if you can function in English at all, you might save a lot of cash by hiring a good old fashioned American Notary! (I’m sure Trump would prefer that in any case.)

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October 28, 2016

Notaries and their pets

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Notaries talk about getting paid, but rarely talk about their pets. Maybe it should be the other way around.

Kangaroo — a Marsupial Public
The best Notary pet I can think of would be a kangaroo. This marsupial comes equipped with a pocket where you can put your Notary Seal and then hop to your job. Just don’t park your “roo” in the driveway — it’s bad manners. Additionally, think twice before asking, “May I ask permission to bring my kangaroo in so she can use the bathroom?” Kangaroos are also good if you are in a bad neighborhood as they are good at kicking people they don’t like. One guy married a kangaroo because he wanted somebody with deep pockets.

Our industry’s mascot animal is the Seal. This marine mammal hangs around on the beach sunning itsself. It doesn’t seem concerned about signing companies just as long as its whiskers stay shiny.

The Stamp Fish
This is a close relative to the hammerhead shark. It is a shark-type fish with a Notary seal on its head. Jacque Cousteau had a deep fascination with this bizarre species.

This is not the type of pet you want playing with your children. The embossigator has a strong oral grip, but no actual teeth. It has a round bite and anything that gets bitten by this species will have an imprint that looks like the impression of an embosser. Found only in remote swamps of Florida and Louisiana, it is not considered dangerous, but we caution children to avoid contact with the mouth of this species for obvious reasons.

The Canadian Midwestern Prairie Fax
If you pronounce fox with a Midwestern accent it sounds more like “fax.” But, this unique animal can telepathically send information. It runs around with a portable printer and fax machine and has done so in nature for the last several million years. A dear friend to fellow Notaries, this animal, not the seal, should be our industry’s mascot animal.

If you are a Notary who wants to be more American or appear that way. I personally recommend going to some pow-wows to see what real American culture is about. But, you could also adopt an eagle. You could not have a more “talon”-ted pet!

This pet might not be much to look at, but will get you 1st in the phone book next to AAA Notary Service. Aardvark Notary Service and Apostille.

This poisonous snake can wrap around your signers and squeeze them to death if they don’t sign their Power of Attorney. Also, their poison can be sucked out and you can make a blood sample for a Trusted Enrollment Agent to deliver.


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October 27, 2016

Becoming a Mom-tary

Believe it or not, the secretary of state doesn’t have a handbook for becoming a Mom-tary. But, if you scare your clients a lot you might be more of a Mom-ster. If you behave like a mom to all you might be a Mom-tary Public. And if you never give out your secrets perhaps a Mum-tery. But, if you live in California, you could become a Mom-tary in Monterey (near the cannery).

Being a Notary is a good job for a mom because the work offers flexibility. On the other hand, being a mom is a full-time job and you never know when your baby will need your full attention.

You can’t cancel a signing because your baby is vomiting. You can’t cancel a signing because your baby hit his/her head. You can’t cancel a signing because your baby’s babysitter didn’t show up. And you can’t bring your two year old to a signing. Worse yet, the most unprofessional thing you can do if have your two year old screaming when you answer the phone. What typical moms do is to let their two year old scream during a critical business call, not apologize, and not go into a quieter room. The result is that they lose a lot of critical business. It’s unprofessional and grossly inconsiderate. Just because you like screaming doesn’t mean that others do.

Ideally, you should have another family member who is dependable watch your baby while you go out at night to do signings. But, I’ll leave that up to you. Being a mom is a full-time job, so unless you have part-time help, you cannot be a part-time Notary (or Mom-tary)


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October 26, 2016

Most loan documents haven’t changed since the 80’s

Most Mortgage loan documents haven’t changed since the 80’s. Which ones would you change? With the advent of the Closing disclosure, the HUD and the Truth in Lending were eliminated. But, did that really improve the loan industry? It’s the same information in a different form. Personally, I liked it better the old way. The music was better in the 80’s as well, but that’s a different story (or song).

Then we have Deeds of Trust. Each one is a different length. They range from two pages to 54 pages. Wouldn’t it be easier if there were a standardized length for a Deed of Trust. And who is going to sit and read all 54 pages and actually understand it.

Next, the 1003 always has wrong information in it. Shouldn’t it be required by law to double check your work if you work in a Mortgage or Title house?

The Signature Affidavit is another document I don’t like. If you have a legal name, you should use that name on all of your documents. It’s too complicated if you keep changing your name around with variations. Mathematicians like to have a single name for an entity. The minute you have multiple names it becomes difficult to identify that entity especially if writing computer programming code. Personally, if your last name is a common name like Smith, Gonzalez, or Hussein, you should definitely use a middle initial. But, life is easier with email addresses. A single email address cannot be assigned to more than one person. Personally, I think that the government should make us have an official registered email address that they patrol for spam. That way, we can be reached without having to go to the mail box. Times are changing, but our government and loan brokers are not.

The Flood Disclosure is another document that I find funny. I think it would be ironic if you spilled your Pepsi on a flood disclosure of all of the documents in the stack.

Speaking of irony, hairstyles have gotten shorter since the 80’s, but loan document packages seem to have gotten longer — and with more fax backs.

I think that loans need to be simpler and that the government should step in and have some standards. But, in the mean time, we’ll do what we can. Let us know if there are any changes to loan documents that you recommend.


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October 25, 2016

Do you feel disenchanted with the Notary signing agent profession?

Are you feeling let down, disenchanted, hopeless, or broken hearted about the signing agent profession? Are the big Notary agencies not supporting you in what you feel you need to stay afloat and do well? To be truthful, the industry has changed, and there are more Notaries, less jobs, and lower pay. But, the basic skills you need as a signing agent have not changed. You need a good knowledge of your documents, Notary law, and basic scheduling and business skills.

Don’t depend on one Notary agency for all of your knowledge or support. Rather, create a resource pool. Choose several companies to be your support system. One might have a good hotline while the other might be better at email support. You might like one or two of the forums out there to research signing company reviews. You might like the courses from a particular agency, or perhaps you might want to take two or three signing agent courses to become solid in your knowledge (recommended.)

Here are our recommendations for the best Notary resources

FORUM — Look up signing company reviews while you are talking to them on your iphone using 123notary.com/s
Advertising — 123notary is the premiere spot for notary advertising, especially for highly experienced Notaries.
Courses — 123notary has easy to understand and afforable signing agent courses
Resources — visit our resource page to find our demand letter from hell which will get you paid — almost guaranteed.

Excellent for supplies
Great technical hotline
Highly Recommended Background Checks

Their signing agent course produces very respectable results as the knowledge level of their graduates is excellent.

Great for beginners. The average knowledge level on this site is low and so is the pay. But, if you are a beginner, this set up is suitable for you in the mean time.

Advertising — this is a great site to advertise your Notary services for new and experienced signing agents alike.
Forum — their forum has more cumulative data than any other, although the volume slowed down last year
Supplies — E&O insurance and Notary Suppies are also offered by NotaryRotary

That’s all for now. So, use the resources available to you and I think you’ll find it’s more than enough to keep you in great shape!


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October 24, 2016

3 reasons you need a Notary website

As Notaries, people are always looking for ways to get more work. Unfortunately, some of those ways are time consuming, expensive or demeaning. As a Notary, you don’t actually need a website. However, a well designed and informative web site will make you look good, and will get you more work. There are several ways how it will get you more work.

1. If you link your website to directory listings on 123notary, NotaryRotary, Snapdocs, etc., people browsing for Notaries will compare you to the other Notaries and will fancy you if you have a nice looking site. That makes you look more serious than the competition — unless you have a horrible looking webpage (not web site) that hasn’t been updated in nine years in which case it might make you look worse.

2. If your website is optimized for local keywords such as Pasadena Notary, Notary Pasadena, Notary in Pasadena, etc., you might attract a lot of traffic from the web.

3. You can put your website link on your business card and get some traffic. That way people will be able to get an impression about you and your service before calling you.

However, websites are very expensive to create, host and maintain. So, unless you are married to the Notary profession, I recommend against a website.

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October 23, 2016

Where can I find a Japanese speaking Notary?

How can I find a Japanese speaking Notary?
How do I find a Japanese speaking Notary?
123notary.com has many bilingual Notaries on file, many of whom speak Japanese. Please be advised that we have many more Spanish speaking Notaries than Japanese speaking Notaries. However, if you look up a Notary by zip code on our advanced search page and then use the language filter at the top right of the page, you can see if there are any Japanese speaking Notaries in the area.

How can I get a Japanese language document notarized?
Some states require that the Notary Public understand the contents of the document. If a document is in Japanese, then some states would require the Notary to be able to read the document in Japanese, etc. Other states require that the Notary speak the language of the signer so that they could have direct communication without the necessity of a translator.

How do I get a Japanese language document notarized?
How do you get a Japanese document notarized? On 123notary.com, you can find Notaries in any state that can notarize any type of document for you including foreign language documents. Just visit the advanced search page and look up by zip code.

California requires direct communication
In California, the Notary must be able to communicate directly with the signer. So, if the signer only speaks Japanese, please make sure your Notary speaks impeccable Japanese.

Immigration Questions
Notaries are not permitted to assist or advise in immigration matters unless they are specifically authorized to do so. Please direct your immigration questions to the proper authorities.

Notaries are generally not Attorneys
Please do not confuse the office of Notary Public with powers associated with Attorneys. In Latin America, a Notario Publico has an elevated position that is similar in many ways to being an Attorney, while in the United States, Notaries can only notarize documents, give Oaths, and not give legal advice. So, please direct your legal questions to a licensed Attorney.

Drafting Documents
Please do not rely on a Notary to draft your documents for you. Notaries are generally not authorized to draft legal documents or advise you on how to draft them. Please have a legal support center or Attorney draft your documents before calling a Notary.

Find a Notary on 123notary.com!
Just visit the advanced search page on 123notary.com and look up by city, county, or zip code. Then, use the language filter at the top right of the search results to filter your results.

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October 22, 2016

2016 Companies That Will Hire New Signing Agents

Here are some companies that typically hire new notaries. We published a similar list a few years ago and removed companies that have slowed down and added SnapDocs as they are a source of revenue to newer Notaries. As a new notary, your primary responsibility to yourself is to get some experience under your belt. Don’t be too picky about how much you pay or how pleasant it is to work for some of these companies. The outfits that typically will hire newbies low-ball, require fax-backs, and micromanage you to the point of exasperation. But, tolerate this, because that is how you pay your dues and get your experience. Once you have 1000 signings under your belt, the higher paying Title companies will start to take you more seriously.

Companies that hire new signing agents:


Express Notary


Global Notary


Mortgage Connect

Nations Direct

Notary Direct

SnapDocs — a directory specializing in new signing agents

Skye Closings

The Closer, LLC

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