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October 31, 2016

Safety Deposit Box Openings

Believe it or not, a Notary in New York is authorized to perform Safety Deposit Box Openings. Yes, if you are a New York Notary, you can get paid to witness a Safety Deposit Box Opening. You would be required to take an inventory of the contents of the box. Sometimes a bank has to terminate a safety deposit box because someone died, etc. In such a case, a Notary is necessary to make sure everything id documented correctly. It sounds like a fun task if you like going to banks.

I don’t know what they can charge for such an act though. It involves driving, parking, waiting, and performing a simple clerical task. In my opinion, a job like this should be billed at $40 for travel, a dollar a minute waiting time paid up front in 20 minute increments, as well as $10 for the actual paperwork for performing the safety deposit box opening.

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New York Notary income is the highest


December 3, 2011

New York Notary income is the highest!

New York Notary Income is one of the highest in the country. 

Notary Public NYC:
If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.
There is a lot of truth to this statement, especially in the notary profession.  Manhattan notaries are the best educated and most aggressive in the nation.  The notary with the most reviews on his profile is a New York Notary Public in NYC. The notary with the highest amount of clicks is also an NYC Notary Public (the same person by chance).  It is not a coincidence that the notary with the most reviews also gets the most clicks and the most jobs.  If you don’t have reviews, nobody wants to hire you, so the jobs go to people who are already getting the most jobs. It’s feast or famine and the notaries in NYC understand this. 
Notary Public New York: More elite certified notaries.
If you look on our NYC Notary search results, you will see more elite certified members than on any other page in the country.  There seems to be a greater drive to excel in Manhattan than anywhere else in the world.  Manhattan is a place where you have to fight just to cross the street, so trying harder is just a part of life for NYC notaries.  Life is a jungle over there.
More clicks
Notaries in Manhattan are getting more than triple the national average for clicks per capita.  If you are in Iowa and not getting enough jobs, consider moving to Manhattan. There is a lot of work to go around there.  Surprisingly, there are fewer notaries per capita in New York City than in most other cities.  I am not sure why this is.  Getting around by car is harder in New York City than in any other metro area, and that might be part of the reason.  But, you can take a cab to your notary appointment or take the subway — it’s not a crime.  Just put some mace in your notary carry all bag, you might need it if you go out at night!
$2 per signature, how do you make money?
If you are efficient and fast, $2 per signature is not bad. Just make sure your clients don’t ramble and just produce a document and an ID and are ready to sign your journal. $2 is not enough to listen to someone’s life story.  Fortunately for the notaries in NYC, New Yorkers talk faster (more words per minute) than other parts of the country, and have less time to jabber, so the process should be quick unless you get someone retired.  But, you can make a mint in travel fees. There is no restriction on travel fees, so if someone will pay you $60 to go to their office, and $120 to go to a jail, then do it.  Reliable notaries are worth this fee to many, and you will get many repeat clients.

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January 13, 2011

Notary Ambulance

There was a Notary in New York who wanted to be important. He was always overlooked. The only think people wanted was a $2 notarization. How are you supposed to survive in New York on $2 even if you do a few dozen Notary acts per day? He did loan signings and got the usual fee, but wanted something more. He thought for days about this perplexing problem and then came up with something. If he could get to his appointments earlier, then he could do more work every day, and maybe even get respect.

So, the Notary drove around and thought. The more he drove the more he thought and the more he thought the more he drove until it came to him. An ambulance was behind him and in a huge hurry. He saw through his rear view mirror the words Ambulance. Hmmm. The Notary had an idea. He would write the word NOTARY on a sign on his roof in mirror image writing so when someone saw it in their rear view mirror, they would know to get out of his way. There was only one thing he was lacking — a siren. This Notary didn’t want to get locked up. If you use a siren, that might be considered impersonating an emergency vehicle which might mean jail time. So, this Notary practiced doing verbal sirens.

Finally the day came when his Notary sign was complete, and he had perfected his siren impression which he learned to do by attending a comedy workshop. Yes, the same comedy workshop that sponsered the hit series, Notary Suicide Hotline. He was ready to go out into the world. So, he drove down the streets of New York, he did his siren. Everybody ignored him. The only people who paid attention were ones who laughed and made wise cracks about his funny looking sign and funny looking old car. Oh well. This Notary tried, and failed. But, at least he used his creativity!

But, then one day, he was driving along, and someone saw his sign in his rear view mirror. That person pulled up next to him and said, “Hey, I need a Notary… what do you charge?” He said he had a $50 minimum for traveling gigs. Well, this customer wanted to only pay $2 per signature, but had 1000 signatures, and would pay $100 each fifty signatures, and would pay in cash in advance. The Notary had struck it rich. The Notary went to the job, got paid cash, and laughed his way to the bank.

So, the moral of the story is, if you try different creative approaches to solving business problems, you never know what will happen!


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