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March 30, 2019

Jersey Shores Notary

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A Notary was asked to notarize on camera in Jersey Shores. One of the girls decided to get a Notary Tattoo on her rear end, and wanted to have it notarized. So after a one hour drive in traffic, the Notary finally got to the set. The girl showed the Notary her tattoo of a Notary seal. The Notary said that he could not notarize a tattoo, but only a signature.

So, the girl had to call the tattoo artist and have a signature tattooed once again on her rear end. But, the Notary said, “Stop, you need the signature to be on a document.” So, the girl said, “No problem, I’ll have him create a document on my rear end.”

This girl’s rear end wasn’t big enough for much of a document. Perhaps one of those banking power of attorney documents because those are on card stock and smaller. But, not a full size document, and definitely not a legal document.

GIRL: Don’t worry, there’s nothing legal about my tush.

NOTARY: Allright already. Let’s get on with this. So, what am I doing?

GIRL: You’re going to notarize my tattoo.

NOTARY: I can notarize a statement about your tattoo, but not the tattoo.

GIRL: God, you’re just like all the other Notaries.

NOTARY: Yeah, that’s because we are governed by the same laws. Maybe you should find a notary who doesn’t follow the law.

GIRL: But, wouldn’t that be (pause) illegal?

NOTARY: Duh!!! But, since you have a notary seal on your tuchus, why not notarize something yourself using that seal.

GIRL: Now you’re talking!

So, another afternoon at Jersey Shores takes place. Luckily for the Notary, the girl was not the one responsible for paying him. He got cash from a director, and was off on his way.


March 29, 2019

He stopped advertising with us because he got too much business?

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I rarely have situations like this. But, once in a while I call one of the more seasoned Notaries and they don’t want to advertise for various reasons. It takes a long time in this business to get so much business that you don’t need to advertise. Normally those people have been doing this at least fifteen years before they are in that type of situation. Yes folks, it does take a long time to get established as a Notary Public. I only was a signing agent for six years, so I never got fully established.

In any case, when I called this person, he said that he used to be a corporate executive vice president of a corporation. He quit his job to become a Notary Public. He got so much business from our site that he couldn’t advertise any more because he couldn’t handle all of the calls.

However, business dropped so much in the last year, that he wanted to continue advertising and I was able to sell him an upgrade. He still gets lots of work, but from people who don’t pay him enough and he wants to attract some higher paying clients. Don’t we all? In any case, it was nice to get such a serous and fun client back. But, I am amazed that in 2018 he is getting six or more jobs per day, almost every day?

If you want to know a good background for being a successful mobile notary, try being a vice president of a business. That will make you sharp on being business-like. He also gave me the oddest compliment. He liked that I spoke in complete sentences which made me start to wonder…. Do other people use partial sentences? Don’t know. Doesn’t matter. Never thought about that.

In any case, if you want to get too much business, advertise on 123notary. But… make sure you have reviews. Reviews are a magnet on any site to get more positive attention.


March 28, 2019

A talk with a Corporate Executive turned Notary about the future of signing co’s.

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Yesterday, (not yesterday based on when this article was published, but yesterday based on when it was written which is probably a few months before it got published) I had a great talk with a Notary in Florida. This guy was an ex corporate executive vice president who decided to become a Notary Public and do loan signings.

He left his career to do what we do? Why?
Now, the only thing that went through my mind was why would you leave your $300,000 per year (or possibly much more than that) to be a Notary? Notaries don’t get paid well. But, then he told me about all the jobs he does. He is also upset that the pay has gone down. But, he gets six to eleven jobs per day every days. So, he is making around $1000 per day of work which is about $24,000 per month and perhaps $300,000 per year. Actually, come to think of it, he left the high pressure life of executing making $300K per year to make $300K per year for a job with less pressure. Maybe that is not such a bad thing after all.

There won’t be signing companies in the future.
But, what he said about signing companies was interesting. He followed all of the mergers and acquisitions in the signing company business. He said that companies don’t normally merge unless they are not getting enough business. He also said that there was no need for their service as Title prefers to source Notaries directly. And with Snapdocs it is so easy to do that. With all of the competition out there, Snapdocs, and direct sourcing, he says there won’t be much of a niche for signing companies. If I heard that from a regular notary, I would take it with a grain of salt (perhaps Epsom salt), but from him with his business background I take it more seriously.

So, if there are less signing companies that means there will be more title work, higher wages, and less room for beginners. Will we really see this opposite swing in the industry? I have no idea. Interest rates will eventually have to fall. I am waiting for this so I can make more money.

My next worst nightmare is if Google creates self-signing loans (like self-driving cars.) Not sure how that would work technically, but the concept scares me.

After I was through talking to him I called a Notary service called, Gillette Notary Service — for a closer and smoother notarization every time. At Gillette, they don’t give discounts, instead they shave a tiny bit off the price. What do you expect. They also give you an after-notarization lotion with their company logo on it so you don’t forget them.

Jeremy’s Opinion
I think signing companies are here to stay. They have been around for a long time. They fill a niche. They typically do not hire very good Notaries, but nobody cares unless someone screws up. If they weren’t needed, they would have disappeared long time ago. It seems that they have already become a rare commodity and that this corporate notary’s opinion is more of a historical fact than a premonition. But, we’ll see. My last article about new signing companies had two or three dozen based on the last year. We used to have that many per month. My point proven! My main issue is maintaining a great directory and making sure that the serious Notaries get work. Quality is my main concern and after calling my top people tonight, I would say we have pretty good quality in the top rungs.


March 27, 2019

Snapdocs… racially disproportionate

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Have you ever noticed on Snapdocs, that in New York, Maryland and down South it is 80% black? America is 14% black, the signing agent profession, more like 20%, but in South Carolina on SnapDocs more like 85%. It is just very interesting how disproportionate this industry can be. All I have to say is, “Who’s the minority now?”

This is not a reality through any doing of Snapdocs. They are just doing their job allowing nature to take its course. And there is nothing wrong with this disparity unless you are scalping tickets for an Elton John concert in which case you might have trouble. But, what if you were wearing an “I voted for Trump” shirt? Then, you would start having even more problems unless those people are part of the 8% who voted for Trump. Obama talked about the top 1%, but with Trump, it’s the 8%. Jokes aside, I find this disproportionate search result to be very interesting.


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March 26, 2019

Testimonial from Viki Konstan

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Thank you for your feedback. I strive on a daily basis to continually learn (including advanced learning) more about loan signing, general notary work and tricks of the trade.

I enjoy reading your blog posts, which I consider the best notary blog on the net.


Bostonians visit Los Angeles and describe their visit

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Try to imagine this monologue in a thick South Boston or Dorchester accent.

Yeahr I went to Los Angeles to visit my Bruthuh last week. But, while I was theya, I decided to get some important business done.

I stahted the day by visiting Dr. Mahtinez in Culva City to get a Cancuh screening done. Aftah it was ovah, he said I didn’t have a single cancuh cell in my entiyah buody! I was so relieved. He said to come back and see him in five yeyus. So, afta that, I went to Griffith Pahk for a walk before I went to one of those fancy schmancy lawr-offices in Bevuhly Hills. It was my Bruthuh’s Idear to do that. The lawr-office wasn’t that fancy, but I had a great cherry mocha down the street from them which I will nevuh fuhget.

Afta that, I got on the highway to go back to Diamond Bah. It was bumpah-ta-bumpah the whole way. The 60 was a pahking luot. I was stuck theyah for a wicked luong time. It was two houwiz but it felt like furevah.

If you evah go from Griffith Pahk ta Diamond Bah, whatevah you do, don’t take the 60. You might as well just camp out and wait until 8:30 when it lightens up.


A testimonial about us from Marcie

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I look forward to every email you send me. It’s like like a subscription to a favorite Magazine for me. I think your funny, honest, point on in your observation of our industry and your sarcasm cracks me up. I could go on and on but you probably get a 100 of these types of emails a day.
Thanks for making a dry kinda job enjoyable.
Marcie Charles

Here’s another one from the same lady
I can’t get enough of your posts and emails. Jeremy…. Please transfer all of this into a book, you are incredible… We need people like you who are NOT afraid to speak their mind. Thank you!!!

A third one from Marcie
I just want you to know that I’m a better notary because of you and ask if your vast knowledge…. If you only knew how much you have improved me as a mobile notary and signing agent. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Jeremy. What you do every day makes the rest of us who want to learn, want to improve, want to be the best we can be… It’s all thanks to you.


March 25, 2019

What makes a p#10 preferential listing do well on 123notary?

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Many people purchase preferential listings from us. They are cost effective and a great way to start out. But, some of these listings do well while others do not. Why?

Test Scores
Preferential listings are all subjected to Jeremy’s quiz (which nobody likes except for a few nerdy Notaries.) I used to do the test by phone, but this caused too much stress to all parties involved. So, now I do it by email which tests not only knowledge, but how fast you answer emails — if at all. Notaries who did well with preferential listings typically had above average test scores, but did not have high test scores — you could say the average score was mediocre plus. Average unfortunately is failing these days with the lack of emphasis on education. Preferential listings that did not do well typically did not respond to my quiz email or failed. So, yes, education and skill still matters and if you think you can succeed by winging it because nobody cares — you are wrong!

The average preferential listing that got above average clicks had an average of about four reviews compared to zero or one with the unsuccessful listings. So, you do not need dozens of reviews, but you need a new one once every six months or so to do well.

People who hire Notaries want experience. But, Notaries sometimes lie about their experience. The preferential listings that performed well typically showed about 4000 loans signed compared to an average of 1500 for the less popular listings. So, having a lot of experience is not enough. You need more than a lot. FYI, the highest placed listings needed more like 6000 loans to do well because it is more competitive at the top. To get more experience, you need to say yes more, and work for people who are not that nice, and micromanage too much and don’t pay well. In the long run, your experience and knowledge is your gold. So study and get more jobs under your belt.

24/7 and Owl Icons
Preferential listings that do well offer late night service more times than not. Offering convenience helps a lot.

Preferential listings that did well typically have a well written notes section. Those that don’t perform well half the time don’t have a good notes section or any notes section. What you say about yourself and how you say it matters more than you think. Pay more attention to your notes section.

If you want a quick way to make your preferential listing do better, study from Notary Public 101 on our blog (which is free and very popular), ask people you have worked for for reviews and email them a link to your review page. Write a better notes section and ask for help if you need any. Additionally, consider offering service until 10:30pm so you can get an owl icon. Offering a more expansive list of specialties including hospitals, jails, and more types of loans not to mention last minute service can really help too. There are many things you can do to boost your business within 30 days. Why not do all of those things?


March 24, 2019

Feast or famine in the Notary industry

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For Notaries out there it is feast or famine.

Notary Cafe is a prime example of this. They publish stats on who is getting jobs and how many how recently. It is normally about 7% of the notaries give or take who are completely monopolizing the business while the others are going hungry. I guess people want to hire the good Notaries and forget the rest.

Our Facebook posts are the same. Certain posts get all the publicity while others get ignored.

On 123notary, the Notaries who are doing everything right get tons of business. But, how do we convince the newer Notaries how to get reviews, brush up their notes, and get certified? Few people listen, but those who do often prosper.

I just wonder what would happen if the industry picked up. Would companies have higher standards for Notaries and also pay more? Would the work be more equally spread out? Unfortunately, the way this business works, 1% of the notaries are experts, another 2% are not bad, 10% are somewhat reasonable, and the rest get a D or F. These are bad odds and create a type of pyramid where only the top of the pyramid gets lots of work and everybody else complains that they are not getting what they deserve. But, if you are a D or F, how much can you possibly deserve. Getting work at all is amazing if you don’t have solid industry related knowledge.


A list of things you probably forgot to put in your notes section

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Most Notaries write a notes section for their listing on 123notary. However, many do not know what to write. Here are some things you should write about. Take this as a check list.

Write about the types of loans or documents you know how to sign. Write about the type of work you did before you were a Notary or what distinguishes your experience as a notary. How many loans as well as how many years would also help the reader get an idea of what type of experience you have. Read more by clicking the link below…

Additional Information
Your certifications, courses taken, E&O, background screening, etc., Don’t forget to write about this because people do care.

If you have special equipment, portable printers, scanners, fax machines, inverters, etc., people want to read about this. But, don’t put it up top as this is supplemental information. Experience and selling features go up top.

Special Skills
Are you bilingual? Do you visit hospitals or jails? How about a wide radius? Are you on the white glove list somewhere? Do you take credit cares or square? Put this up top as it is a selling feature.

Areas Covered
Your radius, counties or cities covered go at the bottom and there are 12 boxes to put your counties covered which includes your home county. We discourage putting zip codes as the list gets very long and messy and nobody wants to read it.

About You
This is the most misunderstood aspect of notes writing. Most people cannot write about themselves other than a long string of adjectives. Any idiot can write about how responsible and reliable they are and the more they claim these adjectives the less true I find them to be. However, describing yourself with specific facts is more helpful as well as credible. The fact you have an MBA, worked with the elderly at a nursing home for ten years or are ex-military are real facts about you. The fact you triple check your work and have your local FedEx stations memorized is fact vs. fluff.

Catchy Phrases
It is hard for most people to write a catchy phrase, but it can really pay off. People are bored with reading 1000 notes sections that all seem very similar. It sometimes looks like the same person wrote all of the notes sections on Notary Rotary… “I am reliable, background screened and have 50,000 E&O. I have signed many loans and do a lot of refinances.” After you see this a few thousand times you start seeing double. Put something unique and organized for a change. We wrote a few articles (that I linked below) on catchy phrases in notes sections and you should read those.

Buzzwords to avoid

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