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April 6, 2021

What should we write about on our blog?

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Friends, Notaries, and Countrymen, lend me your ears, and stamps. Cancel the stamps – that would be illegal. I need ideas of what you guys want me to write about. I have been writing for this blog for twelve years with some significant help from Andy, Ken and Carmen who passed on in 2020. Perhaps she can help from the brighter world, I’ll ask.

Basically, I am having less things to say about the industry. Anything I wanted to talk about I either already discussed in detail, or don’t know enough about such as the whole RON phenomenon (which rhymes.)

I can try to judge what sparks your interest by virtue of what you comment on or what is talked about on Notary Rotary or Facebook. But, honestly things have changed.

Our forum and Facebook used to be full of commentary. Mostly polite, some rude, but people had lots of things to say. That was because in those days most Notaries in the business had been around the block for some time. Now, we have mostly new people on 123notary. The old people quit, died, or stopped their commentary because they slowed down. The newer people are more serious about getting multiple certifications which is excellent, but have less to say.

If you would like to comment on this post, please keep in mind that I read the comments based on when they were submitted and not which blog they are in reference to, so please format your comment as follows.

“I would like it if you would write about XYZ”
Then I will know what article it is in reference to and how to interpret the comment.

I read all of the blog comments. I put the spam ones in spam, the rude or irrelevant ones in the trash, and keep the good ones. I even write more blog articles based on interesting comments of which there are a few per month. Your comments are appreciated — please consider writing one to this post.


April 4, 2021

Hiring blog writers for 123notary and how it rarely works

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Bloggers contact me daily with generic sounding emails about how they could help me with “content creation.” They always use the cutting edge industry terms for social media, but fail to realize that they know nothing about cutting edge topics that catch the attention of Notaries.

When these people submit sample articles to us, those articles have nothing that would be interesting or relevant to Notaries who read our materials.

On a brighter note, my comedy writer Andy knows how to come up with ideas that the people like. Ken Edelstein has now retired. I’m not sure if he will be writing any more for us, but he at least has a good track record of catching the attention of Notaries with riveting posts.

I was referred to a lady named Natalie who had excellent creative talent and a great personality. She came up with two posts. But, she got sidetracked by silly things like having a career and became too busy to do anything for me.

So, it seems futile at best to try to find new writers. I’m sure they are out there, but is it worth my time to try people out unless they show evidence of being very tuned into what I need?


March 12, 2021

I took a social media and news break to lift my mood

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During this turbulent time, chaos abounds, Notaries are making bank, and many are depressed.

I am very depressed these days. This article was written in late 2020, a few months before it was published by the way. I have never been that happy, but it is much worse now due to the external environment taking a turn for the worse with chaos, stores closed, and so much clash between people.

I read somewhere that it is good to take a media break. I thought this would help. I decided to listen to more music online and history documentaries. I saw great stuff on youtube about ancient Egypt and got to know Johann Sebastian Bach in a new way during my media break. I’m on a first name basis with him, except he prefers his middle name since his brothers were also named Johann. Germans — what do you expect?

This media break was not absolute. I just cut it down by 70%. The problem is that when I leave the house, I see the same closures, masks, and all people talk about is how the leftists and the conservatives are insane, unreasonable and polarized. We argue about whether Covid-19 restrictions are too much or not enough. And we wonder if the economy will ever come back. The fact is that news or no news, we are still part of society unless we go live in the tundra in Alaska — and if society is sick, we are affected by that sickness no matter what type of media we tune into. The harpsichord suites by Jean-Phillipe Rameau were a real treat though.

Taking longs walks in Joshua Tree and other hiking destinations is helpful. That gets me separated from society. And so does meditation. But, I cannot divorce myself from the world I live in. It affects me no matter what I do.

I tried to cut myself off from the more toxic elements of life. Whole Foods used to be a nice place to shop daily, but they became a nagging gulag with endless stupid and annoying rules. I get in a bad mood every time I go there so I am boycotting them for a second time. Ralphs supermarket is almost identical to how it was pre-Covid other than reduced people and facemasks. No nagging or lines or anything. I am just trying to develop new routines to keep myself sane and happy. It is not working, but at least I am trying. What I really need is a massage. Hopefully soon I will be able to.

My media break helped a little, but it doesn’t change the fact that I live in a toxic world. For Hindus who say that you can’t change the world, you can only change yourself — it is hard to change yourself to deal with a toxic world. The toxicity doesn’t end and it doesn’t stop effecting you no matter how hard you meditate.

So, for now, hang in there. I hope I can hang in there too.


February 5, 2021

Forum – i’m able to change passwords

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Dear Notaries,
Previously, I was not aware of the change password function. Our password retrieval for the forum is not functioning and I have no access to passwords. I tried removing profiles and adding them back. But, now I know how to change a password. It does not always work though.

I can also input a false email address or email address and add an extra number or letter to sign you up. since the password retrieval system is broken anyway, your email address doesn’t have to be correct. I had to do this yesterday because the system said someone’s email was already in use, but I couldn’t find it in the system, so I had to improvise. Yes, it’s complicated.

If you want to get on the forum and need help, let me know. Email me.


December 9, 2020

Best posts on the forum

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Our forum is a little bit quiet, so let me post what is going on. Let us know if you need help registering. I am sometimes able to modify passwords, so let me know if you need help with your forum registration which is DIFFERENT from your listing login credentials.

eSignatures, eNotarizations, RON, vs. iClose

Thanks for keeping it real 123notary

Which eNotary platform do you recommend or use?

LSS or Notary2Pro, which is better?

A list of types of signings. Did I forget any that are worth listing?

How long will business be booming?

Carmen taught me more than any of my classes

She became a RON but didn’t like it

Do you feel safe going to someone’s house in a pandemic?


December 5, 2020

NNA’s Facebook page has been off the hook since November

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For a long time, perhaps years, Facebook pages for Notaries have been dead other than the private discussion forums which seem to be where the buzz is these days. But, I was just on NNA’s Facebook and they are having questions for the visitors to answer and getting a lot of interaction. The interaction is not just on one or two posts, but on many. So, this is a good sign that the industry is finally turning around!

I have someone really good managing our Facebook page. We have many members, but the Buzz has declined although it is picking up a little.


August 23, 2020

Twitter & Notaries

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I love Twitter. I always have. But, the Notary content on Twitter is horrible. Notaries have so little to say, and so few use Twitter. I like Stuart Berman’s notary profile. He has inspiring quotes and notary advertising. Some other Notaries talk about the voting controversies that involve whether or not Notaries are needed to notarize absentee ballots. A few publish ads about their service or talk about personal things.

But, why is there absolutely no interesting notary content? I publish interesting links, but get little response. And then I publish my commentary about current affairs which gets a huge response.

I would like my experience on Twitter to be more Notary oriented, but if you guys have nothing interesting to say, then Twitter will have little good Notary content. Twitter is only as interesting as you make it as a group. So please make it interesting.


June 14, 2020

123notary’s emergency server migration

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On Friday at about 2am on June 5th I got a call from our server people in Missouri. I recognized the number and decided to answer. They told me that they tried to update a patch on our operating system, but couldn’t get the site up and running again. I asked what to do. They told me that their technical expert recommended getting on a new server. Unfortunately, that is not so easy.

We were already working with programming on migrating to a new server. We needed more disk space, more memory, and especially a more modern operating system. Our Microsoft 2008 system no longer had maintenance, and the danger from hacking was growing stronger. But, I had no idea that our server would crash.

I normally sleep during the day and work in the afternoon and evening. But, I went without sleep on Friday for the most part. I had to get in touch with a critical person at hosting and go over a quote for a new server. I had tried to communicate and get a quote by email, but the critical contact person was impossible to get information from. How frustrating. In any case, I got my quote for the server set up I wanted. It has the right amount of extra storage, memory, and a 2016 operating system which is what the company was best set up to maintain.

They said they needed up to 24 hours to create the server environment. Programming needed 25 hours to do their end of the bargain. But, how many days would this take? That is 49 hours of labor plus coordinating from one company to the other. People need to sleep, and what if there were delays.

We were down until Friday the 12th at around noon. So, it was about 7.5 days. Carmen and I were getting very anxious. I didn’t know if my current data was safe or whether I would have to revert to older data from a few days ago. I didn’t know if things would take forever. What if there was a problem once the site was online.

To my happy surprise, there were only a few small programming issues. Notaries would not be able to login until that got fixed which I assume will be anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, but you never know.

In any case, that Friday the 5th when the site crashed — I couldn’t sleep and was a wreck when I got up around noon. I had to walk to acupuncture, get to the health food store for some green juice and then go home. I was juice fasting. I was weak. I was afraid. I tried to be patient and do other things I needed to do. I did laundry that I had been procrastinating. I did my tax deductions which is a huge endeavor for me as I love to put it off. The good news is that once my taxes were 90% done, the site came back on and there were very few problems. What a relief.

The panic was about — what if I lose my business? That couldn’t happen… or could it? What would my life be like? On Sunday the 7th I went to the beach in Malibu at night — just like freshly unemployed people do in the movies. I went to ask what is life all about as I watched the waves endlessly come in. What would I do? What would Carmen do? Would she lose her house? God! What a horrible thought. I was more worried about her than me. Would I start another business in this Covid19 world? No. I would first lose as much weight as possible and get my health in good shape.

So, no data was lost. The site is fine. Carmen is fine. I am fine. And our customers are fine, but a bit annoyed with all the downtime. This problem was completely beyond any of our control. It was a server crash. In 20 years operating 6 sites, I have never seen anything like this. But, it happened, we had backup, and we survived. And I am not sure how long I will feel traumatized by what happened. I had a bad car breakdown in 2018. It took almost a year and a half to get over it. Every time I drove down Sunset in Palisades I would get nervous. I am over it now. No more anxiety driving down that road. I just hope my server crash anxiety will go away soon. Those seven days of downtime were hard. I wanted to cry during much of it. Just wanted to share my thoughts.


March 28, 2020

Facebook policies about politics, and controversial issues

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I have had a little bit of trouble with Facebook over the years. It seems they think it is their right to stifle my American freedoms such as freedom of press.

We published an article with a tarot card. This got flagged since the card had several figures in it one of which was a naked doll that had no genitals. This is not offensive and does not contain any private parts, yet was arbitrarily banned. This is censorship, and similar to what is done in communist countries. I feel my rights have been stepped on.

Then, if I write anything about Trump, positive, negative or just commentary, it can get blocked by Facebook. Even photos of the white house can get banned.

All of this unnecessary heavy handed control tactics are very left-wing, are damaging to my click through rates, and also make me feel repressed or oppressed. I love my government, and my government is not doing any repression. Private businesses led by people with intolerant political points of view are undermining my basic human rights. Not fair. Facebook is a utility and should not hamper my freedom of expression.

I just wonder if the government will ever crack down on them.

However, I have another solution. Leave it to the user to set a filter. If they want to see any type of post, then fine. If they want to filter out political, right wing, moderate, or left wing oriented posts, race oriented posts, or whatever else bothers them — let them filter it themselves rather than having Facebook just ban all types of things.

Society has really changed and the new generation doesn’t seem to have American values or traditional values anymore. Hmmm.


March 27, 2020

If you get the newsletter, but don’t open it…

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Our newsletter email provider sent me some notices saying that my open rate was too low for the newsletter. That would affect if my newsletter made it to the inbox for many of my subscribers. So, it is imperative that I improve my open rates.

What I did was to work on having more compelling titles to subject lines. I also removed a lot of subscribers from the newsletter list if they had not opened anything in four months.

So, if you get our newsletter, please open the emails and click on at least one article. That way we can keep sending it to you. And we will try to keep making the newsletter as interesting as possible as well.


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