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June 30, 2013

A california notary writes about her Fedex Cut-off

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I was browsing through notary notes sections on a Monday night. It was late, and I had arrived home after meditation. My regular taco truck was not in its regular location, so I had to get my tacos at my other favorite place — the place with the three chili hot sauce. It isn’t really that hot, but very flavorful.

So, I perused dozens of listings. Most just were fluff, and were very wordy without saying much that anyone would want to use to hire them. Sure you take it seriously, and sure you get the job done professionally. Sure, I believe the Sacramento notary who claimed to have had done 20,000 error-free signings. Fluff. Sure I believe the notary in San Joaquin who claims to be dependable and reliable even though she never answers her phone!

But, then I read a young lady’s notes section. I can’t remember her exact location, but I believe she is from San Jose or Santa Cruz. She was very specific in a few unusual ways. She mentioned that the Fedex cut-off for her local station was 8:30pm. That is a very late cut-off and actually good to know. It was very thoughtful of her to write this.

There is a California notary who is paying attention — this is proof.

Remember — specifics and uniqueness sell. This FedEx statistic she gave is both specific and very unique information considering that nobody else has ever written this.

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June 29, 2013

Tips for looking like a novice

If you are a novice that has been a notary for 10 years, but didn’t do much in those ten years. Just write that you were a notary for ten years.

If you have signed 20,000 loans in ten years, then it is suicide to mention that you have been a notary for ten years. People will assume you are hiding the fact that you did absolutely nothing during the ten years of your career. When, in actuality you did tons. Why would you hide what you actually did and replace it with a very evasive statistic?

So, if you are a very seasoned signer who wants to appear as an uneducated notice — mention the YEARS you have been a notary — but be evasive when someone asks you what you have actually signed, or what you actually know. Then, people will be convinced that you are very inexperienced — at least people who deal with notaries a lot will sniff this right away.

As a strategy, put all of the informative parts of your notes section where nobody will ever find it and cover it up with meaningless adjectives of how you are dependable and get the job done. Every notary writes this way, especially inexperienced beginners.

If I get more interest in this topic, I will write a quick course on how to write a notes section like a beginner — and how to hide the fact that you are knowledgeable and experienced.


June 28, 2013

The Notary and the Tragedy

The notary knocked on the door. It was answered by a young woman, she was greeted cordially and invited into the home. From the minute the notary walked in the door, she felt something was eerily and terribly wrong. It was in the air. She could feel it.

There were three women in the house. The borrower, her sister and their mother. The notary was seated and the borrower and the notary began the signing process. The notary noticed that the signer was anxious and seemed nervous. The notary asked the borrower was she alright and did she have a problem with the loan But, the borrower told her that everything was okay and they continued on. But, is was very clear to the notary through the whole process that the borrower was upset about something.

They successfully completed the loan and the notary packed up and went home. She got comfortable and decided to watch a little television. She turned the set on and settled on the news and as she began to watch her interest peaked because they were now talking about a murder. As she began to pay closer attention, she now was in shock. Because now, right before her eyes, were the names and the pictures of her borrower, the sister and the mother. They were reporting to her shock and disbelief that her signer and the sister were shot dead and the mother was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The notary stared at the TV screen thinking. My god, she had just left them at that house. They continued on saying that the older sisters (the borrowers) boyfriend who was an Iraq war veteran was suspected as the shooter. And that the younger sister was pregnant.

At this point all the notary could think of is that she had just left their home, and according to the time line it was probably minutes before the boyfriend had arrived to do his dirty work. She could have been in the midst of all of this and may have lot her life as well. She had known all along that something was terribly wrong in that house and boy was she right. In the end, if the timing had been a little different….She felt she as well could have lost her life! She felt so bad for the three women. It was heartbreaking.

A few weeks later with the police in hot pursuit, the boyfriend shot himself.

What a tragedy this was. The notary was very lucky (blessed) that she had left the home when she did.

Be careful out there! Until next time be safe….


June 27, 2013

One notary included a copy of a testimonial in her notes

Few notaries do this, but if you want to stand out — be different in a good way. One notary included a very compelling copy of a testimonial, included its source, and where the original could be located. That is a very potent sales strategy. Impress them with proof that you are good.

If you say you are good, who will believe you? But, if someone else says you are good, and you can prove it, then you get real credibility.

But, what if you are on the approved list for Title companies. Shouldn’t you mention that? Very few notaries are on the white glove list. That is a huge selling feature. Forget about how dependable you claim to be and focus on REAL selling features that are irrefutable evidence that you rock. Be one of the smarter notaries, use third party credibility!


June 26, 2013

Clarifying vague claims in your notes section

Vague: I am experienced
Better: I have signed a million loans including reverse mortgages, HELOCS, 1st & 2nd mortgages, and Debt Consolidations

Vague: I am dependable
Better: I always confirm the signing from my car. I let them know my ETA and let people know if I am running late (which is not the norm)

Vague: I am meticulous
Better: I always triple check my work and make sure that my stamp is clear, especially on recorded documents.

Vague: I love people
Better: It is so nice to constantly be meeting new people all the time at signings.

Vague: I love animals
Better: I always introduce myself to all of the animals at a house when I do a signing. Animals understand me — and if you don’t believe me then ask them!

Vague: I am detail oriented
Better: I am very particular about where each initial goes, and how it is formed. I like people to put suffixes on their initials such as Jr. or III when applicable just to be thorough.

Vague: I am very professional
Better: I wear business casual to all signings. I introduce myself at the door and NEVER park in the driveway unless requested to by the borrowers. I introduce the documents one by one and show the borrowers all critical information on each one, before we start signing.

Vague: I have a flexible schedule
Satirical: My schedule is very flexible because IT does yoga. I do not do yoga, but my schedule takes regular yoga classes at Bikram, so I can accommodate signings at the oddest of hours.

Better: I am available from 8am to 10pm, but will consider signing after that if given advanced notice and extra financial compensation.

Vague: 10 years of notary experience
Specific: 1000 loans signed (more more informative)

Vague: I have 20 years in the financial industry
Specific: I was a Mortgage Broker for 10 years and a Title Officer for another 10 years.


June 25, 2013

The man who wouldn’t use his middle initial

Once upon a time, there was a man who didn’t want to sign with his middle initial.

This man was very uncomfortable using his middle initial and protested vehemently.

He wanted to use his regular signature to protect himself from identity fraud. He felt that signing in a slightly different way would make him succeptable to identity fraud.

During the initial signing, he was forced against his will to sign with his middle initial. This was during the time when he was doing a purchase on the property. Then, several years later on the refinance signing, the notary explained how he wouldn’t get his money if he didn’t sign with his middle initial.

No initial — No $200,000 — it’s that simple.

So, after a little coaxing, the signer did what the notary asked, and signed using his middle initial, and all went well.

And everyone lived happily ever after

The End!


June 24, 2013

Your documents will be dropped off in a timely fashion

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Listen to the way this notes section reads:

“Your documents will be dropped off in a timely fashion”

It might sound good to you, but there are much better ways of communicating this.

“My local staffed Fedex station has a cut-off of 6:30pm. I can always get afternoon signings into the Fedex station before the cut-off. Evening signings will be dropped off that same night — every time.”

See how much more informative you can be?
Remember, give specifics, and not vague statements.

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June 23, 2013

A notary specializi​ng in DNA Saliva Tests

I remember long time ago during my childhood, I saw a rated R movie called “My beautiful launderette”. A friend of my mother’s was at the same movie and told my mother how HORRIFIED she was that I was at that movie. My question was, if it was so horrifying that I would be there, then WHY WERE YOU THERE?

Putting hypocracy aside, my favorite line from that movie was, “There’s money in muck”. I will always remember that line.

But, DNA Saliva Tests? Where do we draw the line here. How mucky can it get? Can you notarize the results of a saliva test? I am not salivating at the prospect of doing one myelf.

Anyway, if you feel bored, and want to make some extra money, and don’t want to do inspections — consider saliva testing. If you have trouble “swallowing” that idea, then take a wedge of lemon, squeeze it into a tablespoon, drink the contents, and then I think that we both know that you will be ready.

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June 22, 2013

It’s not finger licking good

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It’s NOT “Finger Licking Good”

SLURP! Went the borrower, like a giant St. Bernard eager to welcome the children home from school, and lick their faces. SLURP – again went the borrower to their fingers to “wet” them so they could grasp the page of paper. At that time near “barf” went I.

I do not lick my fingers to “wet” them, nor to I permit others to engage in this somewhat disgusting and disease transmitting activity. It’s only a small step from permitting someone to spit on you. Ever notice how clerks at the post office wear rubber gloves? Partially because most people LICK the envelope!

It’s not often (most of my contacts are civilized), but there are some who are in the “finger to mouth” habit for “moistening” their fingertips to grasp pages from a pile. Working as a http://newyorkmobilenotarypublic.com I do not condone or permit such activity. I ask the “licker” to go wash their hands for us to continue. Some are mildly offended, others chagrined at their near unconscious activity.

It’s not a “big deal”, but it does expose me to possible infection, AND that also applies to others downstream who handle the documents.

There is a solution. I carry “Sort Quick” – sold at Staples and many other stationary stores. It’s a pink waxey substance – specifically designed to make the fingertips “tackey” and is very effective for getting that top page of paper. As I share my Sort Quick with the borrowers, I require a hand washing prior to application. I tell them the container is clean as all prior users have had to wash prior to rubbing their fingers on the product. THAT they DO appreciate.

At the extreme end of the spectrum, I once had a borrower deposit a mighty sneeze on the Mortgage document. By “mighty” (without the gory details) suffice to say it was quite “wet”. That page was replaced from the borrower copy. I would not touch it and could not in clear conscience pass it along to Title or Escrow.

We face many challenges as we do our jobs. One more thing to be mindful of is the need to maintain a “reasonably sanitary” environment. That includes proper sanitary processing of the documents. Be careful and stay healthy.

Kenneth A Edelstein

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June 21, 2013

How much traffic does 123notary.​com really get?

Our traffic patterns keep shifting, but the general trend is up. Why is this? We keep focusing on promoting our site and making it better. Five individuals are working on the site daily. There are programmers, social media experts, managers, blog writers, salespeople, customer service representatives, and more! If you look at how much work goes into making 123notary what it is for the notaries, you would be amazed. You will begin to realize that your membership fee is small compared to what goes into making this site get lots of business for its members!

Back in 2008, our site was getting around 40,000 visits per month. In 2009, around 55,000. In 2010, around 70,000. When we started our social media campaign in late 2010, we were getting around 75,000 visits per monht. In early 2013, we were up to around 160,000 visits per month. That is amazing. But, the traffic is not dying down, it is constantly increasing. The blog, twitter, facebook, and increased quality control on the site is what is driving new traffic and maintaining existing traffic on the site.

We get one MILLION clicks every 43 days. Wow! That is a lot of clicks. Critical pages like the Find a Notary page got around 22,000 views in March, 2013. But, our advanced search page and masthead search tools also get lots of views, which amounts to close to 70,000 actual searches per month for notaries. With around 7000 notaries on board, each average notary is getting searched for a lot.

If a notary makes a good presentation in their notes, has good reviews, certification, and answers their phone professionally, there is no limit to how much business they can get from great Title Companies.

Find a notary on 123notary.com! We deliver quality!

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