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November 16, 2018

Why I do what I do and why I get impatient

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People don’t understand me. They think I am some mean ogre. They need to understand why I do what I do, what I am up against, and why I get impatient.

Why I test people
I want 123notary to be the best site ever and to be very helpful for title and signing companies and individuals to find the best notaries in town. But, how can I offer the best notaries if I don’t know which Notaries are good. Most notaries are very arrogant and claim to be good when they know almost nothing about notary work. This is not only arrogant but deceptive and dishonest which is not integrous behavior. Notaries are supposed to be the most honest members of society and not a bunch of liars.

So, to find who are the best Notaries I tested people. But Notaries are angry people and get mad if you dare to challenge their God-like knowledge. They also are evasive and try to get out of being tested because after all — why should they be tested when they are professionals. In real life professionals get tested the most and treating people like a professional is to test their knowledge if you are a hiring party, licensing board, etc. Since licensing boards to a lousy job testing notaries, I have to pick up where they leave off.

So, I need to test notaries if I want to know who the best ones are. Really only 3% of our Notaries have a minimally acceptable knowledge about the industry which is very sad. In real life I cannot get that many Notaries to study either as Notaries do not value industry specific knowledge because after all — they are professionals and already know what they need to know according to them. My test results indicate that 97% of the notaries on our site are flunking my quiz and are far from being professionals.

Asking the same question 100 times per day
If you have to ask people the same question 100 times per day and 50 of them give you the run around, argue, evade, or get hostile with you, how would you feel? Even easy questions such as, “do you have a dual tray laser printer.” is a tough one. I get these long multi-paragraph answers and them am accused of being rude if I ask the person for a simple yes or no. Putting up with this crap all day long can lead anyone to lose their temper. Everyone I hired to do outgoing phone calls quit. Since I cannot quit, I put up with this bad notary behavior, but I don’t like it and I do lose my temper. If Notaries would focus on being polite, helpful and answering questions in the format that they were asked, I would not lose my temper. It is so bad, I have decided to do most my questioning by email which still results in strife, but not as badly.

Long hours
When I make phone calls I have nobody to help me. Carmen does incoming, but does very few outgoing calls. I have to make hundreds of calls in a day and have very little time. Most of the people I deal with cannot just answer questions. They have to be difficult, hostile, child-like, deceptive or give me a hard time in one way or the other. It doesn’t matter if I am asking questions about their counties, notes section, printer, or notary knowledge — Notaries are generally difficult, and I have to put up with it. If there were more notaries in the industry, I could just refuse to list the difficult ones. But, there are not enough good Notaries to go around, so once again I have to put up with this. After five hours in a row of calling with no food, no break and endless back talk, I have had it. I lose my patience.

Basically, you guys can complain all you like about me, but it is your rudeness as a group that causes my impatience. It is only 40% of you who are rude and many more who are difficult, but when you talk to 200 people in a day and 80 are rude, that really adds up. Try to see it from my perspective. No other profession has this high a percentage of really difficult people.

Try to see it from my perspective
I have to put up with endless whining, irresponsibility, refusal to learn, back talk, and complaining from Carmen, and it all adds up. It is more than I can take. So, if I call you, just be nice, answer questions with helpful answers that are not long winded, and we will have a positive call. If I ask a yes or no question, don’t tell me a long story, just give me a yes or no. If I ask your counties, don’t tell me what you charge for the eastern portion of east Nowhere County, just tell me the names of the counties. If I ask you if you are still in business, don’t ask if I have a job for you, we run a directory — we just need to know if we should continue to list you. Keep your answers short so I don’t have to cut you off and then be accused of being rude. It is rude on your part to subject to endless and inconsequential rambling as a normal form of communication. It wastes my time and is bad for my temper. I should not have to put up with this type of unprofessional behavior.

You want to be treated like professionals, but few of you act like professionals. So, learn to be a helpful professional and instead of complaining about me — take an honest look at yourself!


November 3, 2018

It is so frustrating

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I know the Notaries are sick and tired of me asking them questions. After all, they are experts and professionals who know everything, so they don’t need to be asked questions. Unfortunately, their test scores seem to average around 50%, and the ones who brag, more like 40%

I spent so much time creating free study guides. People read my guides by the thousands, but when it comes to reading them when you are doing an email quiz, most people do not. I give instructions in my email quizzes where to go for reference materials. It is sad that people will get a 50% who could have gotten an 80%.

Failing person after person after person — it just gets me down. I hate taking people’s certifications away from them. But, if they are dangerous as a Notary, it is the only way I can protect the public.

Now, I sent out about 200 emails asking people scenarios questions. Carmen and I think that how you handle real life situations, some of which are curve balls or look like a curve ball — is more important than whether you know the basic notary terminology although you need that too. We teach the basic scenarios to keep you and your clients safe. But, do you learn the material well enough? Very few do which is sad.

On a brighter note, since I have been screening notaries more, the new signups on 123notary have been better. Maybe we will turn into a fancy Beverly Hills type site that caters to the best and forgets about the rest. But, there is no reason why all Notaries cannot be their best. It is dangerous not to know your stuff and can lead to getting fired, legal liability and even ending up in court. It is no joke and there is no excuse not to be at the top of your game at all time.

Even if you only do one notarization per month, if you goof, you can still cause a lot of loss to someone. So, if you are doing to do even one notary act in your future, be an expert and know what you are doing.


November 2, 2018

123notary is attracting better Notaries

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It was my dream to attract a higher percentage of good Notaries on 123notary. It seems that now that I have upset everybody doing my skill-based clean up, that the new sign ups are seeming a little better at least proportionately. The most important aspects to being a good Notary might include good communication skills, a good attitude, motivation, willingness to study and take quizzes, etc. You not only have to be good, but you have to be able to prove how good you are because others are taking a risk using you or listing you on their site.

I hope we continue to attract good people, because the quality of my site really matters to me.


September 21, 2018

What traits do escrow officers look for in Notaries?

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Here are some things that Escrow officers look for in Notaries.

1. Document knowledge.
You should know your documents inside out and know where to find the rate, prepayment penalty information, 1st payment info, APR, how to date and initial the RTC, etc.

2. Form Filling
Many loans have forms to fill out. The borrower will do the actual filling out, but the Notary needs to know how to assist in this process if you want to get hired again.

3. Personal Knowledge
Many Escrow Officers prefer to hire a Notary who is personally known (rather than proven on the basis of satisfactory evidence) to them rather than hire a signing agency who hires strangers. For jobs that are far away from the Escrow office, they might be more willing to hire signing services.

4. Personable
Are you the type of person who can interact nicely with others? Or are you difficult to communicate with, rude, complain a lot, or avoid people?

5. Available
If you are not available, or are not reachable by phone that is a problem. Then there are others who answer the phone and refuse to talk who are also not doing well in terms of availability.

6. Back to Back signings
If a signer is willing and able to do one signing after another, that is a selling feature for escrow.

7. What about certification?
Certification is only as valuable as the knowledge that goes with it. Escrow officers want knowledge and reliability, not claims of knowledge and reliability. Elite 123notary Certification is popular with title & escrow. But, very few Notaries bother trying to get it.


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September 17, 2018

What are Jeremy’s intentions?

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Why is Jeremy mean? Why does he give so many quizzes? Why does he take away people’s certifications? We are amazingly great Notaries and don’t need to be quizzed and deserve $200 jobs, etc. So, what gives?

I (Jeremy) realize that people who hire Notaries have a lot to lose if they hire a bad Notary. I also realize that the other notary directories out there have mostly really awful Notaries who don’t answer their phone, don’t communicate well, and don’t know how to be good Notaries, let alone good signing agents.

Next, picture yourself having to deal with thousands of apathetic Notaries who put more effort into coming up with excuses and avoiding doing what they are asked to do rather than cooperating. Then, add a regular supply of viscious jerks who go out of their way to be as hostile as possible and then blabber all over Facebook saying what a jerk I am. I am just doing my job, but get pelted with hostility the minute I ask anything of my Notaries or have any rules. I do not have the freedom to set down any terms and conditions that are enforceable without being relentlessly attacked. If you were in this position, how nice would you be, and would you even last?

123notary’s business model has always been about identifying and marketing quality Notaries. Most Notaries think of themselves as high quality, however, in my point of view, only a handful are. When I talk to someone for five minutes and have to repeat myself ten times, or find that whatever I say gets scrambled, this is what I call bad communication skills. When I ask simple notary questions and get resistance, that is a sign of a bad attitude and lack of motivation. When I give a notary quiz email and half the answers come back wrong — which is average, that is bad. We are showing you to fancy title companies who want to get good Notaries from our site. Generally the title companies are happy with us as a rule. But, I want to give title the best Notaries possible and filter through my notaries on board to find the best ones to identify as being good — or at least give higher placement to.

Additionally, the ones who have my certification icon are notaries who in a sense I am personally recommending. After retesting certified members and seeing how they don’t respond to emails and they can’t give straight answers to easy questions, I am thinking, how can I recommend these people? I want solid people to recommend who are professional, answer questions in a straightforward way, and know their stuff. This shouldn’t be hard to filter out, but when you boil it down, you might only get a few dozen people who match this requirement.

I want to market my certification like I did in the old days. But, people stopped respecting it. After I retested people, I too started to disrespect my certification. Unmotivated, stubborn people who did not know their notary procedures at all, and who were unwilling to study had my certification. Even with an open book test and study guide, many people just didn’t read the study guide and failed. A basic misunderstanding of the most basic notary principles and aspects of following directions were the problem. It is not rocket science to be a Notary. But, for most of our Notaries — it might as well be.

In short — I am trying to have the best site possible, but am dealing with a crowd of thousands of apathetic Notaries who don’t know their job and don’t give a damn. My value system does not match the majority of the Notaries.

The bottom line:

(1) I want to attract work for decent Notaries. And if I can’t differentiate a great Notary from an average one, that means more work for Title to sift through them. If most of the notaries on my site don’t know how to be a safe and good Notary, in my mind, why would anyone want to hire them or use our site? This is why I put so much emphasis on free courses, studying, quizzing, etc. That way in my mind notaries who pass deserve to get hired and paid well. Unfortunately only a handful are motivated enough to pass.

If we were a directory with only bad Notaries, or where you couldn’t find hardly any good Notaries, people would not get much work from our directory. Think about it. Those that hire want quality, especially if they pay well.

(2) I want my certification to be valued like in the old days. If people who used to be good, who forgot their stuff, and have become old and sluggish are the only ones with my certification, no wonder people don’t value it anymore. I feel sad taking my certification away from so many people. But, they will only value it when so few people have it, that it becomes an identifier of the cream of the crop. Then people will want it again, but whether or not they will be able to pass the test is doubtful.

(3) When I quiz by phone I have to make 200 calls per day. I have to get each call done fast to get to the next. When a Notary holds me up with sluggish answers, giving me the runaround or antagonizes me, I lose my temper because I really don’t have time or patience. Then, the notary typically gets on the internet and tells everyone how rude I am and I normally kick that notary off my site or mark them up as being a problem. Notaries do not understand that after being talked back to dozens of times per day I am long past the end of my fuse. Talking back to the police is not a good idea and they will not be nice to you if you do it either. Please remember that I am quality control and NOT customer service. If I am screening you, there is no benefit to not being polite and cooperative.

(4) I want to have the best directory possible as I said before. If you cooperate with me by being nice and studying, you can share the fruits of the quality. Otherwise you probably won’t do very well on 123notary in the long run and you are the one who loses the most. A few hours of studying to save your career doesn’t sound unreasonable.

(5) About 5% of Notaries email me and say that they are on my site and that they too are tired of really bad Notaries. For each supporter I have, there are twenty in the opposition who are pro-horrible Notaries and want the industry to have nothing but the worst, because they don’t see the worst as being bad, but think that it doesn’t matter. You just stamp a form and throw a package in the Fedex — that is all there is too it, and anyone who thinks differently is a prick. Those values do not attract quality clients and to not attract me either.

(6) Those “good” notaries who value knowledge who are on my side typically do not spend much time on social media. They are too busy working. Those who are not working are the majority on all theses Facebook groups that bash me. If they would spend as much time studying as they do commiserating with other jerks, they might get ahead.

I just want to have a site I am proud of with notaries who are conscientious, and can handle any type of work-related situation. If that doesn’t gel with you, then I can’t help you!

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August 27, 2018

Emailing questions to notaries proves fruitful

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I emailed hundreds of Notaries with notary questions. Carmen likes the idea, and she told me why.

1. Convenience — Notaries have the chance to answer the question at their convenience instead of being put on the spot by me which makes them uncomfortable and sometimes mad!

2. Learning — Notaries have the chance to learn something by looking things up in their NNA materials or on our blog or other sources. Learning should be a regular part of a Notary’s life, so I am glad to give them a chance to learn.

3. Certification — I have been able to give temporary certifications and reinstate people’s certifications who lost it because I could not reach them to test. I would like to have at least 1000 certified member, but people are mostly sluggish about studying and being cooperative, so this goal will not be possible until the market shifts.

4. Wrong Emails — I get to see whose emails bounce and whose are wrong. I can remove free listings who are out of the loop. This is valuable information and it only takes a minute for me to sent them an email and make a record of it.

I am happy that you are learning something, and hope you enjoy our Notary Public 101 course on the blog as it is packed with pertinent information, particularly the scenarios page which can get you out of a bind and save you from a bad review.


August 24, 2018

Notaries who feel entitled

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At 123notary, we have this unpopular practice of testing people to make sure they know what they are doing. Unfortunately, most fail our test with varying degrees of incompetence. People don’t like being quizzed because they know they will fail, yet they always claim to be great Notaries.

The problem is that some of our more loyal clients who have been Notaries for 20 years claim that they shouldn’t have to pass our test or take our test. Some of these people are operating on a 20% level of competency. How is it they survived in this business so long without knowing what they are doing. How is it that nobody else is chastising them for not knowing what they are doing. Customers who hire Notaries are normally unaware of proper notary procedure and also not aware of the consequences of careless Notary work. The result is that I am treated like the bad guy for being the one person who scrutinizes notaries. I do so because I do know the difference and don’t like the attitude of those who don’t give a damn.

In any case, we are having an argument with a New Mexico Notary who just won’t pass our test. He got a failing grade before, and now we jacked up his renewal rate since he is a risk to our reputation for quality. Why can’t he just study? It takes only a few hours to learn what you need to learn as a notary and that will help you for the rest of your life. Why all the resistance. Carmen even tutors people for free sometimes if they are a loyal client.

The fact is that I cannot make exceptions for veteran Notaries. All Notaries need to know what they are doing — no exceptions. If you don’t know, we will allow you to learn. But, refusing to learn is not an option. Our reputation with title companies matters to us, and I do not give you permission to ruin it.


August 15, 2018

Please let me do my job without all the bashing

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For those Notaries who have nothing better to do than bash 123notary, I have a message. The fact that you have time to bash us means that you don’t have many customers because you are not a good Notary, or in my opinion, not a real Notary.

If you spent the time you spend bashing us and everyone else who you don’t like, and spent that time studying to be the perfect Notary, and loan signing agent, you would get more jobs, probably double your income, and then you wouldn’t be angry and go around defaming people. Your bashing might be slanderous, illegal, and I could sue you for defamation, and I have Attorneys who specialize in that by the way.

I have a right to run my site according to policies that I feel make sense. Asking people to:

1. Score 70% on a Notary test seems very reasonable as we are a Notary directory.
2. Login to their listing every 120 days seems reasonable since you need to update your notes and number of signings and let the world know you take your listing seriously.
3. Be reasonably polite and know how to communicate.

My requirements are actually very lax compared to what they should be. I keep them lax because I live in the real world and know that I cannot expect 100% competency, even from our certified members.

You should mind your own business and learn to do your own business correctly instead of being an online lynch mob. You have damaged your businesses by being jerks, and caused me grief by harrassing me in a prolonged way. There is only bad karma from this. Knock it off. I am beginning to consider taking legal action against slander since the problem is so out of control.


August 10, 2018

Refinances are dead, Foreclosures slow & Reverse very slow

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Every type of loan is slow or dead right now.

My suggestion is to learn to do what Carmen and I call “general Notary work.” That means just notarizing random documents for people. This requires knowledge of how to handle notary situations and I suggest specializing in hospitals, jails, and business documents as well.

So, now you know why your phone isn’t ringing. The higher interest rates are making it very inauspicious to borrow money. However, things always change. What goes up must come down. If interest rates go up, eventually they will come down and you will be showered with work if you maintain your skills and your profile. Good luck.

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August 2, 2018

Cooperation is a highly merited trait in the Notary business.

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In any business, especially the Notary business, cooperation is key. A Notary who doesn’t cooperate might not arrive at jobs on time, or might not get documents back on time. They might not answer their email and might be difficult in other ways.

Part of why we quiz people by phone is to see if people are cooperative and can communicate. I find it difficult to see how someone can hire a Notary who doesn’t cooperate.

We are not asking for huge things here. We just want Notaries who can pass a test, answer a few questions and not be resistant. Why is it so difficult with so many people. And studying is important too. It is so hard to get even our certified members to study. This is your profession, yet you treat it like a hobby. If you truly value being a notary, you would take it more seriously. People can get hurt if you don’t do your job properly. It is not a joke. I take being a Notary very seriously as it protects the fabric of society. How come I am one of the only ones who does?

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