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February 25, 2014

Reverse Blackmail at a Notary Signing

A notary accidentally notarizes an incompletely filled out document. The client holds on to it with hopes of blackmailing the notary. The notary gets a call:
Client: “Hello, I have an incompletely filled out document that was notarized by you… I am going to report you to the Secretary of State and your commission can be revoked, suspended or terminated if I do so. I need you to do 20 notarizations over the next few weeks, otherwise I will report you!”

Notary: “You mean, I have to be your notary on call? How degrading! I can’t believe I made a mistake like that! Please make a copy of the notarization and forward it to me so I can see it.”
Client: “Well, I can get it to you right away. I need something notarized, but don’t have ID. This is why I am having so much trouble.
Notary: “Can you put your request in writing? Email it to me and I will take a look at it right away.”
Client: “Okay, I’ll send it in an email”
Notary: “Ha HA, you just committed a misdemeanor, and I have it in writing! Give me my original document back, and I won’t report YOU to the Secretary of State!
Client: “You wouldn’t!”
Notary: “You gave me no choice. Now the hunter is the hunted.”
Client: “Ah…. could you put that in writing…”

(1) A notary accidentally notarizes an incompletely filled out document, then gets blackmailed!
(2) I need you to do 20 notarizations or I will report you to the SOS who will revoke your commission!

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February 24, 2014

A social media site for Notaries — Affiant

For centuries, notaries have been complaining that they were bored, and had trouble meeting friends. They frequently said that they had no friends because there was nowhere to meet people. Then, during the 60’s, there were the be ins, and the love ins and the sign ins. During that decade, the notary public community didn’t complain as much because they were too high to know the difference. But, then in the 10’s (I’m the first person to call this decade the 10’s), notaries once again felt very lonely. If only there were a solution. If only there were a social media site for notaries. Of course the real reason notaries are lonely is because they complain all the time and nobody wants to hang around with them as a result. The second reason nobody hangs around with notaries, is that most notaries don’t answer their phone (at least when we call). But, one guy came up with the solution!

Affiant — a social media site for notaries

Meet new friends on Affiant. Affiant is so good, you will SWEAR BY IT. Members on this site are called Affiants. You can not be a member unless you love the site so much that you swear by it. After all, one who is sworn in to do an Oath, be definition is an Affiant!

Notaries around the country, and even in foreign countries flocked to this new and fascinating site. There were forums, events, lectures, guest speakers and more that all coordinated on Affiant.

How do you become a member of Affiant? The sign-up procedure is easy. You need to be sworn in with a notarized Oath. The Oath verbiage reads:

“I solemnly swear that I swear by Affiant. I think Affiant is so wonderful and great, that it is the best thing that ever happened to the notary — besides 123notary — and nobody paid me to mention the 123notary part either!”

Join Affiant today!

(1) For centuries, notaries have been complaining that they are bored & have trouble meeting friends.
(2) During the 60’s there were the be ins, love ins and sign ins (for hippy notaries)
(3) Notaries complain they’re bored & have trouble making friends
Now there’s “Affiant,” a social media site 4notaries!
(4) Meet new friends on Affiant – a social media site for notaries. Affiant is so good, you’ll SWEAR BY IT.


February 23, 2014

A 2nd Date With jeremy

A 2nd date with Jeremy

Sealia and Jeremy hit it off, so much on their first date, it was time for a sequel. In fact, they had gotten to know each other so well, that if they were notarizing each other, they would say “Personally known” instad of using satisfactory evidence to identify the signer.

Sealia: “We know each other so well, we can complete each other’s Jurat verbiage”
Jeremy: “I know!”

So, this dynamic duo decides to see the movie, “A Case of Mistaken Identity”. It is a movie about someone who was notarized using a stolen ID card. The police were informed, and then arrested the wrong person. In any case, Jeremy asked
what type of rating the movie had, such as “G”, “PG”, “R”, 2 thumbs up, etc. Sealia replied that the movie got four stars on Notary Rotary.

The couple drove to the theater and parked. Jeremy wanted to use a credit card to purchase tickets.
The ticket lady said, “May I see some ID please?”
Jeremy misheard her and thought she asked the name of the movie he wanted to see.
Jeremy said, “A case of mistaken identity”
Ticket Lady, “No, there’s nothing wrong with your identity, the picture on this ID looks just like you, and your eyes really are blue — hold on, let me take a closer look — yup…”
Jeremy: “No, not the ID, the movie”
Ticket Lady, “Oh, so you mistook the identity of the movie!”
Jeremy: “No, I mistook what you said when you asked for my ID”
Ticket Lady, “Never mind, your credit card and ID are fine… what movie would you like to see?”
Jeremy: “Two tickets for A case of mistaken identity”
Ticket Lady, “Here you go! Enjoy the show!”

Then, the couple go to the consession stand. They see all of the popcorn and other treats, and ask if they have any good consessions. The attendant said, “We actually have notary consessions — we have a voucher that states that if the notary makes a mistake, that the return trip to correct the mistake is free as a consession.” Then, Jeremy asks, “Does that consession voucher come with a complimentary bucket of popcorn?” Then, the attendent responsded, “Yeah, for another $6.25, I’ll make that consession.”

Then, our conceded (but, not conceited) couple proceeded to get seated. Then, the lights were dimmed, and the movie began.
Jeremy: “Oh no, what if the ticket lady gave me back the WRONG ID? I better check my wallet!”
Sealia: “You are paranoid, I saw that she gave you back the correct ID, and your Credit Card!”
Jeremy: “Next time, I’m paying for the movie using paypal up front, like Ken gets paid for his signings — It’s much easier.”

Then the movie starts. They get to the point of the movie where the very best scene happens — well, the best scene according to Jeremy. The scene where they show the sworn Oath. Then a big fat guy tries to walk across the row in front of them to his seat. Jeremy is livid that fatso would prevent him from seeing the Oath. So, Jeremy gets out of his seat, and sticks his head to the left of Fat Albert, and then when Albert moves to the left, Jeremy stuck his head to the right.

Movie seer: “Hey, do you mind?”
Jeremy: “He’s blocking my favorite scene!”
Movie seer: “Well, I want to see the Oath too, buddy”
Jeremy: “You want an Oath? I’ll give you an Oath… I SWEAR I will if you don’t shut up!”

They finished the movie. The police arrested the wrong guy, but after they fingerprinted him, they realized that the real criminal was still on the

loose. So, they let the falsely arrested guy go. Then, our duo walks down past Mann’s Chinese theater in Hollywood and see handprints and signatures. But, there are no Acknowledgments for the signatures! If we see some wet cement, we need to put a mold for an Acknowledgment form in the cement! We’ll put it with an imprint of my embosser next to Roy Rogers signature, that will trigger a reaction!

Next it was time for a hike in Griffith Park. We went to hike to the Hollywood sign.
Sealia: “This would be a great place to notarize — you sign next to the Hollywood sign!”
Jeremy: “Why not notarize the Hollywood sign itself?”
Sealia: “Wow, you think big. You can do that?”
Jeremy: “No”

Jeremy: “123notary, this is Jeremy”
Caller: “Yeah, you have my named spelled wrong on my listing!”
Jeremy: “You are interrupting my date to tell me this? Couldn’t you just send me an email? I’m not next to a computer right now”
Caller: “Never mind, I’ll call Carmen”
Jeremy: “Carmen cannot solve that problem either. Just send me an email”
Caller: “In that case I’ll call Sally”
Jeremy: “This conversation is over!”

Meanwhile, the NNA hiking group was walking up the hill, getting a guided tour of the Hollywood sign area. They gave a speech where they named the Notary of the Year. They called Jeremy to stand in front of the sign and said, “We appoint you, Brad Mulligan as Notary of the Year!”

Jeremy said, “I”m sorry, but I am not Brad. I think we have a case of mistaken identity!”

(1) Sealia & Jeremy got to know each other so well, that if they were notarizing each other, they would say “Personally Known.”
(2) (at the movies during the Oath scene) You want an Oath? I’ll give you an Oath. I swear I will if you don’t shut up!
(3) “We know each other so well, we can complete each other’s Jurat verbiage”

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February 22, 2014

The Notary Olympics

There is a new notary organization that is bored with traditional notary meetings, education and products. They decided to try something that is new, yet old. New for notaries, but has many thousands of years of history in Greece. The Olympics. So, the Olympic Notary Association (ONA) decided to create a few types of events that would make for good competitions in the notary olympics. Here are a few:

The signathon
Notaries would compete against each other to see how many documents they could sign in a three minute period. The quality of the signatures would be weighted against the quantity. Notaries with a medical background always seem to do better at this event since it is like writing perscriptions.

The stampathon
Notaries would try to seal the deal with as many documents as possible. But, one smudgy seal would get a notary disqualified from the competition.

The fraudithon
Notaries would be confronted with situations — one after the other — and have to deduce whether each one was a fraudulent request or not. Judges would present situations, and notaries would have to press a button when they were ready to answer.

The embosser lifting contest
Notaries would have to lift a giant embosser and put it in their trunk. This embosser would weigh 100 pounds and would not be easy to lift or fit in a car.

(1) Read about the signathon, stampathon, fraudithon, and embosser lifting contest in the Notary Olympics!
(2) Notaries would compete against each other to see how many docs they could sign in a 3 minute period.


February 6, 2014

Help! I am getting married, my husband is in Jail and I need a Notary!!

“I am getting married and my husband is locked up in jail. Please…(sobs heard on the phone) I need your help. I have money and you are in the business. Let’s talk.”

I got the above message on my phone literally word for word from a desperate woman at around 11:30 p.m. on a week night. Given the tone of the message, I sensed some urgency and decided to call her back the same night to give her some options.

The first thing out of her was, “Hurry Up and meet me at Men’s Central Jail now”. Somewhat taken aback by her unusual demand at that late hour, I asked her to explain the situation. She started sobbing and said that she needs to get married and her husband is at Men’s Central Jail, getting ready to be transported out of state to another facility. I paused and asked her how I could help her because I am not a lawyer, a priest or even a Notary authorized to perform weddings. She said that she needed a document notarized that would allow her to get married without her spouse being present. Wow!! Cool beans but what about conjugal visits was my next thought, which of course I kept to myself.

Having done a number of Jail house notarizations, I was aware of the type of documents that are generally permitted in different jails. When I asked her the type of document she needs notarized, she said that it was an “Inability to Appear” form. We arranged to meet in jail the next morning after she agreed to my fees.

Next morning, I made my calls to the Warden’s office to check if the inmate was at the facility and if I could notarize the particular form that my client wanted. Receiving the approval, I contacted the Client and told her to meet me at the Jail lobby at 10 a.m. and asked her to bring me the inmate’s state issued ID that was current and valid. She told me that she had to retrieve it from the property room and that should not be a problem. Immediately a red flag went up in my head and I asked her to call me when she got the inmate’s ID. I told her that I would make myself available until 2 p.m. that afternoon.

Long story short, she could not retrieve the inmate’s ID because she herself only had a copy of her ID and could not establish to the satisfaction of the guards her relationship with the inmate that authorized her to get his personal property. She called me frantically at 12:30 p.m. and said that she could not get the inmate’s ID but had 2 witnesses, one of whom did not have an ID.

Here is a valuable lesson for those who want to be jail house notaries or notaries who use credible witnesses. In California, the notary can use 2 credible witnesses to identify the signer if the notary does not know either witness or one credible witness who knows both the notary and the signer. My client out of desperation grabbed two people off the street and probably paid them something to act as witnesses. The problem was that these witnesses never even saw the inmate (signer) before and were doing it because they were offered some money. I immediately told my client the reasons these witnesses were not qualified to serve as credible witnesses. By now it was 2 p.m. and she now tells me that she needs to drive back to Irvine and bring 2 witnesses with proper Identification who actually know the inmate. I told her that I could only wait till 4 p.m. and after that time I could not help her. If you have read through everything so far, you probably guessed it. I got a call at 4:45 p.m. from my client who found 2 credible witnesses pleading with me to come to the jail. I politely but firmly said “NO” to which she replied, “I have money and I can call another Notary who will bite on it”. I said, Go ahead……

Look for my next blog on JAIL HOUSE NOTARIZATIONS which will be ready to be published as a blog on 123 notary and on my website, www.a1livescan.com by the end of this month.

Muthiah Nachiappan

(1) Help, I’m getting married and my husband is in jail (sob) It was 11:30pm. She had cash and was desperate.
(2) Hurry up and meet me at Men’s central jail now.

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February 1, 2014

We require notaries to be registered on our approved list

We require notaries to be registered on our approved list

An interesting dialogue on our Twitter:


We require notaries to be registered on our approved list because fraud is so rampant in Southern California.

What approved list?

Fidelity National Title is the parent company for Chicago Title, Fidelity Title Ticor Title, Lawyers Title, and Alamo Title. You will need a sponsor in your area to apply to be on our list.

Thanks for the info


Many companies use 123notary to find notaries to add to their list. But, these picky companies won’t hire you right off. They browse through the profiles to see if there is someone good who they didn’t see before. If you look promising, they might talk to you, and ask you a few test questions. After that, they might consider going to the next step in their process. But, high class picky companies will not just call random notaries and start trying to qualify them. They are too smart for that. They only pick the best of the best. They don’t need thousands of notaries. They only need a few hundred top notch ones.

(1) We require notaries to be registered on our approved list because fraud is so rampant in California.
(2) Many companies use 123notary, but they won’t use you right off. They pick and choose the best
(3) High class co’s pick the best of the best notaries. If you’re on 123notary.com, you’ve already cleared an important hurdle.

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