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May 5, 2016

The Flo-tary and the name your price tool special

FLO: Have you heard about 123notary’s new mix and match special?

NOTARY: No I haven’t

FLO: Well, it’s really cool. You get to use the name your price tool.

NOTARY: But, I don’t want to spend anything.

FLO: I guess you’re out of luck. But, you have to pay to play.

NOTARY: I spent all my money on Christmas presents

FLO: Do those Christmas presents get you ahead in the Notary business?

NOTARY: No, but I got more experience signing things — especially using digital pads at the store.

FLO: I see. Well, maybe you should think about investing in what will help you in the future. The new mix and match allows you to get high places in as many counties you want. But, you get to choose with ones you want and at what placement.

NOTARY: Um… Maybe it would be easier if you gave me a quote.

FLO: Okay, I’ll just use the quote system over here. Uh-oh, there are those boring looking guys in the blue suits.

BORING GUYS IN BLUE SUITS: Hi, we’re the boring guys in the blue suits from that other Notary company. We also are having a mix and match special. Don’t listen to Flo. Try ours.

NOTARY: Well, how does yours work?

BORING GUYS IN BLUE SUITS: We’ll give you more zips.

NOTARY: But, does your site get any traffic.

BORING GUYS IN BLUE SUITS: Ummm, you get this free Christmas ornament if you buy from us.

FLO: Would you like to see the stats from their site?

BORING GUYS IN BLUE SUITS: Hmm, we have to go now. We’re late for a meeting.

NOTARY: So, let’s use the you name my price tool

FLO: Okay, all of the counties you have in the highest available placement for $200?

NOTARY: I’ll sleep on it.

FLO: You snooze you lose.

NOTARY: Gotta go. Tell the guys in the blue suits I said bye.

FLO: I’ll do that!


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  1. Cute! Thanks for the chuckle. Loved it.

    Comment by Lisa A. Holliday — May 11, 2016 @ 8:18 pm

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