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January 23, 2020

She was my student, but now she is hustling and succeeding

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It is always nice to hear stories like this from your former students. As you may or may not know, the mobile notary business is filled with women. Notaries in general are disproportionately women (roughly 84%) and mobile notaries are more like 60% women. I recently had a conversation with a lady who studied from my materials, mastered them scored well on my quiz, and is getting tons of work. For a beginner, she is really hustling and getting a lot more work than other beginners normally work.

But, this woman has a personality that lends itself (sorry for the mortgage related pun) to success in the mobile notary business. She reads and reads and reads. She wants to know what is going on, what the rules are, what proper techniques are, etc. She wants to do everything correctly. Not everything she does is right, so I have to correct her every once in a while. There is a lot to know as a mobile notary, so it is good to correspond regularly with those who know the business.

Carmen also started out as my student back in 2003. She always had questions. I remember the first time I met her. I was handing over a book to her in person near the guard shack in my complex. Carmen had a thirst for knowledge. Now, Carmen is someone I refer to as the queen of the industry because nobody can answer questions better than she does. I guess there is now more realism to the saying, “Grasshopper, you were once the student, but now you are the master. Can catch fly with chopsticks, can do anything.” I guess when you hear that quote, the image comes to mind of Carmen quietly meditating while facing a statue of the Buddha with a samurai sword laid out in front of her wearing either a kimono or a ninja outfit. I have been urging Carmen to meditate for years to deal with the stress of constant whining on the part of Notaries. Maybe this mental image will prove to be useful.

There are other examples of people I have instructed who became wildly successful. It is fun to think about them when people call me whining about some petty concern. It is nice to know your work paid off in a meaningful way to someone.


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