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June 9, 2018

My stolen Identity and the fraudulent notary seal…

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A couple of months back I received a call from a very nice man in Florida who was calling me to verify a notarization that I had completed. Someone was trying to obtain a business loan for a VERY large sum of money and he wanted to verify my notarization as part of the vetting process. He said he had checked the online listings of current notary publics with the California Secretary of State and could not find me. I thought how odd. I am also starting to worry. I asked him for the customers information, such as date of the notarization, name and type of notarization. He gave me the information and none of it sounded familiar to me. It was a notarization that had supposedly been done only a couple of days prior to his call. I went and retrieved my journal and looked through all my entries for the date and name that he had given me and there no such entry for his client. I am thinking, my worst nightmare had finally came true. I am officially the victim of notary fraud and identity theft. The gentlemen went on to tell me that the notarization had looked suspicious (thus the reason for his call) and I asked him, “How so?”.

For starters, he tells me, that the seal was round and not rectangular. it was also an ‘electronic seal’ and had an electronic signature (a cursive font). With some relief, I told him that here in California we don’t use ‘electronic signatures’. We have to always wet sign (meaning wet ink, pen to paper). And I let him know for the record, I don’t have or use a electronic seal. So now at this point, it is time for me to see this notarization. I asked him, if he wouldn’t mind sending over a copy. He was happy to do so.He scanned the document and sent it right over and all I can say was that I was stunned. It was exactly how he had described it. However, after closer inspection, I saw that my name on the seal was crooked and they had spelled my last name incorrectly and the commission number was not mine. However, to be sure, I checked through all my previous commissions-no match, thankfully, not even close. So, I am going to assume that they just made up a number. Also, the name they used is not the name that I use on my commission. So I am pretty sure that I had been chosen at random and that no-one that actually had used my notarial services had tried to commit fraud at my expense. Needless to say, the loan was denied.

I thanked the gentlemen for calling and thanked him for his due diilgence. I was so pleased he had taken the time and picked up the phone to make sure that this notarization was authentic. Which brings me to this-I believe that EVERY notarization that is done (especially those that move property and/or money, think POA’s, and the like) from one hand to another should be verbally checked for it authenticity. This would protect the public as well as the notaries. With the rise of fraud and stolen identities, it only makes sense.

In the end, I let the proper authorities know. I am sure it wasn’t the first time and certainly wont be the last.

And as a side note: All these companies trying to push ‘electronic notarizations’ are out of their minds! This will be fraudsters dream come true!


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  1. I’ve had half a dozen similar over the past decade; the have common traits (most of them).
    Never embossed (I ALWAYS do)
    Wrong notary number
    Wrong county of registry
    Missing middle initial (on my stamp and required in my signature)
    absurdly different signature

    People forge one dollar bills too, little can be done by us.
    It’s a good thing they do such a bad job!

    Comment by Kenneth Edelstein — June 9, 2018 @ 6:30 pm

  2. In Utah, it isn’t required that a notary see the power of attorney. Not only that but I can’t even require myself, that they show me the power of attorney! How insane is that!

    What is the statue in your particular state?

    I’m just curious so I’d like to hear from others.

    Comment by Jocelyn Waters — September 7, 2018 @ 6:12 pm

  3. Ah yes- I’ve been the victim of Notary Identity fraud as well. Took me 8-months to unravel this and several thousands of dollars was paid out by my E&O coverage. It was terrifying and had made me very diligent in how I handle notarization’s now.

    Comment by Elizabeth G Hathoot — September 7, 2018 @ 7:20 pm

  4. I also had my notary fraudulently used. Someone from Canada got in touch with me, because he thought something wasn’t right with a notorial stamp on his business documents. I notified the authorities, but I see its everywhere.

    Comment by Diana — September 7, 2018 @ 7:44 pm

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