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July 25, 2017

When you’re in a hole — stop digging

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When you’re in a hole – stop digging
I’ve been with 123notary.com for over a decade. Looking back seems to be the same as looking forward, which is the same as looking at today. For as long as I can remember there has been griping. Not getting paid. Getting paid very slowly. Low pay. Absurd offers. The size of the packages. The lateness of the docs. And my personal favorite: the lack of signing company “loyalty” to notaries. That’s from an alternate reality for sure.

I was a Psych major. Actually I had a split major: Psych and Data Processing. I figured it would be good to learn how to deal with both people and machines. It actually worked well for me. I’ve written a few computer related blogs – based on about a quarter century in the industry. This installment will call upon the little I learned about psychology. First, a disclaimer: I am definitely not a Psychologist or MD. What follows are the rants of someone who, admittedly, has not seen it all; but possibly has seen “most of it”.

It’s not a clinical definition; it’s something I heard on TV. To whit: the definition of insanity. “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. Now, prior to continuing, with that in mind – reread the first paragraph. Picture a dog chasing its tail. Not easy. But, when the wind is right Fido will manage to grasp that tail and just might put a mighty bite into that appendage. Does the definition of insanity or the tale of the tail sound like something that relates to some peoples notary career?

Still not convinced? OK, reread the title of this entry. So, by now you are probably wondering just where I am going with this. In a nut-shell: you must CHANGE. 123notary.com and the lesser sites offer exposure, you know that. Possibly you were wise enough to have the 123notary staff (and the others) spiff up your listing. Some just refuse – they feel their written scribbles are clear and well organized. Or, they prefer to feed their ego at the expense of their pocketbook. Very few of us, I’m a perfect example; are able to present ourselves in a well written, concise and effective manner. Ask the pros to help you with your listings!

I’ve lightly covered this issue before, now I’m going to use a sledgehammer. The industry for notaries is changing. Being a one product person is fast path to financial ruin. So often I see in the forum notaries who like doing signings – and refuse to do anything else! Here in Manhattan we used to have hot dog carts aplenty. Now they have morphed into food trucks that serve a wide variety. If you sit on a One Legged Stool you Are Going to fall on your Butt, you must offer a variety of services. Notary Protest, Apostille, Fingerprinting, training corporate notaries, etc.

One notary wrote to me that I am the one in the “dream world”. “Outside of your dream world of Manhattan, with all the fat cats; Middle America does not use mobile notaries – they just drive to the bank and have it done for free”. Not all, as I have often stated. Many value their time, more than a notary fee, and they do NOT know of your existence. You did not give them your business card and tell them what you can do. It takes real work to “build the business” – mostly the low balls will cold call hoping you jump at a 45$ edoc with total fax back. Learn to do many things and let those who can afford a fair fee know about you. Doing nothing = digging deeper.


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