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September 18, 2017

A call from the Cop

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A Call from the Cop
Hello, this is Detective Lawman from the Pennsylvania Sheriff office; I would like to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind. What did I do now? We had just returned from a road trip to Idaho visiting friends. I did drive the entire length of PA, on route 80. I drive our camper with the cruise control set for 5 under the limit. I don’t recall doing anything naughty.

Not liking to answer questions from strangers, I ask for his physical location. I told him that I would call information for his number and call back to verify his identity. That did not bother him in the slightest. Moments later, his authority confirmed; I told him I would help in any way I could. Well, it was not related to my driving; but to my activities as a Notary Public!

I was asked if I notarized a deed, in New York, on a specific date. It seems that the “owner” did not sell! He was very interested in the procedures I used to verify the identity for my notarization of the Deed. I asked for the Venue – and it was Clinton County in NY State. Well, Clinton County is in the upper most part of New York State. I never did a notarization in that county, I told him; I certainly would remember if I did. He asked why my notary stamp was on the deed.

I doubt if that document has either my stamp or my signature – what you are looking at is a forgery. Are you sure you did not notarize, ever, in Clinton County? Absolutely sure, while it is true that I am a traveling notary – I have never had a call to go 300 miles north. The cost to a client would be unreasonable; I would have to be paid for trip, food and overnight motel. Would you be willing to send me a copy of your Notary Stamp and Signature sample? Sure.

On the flatbed scanner I put my Notary Commission, Driver License, SS card and my Nexus Canadian border crossing security pass. A quick scan and email to the Detective. He, in turn, sends me the notary section from the deed in question. If it was not so serious I would have laughed out loud. The signature was totally different, very “pointy” not the flowing curves in my standard signature. He was most interested in the signature on my Driver License as that was from a few years ago. He mentioned there was some consistency in my signature comparing the Driver License to the SS card (which was signed VERY long ago)!

The phony notary stamp was totally absurd. It showed my Commission to be registered to Clinton County; unlike my New York County – authentic stamp. The notary registry number was wrong; and the stamp included my home address in New York! Whatta mess! The Detective quickly determined that I was not involved in any way with the phony deed notarization. He asked the standard question as to if I would be willing to press charges for impersonation. Of course, I replied. Conversation ended, he said he had some other Kenneth A (missing on stamp) Edelstein to contact. And I thought I was unique!

Also missing was my raised seal; I sent an “inked” image – and mentioned the “flaw” that I made with a knife on the die. I assured him that every notarization by me includes my raised seal.

That was excitement enough for one day. I hope he catches the crook/forger and sends him/her to the “window bars motel” for a long time. Contact like this helps me to remember all notary laws.


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