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June 17, 2016

Jesus the Notary

A long time ago, there was a Notary born to a virgin mother in a manger in Kern County, CA. His name was Jesus and/or Emanuel, but his Latino friends called him Manuel. Later on, many songs were written about him and there was much rejoicing. However, four out of five dentists surveyed changed his name in the songs from “Emanuel” to “Enamuel.” In any case, this magnificent man did many wonderful deeds for mankind and humanity alike.

He helped a blind musician to see. The musician said, “Thank you Emanuel, now I don’t have to get paid in ones anymore. People kept asking me if I was a stripper and I said — no! If you think I’m a stripper with this body, then I ain’t the only one who’s blind around here!”

He helped a clueless mobile notary to get paid by using to look up signing company reviews. The Notary said, “I’ve been on 123notary for ten years and didn’t realize that feature existed. I should read the blog more often! Thanks Emanuel”

He helped a mobile notary client to walk and the client thanked him. But, the mobile notary who served that client regularly said, “Thanks a lot Emanuel, now I lost a client!”

Later, he went to Lake Mead in Nevada, and walked on water near the Hoover dam. Then he wrote some graffiti on the dam saying, “Jesus was here.” After that he took a long walk in the Mojave Desert and got really thirsty. He had a few bottles of wine in his backpack, but no water. So, he turned wine into water. After all, wine dehydrates.

This holy Notary also preached to the Notary masses and spoke in mystical parables.

1. Notarize unto others as you would have them notarize unto you!

2. Backdate not as it is a sin. And if you feel otherwise, imagine if the universe went backwards for a day every time you did so. If your work is always in order, the universe will always deliver in order for you!

3. The road to heaven is laden with potholes and notary clients who don’t have ID’s. By being prepared for all obstacles, all obstacles will cease to exist. Basically, get a vehicle with good shocks and confirm signings by phone lest you be delayed unnecessarily.

4. If you have a Notary client who has suffered misfortune or is wretched, offer this person Notary work for free, and you shall receive blessings in Notary heaven — yes, the Notary heaven written about in the 123notary blog — the article is fairly accurate based on what we know.

5. What ye seal, ye shall reap. Do good Notary work and there will be no shortage of Notary clients. Do good Notary work regularly and your good fortune will be exponential like the water in the ocean and stars in the sky.

6. If thou art annointed before doing a notarization, wash the oil off otherwise it will get all over the documents.

7. If a signing company is rude to you, turn the other cheek and do not seek revenge. If the signing company is rude, the rudeness remains. If you are rude back, dost the rudeness not multiply?

8. Do not notarize in public, for notarizing in public is what hypocrites do! Do not notarize for man, notarize for God’s divine approval.

9. And remember — the Kingdom of Notary Heaven can be seen within you.

10. There are many mansions in my father’s kingdom, (even a few with olympic sized pools) and they all need refinancing from time to time, so Notaries will never be out of a job in Notary Heaven.

The holy Notary walked around from coast to coast wearing orange robes and speaking in tongues that fascinated many. But, there were many who did not like Jesus. For Jesus spoke out against unrightious signing companies and their hypocritical practices charging $450 and only paying the Notary $50, not to mention often not paying them at all. The son of God publically criticized these immoral and sinful scoundrels publically and was hated for it. Once, he found a Lender doing a signing in a church, and Jesus violently turned over the table and said — not in my father’s house shall you perform a Notary signing!

It all ended, when a particular signing company hired some Attorneys to sue Jesus. The first lawsuit ended with a settlement that Jesus had to wear a crown of thorns with a sign that said, “King of the Notaries”. But, after the second lawsuit, they had Notary Jesus crucified.

He was nailed to a cross. And when he asked for water, they gave him Notary ink to drink. There were two other Notaries on crosses to either side of him. Both were common criminals convicted of backdating and Notary fraud including failure to administer an Oath as well as property embezzlement. His twelve Apostilles were unable to make it to visit him on the cross because it was the end of the month and they were all busy with signings. Several hours later, Jesus died. Later on Jesus rose from the dead and then decided to move onto Notary heaven.

Tragic as it was, many Notaries claim that Notary Jesus died for their Notarial sins, and that all the backdating, name variations they notarized without matching ID, and other crimes against the Secretary of State and society would be forgiven.

To be honest, very few Notaries ever get caught for their misconduct unless it is deliberate fraud with intent to injure or steal property from the signer. So, the forgiveness is more symbolic. But, in any case, to this day, Jesus the Notary lives — in spirit at least in Notary heaven. Just don’t be late on your child support payments if you want admittance to Notary heaven. But, other than that, all you have to do is believe, pray, and don’t sin or break any of the civil code section 2.1 through 5.13 or state law 3.53 through 4.119 pursuant to the Secretary of State’s Notary Handbook in your state. The end!

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May 9, 2016

Best Marketing Resources for Notaries

Are you a mobile Notary? Do you want to expand your business? It’s hard to get a lot of Notary business, especially in this economy. However, if you play your cards right, you can do amazingly well. Here are some of our best marketing articles for the new or veteran Notary to get ahead.


Please consider that you need ACTIVE marketing as well as PASSIVE marketing. Active marketing involves contacting signing and title companies one by one in addition to Attorneys, hospitals, and anyone else you wish to work for. Active marketing will be more labor intensive in the beginning of your career as you do not start out by being on any organization’s list. However, once you are on the lists of at least 200 companies, then you will most likely be spending more of your time working and less of your time looking for work.

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Getting on board with Title & Signing Companies

Dormant Contacts
Even after you are on the list of a company, you still need to contact them from time to time to just let them know you exist and want to work. We suggest that when Notary business is slow in the beginning of the month you schedule time to call your contacts who are dormant in hopes that they might actually use you one day.

Requirements for work
* Certain big title companies like Chicago Title require 500,000 E&O Insurance
* Other title companies want 100,000 E&O
* Some Notaries show off by having a million in E&O which is expensive and makes you a target for lawsuits.
* Others want a current background check from a reputable vendor such as the NNA or Sterling, but not necessarily from the other vendors.
* Some want vast experience as a Notary while others prefer beginners who will work for cheap. If you work for companies that hire beginners they will micromanage you. If you are tired of being micromanaged, try to work directly for companies that hire experienced and reliable Notaries.

Is an NNA background check really necessary to get work?

Many companies like it when Notaries are certified. But, there are many vendors offering certification and which one is the best? NNA certification is the most widespread and widely recognized in the industry. But, on 123notary, people looking to hire Notaries pick 123notary certified members more then twice as often as they pick Notaries who aren’t. My suggestion is to be certified by three or more agencies — that way you’ve covered all of the bases and will make quite an impression.

As a Notary, you should have a fast and reliable printer and perhaps a backup printer. Dual tray laser printers are the standard tool of seasoned Notaries. Single tray printers might be okay if you have software to figure out what size paper is for which document. Some Notaries print everything on legal although some Lenders might not appreciate that.

Professional Dress
Business casual is the official dress code for Notaries. No shorts, flip flops, tank tops, jeans or torn clothing please.

Low-Ball Offers
As a Notary, you will receive a lot of low-ball offers. Notaries complain endlessly about this. If you are not an experienced Notary, low-ball offers might be your ticket to getting experience. Personally, I feel that new Notaries do not merit high paying Notary jobs and should work for low fees. However, once you have educated yourself in the “art of the signing” and have paid your dues by accumulating an experience of more than 2000 loans, you should get paid at least an average of $110 per signing otherwise something is very wrong. The economy does change over time and wages change too, so be flexible and work for whatever people will pay you.

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Cattle Call Notary Offers

Setting Prices
Notaries need to be flexible and realistic about what they charge. Some Notaries are too snobby to take low paying jobs and end up starving. Other Notaries take too many low paying jobs and miss out on the good jobs because they are too busy working for peanuts and then spending their profits on gas, toner, paper, and other expenses. You need a sophisticated model for pricing that incorporates the time of the month (month-end is busier and should be more expensive) distance, timing, traffic, and how many pages the job will be.

* Base your prices on how long you estimate a job to take including traffic.
* Lower your prices at the beginning of the month when business is slow
* Expect to be paid poorly until you have at least 1000 loans signed
* To get paid well, you need a constant supply of regular clients who pay well which you accumulate over time
* You need to advertise heavily to get a constant supply of new clients in hopes that some will become regulars.
* You need to be on time, be nice, not make mistakes and get docs back on time to get rehired.
* Base job time on the name lf the Lender as packages from particular banks are normally a particular (+/-) number of pages and then factor in traffic on the route you’ll take at that particular time of the day, night or weekend.


Passive marketing involves advertising on directories. Once your ad is out there, companies can find you. However, not all advertisements attract the same amount of business, and not all Notary directories are equal. Online yellow pages are yet another way to advertise as well as Google local, however we do not know much about the results of such advertising. Passive marketing is very powerful as you get motivated buyers calling you when they really need something done. However, most Notaries are neglectful in the creation and maintenance of their advertisements and do not get the full potential of their investment. A good Notary profile has reviews from satisfied clients, certifications, and a powerful and well organized notes section. You need to do everything right to maximize your results.

Where to advertise
123notary, Notary Rotary, Notary Cafe, and are the four most powerful players in the Notary advertising business — in that order. You should advertise on all four with a paid listing. 123notary offers high placed listings. We suggest that you pass our certification before investing in a high placed listing. High placed listings get you more business as well as better quality (and better paying) Title company jobs — and it means that you will be seen first before people start scrolling deep and shopping around.

How to create an amazing notes section
We have written many articles on this overlooked topic which you should read and study. If you want to get ahead, become an expert at the art of the notes section. Companies read what you have to say about yourself, and if you have very little to say, or just a bunch of fluff, you are not likely to get hired. Notaries who do well have thorough and factual information about themselves that is neatly organized into paragraphs. They cover their areas of expertise, certifications, professional memberships, equipment, notes about what is unique about how they handle business, segments on their professional history before they were a Notary particularly if it has some sort of business or Mortgage related relevance, and more.

Everything you need to know about writing a good notes section

2014 excerpts from great notes sections

Being 24 hours helps a lot
If you want to get more business, offer service to more counties, and during more hours. It is just common sense — do the math. Some Notaries only want to service their home county during their “flexible” hours of 9-5 while others are 24 hours and cover eighteen counties. If you need to sleep, then limit your hours from 6am to midnight, but the more flexible you are, the more business you can accumulate.

Reviews are essential
We have written many blog entries on reviews and are publishing a comprehensive guide to reviews as well around the same time I publish this article. The important concepts to remember are:

* Six reviews will double your new business from our site
* After you have six reviews you will get a small marginal benefit from each additional review
* Well written reviews count more
* Don’t get multiple reviews the same day or it looks like you wrote them yourself
* Reviews that are three or more years old do not benefit you much, so always get new reviews.
* You might need to ask ten people to get a single review, but it’s worth it.
* Signing & Title companies are horrible about writing reviews since everybody bugs them to do it
* Individuals are easier to get reviews from, so do some jobs for individuals
* Ask for a review when someone compliments you on your work otherwise don’t ask.
* Email requests for reviews in addition to asking in person. Email them a LINK to your review page. That will take the work out of trying to find the page which I assure you people don’t have the time or patience to do.

Related Reading: A comprehensive guide to reviews

Company Names
It will help you to have a company name in the long run. But, think long and hard about what you name your Notary business. Names with geographical significance are recommended. Names with notorial or Mortgage significance might be good. General business names that are not relevant to this industry might not be ideal.

Choosing a name for your business license

Keep your information up to date
Many Notaries create a listing and forget about it. Your listing is like a plant — it needs to be watered and trimmed from time to time otherwise it will wither. Login to your listing every few months, we require it, and it is good for the popularity of your listing. Browsers can see the date you last logged in. If you login more regularly you’ll attract browsers that care about how well you maintain your listing. After all, if you neglect your listing, you might neglect their loan! Update your # of signings and touch up your notes section regularly with anything new that you learned or any new way you have of expressing yourself. You can also email us for free help with your notes section — and yes, we do free notary notes makeovers.



General Marketing

Long term marketing plans

I signed up with 200 companies only to get work twice

Notary Advertising

The state of Notary advertising in 2015

Traps you can fall into with a website of your own

Unique notary notes phrases from the Ninja course

How to write an amazing notes section that blows people out of the water

Stating the obvious in your notes section

7 ways to use Facebook to market your notary services

Pricing & Income

$40 for a signing 72 miles away?

What is the difference between getting 16 clicks per day & 100+?

How much more does a 123notary certified signer make?

Here is another way to make $4000 more per year

Is $75 enough to print 2 sets of docs & do faxbacks?

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January 27, 2016

Best Resources for New Signing Agents & Beginners

Are you starting out as a mobile notary and don’t know which direction to turn? We know where you should turn and what you should read. So, indulge yourself in this reading list.

The 123notary 30 point course

Signing Companies that hire new Notaries

How to become a successful mobile notary from scratch

Is having an NNA background check necessary for work?

How to write a notes section if you have no experience

5 or 6 reviews doubles your business

Signing Agent Best Practices

Basic technical information for new Notaries

Cattle Call Notary Offers

$30 loan signings — is it worth it?

2014 excerpts from great notes sections

Wannabe #1 on 123notary? Consider this first

What’s your monthly marketing plan?



June 8, 2014

If a pizza can get there in 30 minutes or less, why not a notary?

Hiring a mobile notary is not always easy. They are not always available when you need them. Plus, they might have an appointment right after they see you for an Acknowledged signature in another part of town. That means, if you are running late, your appointment could get cut short!

Domino’s Pizza has delivery guys who wait for you. They line up at the store waiting for pizzas to come out of the oven. They spend their idle time putting pizza boxes together, and the minute it comes out of the oven — they sprint for the front door. They can get there in 30 minutes or less because they are waiting like a Lexington Minuteman by the oven.

But, notaries are not always ready to run. And if they are, they might be in another town far away from you. Maybe the world needs a notary company with dozens of notaries just waiting by the door so the dispatcher can just blow his trumpet, key in his credit card processing system and say, “Charge!”

Maybe one day. In the mean time, we have many decades to go before you see a commercial on TV that says,

“The notary will be there in 30 minutes or less or your Jurat is free — Oath not included…
restrictions apply — offer not valid in Alaska or Hawaii, applies to participating stores only! Side effects may include dizziness, confusion, stress, and a loss of appetite. As with any other legal service, consult your Attorney before you get a prescription for our services.”

(1) Hiring a mobile notary isn’t easy. They are not always available when you need them.
(2) The notary will be there in 30 minutes or less or your Jurat is free (Oath not included)
(3) There’s plenty of fast food, but not enough fast notaries!

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June 6, 2014

Poo Picking – getting the best notary jobs

Poo Picking
You are probably much more used to the phrase “cherry picking”. It’s a phrase that pays homage to the selection of the best fruit. Without belaboring the point; there is an analogy to picking the best notary assignments. But what about the rest of the assignments? Clearly there is a broad range. The cherries are close by, easy to do; and pay a high fee. The majority of the assignments offered to us are not cherries; they are average. Average, in that we work hard to earn a fair wage. However, there are also the “Poo” assignments. Difficult, far, time consuming, and with a bunch of special added requirements; often at bottom dollar.

How do you get the cherries and avoid the Poo? As the First Lady said “Just Say No”. It’s very bad business to accept every offer made to you. Some say it’s necessary to take the bad with the good. Why? I take the cherries and the average and reject the Poo. If you have been a mobile notary for any length of time you should have developed a good sense of what is a Poo situation. One classic warning sign is that the situation takes a large amount of your time, prior to actually doing the assignment. Do you have time to spare? Probably not.
Quote by Abraham Lincoln: “A Lawyer’s Time and Advice are His Stock in Trade.”. Swap Lawyer’s for Notary’s and that is reality. You have only so much time to devote. Any task that takes an unreasonable amount of your time needs to be abandoned. Sometimes you have to just “let go” – as what starts time-consuming will probably become more so. There are no exact guidelines for me to give you. If you feel you are descending into a pit, climb out!

Now to the real “meat” of this entry. Your calendar is the single most important time management tool. Do you guard it carefully, aware the entries represent the commitment of a slice of your time; unusable for other matters. Some feel anything is better than nothing. If you accept a “Poo” assignment you will be forced to decline all others. Thus, you are, if you are really managing your business; forced to determine the quality and “worth” of the offer. It is in this aspect of time management that so many fail miserably.

“Shields Up” shouts the First Officer on the Enterprise, the Star Trek Starship. It’s the duty of the First Officer, first to protect the ship; second to protect the Captain. You are the Captain of your business, and your experience and judgment must serve as the first officer. But what of the Starship? That’s your “bottom line” – does your business model protect both yourself (from legal action, danger, etc.) and protect your income flow? Assuming you don’t want to fire the Captain (you) then you might have to rethink how you apply your experience and judgment.

“Let me try to have that fee approved” a/k/a “as soon as I hang up I will be looking for someone cheaper, but if I can’t find one; only then will I call back”. One possible response is “fine, but I cannot make a calendar entry until we have an agreement; the time slot might not be available when you call back”. Some are a bit more “pushy’ – “pencil me in for that time” they ask. Sure, I reply but be aware that the next caller who wants that time will cause me to use the other end of the pencil and erase your entry.

Back to Poo, your time; and now add commitment. Today a Poo caller, this one an Escrow Co. (or so they said); made a solid commitment to having both payment and assignment sheet to me by noon for a 3PM assignment. As I write this it’s now 12:30 – nothing received. What to do? For “it never happened”. No, I’m not going to call them; they were able to call me, and have chosen to just ignore their agreement with me. It’s not worth my time to call them. They never had a calendar entry, so there is nothing to erase. It’s unlikely, but if they suddenly resurrect themselves and call at 1:30; and I am “open” – perhaps I will be able to accommodate them. But it’s my rules that govern.

The key to Poo management is establishing deadlines for events; and mutually understanding what will happen when the deadline passes. Then stick to it. Nobody owns you, or manages you; unless you let them.

(1) Re: Notary Assignments; Do you know how to pick the cherries and leave out the undesirable jobs?
(2) Any task that takes an unreasonable amount of your time needs to be abandoned. Sometimes you have to just “let go”
(3) Nobody owns you or manages you unless you let them! When it comes to the worst notary jobs, “just say no”

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October 23, 2013

What makes a mobile notary a mobile notary?

We get calls everyday from notaries around the country who want to be a mobile notary. They always ask, “What do I need to do to become a mobile notary?” I tell them to become commissioned as a notary in their state and then get in you car — then you are a notary, and you are mobile.

But, you should really learn how to be specialized in mobile notary work. Notaries who work in an office notarize simple forms all day long. Mobile notaries have to deal with very different issues. Loan signing is no easy task, and there are many snags, delays, and complications along the way. You should take a loan signing course from to learn the ins and outs of the entire procedure from A to Z as well as how to market your service.

But, non-loan signing mobile notary work is complicated too. There is a lot of work going to places where they can’t drive themselves such as hospitals, convalescent homes, jails, prisons, movie sets, busy offices (too busy to drive), and late night visits to people’s homes for last minute travel or school documents.

Mobile Notaries also need to know what to do if people don’t have the right ID. After you have driven 40 minutes to a job, you are invested in the completion of the job. You need to know how to get your trip fee before you see the signer & documents (takes being pushy and negotiating in advance), you need to negotiate your waiting time, and you need to know how to use credible witnesses to identify a signer if there is no ID. Most states allow credible witnesses, but you can research whether yours does or not.

Have fun becoming a mobile notary public. It is a rewarding profession, and 123notary can help you a lot in your pursuit of a profitable mobile notary business.

(1) You just need a notary commission & a car to be a mobile notary, but signing agent training really helps!
(2) Anybody can become a mobile notary, but to be a good one, you need training!

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March 7, 2012

Death and the Notary

Death and the Notary

I have heard that it it best to get some things done sooner rather than later but this one takes it to another level….

Some borrowers won’t let even a death in the family stop them from a refinance transaction. I had a mobile notary that received a job from one of his trusty signing companies. He confirmed everything and prepared his documents. On the day of the signing he received a last minute call stating that the borrower had a death in the family but they were  going to proceed with the closing at the agreed upon time.

So, our mobile notary arrived at the house as scheduled not only to find that there indeed was a death;  the female borrower had sadly lost her mother. It was apparent that she was distraught and he could see that she had been crying, but she insisted that she wanted to proceed anyway. So our mobile notary pulled out the tools of the trade and got ID’s logged in and proceeded to start to pass the docs down the assembly line  for signature and initials. However about ever two or so docs the door bell would ring a family member  and/or friend would start to come bearing food, gifts of condolence. So as the visitors would come the female borrower would stop the signing and get up go to the door greet her quests as they came to pay their respects. They would offer their sympathy and condolences and then tears would begin to flow again. ANd she would come back to the signing table and begin to sign again. Needless to say this went on for over two hours. Boy, all I can say is the signing agent on this one was a trooper. It seems that the motivator for this borrower to sign no matter what was a 30 year fixed at 3.8 or so. I guess who could blame her. Life does goes on….

So It seems a great interest rate no matter what the circumstances (good or bad) will never stop some borrowers from signing loan docs.

Until next time!

Be safe!

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November 28, 2011

How do I find a notary public?

How do I find a notary public?
Finding a notary public is easy.  Do you need a notary office where you can go to?  Or, do you want a mobile notary who will travel to you for an extra travel fee?
How do  I find a notary office?
Try your local yellow pages and find a local UPS store, mail boxes store, or someone who advertises as a notary public.  Many attorneys, insurance offices, bail bonds offices, and real estate offices will have a notary public on staff.
How do I find a mobile notary?
Just use and look up by zip code or use our  find a notary page. We have thousands of mobile notaries throughout the United States who can help you day or night. They will be happy to come to your home, office, movie set, hospital, jail cell, or meet you at a cafe somewhere.  There are many uses for mobile notaries, so make sure you find someone who is experienced in the particular type of job you have in mind.  Jail, hospital, and power of attorney signings are trickier than normal, so make sure you find someone experienced in those particular types of jobs if you need to hire someone for that type of work. 
What if I don’t have current identification?
You need to let the notary public know what type of identification you have before they see you.  If you drivers license is expired, you will generally not be able to use it as identification with a notary public.  Identification acceptable to notaries must be a current government issued photo ID with a physical description, signature, serial number, and expiration date.
What if I need help filling the document or drafting the document?
I would advise that you DO NOT bother notaries with questions about documents. That is very far outside what they are authorized to do or advise you about. If you have questions with documentation, ask an attorney, or find someone qualified in whatever the subject matter of the document is.  Notaries notarize signatures on documents and sometimes certify copies of powers of attorneys and give Oaths.  They are not supposed to do much more than that.  Rules differ state by state.

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September 24, 2011

Erica’s Mobile Office Story

Erica’s Mobile Office Story
Erica has been a full time mobile notary for 17 years in California’s central coast.  She enjoyed driving her BMW to signings, and the gas mileage was not that bad.  But going all the way up to Northern San Luis Obispo county and all the way down to Santa Barbara Couny, and then all the way up and down and up and down for e-document signings got to be ridiculous.  She said to herself, “I’ve been doing this business for a long time, and there must be a better way to do this”. 
A few years ago she decided that a mobile office was the way to do business.  That would eliminate all of the traveling back home each time she needed to print documents.  She could print on the road while driving and multi-task which would make her time work even more efficiently.  There was a particular vehicle that she had had her eye on for a long time — the Chevy HHR.  It was a cross between a SUV and a Hatchback.  But, its main feature was that it’s battery was in the BACK, making it easy to add an inverter and power strip.  This would allow her to have printers, computers and other equipment in the back receiving enough power to all function at once!!! 
Long distance travel
Although her BMW got better gas mileage than her new “truck”, she didn’t have to go all the way back home each time she printed docs using the truck!  Erica’s range was 120 miles up and down the coast, and many times she would have to go up and down multiple times per day when business was faster (in the old days).
The inverter
Initially, she wanted to get a generator, but thought it would be too loud for night signings.  But, then after she bought her more powerful vehicle, the generator was no longer necessary.  She started out getting an inverter on ebay for $79, but it didn’t have enough Hertz.  Then, she got serious and made a pilgimmage to Oxnard, California to get a heavy duty 2000 watt inverter for $129 which did the trick.    This inverter had enough power for all of her equipment.
Her equipment
Erica’s arsenal of equipment includes: (1) a netbook, (2) a three-in-one scanner, printer, and fax (3) HP Laserjet 2430dtn printer that prints a whopping 35 pages per minute! Wow! That’s the fastest I’ve ever heard about.  She has SIX of these and gets them for pennies on ebay, but they might cost up to $1000 in a store.  She get’s her toner for $20 on ebay which costs over $100 in stores.  The other things she stocks in her “truck” include extra legal paper, letter paper, toners for each weapon, staplers, tape, rubber bands, shipping supplies, post-it notes, and dozens of pens.  She also keeps an extra journal in her car just in case!
The warranty
Erica is a seasoned electronics customer and gets a square trade warranty whenever she buys something online.  Personally, I would go with the triangular one (to keep things simple), but the square one seems to be the industry standard.
More work capacity
The bottom line of this story is how Erica refined her operation to have maximum efficiency.  She can now accept last minute assignments.  And, by eliminating the back and forth, she can now do nine signings per day, when the maximum she was able to do in the old days was five.

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May 28, 2010

Welcome to the Blog!

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Introduction – directory – who we are. is a nationwide mobile notary directory that helps notaries market their notary services and offers a wealth of notary resource materials as well on our resources page. offers loan signing courses and loan signing agent certification courses too.  Feel free to sign up for a listing with us by visiting our advertise with us page on the navigation bar.  We offer FREE listings with low placement and paid listings with medium and high placement.
123notary and Social Media has endeavored to build a community feeling by creating various social media profiles over the last few years.  We created a notary discussion forum in 2004. Our forum grew in popularity over the years, but we found that the trends in social media had changed, and that more people prefered Facebook and other providers. Then, in 2009, we created Facebook and Twitter profiles which quickly became very lively.  In 2010, we decided to create a blog, to add a format where we could discuss notary issues in detail.  The forum had a nice form of interaction, but our blog will make it possible to focus on what a particular author has to share, rather than reading a potentially chaotic conversation between a variety of strangers all chiming in.
Guest writers will attempt to have a lively notary blog by blogging about the most interesting and critical issues facing notaries today.  In order to spice things up, we will
be having guest bloggers write articles about whatever notary blog topics they find interesting.  The guest writers each have a very different style and write about very different topics than I would write about which will make our blog diverse and interesting.  Our current guest bloggers are Ken and Carmen, but we hope to attract more as time goes on. If you write interesting materials, and want to be a guest blogger with us, just send us an email introducing yourselves, and we will consider you!
Topics for discussion

I want to use this notary public blog to discuss issues in a way that can not be adequately done on other mediums.  Forums have too much weak commentary from members with posts ranging from two or three words to a sentence. Some of the input is helpful while others is not on forums.  Very little of the writing on forums is good enough to feature on a resource page.  One major pattern I would like to establish on our blog is to take the best content from the forum and publish it in blog format.  I would select the most popular and helpful forum topics, and condense the more helpful commentary from the notaries in one page in a blog entry.   That way the 90-95% of forum commentary that is not helpful would be filtered or weeded out.  Another pattern I would like to use on the notary public blog is to address major issues facing notaries, in detail.  Rather that focusing on quantity, I would like to address certain pressing issues, and have thorough and quality input about these matters.  Some issues that will be popping up soon will include:  How to handle common problems at signings, Loan Modifications, Billing, Etiquette, e-signings,  How to Dress, etc.,    If there are topics that you would like addressed, you are welcome to voice your opinion.
Facebook, Twitter and our blog
We will get materials for our blog from discussions on facebook as one of our sources of information. Our facebook profile is a source of lively discussions and information about the notary world. Each week or two we discuss a different issue and break it in to components.   There will be lots of material to work with.  We will be tweeting about our new blogs on Twitter as a way to get the news out quickly. We may even have a competition on facebook for notaries who can write a great blog article that is good enough for us to post.

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