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April 3, 2021

The people who are supposed to be keeping you healthy

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I forget if I wrote about this before. But, the people who are supposed to keep your healthy and not healthy themselves.

It is common knowledge that to be healthy you should:

Get enough sleep
Not work too much
Have a balanced diet
Get natural sunlight
Be happy and have a normal social and recreational life.
Not live under too much stress or distress
Believe in God (false Gods are equally good for health purposes) and have some sort of worship.

People who do the opposite are a lot more likely to get cancer, strokes, heart attacks, or die young based on what I have read and seen in real life with people I know!

However, the people who take care of your health
1. Had to go through a grueling experience going through medical school, going without sleep day after day, year after year, and cramming excessively under severe distress.
2. Before medical school, they study like crazy so they can get into medical school.
3. To survive medical school, they sacrifice their friends and family because their time is all zapped up.
4. Natural sunlight? Not unless it happens indoors while cramming.
5. Balanced diet? Does the “Mac N Cheez” they serve at the hospital lunchroom count as a balanced diet? I’m sure it must — otherwise why would they serve it at a hospital unless their goal is to keep us sick (or unless they are clueless or don’t care?)
6. Medical professionals work themselves to death doing long 12 or 36 hour shifts under miserable and grueling conditions.

If these people choose to devote their entire lives to living under inhuman, unhealthy and grueling conditions, should you be hiring them to keep you healthy?

I use holistic doctors and the doctor at the clinic who works 40 hours a week and doesn’t over do it. I hire medical staff who look healthy and kept me healthy. But, what about the rest of you?

We just ad a Surgeon join 123notary. His body just couldn’t handle the punishment of the 80 hour workweeks at his age. But, he loves driving around doing signings and he lives in an area with amazing scenery which makes the driving heaven. I talked to him about this issue of doctors being the least healthy people and he agreed with me. That is why he quit being a doctor. I think we need to redesign the way the world works.

We should all live happy and well balanced lives and believe in God or Gods. According to Christianity and Judaism if you worship the wrong Gods you go to hell. But, according to long life research you can worship false Gods all day long and the more you do it, the longer you live. So, we’ve finally proven religious fuddy duddies wrong about something. However, there is no proof that after your happy long life of worshipping false Gods that you will have a positive after-life. The long life specialists don’t seem to discuss the afterlife other than the fact that some people believe or don’t believe in it. Hmmm.


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