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December 10, 2021

The left, the silent majority, and the Jan 6th types

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Somebody wrote a very thoughtful and inspiring comment to my article, “A response to my Biden post.” He stated that there is a silent majority out there who care about a true democracy, civil rights, and believe in the constitution.

I believe this man has a point. The way I see it, there are the leftists. Some more hard core than not, who believe in totalitarianism, censorship, masks, vaccines, fear, handouts, endless regulations, and a general atmosphere of the decay of our basic rights.

Then there is the silent majority who have basically standard American beliefs such as freedom, constitution, and having a strong economy.

And then finally there are the January 6th types or dangerous right wing fanatics. These are the types who might start a civil war. People were talking about it on youtube today.

My verdict on this issue is that — if the silent majority would stand for something, we would be in a lot less danger of a civil war. Wars happen when people feel oppressed, hopeless and that they have no other options. The silent majority is a guilty party here. They are sitting and watching while our home is being compromised. This is unacceptable. If something is right, then stand for it.

It is time that we stand up to the plate, otherwise there won’t be a plate to stand up at.

America’s men of all generations have lost their testosterone, and this is just plain dangerous. It is partly because of culture and partly due to processed food. I eat mainly natural food, which perhaps is why I am not like this. If you eat processed food you will be weak and have a weak immune system as well. Even if you grew up in the 40’s when men were men. Think about it.

On a brighter note, people are getting tired of Biden’s failed policies and Kamala’s playing hookey on the job (which she was probably instructed to do and was probably not her choice.) Maybe things will come around.


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