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February 25, 2016

At 123notary – We don’t look good unless you look good

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Notaries don’t understand why we care so much about their notes section and their reviews. The reason is that we don’t look good unless you look good. Imagine if every Notary on 123notary had a few reviews, and a stunning notes section with unique information on it. 123notary would be a lot more popular than it is. In reality, the higher level people on 123notary do typically have reviews and good notes sections. However, the lower level people on our directory have what I like to call, “incomplete looking” listings.

A few months ago, we reorganized the notes sections of about 2000 members. I was expecting complaints, but luckily for me I got dozens of praises and not a single complaint after I announced my work in the newsletter. Our site gained about 5% in traffic after I did my work. The bottom line is the people who use 123notary will use it more if Notaries write nice notes sections. Additionally, after I fix up people’s notes sections (which I do for free) they typically get about 50% more clicks to their listings. It takes me only a minute or two — three at most, but the results are amazing.

So, why are Notaries not requesting my free help with their notes section? Why do they not realize that reviews are life and death? Why do Notaries drag their heels about getting certified by 123notary which is also life or death for their profile? The answer is priorities. The minute a Notary “emotionally” understands how critical dressing up their listing is, they will typically take action. The Notaries who don’t take action either don’t care that much about their listing or make a priority of other taks that pay them a small fee.

In other notary blog entries, I showed how studying for their certiication test could be worth a few thousand dollars per hour. The Notaries always claimed that they “didn’t have time.” They do have time, but they prefer to make $30 per hour in short term gains at the expense of $3000 per hour in residual long term gains. If I have a million dollars in my right hand and ten dollars in my left hand, the vast majority of Notaries will ask me to give them what I have in my left hand. I don’t get it, but this is how they think — they think small. Large possibilities don’t exist in their consciousness for the most part.

Additionally, old reviews look bad. I wrote a blog entry about how people with old reviews complained they were not getting the business. The answer is that they used to be hustling, and then they stopped trying — and it shows. You have to ask for reviews to get them. If you stop trying, you won’t get any. Then there are others who got three reviews on Dec 1st, 2012, and then another three on Sept 1st, 2015. It looks horrible and tacky. Reviews should be spaced out to look organic and real.

So, what can you do? Take a look at your notes section. See if there is more that you can add. Talk about the types of loans you know how to sign, memberships, certifications, background screening, special designations, what is unique about your service, and more. See what other Notaries are writing about. Creating a great notes section is not rocket science and we are here to help for free. And when in doubt, ask for help!


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July 4, 2014

Where does 123notary get ideas for blog articles?

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When I started writing for my blog, I thought I would run out of ideas. I wrote about all of the technical notary issues I could think of. I wrote about journals, loan signing procedures, marketing and more. Then, I ran out of ideas. Then, we started talking to notaries and asking them about their craziest stories. There were many stories and many of them were excellent. The more gruesome the better!

Since, I have to write about 25 articles per month myself and have some help from Ken, Carmen and a few others for extra blog entries, I have to have tried and true techniques for finding blog ideas. Not all blog topics will be popular, but sometimes it is surprising to learn about what people like, or respond to the most. Our notaries are practical types for the most part. They like the stories, but respond more to everyday types of situations that affect their lives.

My new techniques for creating blog topics are reading Facebook, seeing what was popular on Twitter, our Forum, Notary Rotary’s forum, seeing comments to our blog entries, and even reading emails from clients. Additionally, we get stories from our notaries from time to time. I also come up with ideas from talking to people on the phone. From talking to people, I learn what some people are competent about and what areas they need improvement in. Reading through people’s notes sections also opens a can of worms. I wrote sixteen pages about notes sections in our Ninja course, and could probably write twenty blog articles on the topic as well.

If you have an interesting blog article idea, run it by us. We need 365 ideas per year.

(1) 123notary gets ideas for blog articles from Facebook, the forum, Stories from our clients, emails and daily life!

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October 12, 2011

Signing Agent & Notary Blog Informatio​n

There are a few notary blogs out there.

The question is, what type of perspective do you want to read about?  A few blogs are written by notaries, there are a few signing companies blogging too, and then ours is from my perspective as a former notary and notary directory owner! Signing Agent and Notary Blog
This is our blog and you are visiting it now!  We write about all types of issues effecting notaries including notary jobs, signing companies of interest, issues relating to the mortgage industry, and technical issues effecting notaries. We get all kinds of interesting commentary from our notaries too, so don’t forget to read the commentary!
Detroit Notary Blog
This blog, based in Detroit, MI is lots of fun to read.  I visit there regularly and sometimes comment.  The author is a customer of (he advertises with us). The author writes about practical notary issues, as well as issues in banking, and mortgage that effect the notary signing agent business as a whole.
Mobile Notary Review
This blog has some interesting information about signing companies and some good mobile notary tips.
N3Notary Blog
This blog offers notary advice from the point of view of a signing company.   They explain how to understand reviews of signing companies, and how to do your job well as a signing agent. I like the fact that it is from a point of view that I don’t normally hear as a directory owner.  We rarely hear from signing companies, although they are the ones using our site more than anyone else!
Notary Success Blog
This blog goes over basic tips for notaries and has some personal show and tell as well such as travel articles!
Champion Notary Blog
This blog is written by another client of ours.  I’m enjoying this recent post entitled, “Are notaries equal?”.  This post has commentary about how notaries differ in terms of specialties and skill sets.   If you like interesting commentary about various types of issues effecting notaries, you might like this blog.
Bay Area Mobile Notary Blog
Practical issues are discussed here.   One post is about how they are accepting credit cards for notary services.  Identification and notary procedure are explained step by step here as well. This is a notary blog written from the point of view of a service provider — a very busy one!


May 28, 2010

Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Blog!

To see the blog roll with our most RECENT posts, just click on the link below!

Introduction – directory – who we are. is a nationwide mobile notary directory that helps notaries market their notary services and offers a wealth of notary resource materials as well on our resources page. offers loan signing courses and loan signing agent certification courses too.  Feel free to sign up for a listing with us by visiting our advertise with us page on the navigation bar.  We offer FREE listings with low placement and paid listings with medium and high placement.
123notary and Social Media has endeavored to build a community feeling by creating various social media profiles over the last few years.  We created a notary discussion forum in 2004. Our forum grew in popularity over the years, but we found that the trends in social media had changed, and that more people prefered Facebook and other providers. Then, in 2009, we created Facebook and Twitter profiles which quickly became very lively.  In 2010, we decided to create a blog, to add a format where we could discuss notary issues in detail.  The forum had a nice form of interaction, but our blog will make it possible to focus on what a particular author has to share, rather than reading a potentially chaotic conversation between a variety of strangers all chiming in.
Guest writers will attempt to have a lively notary blog by blogging about the most interesting and critical issues facing notaries today.  In order to spice things up, we will
be having guest bloggers write articles about whatever notary blog topics they find interesting.  The guest writers each have a very different style and write about very different topics than I would write about which will make our blog diverse and interesting.  Our current guest bloggers are Ken and Carmen, but we hope to attract more as time goes on. If you write interesting materials, and want to be a guest blogger with us, just send us an email introducing yourselves, and we will consider you!
Topics for discussion

I want to use this notary public blog to discuss issues in a way that can not be adequately done on other mediums.  Forums have too much weak commentary from members with posts ranging from two or three words to a sentence. Some of the input is helpful while others is not on forums.  Very little of the writing on forums is good enough to feature on a resource page.  One major pattern I would like to establish on our blog is to take the best content from the forum and publish it in blog format.  I would select the most popular and helpful forum topics, and condense the more helpful commentary from the notaries in one page in a blog entry.   That way the 90-95% of forum commentary that is not helpful would be filtered or weeded out.  Another pattern I would like to use on the notary public blog is to address major issues facing notaries, in detail.  Rather that focusing on quantity, I would like to address certain pressing issues, and have thorough and quality input about these matters.  Some issues that will be popping up soon will include:  How to handle common problems at signings, Loan Modifications, Billing, Etiquette, e-signings,  How to Dress, etc.,    If there are topics that you would like addressed, you are welcome to voice your opinion.
Facebook, Twitter and our blog
We will get materials for our blog from discussions on facebook as one of our sources of information. Our facebook profile is a source of lively discussions and information about the notary world. Each week or two we discuss a different issue and break it in to components.   There will be lots of material to work with.  We will be tweeting about our new blogs on Twitter as a way to get the news out quickly. We may even have a competition on facebook for notaries who can write a great blog article that is good enough for us to post.

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