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December 18, 2018

Beginner Notaries 103 — Getting Work

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Chapter 4. Getting Work

Being a newer Notary, you have to get new contacts, learn new things, and work for whomever will take you. It is typical that you will be micromanaged, have to do a lot of faxing back, get paid poorly or in some cases not at all. This sounds like a horrible ordeal, but it is good because by paying your dues you will get experience. Any Notary who has succeeded had to pay their dues. Some paid more dues than others while a few with good legal contacts avoided the whole low-ball experience.

You need to call the companies who you signed up with regularly. Remind them that you exist and are ready to jump night or day. You can call signing companies, title companies, Attorneys offices, bail bonds offices, hospitals or anyone who needs a Notary. Let them know you are ready to work. You should mention you are a mobile notary on your facebook profile too because you never know who is reading it.

You should have a business card that you can give to your clients, their coworkers, family members, secretaries, etc. Repeat business is a big factor.

You can find signing companies on the signing company lists on 123notary and Notary Rotary. On 123notary our list is free to the public. On Notary Rotary you might need to be a member to see a lot of their information.

Knowing who to contact is half of the battle. The most important factor of getting work is being hungry and ready to please. Those who contact companies and brag about how smart they are are annoying. But, those who are ready to jump, answer the phone at all hours, and never complain are the ones who get jobs. Companies need you to get them out of a bind. If you are always their hero, you will get jobs. If you are always busy, tired, or unresponsive, you might not get jobs.

Once you get jobs, make sure to answer emails promptly and answer phone messages. If you keep people waiting for inquiries, or after service you will not get rehired.

Here is a list of companies that will hire new signers. But, the list was published a few years ago, and things have changed. These companies may or may not even still be in business.

Companies that will hire NEW signers!

Here is our general list of signing companies with reviews

Visit our forum where you can read about signing companies and more


December 17, 2018

Beginner Notaries 103 — Marketing Your Services

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Chapter 3

Marketing Your Services
123notary created a popular marketing course called Notary Marketing 102. I highly recommend you read this course from beginning to end. To summarize marketing for newer Notaries, you have to be aware of several things you must do.

1. You need to make your listing on 123notary look complete. This means a thoroughly filled out notes section. Read articles in the “your notes section” category on our blog to learn the secrets. Find a way to get your clients to give you a few reviews. It is easier to get reviews from individuals than signing companies, especially if you email them a link. If you can pas our certification test that would really help too. People hiring notaries want “familiarity with the documents” and our certification test tests document knowledge among other things.

2. You need to have a basic knowledge of loan documents as I mentioned in the first point. Selling yourself without knowing anything will be counter productive.

3. You should really have a good sense of good Notary etiquette. This point is generally overlooked, but it is important if you want to get on the good side of companies.

4. You need to reach out to dozens of signing and title companies. It is not uncommon to get on the list of 200 companies.

5. You need to keep in touch with these companies too.

6. Please understand that companies have their favorite Notaries in each area, and when their favorite Notary loses their good graces with the company, they might need someone new. Companies do not like the idea of hiring someone new, especially if that person lacks experience and knowledge. So, you have to be willing to help them in a jam and jump when they say jump. If you do a good job and are nice, perhaps they will use you again. Try to think of how the hiring party thinks.

There are many articles to read on our blog. Here are the ones or the strings we recommend to newer Notaries.

Notary Marketing 102

What is your monthly marketing plan?

Which directories get the high paying signings?

How to write a notes section if you are a beginner

Articles about Marketing related topics on our Blog (string)

Articles Specific to Marketing on our Blog (string)

Common Complaints we get about Notaries — read this so your marketing efforts don’t get sabotaged by bad work.



December 16, 2018

Beginner Notaries 103 — Chapter 2

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Gaining Knowledge as a Signing Agent
As a new signing agent, there is actually a lot to know. First of all, a Notary Public is an individual who is commissioned by their state as a Notary Public. A Mobile Notary is one who is commissioned as a Notary Public who travels around. There is no official legal qualification to be a Mobile Notary or Signing Agent. It is just a specialization in the Notary field with an increased service offering.

To gain knowledge as a signing agent, 123notary has various courses out there. Some of the courses cost, while others are free. Here are the courses we recommend.

Notary Public 101

Notary Marketing 102

The 30 Point Course

Signing Agent Best Practices 63 Points

It is also not a bad idea to take courses from other venders such as Notary2Pro, Loan Signing System or to learn from a different perspective. To be a good Notary, you need to be solid on Notary knowledge, loan documents, handling sticky situations, and marketing yourself. It is a lot to know, but we will teach you.

Additionally, it makes sense to try to earn our Elite Certification. Title companies who look for Notaries give our elite members a lot more work and somewhat higher pay. So, if you want to get ahead in this business, consider gaining some credentials from


Beginner Notaries 103 — What beginners need to know

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As a beginner Notary, there is a lot you need to know. Many things that experienced Notaries take for granted might take you a year or two to find out. Here are some quick pointers that might be valuable.

1. Your Listing’s Performance.
Listings on 123notary for new Notaries can give you miracle performance. However, no matter how much you pay for a listing on 123notary, the listing will not perform well unless you have a good notes section, reviews, and it helps a lot if you are 123notary certified (especially for newer Notaries.)

2. Your Profile’s Notes Section
Listings that lack a good notes section typically get ignored as that is the first piece of information that companies look for when they are hiring. If your notes are blank, short, or incomplete, your incoming phone log from companies will be equally blank. People want to get a sense of who you are, your professional background, and your skills before they invest in a phone call. Additionally, notes sections with spelling or grammar mistakes will be a huge issue for title companies who will bypass you if they have any cause for concern. 123notary’s blog has an entire section on how to write a great notes section with dozens of unique articles.

3. Notary Reviews
Reviews are your ticket to success. Never mind how great you say you are, talk is cheap if you are complimenting yourself. But, what your customers, especially title companies say about you really matters to those thinking of hiring you. 123notary has many articles about how to get reviews, so I suggest becoming an expert on the topic.

4. Reading Suggestions
Notaries should ideally read Notary blogs, forums, visit the NNA & 123notary Facebook groups (but not the private groups), newsletters, courses, handbooks, and anything else that could be considered helpful. Getting Notary advice from semi-unemployed Notaries who frequent Facebook is a very poor idea. Get your official Notary advice only from your state Notary division and no other source otherwise you might be very sorry.

Smart Notaries and dumb notaries alike realize that they need to spend time reading to keep up. Smart Notaries get courses from helpful companies and improve their skill sets. Smart Notaries also read what other Notaries say about various signing companies as some signing companies are not the best bet to work for. Dumb Notaries spend their time gossiping with other disgruntled Notaries on various private Facebook groups that generally engage in a lot of complaining and bashing. These dumb Notaries are also dumb enough to get Notary advice from Notaries on these groups who don’t know what they are doing. It is a perfect example of what Jesus said about the blind leading the blind. Get your notary advice from your state notary division. If you get any notary advice from any other source, cross check it with your state. We teach general notary concepts here at 123notary, but we cannot say with any certainty of our principles apply to your state.

5. Experience Counts
Signing and especially Title companies typically do not want to hire someone with less than two years of experience unless they are confident about that person’s knowledge. If you have an escrow background or are certified by 123notary, that will help compensate for your lack of experience. Knowing your documents inside out will help as well which would be a side effect of our certification.

6. Low-Ball Signing Companies
Companies that hire newer signing agents are generally not fun to work for. They require fax backs, micromanage, pay poorly and might nag you a lot. They have to, otherwise they would not be able to hire beginners and provide a high level of accuracy to their clients. So, expect to be treated like a child. Once you get some experience under your belt, you might be able to start accumulating title company clients little by little. On our blog we publish a list of companies that will hire beginners. You should talk to every company on that list.

7. Getting Title Company Work
Migrating from signing companies to working for title companies (who usually pay more, but how much more depends on how the industry is doing) is something people do as they gain experience, knowledge and skill. However, most Notaries cannot work purely for title companies after two years. It sometimes takes many more years before all of your clients are high paying wonderful clients who you love working for. So, there will be a lot of paying your dues.

8. Notary Etiquette
Most Notaries do not have good phone answering skills, nor do they have good communication skills. Having good Notary etiquette and good business skills can help you succeed. If your business skills are not completely up to par, it might be good to read our articles about etiquette and brush up. Answering the phone stating your name is a first. Answering questions the way they were asked without rambling on and on matters too. Accepting instruction from others and not engaging in bragging or whining matters a lot as well. Good etiquette will make you popular with all parties.

9. Notary Education
All Notaries need to study up and be experts at their state’s notary laws. But, knowing how to handle situations, and knowing your documents matters just as much. Reading blogs is a good way to keep informed, but there is no substitute for taking actual classes. For newer Notaries, passing our certification test is a great way to gain credibility as well.

10. Risks and Liability
It is risky being a Notary. 15% of our long term full-time Notaries have been to court at least once generally as a witness. A few Notaries even get sued or end up in legal trouble that can cost them big bucks. It behooves you to keep good records and follow Notary law to a T. Understanding Notary law is not enough. You need to know how to explain to clients what you can and cannot do as well as explain to a judge why you did what you did in a particular situation. One lady turned down a Notarization on correct grounds, got sued and lost because she could not communicate clearly to the judge what her reason was for declining the notarization. You also need to have direct communication with all signers and make sure people are aware of what they are signing, particularly if they are elderly. The Notary does not need to understand the documents, but the signers do, otherwise you might end up in court.

11. Your Attitude
Most Notaries have the attitude that they already know it all and there is nothing more that they need to know. Those who are NNA certified think of themselves as blessings to the industry. The fact is that those who have passed NNA’s test typically get very poor grades on our test. There is always more to learn in this business. It is best to stay open, assume that you do not know everything, and accept criticism from those in hiring capacities or those who run Notary agencies (like me.) You will be more popular with all parties involved if you are open to suggestion and take guidance from those who are a lot more experienced and knowledgeable than you are.

12. Advertising on 123notary.
Companies that pay well love 123notary. However, they typically only hire from the top of the list. If you are not in the top three or top five, you will probably only hear from companies that don’t pay that well. Top spots are not always available, so what should you do? Get the best spot you can, and then try to pass our certification, write a good notes section, and keep getting reviews. That way if a better spot opens up, I will be likely to give it to you rather than someone else. I give open spots to the most qualified member downline, so while you are waiting, try to work on your merit, so that you get the promotion!

13. Marketing Plan
Do you have a marketing plan? Many Notaries just wing it. That is not advisable. We suggest having a definitive, well thought out written plan. You can discuss that plan with others too for suggestions.

14. 123notary is here to help.
Smart Notaries come to us with questions, or ask for help with their notes section. We are here as a resource and much of our help is completely free. Dumb Notaries complain that we scrutinize them to maintain our standards, but smart Notaries take advantage of our free assistance. In the long run, which type of Notary do you think gets ahead?

15. Researching Signing Companies
Not all signing companies are good bets to work for. Read about them in the various forums to get more info. Additionally, Notary Rotary has something called Signing Central where you can look up ratings for the various signing companies. 123notary has a list of signing companies with reviews.

Good luck, and I hope you enjoy this short course.


December 15, 2018

Trump’s Trade War Affects Notaries

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Trumps desire to seek vengeance on the Chinese for taking advantage of liberal trade laws has come back to haunt the Notary industry. Now, documents that originate in China will have a 25% tariff on the Notary fee nationwide. (This is fiction by the way for comedic purposes, so please do not charge more than your state allows.) Now, you have to charge your state appointed fee, and then another 25% Federal tax, keep accounting of the tax money you kept, and fill out a statement at the end of your year with your 1040 to account for what you charged. For Notaries doing more than $1000 in tax, they might also need a special license.

Then, you have to fill out the Chinese “Bao-Shui-Biao” form that gets sent back to President Xi (sounds like “she”, but she is a he.) so he can see the effects of the trade imbalance. I wonder what Paul Revere would say about that. He spend his career fighting tariffs.

The next hard hit sector of the Notary industry are the Title companies that use outsourced Mortgage Process Outsourcing companies to assist in the Mortgage paperwork. They will also be charged a whopping 25%. Of course, they pay their workers so poorly in China (just barely enough for xiao-long-bao and man-tou) that the 25% won’t amount to anything, but it still hurts. We interview Xi He-Li in China.

NEWSLADY: So Mr. Xi (prounounced she)

Mr. XI: Please, just call me he, not she. Okay, he or she, but not it, although in Chinese, those three words are all homonyms, so if you said it in Chinese, I would not know the difference.

NEWSLADY: Boy, this is confusing.

Mr. XI: Don’t call me boy. He or she, but not boy or it.

NEWSLADY: Is boy a homonym for anything?

Mr. XI: The word for boy is “er-zi” and thank God nothing else has the same pronunciation or tone as that word. It is the only word in Chinese that doesn’t have a double, triple quadruple, or quintuple meaning. Sometimes I wonder how we communicate. Thank God for understanding based on context.

NEWSLADY: Well, the context here is the tariff. How has the tariff affected your life?

Mr. XI: I get paid so poorly at my job. By the way, I love my government — hi government… kisses. I had to suffer a 15% pay cut due to the 25% tariffs, but there was a 10% discount in the price of “guo-tie” dumplings. So, I think I am netting a loss of about 5% after expenses. It could be a lot worse. There is a lot of unemployment in China these days due to economic instability.

NEWSLADY: So, you work for an MPO, Mortgage Process Outsourcing company?

Mr. XI: Yes. We are relocating to India soon where the other MPO’s are. I am trying to find the best deal on medicines for indigestion before I go there. I have heard stories about Bombay. And no good Chinese food there. I think I will die. I will have to get used to dating Indian girls. Not sure what that will be like, but they dance well on television.

NEWSLADY: I think the ladies who work at an MPO will be better at paperwork than dancing.

Mr. XI: Yes, but some of them take dance lessons after work after their two hour train ride squashed like a sardine in the second class compartment or a Bombay train.

NEWSLADY: Well, that pretty much wraps it up. Mr. Xi is being paid almost nothing due to Trump, and will soon be transferred to Mumbai where there is no decent Chinese food unless you pay for Chinese food in a five star hotel. In a word you’re screwed.

Mr. XI: You can say that again.

NEWSLADY: Okay… Ni Bei Pian La… Zhu Ni Hao Yun! For those English speakers that means that you’ve been screwed, but wishing you good luck. Reporting from Shanghai which is a homonym for “been hurt” if you say it with the wrong tonation — Sandra Smith, CNC news.


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December 14, 2018

Notary arrested for stealing spices from borrowers

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It is common for people to go to other people’s homes and steal Oxy-codene. However, this is a new one. There was a rash in what I call spice-jacking in the Orange County area of California. It turned out to be just one guy, and a notary. But, the authorities caught on and published some public awareness materials about the subject…

You may not know if you have been spice-jacked. Answer this questionaire, and if you said yes to five or more items on this list — contact the authorities immediately — you have been spice jacked…

Have you been notarized in the last six months?
Did the notary ask you to swear on your mother’s cooking instead of a bible? Or did he substitute the bible for a Julia Child’s encyclopedia of cooking?

Has your cumin come out?
Has your coriander meandered?
Has your rose-mary been annulled?
Is your mint no longer in mint condition?
Is your tarragon just gon?
Are you no longer on the same page with your sage? (or is it showing age?)
Has your card-amom been declined (or expired)?
Have your bay leave(s) become bay left(s)?
Has your garam masala (Indian spice mix) lost its kick?
Has your turmeric’s turm expired?
Has your oregano become ore-went-and-did-not-come-back?
Has your aleppo pepper been receiving funds from Putin?
Has your haba-near-o become haba-far-away-o?
Have your c-loves turned to c-hates?
Has your ginger disappeared and then reappeared on a deserted island with Gilligan?

If so, you may have been spice jacked. Please call 888-888-8888 for immediate assistance.

The notary who committed these crimes had a last minute call for an airport notarization. Someone needed one of those permission to travel forms to have their uncle take their kid to Zacatecas in Mexico. These forms typically need to be notarized if going to Mexico. So, the notary did the notarization, got paid cash, and then proceeded to the airport restaurant. At the next table over some TSA personel were having lunch. Then some other TSA people came over with their K-9. The K-9 started sniffing the Notary’s bag. The officer was sure that they would find drugs, but all they found were remains of… you guessed it… oregano and some exotic imported red pepper powder from Egypt. The authorities then had the Notary bring them to his car where they found a huge stash of stolen spices which the Notary had obtained from his various Notary appointments. He loved Notarizing Indians specifically for this reason. The authorities contacted Orange County police and the Notary got busted.

To be safe, from now on, keep your spices under lock and key just in case some other culinarily inspired Notaries get the wrong idea about your marjoram or herbs du provence.


December 13, 2018

What are some typical types of affidavits?

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There are various types of affidavits out there. As a former Notary Public, I encountered certain types of affidavits on a regular basis. Here are some of the ones I saw.

Signature Affidavit and AKA Statement
This one shows up in loan packages on a regular basis as signers sometimes have variations in their signature or names.

Occupancy Affidavit and Financial Status
This document typically makes the signer swear that they will move into or reside in a particular property and that they have not incurred any sudden changes to their finances.

Name Affidavit
An Affidavit where you swear to your name.

Identity Affidavit
An Affidavit where you swear to your identity.

Affidavit of Citizenship
An Affidavit where you swear to be a citizen of the USA or a particular other country.

Affidavit of Support
An Affidavit where you swear you will support a particular person who wishes to enter the United States.

Affidavit of Small Estate
Used when a family members dies without a will and property matters need to be dealt with.

Affidavit of Heirship
When a family member dies, the assets must be allocated to the right individuals.

Affidavit of Residence
This document requires the signer to swear to where they live.

Affidavit of Name Changed
Used if you have changed your name.

Affidavit of Death
I’m tempted to say this document makes you swear that you authentically died, but that doesn’t make any sense. It is used to notify financial, legal or other institutions that a person has died.

Identity theft Affidavit
If a person’s identity has been compromised, this document could be filled out and sent to credit bureaus, etc.

Affidavit of Service
Requires an individual swear to the fact that they delivered documents to another individual

Affidavit of Consent
Requires an individual to swear to the fact that they consent to a particular action or activity, etc.

Affidavit of Domicile
Similar to an affidavit of residence.


December 12, 2018

Notarized Affidavit

What is a Notarized Affidavit?
An Affidavit is simply a document that requires being notarized in a way that requires an Oath. The signer or affiant (who is the same person(s)) signs and swears to the truthfulness of the document in the presence of the Notary Public for this type of document as a general practice. The type of Notary act used customarily would be a Jurat.

How do you get a Notarized Affidavit Notarized?
The affiant needs to personally appear before a Notary Public commissioned in the state where the notarization is taking place. The affiant normally needs to be identified with some identification card, or passport that is acceptable in the state where the procedure is taking place. The affiant signs the instrument and swears to the validity of the content of the document in the presence of the notary. The affiant might have to sign the Notary’s journal depending on what state you are in. Normally Notaries charge a state-specific fee for their service.

Who is the document custodian for a Notarized Affidavit?
Please consult your Attorney. That depends and is on a case by case basis.



Signer — one who signs a document.

Affiant — someone who signs a sworn statement or swears or affirms to the truthfulness of an oral statement.

Notary Public – someone commissioned by their state to notarize documents and administer Oaths and perhaps do other tasks depending on what state they are commissioned in.

Identification – normally a driver license, state ID, military ID, or passport, but some states allow for other types of identification as well. Consult your state’s notary handbook online.

Jurat – a notary act traditionally used with affidavits that involves signing a written statement and swearing or affirming under Oath.

Document Custodian – the person or entity who holds on to a document and stores it or saves it in their files.

Instrument – a notarial technical term which means document


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How do I get a notarized affidavit?
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Who can notarize an affidavit?
How much is a notarized affidavit
What does a notarized affidavit cost?
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Notarized affidavit of consent
Notarized affidavit of support
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December 11, 2018

What if the signature or notarization is in the middle of the document?

Most times you go to a Notary job, the certificate wording is at the end of the document. But, sometimes one document might have two certificates. There might be a signature in the middle of the document, or perhaps multiple signatures in the document. It might be confusing to know which one you are notarizing. You really need to document this in your journal and on the Acknowledgment form so there is no doubt after the fact as to what you notarized and which signature you notarized.

Just remember that you notarize signatures. You do not notarize people or documents although in spoken language we speak as if we are notarizing people and documents.


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December 10, 2018

Banking Power of Attorney Form

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Please be advised that you should consult an Attorney and your bank before attempting to get a Banking Power of Attorney Form drafted or notarized. Many banks have their own form and require the use of their own form. If you do not comply with all of the regulations of your bank, you may find that your power of attorney is rendered powerless and is reduced to being just a piece of paper. Also be advised that the powers granted to the Attorney in Fact may be limited and may or may not include online banking or other privileges.

How do I get a banking power of attorney notarized?
Just find a Notary on 123notary, and they can come to your home, office, jail cell or hospital to get your power of attorney notarized. They will charge you a mobile fee as well. Please make sure the signer has a valid and current government issued photo identification card.

Where can I get a banking power of attorney notarized?
You can also go to your local bank to get your banking power of attorney notarized.

Can the Notary explain the banking power of attorney to me?
Notaries may not draft or explain legal documents unless they are specifically authorized to do so by also being an Attorney or perhaps in a legal profession that authorizes them to do so. Please ask an Attorney all your questions and just have the Notary notarize.

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