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January 21, 2020

How much is it worth to have choices of clients?

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Most Notaries stop advertising as much when they have enough clients.
Other Notaries complain that they don’t attract the good clients or
that it takes too long to get paid. Most of the misery that Notaries
go through are due to the fact that they have mostly lousy clients.
The two main reasons why they have horrible clients is:

1. They are inexperienced Notaries lacking refinement and knowledge.
2. They don’t market themselves enough to pick and choose their clients

There are fixes to both of these maladies. If you lack refinement,
make it your purpose to master every step of the mobile notary
business. Take more courses, and master the materials. 123notary has
free and paid courses for signing agent knowledge by the way. The fix
for marketing is to spend more on advertising. If you get a higher
spot on 123notary (and it’s not free) and advertise in more counties
on 123notary, and also on other directories, you attract more calls.
It is like fishing – if you have a wider net, you attract more fish.
If you are going to throw back the fish you don’t like, you will still
have enough fish left over if your net is big enough.

Having more choices of clients means the following.
1. Getting paid more
2. Getting paid faster
3. Being treated with more respect and appreciation.
4. Perhaps less fax backs and shorter packages

From my point of view, for a full-time mobile notary, having choices
and better clients might be worth $1000 or more per month and perhaps
$15,000 or more per year. How much of that would you put into
advertising? In my opinion, at least 10% makes sense to have the
luxury of clients you absolutely love.

Mastering your game is another way to get good clients. Carmen is the
best Notary I know. She is smooth, knowledgeable and refined through
every step of the process. People offer her $175 to $300 per signing
because they know they are in good hands with her. If the rest of you
guys could try to have the same poise and savoir faire that she does,
you might see your paycheck going up. On the other hand if you don’t
study to up your notary knowledge because you, “don’t need to” or
“already know everything” then I guess there is no room for

But, the rewards for improving yourself are fantastic. If you make
less than $125 per signing, then there is a lot of room for
improvement because Carmen wouldn’t even go down the street for that
price. Think about it.


January 20, 2020

Q&A about R&B

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What if musicians from the 80’s became Notaries and wrote a book with
FAQ’s. They might have a section called Q & A about R & B.

On the other hand the currency in China is called Ren-Min-Bi, but when
said quickly in abbreviated form sounds like RNB. Hmmm.


January 19, 2020

How to be a cool Notary and why it is so important

Filed under: Business Tips — admin @ 10:37 am

Are you a cool Notary? Have you ever wanted to be? We have a Notary in
San Francisco whose clients describe him (in reviews) as being young
and hip. I think he is the only successful notary on our site who is
both young and hip, not to mention articulate. But, what about the
rest of us. What makes a Notary cool, and how can you become cool. Or
is this a zen paradox and you become cool by not trying to be? Hmmm.

1. Knowledge
I think a cool Notary would be one who either knows his stuff so
fluently that he can spout out information in a calm tone of voice
without breaking a sweat. Most Notaries get flustered with easy
questions like, “How many loans have you signed?” To most that is a
trick question.

2. Coolness
A cool Notary would be too cool to care, but would also never miss
deadlines for Fedex. It would be kind of a James Bond type cool where
you are responsible and cunning in your coolness.

3. Savoir Faire (That’s French for being able to handle tough
situations gracefully)
The “cool” Notary should know martial arts and swordsmanship (speaking
of James Bond) and be able to go to a signing, fight off intruders
using num-chucks, wipe the sweat off his brow after a stunning
victory and then say, “now where were we?”

4. Dress
A cool Notary should dress the part. Smart Italian shoes, slacks that
fit impeccably, and a leather jacket that says bad boy all over it.
For women, a snazzy outfit, not sure what type because I’m not a
woman, but definitely flashy and with high heels with an accompanying
noticeable hair style.

5. The Car
You cannot be a cool Notary without a cool and hip car. New is usually
hip. But, a classic car would work even better. Just tell them you’re
a Leno fan and everyone will understand.

6. Poise and Posture.
The proper gentleman stands up straight. But, the cool Notary casually
leans on things and holds his head at an angle to show style and
perhaps a little bit of attitude too. But, not too much attitude,
because too much attitude is edgy which is just as cool as cool, but
not the same thing as cool — I guess. How would I know anyway, I’m
neither. Just kidding — I’m both, baby!

7. Smoothness
If you are able to work your way smoothly through the package
anticipating and answering their every question before they even ask,
that is cool. Dealing with all the snags and changes of plans in your
signing schedule without even blinking? Yes, once again, that spells

Being a cool notary may sound like it is merely cool. But, think about
it from the borrower’s point of view or title. Do you want to deal
with a Notary who is awkward and doesn’t know how to handle things or
would you prefer someone like Carmen who is the most graceful Notary
alive who can handle anything seamlessly without even trying? There is
a reason why Carmen gets paid triple what the rest of you get paid.
That is because she is a flamboyant, and polished Notary who is cool
in her own way — and yes, she has a cool sporty car to match as well.
Being cool attracts good clients, so if you think being cool doesn’t
matter — turn down the heat because it does!


January 18, 2020

Jeremy’s tips helped a Notary with title

Filed under: Business Tips — admin @ 9:32 am

I just talked to a Notary in San Diego about an upgrade. She was the
star of the show and I gave her a huge discount as a result. She said
that she used to think I am mean, but now realizes that all of the
tips I gave her personally and gave via my courses really helped her
with title companies and helped her to be a better Notary (and a
better person.)

1. Using clean acknowledgements instead of doing cross-outs helped her
be a lot more popular with her title clients. Not all companies
appreciate clean work, but her clients did. Cross-outs are messy and
can lead to complications when financial companies sell loans, and can
also cause confusion if a loan ever goes to court which is rare, but

2. I reminded her many times to get reviews, and she followed that
piece of advice and all of my other advice and has the highest points
in my points algorithm of almost any notary on the site. The reviews
got her a lot of business and she keeps getting new ones too which is

3. My tips in general made her a better Notary because she is never
sloppy about anything, understands the intricacies of all Notary and
signing procedures, and always asks for clarification when necessary.
Being meticulous as a result of her education with me made her more
popular with her title clients.

So, if you are in doubt about what to do with your Notary situations,
listen to what Jeremy and Carmen say as a general rule because we are
experienced and know how to handle most situations cleanly and


January 17, 2020

Notarization for a guy who pulls a gun

Filed under: Drama & Tragedy — admin @ 9:30 am

A client of mine in New Jersey tells this harrowing tale about doing a
cash-out job in Patterson.

The Notary enters the house. The borrower calls his wife a crack ho.
They go to the car to do the signing. The borrower pulls a gun, points
it at the Notary and says, “You aren’t going to mess with me man!”
The Notary said, “I’m just here to sign papers.”

Then the Notary got a job signing for a paraplegic. The Notary asked
how the signer was going to sign. The signer asked the notary to put
the pen in his mouth.

After that, the Notary got a call to go to Karen Johnson’s house. He
gets to the house and the woman loudly says, “What the hell is going
on?” It was Whoopi Goldberg using her real name.

So, I guess that Notary had fun notarizing celebrities, but not as
much fun as I had notarizing an arsonist and his jurors — not that I
am trying to be one-up on him!


January 16, 2020

10 reasons to get a high placed listing on 123notary

Filed under: Advertising — admin @ 9:30 am

Many Notaries go for top listings on 123notary despite the high price
because they know it generates jobs. However, many Notaries prefer the
free listings because they don’t want to pay for performance. Here are
some reasons that might sway your opinion on paying for a higher spot
on 123notary.

1. Title companies prefer the top several notaries on 123notary.
Title assumes that the top several notaries are better quality on
123notary. This might have to do with the fact that we use an
algorithm to filter out those with low overall scores from being high
on the list. Title is picking up on that fact, and that has been the
case for years. Title companies that pay well rarely look far down the
list for Notaries.

2. Get seen
People higher on the list get seen more than those down the list.
People shopping for price might go all the way down the list to look
for a notary, but those who pay well do not generally have to look
far. Paying a few hundred to be high on the list can pay off fast
especially when business is good.

3. Get paid more per signing
Those listed higher on the list generally get paid more per signing.
People who low-ball often hire from lower on the list or go to
SnapDocs, or NotaryRotary.

4. Get more clicks and overall calls.
If you are high on the list, you will get many more clicks and calls
than those down the list. You will get more jobs than with an
identical listing down the list. Being high on the list doesn’t
guarantee jobs, but it makes you in people’s face and impossible to

5. Don’t get overlooked
Most people who use 123notary start at the top and keep calling until
they find someone who can do the job for a reasonable price. If you
are at the bottom of the list, you might never get called except for
jobs that are late at night, far away, or don’t pay well. Although you
never know.

6. Get respect
People assume you are a better quality notary when you are at the top
of Our site has a reputation for having good notaries,
especially at the top of the list.

7. Get high placement in neighboring counties
Only a high spot on 123notary will get you higher placement (above the
free listings at least) in adjascent counties at no extra cost. Some
Notaries get heavy call volume from neighboring areas as well as from
their home area.

8. Have a guarantee of where you will show up on the list.
Regular, preferential and free listings do not guarantee you where
you will show up. They are just levels. Preferential means you are
above regular, and regular means you are above free. It doesn’t
guarantee a particular placement. Being a p20 guaranatees you top
placement on your county page. We cannot guarantee zip results due to
the unpredictable overlap, but overlap only happens if someone is near
you, but on the other side of a county line.

9. Have a guarantee you won’t be removed
Free listings do not get always get reminders to login and can be
removed on a whim by 123notary staff. High placed paid listings get
reminders to login and you will not be removed unless you ignore a lot
of reminders to login by email and phone. In fact, with most top
placements, I login for them (shhh, don’t tell anyone.)

10. Get customer service
If you are a free listing, you get minimal if any customer service
from us. But, high placed listings get not only password assistance,
but get help with their notes section, marketing advice, and lots of
hand holding from Jeremy and Carmen. If you want to be cared for and
get high quality help from people who have been in the business for 22
years, a top listing is a cost efficient way to get that.

High placed listings perform well if they have a few reviews from
satisfied clients as well as a thorough and well written notes
section. If you leave your listing stripped down, you might not get
your money’s worth. 123notary is in the business of getting renewals
and repeat business, so we strongly suggest that you ask for our help
and suggestions as to how to make the most of your listing. That way
you will get more work and be very likely to renew with us which is
what we depend on for our long term survival. Getting 123notary
certification is another strong plus for your listing and you can
email us to learn more about that.


January 15, 2020

Your experience matters, but you need to document it clearly

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Notaries brag all day long about how experienced they are. Nobody
wants to hear your bragging. These same Notaries who verbally boost
themselves up are the same Notaries who don’t always login to their
listing to document their experience.

Remember – when you tell a caller how experienced you are, only one
person hears you; When you indicate in your listing how many loans you
have signed (in the # of loans signed box please) and indicate in your
notes what types of loans and documents you’ve signed, thousands can
read that information and hence hear you.

I have found that many Notaries, particularly the free listings do not
login to their listing much. I remove many who don’t login and we hear
from them years after the fact. When I put them back online, they
rarely update their # of loans signed. Often when I confirm the
information with them I inform them that their profile states they
signed 50 loans. I get this loud reaction such as, “Oh, no it’s
WAYYYYY more than that.” My attitude is – don’t tell me, tell your
listing. Thousands read it, so why not maintain it?

A well maintained listing gets over 1000 views per year.

Many notaries are vague about the type of experience they have and
spend more time discussing their Real Estate or teaching career in
their notes section. Be specific about what types of loans you know
how to sign. Go through them one by one. Discuss your professional
background clearly too. Don’t just say that you were in the mortgage
industry. Tell us what role you played in that industry. Specifics

When you brag to a caller – one person hears your information; When
you fill in your # of loans signed & notes – 1000 people hear your

It takes a minute to fill in your # of loans signed and you should
update that several times per year. Many people let it slide for many
years. If 123notary feels that your # of loans signed indicates that
you are doing almost nothing, not maintaining your listing, or making
outrageous claims of having signed more loans that humanly possible –
we notice. Try to just publish helpful and truthful information and
keep it updated. Thanks!


January 14, 2020

Where do you get your Notary information from?

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Carmen tells me regularly how Notaries get information from random
sources on the internet or from other Notaries who don’t know what
they are doing. This is dangerous. You are legally responsible for
the notary work you do. If you do your work wrong, you can get in
trouble with your notary division or in trouble with the law.
Therefore, it makes sense that you get your information from reliable

NNA and 123notary publish a lot of notary information online. We are
generally well informed and well intentioned. But, there are instances
when our information is out of date, unclear, misinterpreted, or just
plain wrong.

Getting information from Facebook groups, or other Notaries is a
horrible idea because I test Notaries, and most of them score about
30% on Notary knowledge. If you are getting your information from
others who would probably score 30%, how reliable do you believe their
information would be?

Get your information from your State Notary Division. They are legally
responsible for publishing information regarding your state’s notary
laws, procedures, forms, etc. Even getting information by phone from
the notary division is risky, because they could tell you anything.
Look for what is in writing for the safest results.

And remember, even the best Notary teachers out there are wrong about
one or two things. I know this because I test them and they are not
always right on certain hard to understand or nit-picky things (such
as credible witnesses for example.) I am sometimes wrong about notary
issues as well, although my track record is quite good overall.

So, get your information from the source itself because you could get
yourself and others in trouble if you don’t. Additionally, many states
have horrible handbooks with very incomplete information about certain
topics. In that case, you can refer to other more reliable sources
like well established notary organizations which might do a good job
explaining some of the less understood notary acts such as Oaths!


January 13, 2020

Used notary journals for sale on eBay

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Just kidding. But, what a great joke. Can you imagine someone’s
partially filled out journal on sale on eBay? What a security
violation! How illegal! Fortunately for the privacy of the signers,
most Notaries don’t bother with taking thumbprints, so their biometric
information would probably not be violated if their journal entries
go into the wrong hands.


January 12, 2020

A Starbucks signing with two deaf girls

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A Notary wanted to meet clients at Starbucks for a caffeinated
signing. I guess the Notary didn’t want to go to their messy home. The
Notary showed up early, the signers showed up late, and the signing
was uneventful.

But, at the next table over, there were two black girls who were deaf,
and a white guy who could “speak” sign language, but could also speak
verbally. Girl #1 moved her hands around to express a thought. Girl #2
opened her mouth in shock. The Notary who saw the whole thing asked
the speaking guy what deaf girl #1 had just said. The speaking guy
translated the sign language used to mean, “Girl, you sign like a
white girl.”

Then the Notary asked if there was a black way of signing and the
speaking guy shrugged and said he didn’t know, although he found the
situation very comical. I bet Oprah would find it interesting too!

JOKE: What language do signings agents speak? Sign language!

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