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September 3, 2020

Blaming the government for the will of the people & Covid Karma

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 9:01 am

I have been so upset with the government for allowing our constitutional rights to be betrayed for light and transient cause — a fake pandemic with fake death statistics where hospitals get paid extra if they say a death is Covid19 related.

But, the people want this, at least in California. In Georgia people want to go out with their guns and protect their church. In California people want to sit, do nothing and behave as if we are in grave danger from some fake emergency that requires the shutting down of most aspects of society and then lots of nagging and other unnecessary restrictions.

I still have not seen anyone even cough and only heard of one person who knows someone who I have met who died. One person dying is not a pandemic. If this were a real pandemic, you would see people dying in mass on the street, overflowing hospitals, and real panic.

But, what type of karma would a person have for wanting to put their neighbor out of a job? That could kill their neighbor. No work means no money. That can lead to evictions and starvation. If you encourage your governor to shut everything down, are you responsible if your neighbor dies?

The interesting thing is that most of the people out of work in California like the idea of being out of work and like the idea of saving themselves from the inescapable clutches of this mystery Covid19 that I had not seen a single soul have. So, can I say that they are “doing it to themselves?” Putting themselves out of work?

Some people are just so dumb. They don’t realize there is a problem until it hits them in the face. Do we have to wait until people are dying on the street because they were evicted in mass? Do we have to wait until people die of starvation in their apartments? The economy might bounce back in Republican states, but the air is so clean in Los Angeles that the economy cannot be functioning at more than 40% at best.

Let me sum it up for dummies.
Not working >> Not having money >> Getting evicted >> Starving in the street.

Now, if the government gives you a temporary hand out to tide you over, but your job doesn’t rematerialize magically when the government check dries out — the eviction and starvation is temporarily delayed by a few weeks.

It is kind of like staying at home doesn’t save you from Covid, it just delays how fast you are likely to get it by a few weeks. It doesn’t prevent you from getting it.

Vitamin D prevents Covid.
Having a job prevents evictions.
We would all be so much better off taking vitamin D pills, A, C, veggies and keeping going to work. But the damage is already done. We did it to ourselves. This is our karma.

All I can say is thank God I have a job. When my site went down for 7.5 days I began to see how hopeless it might be for the others who don’t have work. But, I cried not having work. People in my part of town don’t seem the slightest bit upset that most people aren’t working. Are they insane? Or do they just had bad karma.


August 27, 2020

Coronavirus: the fear factor and spiritual perspectives

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 8:49 am

The media has done a huge snow job on us. All we talk about and all we think about is Covid19. We treat it like the worst threat to mankind. If you look at the age related stats on Worldometer you will find that only those in very bad health die from this disease in large numbers.

Actually, a child is 15x as likely to die from the flu, but do you shut down schools for a semester for the flu? Perhaps a day or two at most. In the summer, hundreds die per week from swimming pool deaths, but do we create mass hyseria over that?

I was once afraid of flying. I got so paranoid. My father comforted me by telling me that I am more in danger of getting in an accident on the way to the airport than dying in a air crash. He told me it was very safe. Humans are afraid of the unknown and what we have been told to fear. We need to be afraid of what is actually dangerous like a crashed economy and living under fascism for the rest of our lives. Or perhaps we will all die of starvation once the economy tanks.

But, what about vaccines? People think that a vaccine is their savior, and that all their problems will go away. God created this disease to punish the wicked and if you create a cure for Covid19, then he will create another disease to kill those who he wishes to wipe out. But, once again, we look only to the physical for solutions to this disease which is spiritual in nature. Why not spiritual vaccines.

Spiritual vaccines.
According to Jewish sources, malicious use of speech, inappropriate sexual behavior, violence, and other sins cause plagues. In my opinion, not believing in God and a general disregard for your fellow man is the spiritual root of the shutdown in many states. My idea of a good vaccine is to pray three times a day, and be decent to others, as well as you can. God protects those who have faith and devotion better than some scam vaccine made by money grubbing fascists and big-pharma.

Mental vaccine
If you enjoy a healthy happy lifestyle, your thoughts will be more healthy and you will be less susceptible to illness. Even under lock down, you can still enjoy nature to some degree. Think happy thoughts and realize that the media brainwashed you into being a fear-monger. Abandon fear, have faith, and focus on being happy in any situation.

Physical vaccine
Eating cabbage and other cruciferous veggies are excellent for your colon which is the foundation of your immune system. And yes, your good bacteria are what keeps your immunity strong — scientific fact – look it up. Cabbage has lots of C (good for immunity), you can cook it in garlic and red pepper (also good for immunity) and have other fermented foods which are good for your good bacteria. If your body is healthy, then these diseases cannot do that much damage as you will have an army of killer white blood cells who will attack invaders.

Stop believing everything you hear. Research your facts about who this disease actually kills and how many are immune in your area. Base fear on reality and not on what your irrational friends and media providers tell you to be afraid about. I am afraid of civil war and starvation. That is what I see as a real possibility. I hope to God I am wrong.


August 23, 2020

Twitter & Notaries

Filed under: Social Media — admin @ 9:06 am

I love Twitter. I always have. But, the Notary content on Twitter is horrible. Notaries have so little to say, and so few use Twitter. I like Stuart Berman’s notary profile. He has inspiring quotes and notary advertising. Some other Notaries talk about the voting controversies that involve whether or not Notaries are needed to notarize absentee ballots. A few publish ads about their service or talk about personal things.

But, why is there absolutely no interesting notary content? I publish interesting links, but get little response. And then I publish my commentary about current affairs which gets a huge response.

I would like my experience on Twitter to be more Notary oriented, but if you guys have nothing interesting to say, then Twitter will have little good Notary content. Twitter is only as interesting as you make it as a group. So please make it interesting.


August 21, 2020

Your constitutional rights mean nothing if there is a virus

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 8:45 am

Back in 1776 our founding fathers put tremendous thought and consideration into drafting one of the most important documents ever written. The Constitution of the United States of America. They thought through all of the serious legal problems the new nation might face and came up with realistic and effective ways to combat corruption, and prevent the church from taking over the state. The document and its amendments also addressed issues relating to human liberties, the freedom to assembly, gun rights, freedom of speech and press.

Unfortunately what they forgot to tell you in history class is that: if there is a virus, those constitutional rights are temporarily nullified even though technically you could argue that they still apply.

The worse part is that the American public seems not at all concerned that their constitutional rights have been stripped from them. Americans put their constitutional rights on a silver platter without even so much as a protest for a whole 33 days. This apathy tells the authorities that they can do anything they like to us and we will just take it lying down. In some of the gun happy states like Virginia people finally did start protesting, but half of the protest was about gun rights, and shutdowns were only one issue of several.

In places like California which are left-leaning, there has been very little resistance to tyranny and fascism. Our rights have been stripped from us. We cannot even get a haircut as of April 24, 2020.

The symbolic event in protests is that April 19th, 2020, 244 years after, but on the same exact date the revolutionary war started in Boston — was the date the protests really got started in mass.

Attention America — if you ignore your constitutional rights, and if your kids are being dumbed down in school, you will soon not have any rights. The only way to have predictability and justice in America is to stand up and complain loud and clear if you have been violated by your governor or mayor impeding your basic rights. No virus is worth losing what people have been fighting for and risking their lives for the last 244 years.

405,000 Americans died in WW2 to protect American style liberties and fight tyranny, fascism and murder. But, in 2020 we are willing to give it all up without even a wimper. I just don’t understand what is wrong with people today. I guess there is not much I can do. But, the little I can do — I will do!


August 19, 2020

Notary Lives Matter

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 8:48 am

Notaries frustrated with the oppression of not being paid by signing companies decided to create a new group called, Notary Lives Matter or NLM.

They took over a signing company in Orange County and declared the entire block a police free zone. Their demands were that the police would help them get paid. But, the police didn’t want to bother.

One signing company worker who made the mistake of putting in overtime came out of the bathroom to find these unruly Notaries demonstrating in the entrance and parking lot. They made her “take a knee” and say, “I can’t breathe.” Then she turned on the air system and said, “I can breathe a lot better now.”

The police didn’t want to confront such a large number of disgruntled Notaries, so nobody got arrested. But, on the other hand nobody got paid. The moral of the story is to research companies on Notary Rotary and 123notary’s forum to make sure that companies pay. Otherwise you might be saying, “Hand up …. hand up…. don’t shoot…. don’t shoot — Notary Lives Matter!”


August 17, 2020

How is 123notary RON friendly?

Filed under: Advertising — admin @ 8:47 am

We have a handful of RON Notaries now. We encourage people to know how to mention this in their profile. Please learn these easy rules about how 123notary works.

Your NOTES section is where you write about yourself, and special skills. I am not sure if people come to 123notary for RON Notaries or not, but if they do, put it at the top of your notes section.

The top of your notes section shows up in the search results. So, if the first thing you mention is that you do remote online notarizations, people will find that.

Let me know if you get RON jobs from 123notary. You might more and more as time goes on.

Personally, I think RON needs a female counterpart SALLY. But, that is just a passing idea.


August 15, 2020

Shut Downs and their catastrophic effect on the world

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 8:43 am

Most of us lack the capability or willingness to think for ourselves or to look at real data. We let the media dictate what we think contributing to what Noam Chomsky calls, “Manufactured public opinion.” Under normal circumstances this can lead to the Democratic party getting disproportional votes as the media is left leaning for the most part these days. But, there can be more catastrophic consequences of this media induced frenzy surrounding the Covid19 pandemic.

The media gets us to focus on Covid-19 and fear. They create a neurolinguistic link between Covid-19 and fear. The mention the word Coronavirus and then show images and statistics of people dying in mass all around us. They repeat this information and these images endlessly.

During a recent period of time, CNN spent 160 hours reporting on Covid-19, but only 6 on unemployment. If mass amounts of people are unemployed, they will go to food banks when they run out of money. If food banks have a line three miles long and run out of food which is inevitable, then people will starve. Although few have starved already, it is likely that people will run out of money in mass at the same time. This can contribute to civil unrest, looting, and mass starvation.

The UN has reported that 130 million people worldwide are likely to starve as a result of shut downs and economic discontinuity over the next several months. I came to a similar conclusion long before I read that statistic. But, we cannot accurately guess how many will starve. It might be half the planet. The main point, is that in our quest to “save lives” we will end up ruining more lives than we save by far and ending many more as well.

Shutdowns lead to:
8000% increase in calls to suicide hotlines
A dramatic increase in child molestation and domestic violence
The draining of people’s finances who have low savings or high overhead — and that can lead easily to starvation.
A feeling of helplessness and misery
A feeling of mistrust in authorities
Civil unrest.

Most of my friends are afraid to go outside due to the hyped up threat of infection. A healthy person around 50 who is infected has a 1 in 50,000 chance in dying from Covid19 according to some number crunching I did. This is five times as high as the risk of dying in a car accident during the year. Yet people’s fear is dedicated 99% to viruses and not at all to the other risks to life and limb staring us in the face.

A few months from now, we might not be able to leave the house due to riots, looting, people dying on the street and chaos. That to me is a lot more dangerous than a trumped up flu. Our governor’s reaction to Covid19 will destroy society. The sad part is that 85% of the locals here in California support these lock downs. I guess they are leftists who want to completely destroy what we have been working for for the last 244 years.

There will be insufficient support for my points of view until it is too late. So, I try to educate and alert others to the more realistic risks out there via social media and do the best I can to take care of myself. I dread to see what the world looks like in a year should I live so long.


August 13, 2020

Notaries and test questions during Covid19

Filed under: General Articles — admin @ 8:45 am

I have a little quiz which I send by email to some of our newer notaries to get a reading on how smart they are at handling situations. This Covid19 panic has turned many people’s brains to mush including many Notaries. This is a problem. You need to be able to think, read, and reason. If you lack this ability, anyone can control you and make a virtual slave out of you.

Americans are like a sleeping tiger. It takes us a while to wake up and fight back. It took 33 days for Americans to protest shut downs and now it is a force to be reckoned with.

But, those not fighting are afraid. I ask a question where I ask what the Notary should ask the signer before driving to the signing.

The types of answers I am looking for involve asking for how the name reads on the ID to compare that with the documents. Also going over if funds are due, other signers need to be there, witnesses, tables, 90 minutes available, etc. The types of answers I have been getting in the last two months have been mostly about Covid19 and NOT about Notary related questions.

Sure, you can go over your N95 mask and gloves, but that doesn’t solve the problem of whether their ID says John W Smith. If their ID says Sam Smith and the documents say Samuel T Smith, you can’t do the signing even if you talk for two hours about socially distancing and sitting in the lawn during the signing. The priority is to think about Notary issues first and THEN talk about Covid19. But, there is little to talk about.

As a Notary, you should know the drill for Covid19. You either stay outside the house while they sign, do the signing outside, or sit far apart.

If you are not in bad health and don’t live with someone in bad health, Covid19 is not likely to get you sick or kill you. You might get infected, but 96% of infected people don’t realize they are infected according to new data. The flu is much more dangerous for healthy people, yet we don’t make much of a big deal out of it. Why? Because nobody brainwashed us into fearing the flu AND because it is familiar. People fear what is not familiar.

I am so used to Covid19 now, that it is familiar to me. I am no longer scared. I hope the rest of America comes to its senses before we are all living in refugee camps waiting in long lines for bread and soup.


August 11, 2020

Online notary services – should the system be tested?

Filed under: Technical & Legal — admin @ 8:44 am

A bunch of states are in a huge hurry to implement online notary services as a form of legal notarization. However, online notarizations increase the possibility of fraud. The question is how much fraud?

As with any other system, there is no way to predict how much fraud a new system will cause or facilitate. If you test a system over the course of years and get some analytics on how often court cases happen in comparison to traditional notary services, then you can see if the risk is worth the reward.

The problem is that so many states are enabling RON all at once, that if there is a serious problem, this could effect elections, and all sorts of notarized documents. It could even invalidate elections if fraud is investigated and force elections to be held all over or at a minimum create ongoing conflicts between democrats and republicans.

Personally, I think it is better to vote in person instead of seeing a notary to get an absentee ballot notarized. There is less possibility for complications and fraud. And absentee ballots without a notary seems like suicide as fraud would be rampant. Mailing in a copy of your ID doesn’t compare it to what you look like in real life — that is the job of a notary to compare.

Shut downs are another example of states trying untested processes by just jumping on the bandwagon. If shut downs are detrimental to economies, then instead of one state having an economic problem, all states will have on all at once. Would it not be a better idea to test out what happens when you shut down an economy for three months? You can track all of the suicides, child molestation, alcoholism, protests, and long term economic damage before implementing shut downs on a massive scale. When disaster strikes is NOT the time to be experimenting with anything.

PATIENT: Can we go to the sun to get a solution to Covid19?

DOCTOR: It would be too hot

PATIENT: What if we went at night?


August 9, 2020

Are lockdowns good for the elderly and vulnerable?

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If you look at the age stats on Worldometer’s Coronavirus pages, you will find that those who are healthy at any age are very rarely victims of this terrible disease. There is a reason why people 70+ or those with lung or immunity issues would hide at home. But, if the healthy are hiding at home, that prolongs the disease.

The CDC and disease control agencies want to prolong the disease as long as possible. But, that is not good for the elderly or anyone else effected by the shut down. So, let’s imagine several scenarios.

1. Severe lock down.
If you have a hard lock down, the disease would spread very slowly. It might stop altogether that is — until you reopen, and someone from another place, or another species i.e. bats or cats reseeds your population with cases. Then you get the epidemic starting all over again. You close down again, and then open up again and the same thing can keep happening. Immunity is the only thing that can stop Covid19 in the long run. The Chinese government follows this type of solution which is a non-solution if you track out where they will be in a year.

2. Moderate lock down
Unfortunately, all of the USA based their lock down dates based on what was happening in NYC and fear that they would end up just like Northern Italy which has turned out to be very distant from the truth. If you lock down too early, you don’t flatten the curve, you push the curve farther to the right and delay the curve — unless you do a moderate lock down that began too early and keep it for about four months. This is what California wants to do, and we will not have an economy to open after four months. But, our governor doesn’t understand that as he is a shut down fiend!

3. No lock down
If the elderly stay at home and the rest of humanity goes about their business, the death rate will not be that bad. Sweden has proven this. People under 70 in good health are not the ones dying so there is no point in quarantining them for nothing.

4. Accelerated Covid, a novel idea for a novel virus.
What if people under 40 in good health went to street parties and spread the disease as fast as they could while the elderly stayed safe at home? They would develop immunity really fast. Instead of flattening the curve, they would steepen the curve. The advantage is that this whole nightmare would be over a lot faster. Yes, hospitals might be overloaded for two weeks, but after that, the elderly would be able to leave their apartments without the fear of death.

My personal opinion is that Covid19 is a plague from God and we need to just face it and let it take its course. You can’t stop God’s work. Just deal with it. All of these lockdowns are basically like bad teenagers hiding from their parents to avoid a punishment. After they come out of hiding whether that is 1 hour or 10 days, they will still get the punishment. Hiding accomplishes nothing other than a lots of wasted time.

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