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December 1, 2015

Notary Image

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Notary Image
You can be sure I will not be discussing the “selfie” of you and your client; and, it does not matter a hoot whose idea it was. Rather, I will (attempt) to explore the components of notary image. Some are readily apparent. They are on the “checksheet” of “notary appearance” and ask if your shoes are shined and if it’s clean under your fingernails. Oddly, they never include the manicure?

But, I will grant that part of your image is certainly your appearance. Routine Business Casual seems to be the baseline, with a suit being the usual top tier. I have yet been asked to wear a Tuxedo to a signing. Perhaps that’s next. At the other extreme: I freely admit to going to some appointments truly slovenly. Usually, I have been working on my 1974 Honda CB360 motorcycle when the call comes in. My grandpa had an expression worth sharing. “Truth is the greatest labor saving device; and I’m basically lazy”. Putting that wisdom into practice, when I am “a mess” I TELL the caller exactly what and why. Some jobs are rush, the person must leave soon. When that is the type of call they get choices. I can leave immediately on my Honda and go to you, but dogs will howl and babies will cry when they see me. Or, I can add half an hour to my arrival time and have a decent appearance. Or, you can call someone else on

The QUALITY of the work you do bears greatly on your image. When you stamp do you hit a part of an area you intended to avoid? How about spending some practice time with your stamp? Have you mastered the art of checking your work, or do your eyes glide over the error because you are scanning rapidly? Do you decline the absurd requests to arrive at a long past time. Don’t laugh; I’ve actually had some schedulers insisting that the scheduled appointment time remain in the past! Is personal best your routine effort? Have you recently reread your governing laws? Do you challenge yourself with semi-impossible situations to devise a practical and legal solution? Perhaps the worst possible situation is considering yourself incapable of improvement.

Let’s move past looking good and doing good. Few seem to discuss how to discuss. O I know, the components of documents are definitions. But, it’s how you speak that plays a large part in the image you present. You are not expected to be a world class orator. You do need a bit of debating skill; and not be an annoying interrupter. Your spoken vocabulary immediately gives the impression of being educated or not. Inept communications often start with “I mean, like, the way it is, is like….” Uggh! Your clients listen to you, and most listen carefully. Do you listen carefully? If you are not positive of what is being asked, do you ask for clarification? You are not The Grand Imperial Notary; so don’t talk “at” or “to” your client; talk “with” them. Converse.

I have been in tense, almost hostile situations. You can diffuse the animosity by being sincere. Being you is the most important part of your image, and it should not be “forced” but allowed to flow naturally. Make the point that you genuinely want to help with your words and actions. And, also, that you are constrained by notary law in what you are permitted to do. You are in the wrong profession if you don’t like working with people, all people. Most of all be yourself. It takes but a few moments to thank, handshake, and wish them success in their endeavor.

An image is a complex thing. Sure, the old saw about first impressions is somewhat true. But, when they see that you are capable and dedicated; their image of you soars. Concentrate on the lasting impression that you leave by your words and skillful deeds.


November 30, 2015

Marketing Article: INCOMPLETE

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do soon


November 28, 2015

Signing Companies: INCOMPLETE

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do later


November 27, 2015

Cheers: Frazier & Dianne Get a Notarized Love Letter

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Frazier & Dianne need to rewrite a letter and get it notarized to make sure their love is legitimate. Frazier suspects that Dianne still has feelings for Sam.

FRAZIER: Dianne, I’ve been thinking. I know we love each other, but I want to make it more official.

DIANNE: How can love be official? Isn’t love just a feeling? A lasting feeling that can endure the worst setback and torment and tribulation.

CARLA: Oh, give it a break! You go over one too many bumps in the road and anyone’s love will break. It’s just human nature.

SAM: I think love can last, if you give it a chance, and are committed.

NORM: That’s not what happened with any of your relationships Sam.

SAM: Well, I tried, okay?

WOODY: I think that’s nice that Frazier and Dianne want to get a notarized statement about their love. I think that shows that they take it real seriously.

CLIFF: They can give it a try. What’s the worst that could happen? Besides, Dianne falling in love with the Notary. Like that’s gonna happen. Did you see the last Notary who came in here?

DIANNE: Enough Cliff. The Notary who came last time was very nice… especially after he had his beer — well, during the beer he was nice too.

FRAZIER: So, are we going to do it? I can write something up. Or better, we can write it together. Isn’t that how it should be?

DIANNE: Oh Frazier!

CARLA: If you want to know if your love is really legitimate, install a hidden camera in Frazier’s house. You’ll see what’s legitimate then.

NORM: So, Frazier, speaking of legitimate, have you ever had any accidental children with anyone you were dating?

FRAZIER: I find your question highly inappropriate actually.

CLIFF: I’m sure he didn’t mean it in a bad way.

DIANNE: Okay, I’m thinking. You don’t suspect that I still have feelings for Sam, do you?

FRAZIER: Well, the thought did cross my mind.

DIANNE: Oh, how can you even think that?

FRAZIER: Well, when you’ve been with someone that long, even after it’s over, there are always lingering feelings. Plus, I notice the way you sometimes look at him.

CLIFF: Yeah, I notice that too. She has that… je ne sais quoi when she looks at him.

FRAZIER: So, it’s been determined that I’m not the only one who has noticed this, or who suspects the same.

DIANNE: I’m over him. I know that my relationship with Sam couldn’t last. We’re just too different. Sure, occassionally, some latent feelings will bubble up, but intellectually I know that it wasn’t meant to be.

FRAZIER: Ah-ha, I knew I was right.

CARLA: You don’t need a PhD to figure that one out Einstein.

FRAZIER: So, can you verify what you said in writing, so we can have it notarized?

DIANNE: Yes… I mean I think I can… I can. I will.

(a few days later)

NOTARY: Yeah, I’ll have another Sam Adams. But, keep it cold for me while I do this Notary job. What is this, a vow renewal?

FRAZIER: Of a sort. We’re not married you see. We’re just madly in love with each other.

NOTARY: Got it. Well, I just need to check the signer’s ID. And I’ll take a thumbprint just to be sure that the signer isn’t an imposter. Would you like me to use my embosser as a secondary notary seal? It leaves a raised impression and looks very thorough and professional.

DIANNE: Yes, we’d like that.

FRAZIER: Does this mean you will have to hold her hand while thumbprinting her? I can’t bear the thought.

NOTARY: You can do it. Just don’t make too much of a mess. I’ll train you. Just hold her thumb like this, and press straight down like this. Let’s practice on a napkin… no not that one. A clean napkin.

FRAZIER: I feel it is more romantic this way. My love for thee. I hereby take thy hand as my thumbprint-worthy object of affection and everlasting love for the purpose of thumbprinting.

DIANNE: Oh Frazier!

(Frazier depresses Dianne’s thumb in the ink pad and then down in the journal’s section for the thumbprint. Then she hugs him)

FRAZIER: I’m sorry to interrupt our love, but you didn’t happen to wipe your thumb clean of the ink, now did you?

NOTARY: Not to worry, It is an inkless thumbprint pad from the NNA. No ink — no mess.

FRAZIER: Brilliant. So, my $700 jacket is saved… and so is my love! Where do I sign?

NOTARY: I just need Dianne to sign, and then I need to write down the particulars in her ID.

CARLA: Don’t you still have her ID information from the last time you came. Remember, when we found out how old she really is?

NOTARY: Well, I like to get a fresh look at the ID every time.

DIANNE: Please don’t remind me of that time.

FRAZIER: Age my dear is just a number. And so long as that number is 21 or older you have permission to have a drink. Shall we toast?


November 26, 2015

The Stolen Loan Package

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Very rarely do we hear of loan packages getting stolen, but it does happen. One of my assistants was on the phone with a client who told her a horror story. Normally, we think that Fedex drop boxes are for dropping packages. However, if you read our blog article entitled, “Don’t Put the Fedex in the Drop Box” you will know better. Aparantly, the Notary put several packages in various drop boxes. Two made it where they were supposed to go while one got stolen. Someone got into one of the Fedex boxes and stole the contents. We heard that the combination for the drop boxes was the same for drop boxes in particular areas. I heard that after the theft happened, that unique combinations were created for all drop boxes on the same routes, etc. I cannot guarantee that I have my facts correct as this is all one big story I heard from someone — but, it’s an interesting and dramatic story.

Take your Fedexes to staffed locations if you value your career!


November 25, 2015

She was on another directory for 8 years w/o a single call. Then she joined 123notary!

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My assistant Adine just talked with a Notary who had a wonderful testimonial about 123notary. Adine was calling a long list of people to tell them winning techniques for getting reviews on their 123notary profiles. One of the people she called told her that she had been on another popular Notary directory for eight years — and without a single call. Then, she joined 123notary and the phone started ringing off the hook.

Everyone has a different experience on 123notary ranging from immediate success to almost no results. But, it is always refreshing to hear dramatic stories about the effectiveness of our site. This story reminds me of a quote that one of my writers came up with for Twitter a few years ago.

“Sell your car and buy a top spot on 123notary”


November 24, 2015

Go to jail, but DO collect $100

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There are about 30,000 mobile notaries in the United States. About a quarter of them are currently online on The number is hard to track, but it is a mere fraction of the 4 million plus Notaries in the United States. But, who are these Notaries demographically? The facts to not match national trends for entrepreneurship.

US Statistics
Statistically in the United States, African Americans and Hispanics are less likely to own their own business than Whites or Asian-Americans. I previously felt that Asians were the most entrepreneurial race in the United States as so many North Indians and Koreans own small shops, gas stations, restaurants, and other types of businesses. After reading more statistics I was shocked to learn that whites have the highest rate of business ownership. I know very few whites who enjoy business. In fact, most of the whites I grew up to had an allergic reaction to even the thought of business as it was a dirty word.

African-American Notary Statistics
In the Notary world, the stats work the other way. African-Americans are statistically much more likely (per capita) to become a mobile notary. 12.6% of Americans are African-American, yet roughly 20% of mobile Notaries are African American. African-Americans are more likely to excel in jobs that require clerical skills in government jobs such as the IRS, County Offices, DMV, etc. However, African-Americans are about half as likely to start their own business. Since a mobile notary business requires clerical as well as entrepreneurial skills, it is an interesting case study as blacks are over-represented in clerical jobs and under-represented as entrepreneurs statistially. African Americans are roughly twice as likely to start a Mobile Notary business than whites are.

What about Asians and Hispanics
Since Mobile Notary work requires a lot of communication and reading skills, only very assimilated Asians and Hispanics succeed in this line of work as newer immigrants are often weak in reading comphrehension and verbal English skills. Asians and Hispanics make up roughly 21% of the American population, yet constitute only about 10% of Mobile Notaries.

Women in the Notary Biz
As Mobile Notaries are often Realtors, or former Mortgage Brokers, it is not surprising that there are many women in the business. Women constitute about 60% of Mobile Notaries which makes sense since women also represent more than half of all Realtors.

So, the group most likely (per-capita) to be a Mobile Notary would be African-American women, and then the next most likley group would be White women. However, these statistics are subject to change as it is becoming fashionable in the Tajikistani-American community to be Mobile Notaries. It is the “in thing” to do these days in their community along with having a kabob take-out restaurant.


November 23, 2015

I can always spot an alpha Notary

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I can always spot an alpha notary. They have certain tell-tale signs.

There are the notaries that say, “I don’t need you, you need me.”
Then, there are the other notaries who post on Linked In claiming that the low-ball signing companies need them more than they need the signing companies.

Honestly, if you were so alpha, you wouldn’t be dealing with signing companies in the first place unless you got paid up front by paypal like Ken does. If you a real alpha notary you wouldn’t have to say that we need you more than you need us. We would just get that sense about you from your confident walk and long list of credentials, not to mention your busy tone of voice on the phone.

The alpha notary is the notary with the longest horns. They are surrounded by swarms of title companies who just can’t get enough of them. Unfortunately, the notary world is a lot like the animal kingdom. Certain notaries get all the jobs while the others get left out. It is survival of the fittest. The thing is that notaries are in control (to a degree) of how long their antlers are. They can always strive to become better or more knowledgeable. If they don’t have enough experience, they can always lower their rates to get that experience.

So strut your stuff. Become an alpha notary. Release the alpha notary within you!


November 21, 2015

November Signing Company Gossip

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Do laterField Choice
One notary says that notaries are always under a microscope being judged while companies feel free to deliver e-documents late!

Liberty Settlement Funding
One notary got paid in 7 days — beat that!

Faxing back an entire package would take two hours. And for $75?
One notary wanted to be removed from their database because they paid so slowly.

Mortgage Docs, LLC
A notary claims this company sent edocuments at 6:33 for a 6pm signing and another notary came to do the signing. How disorganized!

N3 Notary
A Notary claims this company got upset because they did a paper copy of an I-9.


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November 20, 2015

The Brady Bunch

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Here’s the story. Of a Lovely Lady. Who was bringing up three very lovely girls. They had hair of gold, like their mother. And the color of a Notary’s seal. Here’s the story. Of a man named Brady. Who was busy with three boys of his own. They were four men living all together, yet they were all alone. Till the one day when the lady met this fellow. And they knew it was much more than a hunch. That they’d use a Notary to officiate the wedding ceremony. Since-they-lived-in-one-of-three-states-where-notaries-are-authorized-to-officiate-marriages-and-hence-became… the Brady Bunch!

Mr. Brady needs a notary for a construction loan for one of the buildings he’s doing architectural work on.

Mike Brady: Honey, I need a notary for a construction loan for one of the buildings I’m doing architectural work on.

Carol Brady: That’s nice, dear.

The notary arrives with the investor, and they start to do the signing. They realize that the name has the wrong middle initial, so they have to reschedule and do a second signing.

Marsha falls in love with the young and handsome notary Tim. She walks around in a daze mumbling — Tim, Tim, Tim. Alice asks her if everything is all right.

Alice: Is everything all right?

Marsha: How can it be? I’m in love!

Alice: Wait till you’re my age. You’ll be in love with a bunch of cats and a litter box that cleans itself!

When Marsha finds out that Tim will have to come again, she’s ecstatic.

Greg warns Marsha that the notary is too old for her, and that she should find a boy her own age.

Greg: Marsha, you should find a boy your own age!

Marsha: The boys my age are all immature and think a Notary is somebody who passes notes in school!

Greg: That’s silly!

Marsha: Hey, if you want clever writing, switch to The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Bobby asks why she likes that dumb notary anyhow. Cindy is very interested and wants to know if Marsha is going to marry that notary, and imagines what the wedding would be like with a wedding cake made out of a circular stamp.

Marsha: I can just picture me feeding him cake. And him feeding me cake.

Bobby: I can just picture me puking my guts out.

Alice wants to know if the Notary has any older brothers who are single.

Marsha: Wouldn’t your cats be jealous?

Alice: They have nine lives. I only have one, and it’s half over!

Cindy: Just half, Alice?

Alice: Okay, two-thirds. You always were good at math, honey.

Carol wants to know if they can come a third time, but for dinner.

During Tim’s second visit, the signing goes smoothly. Marsha wants to ask Tim if he can teach her all the secrets of the trade of being a notary. Tim teaches her how the stamp works, filling out forms, journals, booking appointments. In response to everything he says, Marsha replies…

“That’s so fascinating!

As she stares at him in a daze.

Finally, Tim has her sign three documents: Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.

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