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April 8, 2019

Personal Appearance for jail signings

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Personal Appearance for jail signings

Jails have some unusual practices and practices vary from jail to jail. At one jail, I was not allowed within 50 feet of the inmate. I told them that I could not notarize as personal appearance was necessary. You can see a notary through a glass and communicate with them through a phone. That is fine. You can be sitting next to the inmate as a notary and that is okay. But, if you are so far away that you cannot visually see who they are and what they look like, then it is not legal to notarize that person. Personal appearance is normally required for Notary acts other than a proof of execution which is hardly ever done and probably not allowed for documents such as power of attorneys.


April 7, 2019

Inmate Identification Cards

For years, it has been difficult for Notaries to notarize inmates in jail or prison due to the fact that their wristband did not constitute an identification acceptable to many states. The problem has been solved in California and Florida.

California has an inmate identification card
A California Notary may accept an inmate identification card issues by the state Department of Correction and Rehabilitation.

Florida also has an inmate identification card
Florida allows Notaries to accept inmate ID cards issued by the U.S. Department of Justice or Bureau of Federal Prisons.

These forms of identification are reported to be acceptable for use by Notaries Public in their respective states. It would be nice if the other states would come up to speed as well and provide a legal means for identifying inmates.

California inmate identification card
California inmate ID card
Florida inmate identification card
Florida inmate ID card
Can you notarize an inmate with a wristband identification?
How do you identify an inmate in prison or jail?


April 6, 2019

Testimonial from Suzanne Nolan

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Thanks Jeremy. No other notary signing companies provide information like you do to it’s group. 123Notary is far above the best! No one has or does what you do for your notaries. I just wanted to thank you!! Glad to be associated with you and on your list. It has provided me with a great extra income for a lot of years but now the sharks are out cutting fees to us to fill their pockets!!


April 5, 2019

What title says and what they do are two different things

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When Carmen and I talk to signing and title companies the answers are consistent. Hiring parties want experience (a minimum of 2 years) and they generally like reviews. They care how many years you have been in business especially.

But, when I pulled a list from that was segmented on how many years you had been in business — I called those people and found that they had hardly signed any loans if any, and had no clue what they were doing. The two years of experience title and signing companies typically say they want is worthless and stupid. Additionally, these people fail our quizzes miserably.

Those who do well on our quiz typically have 5000 or 10,000 loans under their belt (or kimono if they are female.)

However, the people who have certification get a lot more high paying jobs and a lot more title jobs. Those with standards prefer 123notary certified members even though when they talk to us they claim not to. One guy on our site who lost his certification lost ALL of his title calls over night. Hmmm. He wants his certification back and all I ask is that he studies.

So, title says they want experience, but what they really want is knowledge. Experience, perceived experience, and knowledge of how to handle situations is different.

You cannot judge someone by how many years they have been doing this. Twenty years looks great until you find out they know nothing about notary law. And then # of signings is a better analytic but people lie. If they say 5000, it might be closer to 800 which is a big difference. I have no way to know if a person is lying, but if I ask them how many loans they have signed, and their profile says 10,000 and they say 2000 over the phone — I know they are lying — that is proof.

Title companies like our certification — they are too ashamed to say it but they like it. They like reviews and experience too. How you write your notes section really matters as well. Take this all seriously as this is how you get work.


April 4, 2019

What is the significance of a complaint?

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I was having a discussion with Carmen today. Carmen sees that a complaint from a Notary is a huge problem. I explained to Carmen that a complaint is only as valuable as the person it came from.

I got a recommendation from a food critic about which restaurants are good. I went to those restaurants and when I ordered the prescribed dishes I found them to be good. When I diverged from the recommended dishes, it was hit or miss. But, I got some food recommendations from some regular white people about Chinese and Mexican food. “Oh, this is great Chinese food, I always go there.” I learned that the minute a non-connoisseur give me culinary advice, it rarely turns out good. the Mexican food was some of the worst I’ve ever had. Ironically the best Mex I’ve had was in a Navajo area. Hmmm. Part of the good part was the green chili which is indiginous to the area.

A complaint from a title company is serious. Title companies are our bread and butter. They hire Notaries from our site. If they stopped hiring our notaries, the notaries would stop hiring us.

A complaint from a high quality notary is something I would take seriously. A high quality notary attracts good title companies to our site.

But, a complaint from a Notary who is an “F” student is scaring good companies away from using our site. Whatever they are upset about is probably that I apply standards to them, and “F” students cannot stand standards because they know they will not measure up. If we catered only to “F” students on 123notary, we would attract those types of people who have bad attitudes and like to complain, yet do not attract quality users to the site. Therefore I prefer to focus on catering to those whose patronage represents our business model — one of quality Notaries and quality users.


April 3, 2019

Do you invest in your notary business?

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Some people who are Real Estate brokers invest heavily in licensing fees, insurance and other expenses to maintain their Real Estate career. But, how many Notaries invest heavily in their career? People who advertise with us often do, but not all of them.

E&O Insurance is not for free, but can make you look like a serious contender, especially if you get a lot of it. The irony is that when you try to collect, they might not pay if the situation is not a notary error. A signing agent error on a non-notarized document is not a notary error. Read the fine print.

High placed listings on 123notary get a lot more business than the rest. Smart people get it that they need one if they want their business to grow.

Asking for reviews is free, but an investment of a small effort on a regular basis. Smart Notaries understand that asking for reviews is investing in credibility and nothing beats credibility. If you have no credibility, then you are reduced to being one of those notaries who brags about how great they are when none of their customers think they are good enough to write a review for. Food for thought.

123notary certification gets more clicks and more title work. Most people think that knowledge is not important. But, the cost of screwing up a loan and losing a client is heavy. And the cost of not getting clients in the first place because you have no credibility is a problem too. Investing in knowledge pays off day after day for decades. So, why not invest in knowledge?

Writing more in your notes section takes very little time. It is an investment of minutes that can pay off for decades. Smart Notaries get it that they need a really comprehensive notes section. The others just write a one liner about how great they are. Do you think title companies are dumb enough to fall for that? Think again.

There are other ways to invest in your business. Websites, business names, education from other entities, and more. Those that take Notary work seriously typically do a lot better than those just winging it. Choose the path of solidity and you shall prosper.


April 2, 2019

Many people who hire notaries don’t think about quality = dangerous

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Many people who hire Notaries don’t know anything about the dangers of an uninformed Notary. A careless Notary can ruin appointments by not confirming properly. They can fill in notary forms wrong. They can omit Oaths, or get into other peril by not knowing how to handle situations.

123notary puts a lot of effort into breeding Notaries into being the best that they can be with Notary Public 101 on the blog. However, those that hire Notaries typically don’t know the difference. This is dangerous and can result in a lot of trouble. When you hire Notaries, trouble doesn’t come all at once. It might not come for a while. But, if the notary identifies someone incorrectly and that comes back to you, it could be catastrophic. If Notary doesn’t drop the package in a timely manner, that is also a potential huge problem.

Just because those hiring you don’t know the difference doesn’t mean that you should not care about being a good Notary. The danger of being a careless and sloppy notary is not only for the borrower and the client, but also for the Notary. You can get in all types of trouble. So play it safe and keep studying your notary law, how to handle situations and your documents. Your few hours of study will make you look a lot more professional for the rest of your career.


April 1, 2019

No Notary left behind

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A group of Notaries decided that enough was enough. They needed to go into battle to solve their problems. They wanted to fight a particular list of signing companies and get their back pay. The problem was, every time they went into battle, a notary would get shot down, and the group did not even realize that a brother had fallen. So, the group decided to be a little more attentive. They decided not to fail to notice if a brother had fallen and also watch out to make sure they didn’t miss a signature. If they had been looking for missing signatures, perhaps they wouldn’t have this problem getting paid in the first place. But, I digress.

So, they attacked XYZ signing company. The signing company shot Eddie down. Then another Notary came to get Eddie, and that other Notary was too shot down. Then a third Notary came to get Eddie and Notary #2 and too got shot down. Finally after the Notary army had lost half its men trying to rescue one, they realized that they would lose the war if they kept this up. They thought long and hard. They had discussions that went on and on for months. They meditated on the issue, but to no avail. Finally, one really weird Notary had an idea. They would ask George Costanza from Seinfeld what to do.

So, a Notary found George, and asked him how to handle these tactical battle situations. George thought about it. He pulled on his beard (yes, he has a beard now) made some grumbling noises then some whiny noises. Said, “hmm” a few times and then another “hmm.” Then he said, “I think I have your ansah. You remember the three second rule? If something drops in the garbage it’s okay to eat it if you retrieve it within three seconds? Well, you need a five minute rule. If one of your guys goes down, rescue him, but continue battle for five minutes before that. That way you still save your guy, but you have a fighting chance to win the battle.”

The Notaries pondered the five minute rule. They thought it was ridiculous, but what do you expect from a Seinfeld character, especially George. If they had asked Kramer, he would have said, “Wood Jerry wood, because I’ve gotta have wood around me!” or, “You gotta TAKE them by surprise. Yeah surprise. If they think you’re coming in front, come in from back when they’re LEAST expecting it. Surprise attack… I love it.”

Then the Notaries wanted to know what Jerry would say.

JERRY SEINFELD: Why do Notaries work for low-balling signing companies. You work all day for someone who either won’t pay you, or who wants to drive your price down to the point where there is barely any point in leaving the house. Personally, I got hired for a comedy gig where they wanted to offer me $30. The price was a joke. I got more laughs telling people what I was going to get paid, than from my material. Instead of fighting a war, don’t work for these companies in the first place. But, as far as George’s rule, five minutes is okay, but if the injury is serious, cut it down to maybe three and a half minutes. You’ve gotta have a sliding scale for these things.

KRAMER: What do you think Jerry? Is this a seven minute injury or more of a six.

JERRY: Ummm? That really looks like more of a three honestly. Yeah, I’d give it a three.

GEORGE: If we were in battle, but the time you assessed your sliding scale, the battle would be over and you would have been shot. I can’t believe this.

JERRY: Good point. But I’m a fast estimator. Just give me a nanosecond. Yup… It’s a three. Carry on troops. (bang bang)

ELAINE: Corporal, are you sure it isn’t a four? (bang bang)

JERRY: No, it’s a three alright. Just look at him. He’s in bad shape. (artillery fire… boom)

GEORGE: Personally I think it’s more of a five, but I never liked that guy, and besides, I’m getting heavy fire here. (bang bang)

ALL: No Notary left behind!


Why Is It Worthwhile to Notarize a Will?

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Why Is It Worthwhile to Notarize a Will?
Notarization is also known as notarial acts. This is a three party process conducted by a notary public which includes record keeping, vetting and certifying. This is the official procedure taken to prevent fraud and also assure parties in the transaction that the document, in this case, the will being notarized is authentic. Not only the will but banking transactions documents should be notarized too.

By signing a will, one specifies how they want their property distributed after their death. This process is called probate. Whereas some states do not necessarily require notarization of wills, notarizing a will might speed up the probate speed. The question you and I might be having is, why is it worthwhile to notarize a will? Let us explore.

In most countries, a notary is carried out by a notary public who in this case acts as an eyewitness in discharging restrictive fraud activities connected to your will. There is also an act that governs such duties. He can direct oaths and witness swearing by deponents for affidavits. It is also believed that a notary can also act as an arbitrator.

Who Is Supposed To Notarize?
Notarization can be conducted by a practicing lawyer who has experience of at least 7 to 10 years. Also, an individual who has served as a judicial service member or has served under central or state government and whose position required specialized knowledge of the law is also qualified to become a notary.

Benefits of Notarizing a Will
Prevents future frauds and identity theft
George Sink urges that a notarized will help to verify that you are the one signing your will. This will help you, the owner from future frauds or identity theft in such a way that no one else can present or produce a forged will.

Notarizing your will prevents the owner from unpredictable fraud cases. This is because regardless of what the other party produces, your notarized will affirms you as the sole owner and that, can never be challenged.

Notarizing your will furthermore affirm to the fact that all the signatories are real and authentic. It also shows that genuine people signed them and that the will itself is not fabricated.

Helps Protect the rights of the will
A notarized will which has been fully certified by a notary public also aids in protecting the rights of the will. Furthermore, to avoid further and possible court proceedings, it is rather advisable for individuals to notarize their will.

Prevent court rejections
In some cases, notarizing a will is mandatory. Some lawyers argue that if you do not notarize your will, its validity in future might be questioned which might even lead to court rejections, in case there is a case and your will has to be produced. To avoid all this unfolding saga, it is advisable to notarize wills early enough.

The signatories do not necessarily have to testify in court
Another reason why notarizing your will is worthwhile is the fact that the signatories do not necessarily have to testify in court to authenticate their signatures. This saves a lot of money and time from both parties. Notarizing your will, therefore, serve as an enormous strategic advantage in the lawsuit.

We have discussed throughout the article what notarization is, who executes it and why is it a suitable procedure. All we can say is that notarizing your will is just a formality that should be implemented when signing your will. A notarized will assures the legal authenticity of an individual’s signature and identity whereas without doing so, a person cannot claim ownership of that particular will; therefore, notarization of a will is crucial.


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