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June 7, 2018

Is it safe commissioning people with no training?

Filed under: Legal Issues — admin @ 12:01 pm

I feel that it is not safe to commission a Notary with no training. Most states do not bother to train, test or check up on their notaries. Some of the notaries learn on their own and others don’t. But, there are many horror stories as a result of the governmental negligence. Does anyone have any horror stories about this?


June 6, 2018

Reminder — login to your listing and update your notes

Filed under: Business Tips — admin @ 11:59 am

Please login to your listing. There are many things to do on a regular basis.

1. Update your # of signings
2. Update your notes to include the new things you have learned and done in the last few months if they are worth reading about.
3. Ask for a review from your new and favorite clients. It is better to ask them right after they tell you how great you are.
4. Get on the list of some new signing companies and call some of the old ones who hired you.

Good luck and try to be regular at maintaining your presence!


June 4, 2018

Notes — how many financial packages do you mention?

Filed under: Your Notes Section — admin @ 11:56 am

In your notary notes section it makes sense to discuss your experience. Many Notaries have a wide repetoire of types of signings they know how to do. It is common to make a list of financial packages or types of documents that you are familiar with. But, how many should you mention? Should they be in alphabetical order?

My philosophy is that you should not mention more than twelve types of documents or loans in one paragraph. It just gets to be too much. On the other hand, some Notaries who have 5000 loans signed, only mention four or five types of loans which is not enough. I think that nine to twelve is the perfect number.

Additionally, I prefer to put the more unusual types of loans first in the list to stand out. But alphabetical is easier to read. On the other hand Refinances, FHA, and VA are all types of refinances. Should they be grouped together. I guess there is no right answer, but you should have a strategy for what you are doing.


June 3, 2018

Index of information about documents

Filed under: (4) Documents — admin @ 2:12 am

Here is an index of posts about commonly notarized documents as well as documents that might show up in a loan signing that are of interest to Notaries.



TRID Information

Good Deed Bad Deed — Deeds explained



4506 — Request for Copy of Tax Return

Affidavit of Citizenship

Affidavit of Occupancy

Affidavit of Support

Affidavit of Support and direct communication with the signer

Closing Disclosure

Compliance Agreement

Good Faith Estimate

HUD-1 Settlement Statement

Living will versus Medical Power of Attorney

The Mortgage & The Note

Power of Attorney — see our index page

Power of Attorney — see our string results

Quit Claim Deed

Signature Affidavit & AKA Statement

The Signature Affidavit

Subordination Agreement

Right to Cancel

The Right to Cancel gone wrong

TRID Information

Universal Loan Application — The 1003



June 2, 2018

Situations where you can ruin a loan out of stupidity

Filed under: Ken Edelstein — admin @ 11:25 am

What I am trying to do is to work in situations where you could ruin a loan out of stupidity into questions that would weed out bad notaries. The question about dropping the fedex or waiting for Chad to call back is a good one. Notaries are tempted to wait even though there is no reason to do so. I don’t see a way to work these scenarios into questions. If you can think of a few really good questions to add to my list that would be great.

The borrower family consists of adult and teen age nudists. They request you UN-dress for the signing.

1. You comply and try to keep your eyes on the paperwork.
2. Too weird, it’s bail out time
3. You decline citing “it’s not your way” but permit them to remain naked.
4. You insist everyone dress, and return in a half hour.

Both borrowers signed and initialed (correctly in all the right places) all pages of the 258 page double refinance package; prior to your arrival.

1. They must resign all signatures as you did not witness any of them.
2. Only the Acknowledgements must be resigned as they include the wording “subscribed before me”.
3. The Title Company notary must do the notarizations, as they are the only ones authorized to notarize unwitnessed signatures.
4. Only the Jurats need to be resigned.

At the end of the package the borrower asks where the 3 day RTC form is. It’s not in the package. They insist that it should be there. You cannot reach anyone by phone.

1. You allow the borrower to hand write their RTC form and you notarize it.
2. Fortunately you have a different loan package with a RTC form with you. You duplicate it and change all entries to match the current loan.
3. You find the loan on the table is for vacation property, you don’t count Saturday when the missing form (via either 1. Or 2. Above) is created.
4. You find the loan on the table is for investment property, thus the RTC is not applicable.

You realize at the shipping depot that you forgot to double check the loan package. Upon inspection you notice that the borrower did not initial the signed signature page of the Note.

1. You make a copy of the page, email it to the borrower, requesting they initial it and FAX it to your employer, then you ship.
2. Knowing you will miss the drop off, you return to the borrower for the missing initials, and ship the next day, happy that the package is now complete.
3. Initials are not required on signed pages, so you ship with a post-it at the top of the package noting the missing initials.
4. You add the missing initials with a different color pen so they will know it was a notary correction then ship.


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June 1, 2018

American Idol for Notaries

Filed under: Humorous Posts — Tags: — admin @ 9:08 am

The Notary wannabe appears before the judges.

RYAN SEACREST: So, how long have you wanted to be a Notary.

NOTARY: Ever since I was old enough to sign my name in the sand on a tidal affidavit.

RYAN SEACREST: Dream big, go gettem.

LIONEL RITCHIE: And who do we have today.

NOTARY: Normally, I say hi, but to you Lionel, I say, hello, is it me you’re looking for.

LIONEL RITCHIE: Well it’s you we’re looking at, at a minimum. And if you keep up at this rate it’s going to be “All night long.” So, what are you going to be doing for us today?

NOTARY: Well, since I don’t sing any songs other than, “You give Notaries a bad name,” and “Subscribed and sworn to before me by.” which are classics in our industry by the way. But, I’m going to administer an Oath for you tonight.

KATIE PERRY: Oh good, I love Oaths. I took an Oath once, that I’d do this show for 20 million dollars.

LUKE BRYAN (Southern Guy): So, let’s hear it. Do you need an Affiant?

NOTARY: A what?

LIONEL RITCHIE: Don’t you need an Affiant if you do “swear you swear me… that’s the way it should be…”

LUKE BRYAN: What about Notarizing on the ceiling?

NOTARY: That would be great, but where would I sit? What about once, twice, three times a Notary?

LIONEL RITCHIE: An Affiant is the person who swears under Oath in an Oath. You’re supposed to know that as a Notary. You haven’t been studying from the 123notary free Notary Public 101 course, have you.

NOTARY: No, knowing these technical terms doesn’t really matter.

LUKE BRYAN: It does it if means you can’t perform your job.

KATIE PERRY: Or perform on our show. If there’s one thing us ladies can’t stand, it’s a guy who can’t perform.

NOTARY: Can I swear you in Lionel?

LIONEL: Sure. Notarizing will find a way. So, show us what you can do!

NOTARY: Okay, (singing) “Please raise your right hand — whoa ee whoa whoa whoa.”

LIONEL: (singing) Is it your seal that I’m looking for??? (raises right hand)

NOTARY: (singing) I can see it in your eyes, I can see it in your smile, you’re all I’ve ever wanted to swear in, my heart is open wide. Do you solemnly swear that the statement you are about to make is the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

LIONEL: Mr. Notary, I signed a document here in front of me. I am not about to make a statement, I signed a statement in the past tense. It is true, but not the whole truth. We are not in court here doing Oaths for witnesses. This is a document Oath. I don’t think you’re ready for this show. You need to take a few years off and learn the craft in timing. You can always come back.

KATIE PERRY: Sorry, but you’re not going to get the golden ticket.

LUKE BRYAN: I agree, I vote no.

LIONEL: One, two, three times a no!!! But, you can study from (singing) one, two, three, notary dot com, oh baby baby baby, get down with the one two three…. they teach you everything and mostly for free.


May 31, 2018

Cramming and forgetting before your quiz

Filed under: Certification & Communication Skills — admin @ 11:02 am

I learned this the hard way. I thought that because I do not forget notary knowledge that the rest of the world also does not. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The Notaries who passed our certification test in the past passed either by having someone else take the online quiz for them, or by gaming the system taking the test multiple times and memorizing the answers without understanding the concepts.

For my purposes, I want 123notary certified members to always be at the top of their knowledge. If you are in business for 12 years, but only know what you are during the night before a quiz and the day of the quiz, but not for any of the other days during that time period, then your knowledge is virtually useless. I want you to be an expert at all times.

So, now, 123notary will be quizzing certified members every year or two, or how ever often is necessary. The problem is that people are not studying enough, and in many cases, not at all. So, if you are 123notary certified, keep studying. Notary Public 101 is a great free course to study from.


May 30, 2018

An index to notary articles

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 2:27 am

We have so many articles, that it might be beneficial to index them. Our most popular articles are part of courses where there is an organized structure to the collection of information.

Although we do have a good categorization system, perhaps an index or our articles in order of article type and how good the article is might make sense.

You can also use the search box which is on the right (scroll a little bit) on our blog to read about particular topics.

I think an index might be popular and I could also edit it from time to time.


May 29, 2018

Notary Felons — whose dilemma is it?

Filed under: Technical & Legal — admin @ 11:01 am

It has come to my attention that when I quiz Notaries, only 30% give Oaths regularly, and the other 70% do not. Of the 30% who claim they administer Oaths, the Oaths are normally irrelevant and incorrect. It is really only about 10% of Notaries who sign up on our site who give correct and relevant Oaths with a degree of proficiency. So, why is this a problem? Nobody is checking up on us, right? Generally right.

When a loan is called into court (which doesn’t happen that often) the Judge might ask the Notary if he/she indeed administered an Oath to the borrower. If the Notary says no, or has no proficiency at giving Oaths in front of the Judge, the Notary could be accused of Perjury.

Lying under Oath can be considered perjury. However, filling out a Jurat that says “sworn to me” when in fact nobody swore to anything at the Notarial transaction — can be considered perjury on the part of the Notary Public. This is a federal crime with a possible jail sentence of up to five years per incident. Yet, Notaries throughout the nation are going about committing perjury almost every time they do a signing without a care in the world. This is a serious legal matter that you should be concerned with.

Why am I concerned with this? Because I am advertising people who might be felons. I cannot prove who the felons are or when they committed a felony, but it seems that many of our notaries based on my quiz are committing perjury on Jurats on an almost daily basis. If they were audited, they might go to jail.

I did not realize I was doing business with a criminal class of people, but that is the case. Please be an expert at Oaths, because I am not confident about listing Notaries who are engaged in serious crimes such as perjury which is what you are committing when you sign a statement saying you administered an Oath when you did not.

If I find out that you do not give Oaths, I might have to remove your listing temporarily or permanently.


May 27, 2018

You have only One Objective

Filed under: Ken Edelstein — admin @ 11:24 am

You have only One Objective
Some have had many objectives, concurrently; and all of them critical. Picture a front line medic or doctor in a war zone. Surrounded by the dead and dying. Some can be saved, but there are decisions to be made, and made very quickly. Some must be ignored, just a quick shot of morphine to ease their suffering. Perhaps, if there are adequate supplies, a few shots of morphine; a merciful quick end…. Rapid life and death decisions to do the most good.

You, on the other hand have lots of time to process the documents. Oh, sure, there might be some other assignment following; but certainly not an issue of life and death. You might be late, or lose that subsequent job. Even with careful scheduling, time conflict can develop. But, your focus must be on the work in front of you. You have only one objective, unlike the harried medic. You are to do your personal best. My audience of readers are professionals. I know that you know how to process the silly docs. Most Squirrels can process a loan package; in fact many do, working for peanuts.

Back to the concept of One Objective. What is that objective? Well, as I have often stated the highest of all objectives is to work legally. Everything else is subordinate. You must properly redact the printed state in the venue, if necessary. And neatly write in the state where the notarization is taking place and initial the redaction. Of course that is just a trite example; you know there are many other mandatory actions you must perform. I’m not going to list them.

OK, so you work legally. What’s second most important? And, it’s not a surprise that you know that one too. It’s to do the job accurately and completely. Sometimes “field decisions” must be made; and they may go opposite to the instructions you were given. Jeremy is big on following the stated directions, I am not. Perhaps an example: “under no conditions are you to call the borrower”. OK, I’m generally paid in advance; so if you arrive at an address that is a vacant lot, and none of the given contacts answer; what to do? I would call the borrower – it’s happened to me and the “forbidden” call to the borrower saved the day. Following instructions would only allow going home. After legal considerations; my next priority is to get the job done.

Are your shoes shined, fingernails trimmed and clean, haircut recently, etc? Sure, some of the packages have downright demeaning wording. Ignore the BS. We become heroes when the job that we submit funds. Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind said “land is the only thing that matters”. Talk to any loan officer – “funding is the only thing that matters”. When you return, on time, a fundable package (legally notarized) you met the objective they had in mind when they selected you. Great faith and trust was bestowed upon you – don’t disappoint. Certainly not because some cretin mistyped a meeting address and does not want to risk you talking to their client. Break The Rules (set by the “unreachable unknowing”) – and get the job done!

Back to that harried battlefield medic. Let’s change the venue, now the doctor is working in a world class hospital with the best tools, drugs and lots of time. You are unconscious on the table, you cannot see the concentration in the eyes of the doctor. Nothing else matters, the procedure will be done to the best of the surgeons ability; and, if at all possible; will be successful. Can you concentrate on the task at hand with the intensity of an ER surgeon? If not, learn how.


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