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March 31, 2013

Top 12 things to do when you are on hold

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Happy April Fools’ Day by the way!
It is not easy being a notary. There are many phone calls, and so many people take your time for granted and put you on hold. My suggestion — find something to do while you are on hold. Here are a few suggestions.

(1) Toe massage. Do your toes ache? Mine are aching today. Give yourself a toe massage. If you are the meticulous type, you will massage each toe individually. If someone asks how your massage went — ask if they mean in general, or on a toe by toe basis?

(2) Electronic massage machine. I got mine in Japantown for $27. It has three attachments for the head — take your choice! This is great for when you are watching television, or on hold. I think my right arm has a stiff point (from holding the phone while on hold for too long) and needs some work.

(3) Emails. I get tons of emails done while I am waiting for slowpokes to get back to me when on hold. Then, when they come back, I say, “could you hold on a moment while I finish this email I’m writing”. I make THEM wait… But, not for more than 10 seconds.

(4) Drink three large cans of Coconut water with Aloe. Great for your entire gastroinestinal tract! Drink it slowly.

(5) Take a leisurely bathroom break after the coconut water (you’ll need it). Put them on speakerphone so you will hear them when you come back!

(6) If you have been on hold for more than 25 minutes waiting for your phone company to act, then it’s time to whip out the heavy artillery — Jim or Jack… (Beam or Daniels)

(7) Become an amateur cartoonist.

(8) Make a list of all the productive things you will get done after you are on hold.

(9) Read the latest gossip on the Kardashians

(10) Go to a travel website and look at pictures of Bora Bora

(11) Visit 123notary’s Facebook and get involved in a discussion question.

(12) Make a list of the top 10 things you could do simultaneously while reading this dumb blog entry!


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