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January 30, 2011

Notarize JUST the Name

Notarize JUST the Name
We are all familiar with the two most common notary actions. The Jurat: “Sworn to and Subscribed…….”, and the Acknowledgement: “This instrument was Acknowledged before me…..”. I’m not going to cover the not so subtle differences between the two of them. What will be discussed is the expansion of the notary statement to include virtually anything.

I just shipped off an Edoc. I had to redact (no changes were made, no replacement text, just a thin line thru with my initials at the end of the line) some superfluous verbiage. Before I get into the details let me credit the source of “my” opinions. The office of the New York County Clerk has told me, quite strongly: “You notarize just the name as proven on the ID, nothing more”. What they are referring to are what I call “name attributes” and there are many. Not to be confused with name components (Jr. Sr. III, etc.) which were on the birth certificate. Name attributes, and there are many include: MD, PhD, DDS, etc.

Those name attributes are rarely a problem and they are usually not added to the name in the notary section. What is a problem are what I will call “name descriptors”, and they are becoming a growing problem. A Jurat in the edoc included “a resident of ”. How would I know where the person signing resides? It’s not for me to say (I know, that’s a song title too). This was in the (usually) simple Sample Signature document. Why? I can’t figure out any rationale for inclusion of residency information on that document.

The same package included, after the name, the phrase “a capable person”. Capable of what? Such a phrase could keep lawyers in discussion forever. This particular bit of foolishness was on the AKA statement. Of course no discussion of name descriptors would be complete with mention of the classic and most common one: the marital status. Before me appeared Suzy Snowflake, a single woman. Says who? Suzy of course. So why is it in MY statement? If Ms Snowflake wishes to make a statement that she is not married, I would be happy to notarize it. But, I certainly will not include her marital status in my statement.

Even if I were to be absolutely sure of her marital status it is improper for me to include it in my statement. But, one cannot prove their marital status – it’s impossible; think about it. The problem stems from some shoddy computer programming taking the “vesting name” from the mortgage (where marital status makes sense) and propagating it into other areas.

I have discussed the issue of name descriptors many times with foggy headed drones who feel that because it is preprinted I must live with it. Not so. The notary section IS the statement of the Notary Public and IS subject to change and or deletion. My licensing officials don’t allow it, and I am certainly not able to state someone is capable, married or where they reside. Sometimes it’s a tough judgment call. If the descriptor is “of legal age” I would have to know exactly where that phrase is applied. If they are under 21, it “might” matter in some states; and could also be document specific.

We want to process the document with little conflict, as raising “issues” often sours the client. To me it’s better to lose a client than receive a summons; and become a party to litigation. As a public official my words have, “authority”; and with that comes responsibility for accuracy.


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Decline Profitable Junk Work

Decline Profitable Junk Work
Some may feel “work is work” and take all they can get. Mobile notaries are not hobbyists; we do the work for the money. Some are able to charge more, for the same work, some less. Without a scheduling conflict, we want to “book” that work. Of course it has to be legal. But not all legal work is useful to our callers. Sometimes we know the end product, though legal, will be junk.

Case in point to illustrate: my late night caller has an emergency. They have an appointment with the Immigration folks in downtown Manhattan at Federal Plaza. They just noticed the requirement that their documents must be notarized. Routine so far, but a little probing uncovered the real facts. One of the documents is a birth certificate from China. The other is a divorce certificate, also from China. NY State law regarding “vital records” permits me to notarize as long as those types of documents did not originate in NY State. There are slightly different procedures for processing a photocopy; different from processing an original document.

I learn the birth certificate is in the Chinese language, and is original. Some specific wording is required, but it’s perfectly proper to notarize the signature of the person named on the document. But, will it be useful for their intended purpose? Frankly, I really don’t know. I suspect they will have to have the document translated by a licensed translator. The translator’s signature will be notarized, attesting to training and accuracy of translation. Atop that would go the caller’s statement as to being the rightful possessor of the document. But, I’m not sure. I explain this to the caller and suggest they contact the authorities as to specific requirements. I could have accepted the assignment; but I feel they would be walking in with notarized junk without the translation.

The divorce decree was even worse. Again, it was in Chinese; but this time the document was not an original, only a photocopy. Similarly, I could legally notarize the photocopy; again using NY State mandated verbiage for photocopies. But the acceptability for purpose is, IMHO, unlikely.

As practicing professionals we know a lot more about notary law than the general public. We also know a bit about bureaucratic processing requirements. Of course we don’t know “everything” but we should know the limits of our knowledge. When I am sure, or almost sure, the work product will meet the client needs it’s a go. But, as is often the case, I am unsure. When I express my doubts they usually ask “what do you think”. That’s calling for my opinion, or to phrase it a bit more honestly – for me to guess. I don’t like to guess, preferring to refer them to the proper authorities to ask their “how should I proceed” question. Also, answering “how should I proceed” comes very close to “playing lawyer”. That must be totally avoided.

Would it matter if the caller told me they were affluent, and wanted to “try” using my notary work; not caring if it was rejected? Sure, if they, knowing my concerns, wanted to “throw money at the project” – I would be happy to oblige. It has to be their informed decision based on whatever knowledge I can provide as to the likelihood of success. I’ve done many “let’s try it and see what happens” jobs. Rarely do I learn the outcome. I don’t know if my caller was pent house or poor house; nor does it matter to me. Ethical notaries will Decline Profitable Junk Work. But, will allow the client to overrule the notary when clients are making an informed decision.


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November 30, 2010

CW’s When ID and Docs Have Different Names

Credible Witness Discussions on the Forum

Here are some excerpts for discussions about credible witnesses on our forum. Please remember that many states require the signature of a credible witness in your journal and that roughly 90% of states allow credible witnesses to identify a signer. Its a great idea to also record the identification information on credible witnesses as well as getting a phone number recorded just in case. Don’t forget to administer your oath to the credible witnesses asking them to swear that the person in front of them is Jimmy Doe! These commentaries are taken from a forum post. Please feel free to scroll to the bottom and click on the link to see the original post.

Use of CW’s when ID and Document have different names

Larry Said:
It has been suggested that credible witnesses would be an appropriate method to establish the idenity of a signer when the docs had the name printed as James Doe, and they had to be signed that way, and the drivers license the borrower presented had the name Jimmy Doe. My take on this is that credible witnesses could NOT be used but that reasonable reliance on the drivers license photo, description and signature match would allow me to notarize the signature as James Doe. Am I wrong here? I’m in California.

Deborah Bond Said:
 I have had this exact situation previously. I was lucky. Docs as James, ID as JIMMY. I asked for additional id and was handed Passport, Social and birth certificate and was shocked to find Passport said Jimmy, Social James and Birth James…Hence I had plenty of info stating Jimmy was James.

I did not get copies of all this but called my contact LO and advised of name issue and that LEGALLY his name was JAMES but 1/2 ID said Jimmy and they wanted copy of the DL…which had the wrong name. Per the LO his ID Affidavit showed both names when we were done and on the copy of the drivers lic we had him state that is is known as Jimmy and had him sign as James…

Now if he had not the additional id’s I would have had to adjourn because in Massachusetts CW are not a viable option. CW needs to be known to both the NOTARY (highly unlikely) and the person being id’d. The chance of that is slim. I liken it to asking my neighbor Bob (who I know) to ID another neighbor Chris who I know but has no ID. Chance is unlikely that would EVER happen.

Joe Ewing Said:
You are correct Larry but Jimmy goes on the Acknowledgment. The AKA statement that the signer signs under oath would have him signing as Jimmy and James. Credible witnesses when told that they must swear under penalty of purgery (a felony) punishable by 2-4 years in prison that their neighbor goes by a nickname will generally refuse to cooperate and rightly so.

I have used credible identifying witnesses on many occasions. When the signer has an expired ID or no ID at all a credible witness is necessary to establish the current identity of the signer without satisfactory ID.

* Missuse of credible witnesses by Notary Signing Agents

The credible witness codes were NOT created to determine the correct spelling, the presence of a middle name, whether the signer is a junior or a nick name is the real name. When a signer has a current acceptable ID that shows a slightly different spelling of the signers name that is printed on a set of loan docs, it is not appropriate to call two neighbors into a notarization to swear (a felony) not to someones identity but that the signer is actually a junior or that Joe is actually Joseph. That act by the notary in itself is inapproriate.

You (NOTARY) are looking at a picture, a description and a signature. It is the Notarys duty to make a resonable determination as to the identity of the signer based on that current satisfactory ID presented to him. If the notary is unable to do that then the notary should resign his commission. 

Shannon Said:
Joe, I’m concerned that you seem to be indicating that there is somehow some discretion by the notary on whether to notarize. I prefer to rely on what is more black or white. The ID is going to be what the ID is….I would never feel comfortable with a name that is even partially different. Although I can’t quote exact statute, I seem to recall that credible witnesses are not to be used for “convenience of the signer” for example: If the signer left his ID across town…..       Any thoughts on this?


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August 2, 2010

Typical things notaries do wrong

Typical things notaries do wrong.
Notaries do many things incorrectly, particalar inexperienced, or unschooled notaries.  Clients will ask you to do all sorts of things.  Some things are merely unorthodox, while others are purely illegal.  Here are some things that notaries do wrong.
Copies of vital records
From time to time, a notary is asked to notarize a certified copy of a vital record such as a birth certificate, marriage or death certificate.  This is not legal, and not recommended.  It is legal, but not recommended to do what is called a copy certification by document custodian. This notary act is a glorified Jurat, where the individual who is in charge of the document swears to the authenticity of a copy of the document. 
Going to hospitals and jails without asking the right questions.
Many notaries don’t want to go to hospitals and jails because they are afraid.  There is nothing to be afraid of, but there are pitfalls.  Many signers in hospitals are elderly and don’t have ID.  Inmates NEVER have ID.  So, the notary must first be sure the signer or their family members / associates have their ID and it is wise to have them read the ID# and expiration date to the notary, so the notary can be sure that they really have the ID and that its current.
Leaving seals and journals unattended.
As a notary public, you and only you are responsible for safeguarding your seal and journal.  Even if your boss or co-workers want to use your seal or inspect your journal, its completely illegal. Only the notary can do a journal query, or use their seal.   Carelessly leaving your seal in an unlocked area is also a very serious notary error.  Seals and journals must always be kept under lock and key.
Not having the signer present.
Its common for a client to request that a notary notarize a document when the signer is not around. This is completely illegal.  The signer must be  in front of the notary during a signing.  This means within a few feet and able to communicate directly with the notary.
Having an interpreter
Many immigrant families have older members who don’t speak English.  They often attend to their business with their children along to explain things and translate.  When they call the notary over, they often don’t explain that the signer can not speak English, since its not a problem due to the fact that they can translate. But, the notary must be able to communicate directly with the signer.  If the signer only speaks Uzbek, and the notary doesn’t speak Uzbek, then the signing is off.   On the other hand, if the document is in Chinese, and the notary only speaks English, that is okay, since the notary is not liable for the contents of the document.
The maximum notary fees vary from state to state.  California and Florida are  “generous” offering $10 per acknolwedged signature, while many other states offer as low as 25 cents or two dollars per signature which is hardly enough to make a living.  It is tempting for notaries to charge more than they are supposed to to make it worth their while. This is illegal.  Also, many states have restrictions for what notaries can charge for travel fees.  Many notaries overlook these restrictions.
Journal thumbprints and notes
It is critical that notaries get the right thumbprint of the signer in their journal, especially for deeds and powers of attorneys.  This is a great way to deter fraud, and will keep a notary out of court in many instances.  Additional notes are important to keep in a journal too.  If a notary goes to court, they will never remember a signing that took place years ago, unless some notes are kept about anything unusual at the venue of the signing, or anything that is unusual about the signer.
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Almost all signing agents will be asked to backdate at one or more times during their career.  Don’t do it.  Backdating is illegal.  Backdating means putting a date prior to the actual date of the notarization on a notary certificate. The date of the notarization is when the signer signs the journal, although the signer can sign a document before the notarization of an acknowledged signature.  Here is some more information about backdating.
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March 25, 2010

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(9) Borrowers and their filthy homes. A notary gets sick from visiting a house with dangerous bacteria!

Borrowers and their filthy homes

#mortgage #notaries

(10) Backdating from A to Z

Backdating from A to Z

#notary #mortgage #realestate

(11) Here are some things that the rudest notaries on 123notary have done

Rude notaries?

#notary #notarizing

(12) Notary victim of hit and run accident!
#notarization #notarize

(13) Does (name of) signing company pay their notaries?
How do I find out?

(14) Rules for notarizing minors

Rules for Notarizing Minors

#notarylaw #notarypublic #notary

(15) Being ready to jump as a mobile notary public.
Deciding ahead of time when you are going to be available

(16) A list of bad #identification for #notary jobs
#passport #notarization

(17) Which gets the work? Skills or Certification?
#mortgage #notary #notaries

(18) Immigration documents for gay lovers
#affidavitofsupport #legal #notary

(19) What does it really mean to be “certified?”

Certified Signing Agent – what does it mean?

#mortgage #notary

(20) Power of Attorney at a nursing home

Power of Attorney at a nursing home

#hospital #notary

(21) Can a notary notarize a birth certificate?

Can a notary notarize a birth certificate?

#vitalrecord #notarization

(22) Background checking notaries and signing companies
#backgroundscreening #notary

(23) Fraud & Forgery in the Notary Profession

Fraud & Forgery related to the notary profession

#notarize #notarization

(24) Do I notarize every page of a document?

Do I notarize every page of a document?

#notarylaw #legal #notary

(25) How much E&O is normal or practical?
#insurance #notary #notaries

(26) Notarization Dates, Document Dates & Signature Dates!

Notarization Dates, Document Dates & Signature Dates!

#notarylaw #legal #documents #notary

(27) Electronic #Notary #Journal Information

Electronic Notary Journal Information

#enotary #esigning #notarization

(28) How to get low ballers to stop calling you!
#mortgage #notary

(29) Death and the #Notary
I’ve heard that it is best to get some things done sooner than later…

(30) The signing from heaven

The Signing from Heaven

#mortgage #realestate

(31) Notary dragged into court!
#legal #notarization

(32) Sending loose certificates is #illegal.
Yet this is a very common request!

Sending loose certificates is illegal


(33) Do #notary journals need to be kept under lock and key?

Do notary journals need to be kept under lock and key?

#notarylaw #notarypublic #notarization

(34) Can a notary sign on a different day?

Can a notary sign on a different day?

#notarylaw #legal #notarization

(35) Don’t put the Fedex in the drop box?
If there is a cashier’s check in the package – be careful!

Don’t put the Fedex in the drop box!


(36) Your purpose is NOT to notarize?
#notary #notaries

(37) How much should a notary charge for swearing in a …

How much should a notary charge for swearing in a…

#notaryfee #notary

(38) Where do credible witnesses sign the notary journal book?

Where do credible witnesses sign the notary journal book

#crediblewitness #notarization

(39) 123notary behind the scenes!

123notary behind the scenes

#mortgage #notary #smallbiz

(40) Notarizing your foreign language document

Notarizing your foreign language document!

#notary #notarization

(41) There was a bear blocking us in the driveway!
#mortgage #notary

(42) How many notaries does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
#mortgage #notary

(43) Dr. Jeckle & Dr. Hyde
An emotionally charged signing with people who you thought you knew!
#mortgage #realestate

(44) Which states allow e-notarizations?

Which states allow e-notarizations?

#enotary #enotarization #esigning

(45) 20 stories about animals at signings

20 stories about animals at signings

#mortgage #notary

(46) How many witnesses do you need when signing a Will?
#notary #legal

(47) Got notes?
Tips for writing a great notes section in your 123notary profile!
#mortgage #notary

(48) The technique — for getting notary reviews!
#notary #advertising #marketing

(49) I would need a new notary journal every week!
#notarylaw #legal #notarization

(50) The Attorney General is the place to report bad signing companies!
#mortgage #notary

(51) I got beaten up by Spiderman at a closing!
#mortgage #realestate

(52) Protecting yourself with a contract!
Companies use contracts, why shouldn’t notaries?

Protecting yourself with a contract

(53) Don’t call until the documents are ready?
#mortgage #loan #notary #notarized

(54) An unreasonable client!
Some people just don’t understand how difficult parking can be in NYC!

(55) Do criminals deserve to be notarized?
#notary #notarization

(56) Who answers your phone?
#notary #marketing

(57) The borrower and the fallen book shelf
#mortgage #notary

(58) The chicken & egg: Birth certificate problem solved

The chicken & egg: Birth certificate problem solved

(59) The missing stamp
A story about a forgetful notary!

(60) Notarizing documents for the elderly

Notarizing Documents for the Elderly

#notary #notarization

(61) Borrowers with guns
If the borrowers have them, maybe notaries should too

(62) Ask, but don’t beg for a review?
#notary #marketing

(63) Overseas companies hiring notaries in America
#international #business #notary

(64) Stealing a business name!
A notary was accused of stealing a client’s biz name right before he registered it!

Stealing a Business Name

(65) What are your hours?
Do you have to think for a while to answer this question?

(66) The signer had a dark & dirty energy about him.
#mortgage #notary

(67) Power of Attorney and verifying capacity!

Power of Attorney and Verifying Capacity

#legaldocument #notary

(68) There was a person in the basement
#mortgage #notary

(69) Two crazy situations that lead to non-payment
#mortgage #notary

(70) Can you do the 3rd signing for free?
#mortgage #notary

(71) The dog ate my journal
#notarylaw #legal #notary

(72) Prison signings
Notarizing bank robbers & pornographers

(73) Double booking notary appointments
#notary #scheduling #smallbiz

(74) Attacked by an octogenarian lady with Dimentia!

(75) Over my dead body: a signing that was one person’s last!

(76) How to gain experience as a notary!
#notarizing #mortgage #startup

(77) Hostage situation on the way to a signing!
#notary #notarization

(78) Top 5 books every notary should own (and read)

Top 5 books every notary should own (and read)

(79) 3 notaries walk into a bar
The notaries wanted to ID the bartender.

3 Notaries walk into a bar

(80) The well, Chlorine, and diarrhea!
The pipes had broken and her well water was no longer pure!

(81) “You will be all alone with me”
Attn. women signers: don’t sign for this guy!

(82) Is it safe? Do I need an escort to this notary job?
#notarization #mortgage

(83) What is that god awful smell?
#mortgage #realestate #notary

(84) A notary steals oxicotton from a borrower’s house!
#theft #notarization

(85) Are they crazy? $70 for e-docs with fax backs?
#notary #mortgage #notarization #notarized

(86) They won’t pay me, so whose responsibility is it?
#mortgage #notary

(87) Notary needed, but the signer is in a coma!
#notarylaw #legal #notarization

(88) Borrower etiquette from A to Z

Borrower etiquette from A to Z

#mortgage #notary

(89) The reluctant husband
A story about a signing where the husband wanted to watch TV

(90) When to dump a signing!
We all have to draw the line somewhere

(91) OMG, there was alcohol on her breath
#mortgage #loan #notary

(92) She brought her children to the signing and thought nothing of it!
#mortgage #notary


(1) I saw who, I saw when, I say where!
Signing companies that have too many demands

(2) 12 tips for notaries
How do you get the job done!
#notary #marketing

(3) Time management for notaries
#notary #scheduling

(4) From 3 jobs per week to 3 jobs per day!

From 3 jobs per week to 3 jobs per day!

#notary #marketing

(5) No street lights
A story about a notary trying to find an address in the dark

(6) Hold harmless: good idea or not?
#notary #notarization #mortgage

(7) Moonshine and catfish at a signing
#notary #notarization

(8) The 1099 was too high!
One notary got the shock of their life when they say their 1099

(9) No place to sit
There was junk all over the place, but not a single chair

(10) Two faced — duplexed
The notary got blamed for the mistake of the lender

Two-Faced… Duplexed

(11) Do you ramble? What do your clients think?
#notary #communication

(12) 2013 analytics: which notaries are getting more business?

2013 analytics: which notaries are getting more business?

#notary #marketing

(13) Which tasks can you do which are worth $1000 per minute?

What tasks can you do which are worth $1000 per minute?

#notary #marketing

(14) Notarizing for an adoption

Notarizing for an adoption

#notary #notarization

(15) The notary called me back to tell me she couldn’t talk
#notaries #communication

(16) Notarizing a child who was abducted
#kidnapping #notary

(17) Identification requirements for being notarized

Identification requirements for being notarized

(18) Vampire notaries: 24 hour service
2 seemingly normal men were at the door…

Vampire Notaries: 24 hour service

(19) Why notaries don’t last

Why Notaries Don’t Last

#notary #notarizing

(20) Signing agent best practices: 63 points

Signing agent best practices: 63 points

#mortgage #realestate #notary

(21) The brothel notary
#notarization #notarized

(22) Bartender notary: a reverse mortgage on the rocks!

Bartender Notary: A reverse mortgage on the rocks!

(23) Do signing reviews get companies to pay?

(24) Feb 2013 Phoninar quick course

2013 Phoninar Quick Course

#mortgage #notary

(25) Why do they lie?
#mortgage #notaries

(26) Top 12 things to do when you are on hold!

Top 12 things to do when you are on hold

#notary #marketing

(27) Sexagenarian’s revenge: Put that lender away!

(28) Signing at a 14-room Victorian house
The notary didn’t have a ghost of a chance

(29) Free printing service: hire a notary on

(30) March Phoninar
When NOT to call the lender

(31) How to write a notes section if you have ho experience

How to write a notes section if you have no experience

(32) The top 1% and the 99% on
Why do particular notaries get more work?

(33) They always accepted this in the past
#mortgage #notary

(34) Meao notary service!
No strings attached, otherwise I’d chase them!

(35) Crayons and dog treats at a signing

Crayons and dog treats at the signing

#mortgage #notary #notarization

(36) Notes sections gone bad
#notary #marketing

(37) Help, I’m being sued, and E&O won’t help!

Help, I’m being sued, and E&O won’t help

#insurance #notary #notarization

(38) When is it legal to notarize a document twice?

Best Practices: When it is legal to notarize a document twice?

#notarization #notary #attorney

(39) What about notaries who work at mail box places?

(40) Are you too factual or too personal in your notary notes section?
#notaries #marketing

(41) Mistakes notaries make with Title Companies that cost them!

Mistakes notaries make w/ Title Companies

#mortgage #notary #notarized

(42) Types of witnesses in the notary profession

Types of witnesses in the notary profession

#legal #mortgage #notarization

(43) A detailed look at the Ninja notary signing agent course!

A detailed look at the NINJA course

#notary #notarycourse

(44) Phone interaction tutorial
What to say and what not to say on the phone if you’re a notary!

Phone interaction tutorial

(45) Personality and expressing your uniqueness in your notes section
#notary #marketing

(46) I now carry a weapon in my car!
#notary #notarization

(47) Swat team notarization
I arrived at the notary job, and guess who was outside the house with guns?

(48) How do I purchase a #notary #bond?
#notarization #notarized

(49) Minimum competency guide to be a signing agent.
ID’s, when to call the LO, communication, more…

Minimum Competency Test Study Guide

(50) Late documents = more money?
#notarypublic #mortgage #loan

(51) Getting what is due: a clever plan!
One notary finds an unusual way to collect!

Getting what is due! A clever plan!

(52) Does Elite Certification help on 123notary?
Is it worth it?
#notary #signingagent

(53) A client tries to blackmail a very seasoned notary
#mortgage #notaries

(54) I am dependable reliable and accurate, yeah right!
#notary #marketing

(55) How to get something notarized that doesn’t have a signature

How to get something notarized that doesn’t have a signature

#legal #notarylaw #notary

(56) The Starbucks notary wises up after allowing a client to save on travel fee
by coming to him (& keeping him waiting forever)

The Starbucks notary wises up!

(57) How many years is a notary commission good for? (in your state)

How many years is a notary commission good for?

#notarylaw #legal #notarized

(58) Make them do the waiting if they do the driving
#notaryfee #notary

(59) April Phoninar
The legals, Administering Oaths, The APR, Revoked Commissions

(60) Our fees seem to go into other people’s pockets

(61) My date with Jeremy
The date ends being dropped off at a Fedex drop box

My date with Jeremy

(62) What to explain and what not to explain at a loan signing

(63) Is a p#20 really superior to a lower ranked notary?
#notary #123notary

(64) How do you explain the APR to a non-borrowing spouse?

How do you explain the APR to a non-borrowing spouse?

#mortgage #mortgageterm #notary

(65) Why do I have to sign with my middle initial?

Why do I have to sign with my middle initial?

#mortgage #notary

(66) A 2am Signing
We all met for a transfer or a car title. But, the buyer had some words to say…

(67) Cross out happy, not a good idea

Cross-out happy; Not a good idea

#mortgage #notary #notarized

(68) The carrot, the stick, the notary and the bag

The carrot, the stick, the notary, and the bag


(69) What is a notary public?
Identification, journals, certificates & more explained!

What is a notary public?

(70) One person, many names, quite legal
#notary #identification

(71) The prepayment penalty
Which document do you look for it first?

(72) Which documents are recorded?
Maybe a few that you never heard of before

(73) Notaries should be setting the fees, not the other way around

We should be setting the fees, not the other way around!

#notary #notaryfee #notariztion #mortgage

(74) The notary and the tragedy
The signer seemed nervous. A few weeks later the boyfriend shot himself.

(75) Clarifying vague claims in your notes section
A step by step guide

Clarifying vague claims in your notes section

(76) Optional information on notary certificates
Why it’s important and how to fill it out

Optional info on Acknowledgment Certificate

(77) The lady and the handwritten will

The lady and the handwritten will

#notary #notarized #notarization

(78) The signer won’t sign the disclosure?
#notary #mortgage #notarization

(79) She ran through the house like a mad woman
A story about a signing gone crazy!

She ran through the house like a mad woman…

(80) Industry standards in the notary business
Cross outs, initialing, unsigned docs, instructions, more.

Industry Standards in the Notary Business

(81) Getting respect as a notary part 2
#notarization #mortgage

(82) A tough act to follow!
Administering a presidential oath of office!

A Tough Act to Follow

(83) Tomorrow’s notary publics
Kids dream of becoming firemen and superheros, but notary publics?

Tomorrow’s Notary Publics

(84) Health care power of attorney
Same as a living will?

(85) Having Emmy’s for notaries!

The Notaries! Having Emmys for Notaries!

#notarized #notarization #notary

(86) Notarizing an ax-murderer in San Ysidro
#notary #notarization

(87) Interview with Jennifer
A mobile notary who started out with a bang!

(88) Interview with a Title company
Learn why those documents sometimes come late!

Interview with a Title Company

(89) Protecting ourselves and our notary commissions

(90) 6 free things 123notary does for its clients

6 FREE things 123notary does for its clients

(91) The power of attorney was rejected by a bank!

The Power of Attorney was rejected by a bank

#legal #notarization

(92) How to get something notarized if you don’t have ID

How to get something notarized if you don’t have ID

#notary #notarization #notarize #identification

(93) A notary was accused of tricking the borrowers

(94) The police wanted to know about e-notary documents
#notary #notarypublic #notarization

(95) What is a Jurat?
When is it used and what does it entail?

What is a Jurat?

#notary #notarization

(96) Her magesty’s secret notary service

(97) Do not resuscitate?
If you sign advanced health care directives, you might deal with this issue

(98) Know-taries in Heaven and Hell

(99) Notary fines & penalties
Find out what happens if you overcharge or worse!

Notary Fines & Notary Penalties (gulp)

(100) He took out his gun because he wanted you to stay!
#notary #signing

(101) Types of powers of attorney

Power of Attorney: Types Often Created

#legaldocs #legaldocuments #notary

(102) A notary public cures lying

Notary Public Cures Lying!

#comedy #comedian #notaries

(103) Sign-Feld and the Notary Nazi
#notaries #notarization

(104) Has the notary industry slowed down again?

(105) The Notary, the Mafia, and the Fedex Drop Box.

The Notary, The Mafia & The Fedex Drop Box

#notaries #notarization

(106) The Alaska Notary wanted to get paid in Salmon!

(107) The Anti-Notary

(108) Get your will notarized, in a coma!
#notary #notarization

(109) The Real Estate Agent and the evil girl scouts

(110) How to get notarized
#notary #notarypublic #notarization

(111) Notary license to kill
#notaries #notarization

(112) Notary asked NOT to thumbprint?
#legal #notarylaw #notaries

(113) Getting Acupuncture for notorial schlerosis
Repetetive use of your stamp can cause this rare but serious condition

(114) Reasons why notaries won’t lower their fees
#notary #marketing

(115) $10,000 a month on a bad month

$10,000 per month on a bad month

#notary #marketing

(116) Notary accidentally gets arrested for robbing a bank
#notaries #notarization

(117) A great attitude gets the most jobs!

A great attitude gets the most jobs

#notary #notarized #marketing

(118) Companies that hire NEW signers!

Companies that will hire NEW signers!

#mortgage #realestate

(119) Don’t get volume sucker punched as a #notary
#notarization #mortgage

(120) Marijuana at the table during a notary signing!

(121) Notary fines relating to advertising and fraud

(122) How to notarize a copy of a passport

How to Notarize a Copy of a Passport

#notary #notarization

(123) $35,000 a month his first year in business?

He made $35,000 a month his first year in business?

#notary #smallbiz #startup

(124) What makes a mobile notary a mobile notary?

What makes a mobile notary a mobile notary?

#notaries #notarization

(125) The notarization afterlife

(126) A Seinfeld episode about a notary!

A Seinfeld Episode about a Notary

#notaries #comedy #notarization

(127) Can a Resident Alien card or permanent resident card be used for notarization?

Can a resident alien card or permanent resident card be used for being notarized?

#notary #identification

(128) Using expired identification cards.
Is it legal?
#notarypublic #notary #notarization

(129) Cross out and initial

Cross Out and Initial

#mortgage #notary #notarized

(130) Can you notarize someone’s initials?

Can you notarize someone’s initials?

#notarized #notarylaw #legal

(131) The Notary, the Realtor and the half bathroom

(132) Using an automated notary machine at CVS
“Did you say representative?”

(133) Fedex moved the drop box, but where are the contents?

(134) Clever Florida Notary commended by the FBI

(135) Don’t hate the playa, hate the notary game

(136) Does Real Estate experience help as a notary?

Does Real Estate experience help as a notary?


(137) Sworn Oath information
#notarypublic #notarylaw #notaryact

(138) Are you a point and sign notary?
#mortgage #notarization #loandocs

(139) Ahoy mate, I have the docs!
#mortgage #loansigning

(140) Interview with Timios Title

Interview with Timios title

#mortgage #notary

(141) 10 quick changes to your notes that could double your calls!

10 quick changes to your notes that double your calls!

#notary 3marketing

(142) Common mistakes with the 1003, RTC, TIL & APR

Common Mistakes with: 1003, Crossing out, RTC, TIL & APR

#mortgage #notary

(143) First number loses
Don’t bid first when negotiating prices for mobile notary work.

(144) Affidavits, what you need to know!

Affidavits — What do you need to know?

#legaldocuments #jurat #notary

(145) Rich Man Poor Man: #Marketing your notary services to the wealthy

Rich man poor man: Market Yourself to the Wealthy

#notary #notaries

(146) How much can a California Notary charge?

How much can a California Notary Public Charge?

#notaryprice #notaryfee

(147) Notary journals from A to Z

Notary Journals from A to Z

#notarypublic #notaries

(148) Notary seal information from A to Z

Notary Seal Information from A to Z

#notaries #notarypublic

(149) Notarize This!
A satire on a movie about a mafia boss notary and a shrink!

(150) How often do you update your # of signings?

(151) Notary suicide hotline!

Notary Suicide Hotline

#comedy #notaries #notarization

(152) I get paid enough to get something on the value menu at McDonalds.
#notaryfee #settlementstatement

(153) People shopping for notaries want to know the same things as guys looking for a date

(154) Speed notarizing and speed dating
#notary #notaries

(155) Many banks prefer to hire someone who is a notary
#banknotary #notaries

(156) Jeremy loses at Notary Monopoly
#notaries #humor #comedy

(157) A veteran notary interviewed gives advice to new notaries!

Advice to new notaries: Interview with a Veteran Notary

#notarization #notarized

(158) If your boss pays for your notary commission, it still belongs to you!

(159) General vs. specific information in notes sections
#notary #marketing

(160) The man with the golden seal
#notary #notaries #notarization

(161) How to get paid by out of business signing companies!

How to get paid by out of biz signing companies!

#notary #collection #mortgage

2014: Jan to Sept 30th

(1) If your name is everywhere then people will find you
#notary #marketing

(2) When the phone does not ring.
There are marketing & maintenance tasks notaries can do!

(3) No money callers
What to do with people who want to talk, but not pay!

(4) Superman found out he needed a notarized affidavit at the last minute and didn’t know who to turn to.

(5) Affidavit of Support and direct communication with the signer

Affidavit of Support and direct communication with the signer

#notarylaw #legal

(6) You could get sued if you don’t have a business license

You could get sued if you don’t have a business license

#legal #notary

(7) Honey I notarized the kids!
Don’t try this at home

Honey, I notarized the kids (don’t try this at home)


(8) I go over the HUD first
Learn what pro loan signers do!

I go over the HUD-1 first


(9) 10 ways to find the perfect notary!
#notaries #notarized

(10) Can I notarize a Will or a Living Will?

Can a Notary notarize a Will or Living Will?

#legal #notarylaws

(11) Fear of retaliation in the Notary business
Sherry was accused of misusing her notary commission!

(12) Reverse Blackmail at a notary signing

Reverse Blackmail at a Notary Signing

#mortgage #notaries #notarization

(13) A social media site for notaries — affiant

A social media site for Notaries — Affiant

#comedy #notary #notarization

(14) A 2nd date with Jeremy
“We know each other so well, we complete each other’s Jurat verbiage”

A 2nd Date With jeremy

(15) The Notary Olympics
#notaries #comedy #notarization

(16) Notary insults
The customer wanted a quantity discount and ignored the hour Ken spent in transit!

(17) Witnessing the Star’s signatures at Mann’s Chinese Theater
Notarizing VIP’s!

(18) Ken’s list of bad things that notaries do
#notary #notarypublic #notarization

(19) The notary who loved me.
1 notary kept calling to see if he needed anything!

(20) Notarizing affidavits of support
#legal #notarylaw #notary

(21) The homeless notary
#notaries #notarization

(22) Get the job specifications
#mortgage #notary

(23) Help, I’m getting married, my husband is in jail, and I need a #notary!

(24) Playing the cancer card after you made a blunder
#notary #mortgage

(25) She learned more from our blog than any course she ever took
#mortgage #notary #notaries

(26) We require notaries to be registered on our approved list

We require notaries to be registered on our approved list

#notary #titlecompany

(27) Welcome to the Notary Hotel
It’s so comfortable, many notaries stay there their entire commission

Welcome to the Notary Hotel

(28) Double and Nothing
Offering to do double the work for the same price!

(29) Notary reviews vs. movie reviews
“I didn’t like the ending of the signing — too predictable”

Notary Reviews vs. Movie Reviews

(30) What to write in your notes section

What to Write in Your Notes Section

#notary #marketing

(31) Many of the borrowers say, “That was painless!”
#mortgage #notary

(32) Administering an #Oath to an athiest
#legal #comedy #notary

(33) Who really needs who in the notary business.
Do notaries need signing companies or vice versa?

Who really needs who?

(34) The signing and the mistress
#notary #comedy

(35) – a dating site for notaries!
#socialmedia #notary

(36) Perhaps I should have titled this notary blog “A Recipe for Disaster”.

(37) Most notaries would rather die than go back to the 9-5 routine.

(38) Doing a signing with a gun sitting at the table
#mortgage #notary

(39) The acunotary: an #acupuncturist becomes a #notary!

(40) The flip side of your business card.
Ken’s guide to notary marketing

(41) Notaries who make more than Attorneys
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() More than half of notaries on are female. So much for the old boys club!


October 29, 2020

What documents can I notarize?

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What documents should I NOT notarize? (better idea for a title)

This is written about frequently but it does require repetition given the penalties associated with it and the # of requests received for unauthorized notarizations.

WILLS – Unless prepared or directed by an attorney, wills are generally witnessed by two disinterested independent third parties.

VITAL DOCUMENTS – Birth and Death Certificates and Marriage Certificates. The Secretary of State has specific laws preventing public Notaries from notarizing vital documents primarily because the Notary cannot verify the validity or authenticity of such a document. In cases such as this, the Notary needs to refer the client over to the agency who issued the document which in many cases is the County Recorder.

INCOMPLETE DOCUMENTS – A notary should not complete any documents that are fully completed at the time of notarization.

DOCUMENTS WHERE NOTARY IS AWARE THERE IS FALSE INFORMATION IN THE DOCUMENT – If you overhear conversation between people talking about the false information contained in the document they are signing, don’t notarize it. If you suspect that the person signing appears to be overly nervous or if it looks like someone else with a beneficial interest is forcing the person to sign the document, don’t notarize it. Always remember that the signer must sign the document willingly and present proper identification and must be able to communicate with the notary.

PERSON SIGNING CANNOT UNDERSTAND THE LANGUAGE IN WHICH THE NOTARY IS SPEAKING. You cannot use an interpreter because you don’t know what is being translated and if the translator has an interest in the transaction. Do not confuse this with notarizing a document in a Foreign Language. You can always notarize a foreign language document and don’t need to speak that language as long as the person signing can communicate with you in English or another common language in which both the notary and the signer can communicate.


October 23, 2020

123notary Elite Certification Study Guide

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To get elite certification, you need to do well on the regular certification topics, and then know a lot more. Here are the items we quiz about for elite certification. We test by phone for the elite, and if you study hard and know your basic documents, scenarios, and Notary knowledge plus the content on this page, you could pass.


Documents you have to understand intimately

Recorded Documents
Subordination Agreement
Residency Affidavit
Owners Affidavit
Deed of Reconveyance
Deed of Trust
CD & HUD-1
Please read the details of the required documents. Read more…


Procedures or Acts to Understand

Signature by X or Mark — read more…
Apostilles and Authentications — read more…


Other Terms or Information
Please click on the links below to get detailed information on the following points.

The term Elizor — read points 23 on this link. An Elizor is a court appointed official that can sign over property when the owner refuses to cooperate in court.

Explaining beneficial & financial interest. A Notary may not have beneficial interest or financial interest in anything he is notarizing. A beneficial interest could be construed as …

Federal Holidays in chronological order (memorize these). Let’s start with New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day …

Fraud Prevention & types of fraud that happen in the Notary world. Falsified identification, incorrect dates on certificates, using someone else’s Notary seal …

Authority – Who has the highest level of authority if there is a question about a notary act or document at a signing? The Notary is the authority as to how a notary transaction happens, but…

Annual Percentage Rate — a detailed understanding is required. The APR is based on the amount borrower after certain (but not all) fees and closing costs have been deducted, and expressed as a …

Pros & Cons: — Adding an Acknowledgment rather than fixing the original. if there is a mistake on a preprinted form. It is cleaner to add a new form, but there can be recording fee issues involved…

What to do if John & Sally’s names are inscribed in an Acknowledgment by the Lender and Sally can’t make it. — Cross out or add a new form? This is similar to the last point, but there are some extra snags…

Handling name variations and discrepencies such as: ID Name, vs. Typed Name, Signature on Doc, and Name on Ack. Relationship between these names if they don’t exactly match. The main thing is to obey the law first…

Understanding dates such as: Transaction Dates, Signature Dates, Rescission Dates, and Document Dates… A transaction date is the same as a signature date, but a document date is arbitrarily chosen, but by whom?

Loan Signing FAQ’s that Borrowers ask. FAQ’s have been greatly reduced by Lenders being required to explain documents to the borrowers in advance. But, you still might be asked why the APR is …



October 13, 2017

Notary Public 101 — Identification

Return to table of contents for Notary Public 101.



As a Notary Public, the most important thing you do is to identify a signer. Different states have different rules for what identification document you can use and how someone is to be identified. If a Notary fails to do a good job identifying a signer, that Notary can quickly end up in court as a witness or defendant. In my opinion if you don’t do a good job identifying signers, you might as well not be a Notary Public.

Identification Documents & Characteristics
Commonly accepted ID’s include passports, driver’s licenses, state issued ID cards, military ID’s. Green cards (permanent resident cards) are not necessarily allowed, so look that one up in your handbook. As a rule, an acceptable ID must be:

Current — (there are exceptions in California, Tennessee and perhaps other states that allow the ID to be issued within five years even if it is expired.)

Government Issued — Some Notaries think that a signature affidavit or gas bill is a good secondary form of ID, but those are not government issued and you don’t know what the source of the information for the names on them are.

Photo ID — An acceptable ID should have a photo. I do not think that many states allow social security cards as secondary identifications. However, you can look that up in your handbook.

Physical Description — the ID would say your height, eye color, etc.

Serial Number — the ID should have a number such as A58362D.

Expiration Date — the ID should have an expiration date somewhere. Normally there is an issue date as well somewhere.

Signature — the signature on the ID is important because you will need to compare that to the one in your journal and on the document made by the same person.



Different states have different rules for what the name on the ID should say relative to the name on the document. Some states do not require the names to match. Others require that the Notary be reasonably sure that the person in the ID and the person on the document are the same person. Reasonably sure is a wishy-washy term. You can never be 100% sure it is the same person because ID’s can be falsified and there could be multiple people with the same name as well as multiple people who look similar to each other. Identifying humans is easier than identifying squirrels, but there can still be confusion. The name on the document’s signature must be provable to the name on the ID, otherwise it would be questionable and risky to notarize that signature.



When you do a Notary act, you ask for the signer’s identification. You record that information in your journal and you keep a journal whether your state requires it or not as that is your only evidence in court. You compare the name on the ID to the name on the document. If the name on the document is not provable based on the ID then you are advised to decline the notarization, especially if it is for a Deed. Here is a summary of the ID and acknowledgment notarization process.

(1) Ask for ID.
(2) Record ID information in journal
(3) Have signer(s) sign your journal and the document(s)
(4) Compare the name in the document to the name on the ID. Make sure the name on the document is provable based on the ID.
(5) Make sure the signature in the journal, document and ID all match.
(6) Fill out the certificate, sign and seal.

Examples of provability in ID
ID says John Smith — document says John W Smith…. name is NOT provable.
ID says John W Smith — document says John W Smith… name is provable
ID says John William Smith — document says John W Smith… name is provable based on the ID.



Keep an eye out for fake ID’s. There are guide books that can yelp you identify a false identification. If there is peeling lamination or the signature is above the lamination then it is fake. You can ask the signer what his sign is or what his birthday or height is. If he does not know his sign or birthday based on the ID, then his ID is fake. If he does know his sign that is great, but does not prove the ID is real.



If you value your life, ask for journal thumbprints. They can keep you out of court. People might complain about being asked to be thumbprinted as it can seem like an invasion of privacy and a hassle — but a thumbprint is the only way an investigative agency can have a paper trail leading to an arrest of an identity thief. Thumbprints are the only unique form of identification a Notary can use at this point in time. No two thumbprints are alike, and they cannot be forged at a Notary appointment unless they wear a latex thumbprint on their thumb which would be easily detectable.


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April 21, 2015

Augmenting your skill set to make more money as an NSA!

Notaries are complaining that there isn’t enough work out there! But, what can these notaries do about it? The answer is that there are many avenues to make extra money without compromising your career as a mobile notary! Here are some ideas:

Get More NSA Certifications
Notaries are all over the boards stating opinions about having more certifications is not necessary and just makes money for those selling the certifications. Even some people who hire notaries don’t care about certifications as they care about skills, not badges. My experience has led me to believe that getting more certifications helps notaries to be more knowledgeable, and also helps them to prove their knowledge. If you rant and rave on the phone about how smart you are, nobody will believe it. But, if you can give smart answers to questions and show your badges, then you get real credibility! Otherwise, just studying up on your skills will help too even though it doesn’t get you a badge!

Reverse Mortgage Training
Signing Refinances is relatively easy. But, there are other specialty loan signings that require additional knowledge. Many people do Reverse Mortgages without any formal training. However, imagine how much more trust you would win if you were one of the few notaries who did have training and experience at it? The more you know…

The NNA offers a Trusted Enrollment Agent program. Those with TEA designation can do additional tasks that get additional jobs. TEA agents are trained to understand digital certificates which are used heavily in the biopharmaceutical industry. They also are trained to understand how to apply to obtain a digital certificate and do identity-proofing. They must also learn to identify and distinguish between different types of identification documents. Word on the street is that TEA jobs don’t always pay well. But, any designation you can get will help. Personally, I feel there should be a choice between an Earl Gray TEA, and an Oolong TEA.

NNA TEA Program

123notary notaries share opinions about the TEA Program

More E&O?
In real life, E&O is mostly a fashion statement. Unfortunately, the more you have, the more you invite law-suits since the Plaintiff will know that they might be able to collect. Fancy clients such as some of the nation’s larger Title companies have higher standards for how much E&O a notary should have. So, how much is enough? The number keeps changing. In 2014, half a million was enough to please the most picky Title companies. But, many notaries preferred to have a million just to be a notch better than the others!

Background Screening
The NNA’s new Certification and Background Screening seem to be very necessary, but not for everyone. More seasoned notaries have told me that they get jobs because people know and trust them. But, for newer notaries, you might be missing out on work if you don’t pass their extensive background screening and testing! If you are serious about this business – just do it!

Notaries claim that inspections don’t pay much. But, on the other hand, you can go when you like, take a few pictures, take some quick notes, and leave. It is not nearly as demanding as a loan signing which involves rigid scheduling, difficult borrowers, and tons of documents. If you want to augment your income, I suggest that you at least try out doing inspections. You never know — you might like it!

Weddings (I do)
Florida, South Carolina and Maine allow designated notaries to officiate at weddings. I don’t know if you need to be in the clergy to do this or not, but you can inquire. Many notaries get a lot of extra income doing weddings. Or maybe it is the other way around that Wedding Officiants make additional money being notaries.

Process Serving
Every time we write a blog about how notaries can make more money, process serving is always on the list. This is a slightly dangerous way to make extra money as you are serving court documents to criminals. But, if you have bills to pay, it is worth looking into. You can fit this into your schedule, and we all know that notaries have many holes in their schedule, especially during the beginning of the month!

The rules for fingerprinting keep changing. In my day (I’m sounding old) we used FBI fingerprint cards and rolled each finger, and then did flat impressions. If you made a mistake you had to do the entire card all over again. Live Scan became the norm in the early 2000’s. I don’t know what is used these days or how expensive it is to get into this, but many people make a good supplement to their income doing fingerprints. Plus it is fun. You get to meet interesting people and book them!

Hospitals & Jails
Many notaries are intimidated about going to a jail, and are not fond of going to hospitals. Newsflash — there’s money in muck. The desirable notary jobs include doing highly paid signings for Attorneys and $200 loan signings. But, honestly, how often do you get those types of jobs? In real life, the jobs that pay the most are often jail and hospital jobs. You need to read our blog’s hospital and jail signing sections to learn all of our free tips on the subject first. But, you can make $100 plus per assignment doing these less pleasant and more hairy notary jobs.

Being a Birthday Clown
If you choose this route, just don’t forget to completely remove your clown makeup before going to a notary job, otherwise the borrowers might get the wrong impression. “Hi, I’m Bozo the Notary!”


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April 12, 2015

Point (18-24) Notary Competence; Marcy’s Hospital Signing

Marcy had never done a hospital signing. But, she liked kids, and was thoughtful towards elderly people as well. She was called to go to St. Joseph’s to do a notarization for a bedridden old lady. When Marcy got to the hospital, she learned that the elderly lady could barely move her arms. Luckily, the lady was able to sign an X in chicken scratchy writing. Marcy was able to get together a few others in the hospital to act as subscribing witnesses. Marcy had studied this procedure since she knew that one day a notarization would be ruined and a client lost if she didn’t know it inside out. She got the subscribing witnesses to sign the first name and the last name next to the X in their own handwriting in the journal and in the document. Next, she asked the old lady to explain the document. Unfortunately, the old lady was so mentally impaired, that she could not get a single sentence out about anything. Marcy didn’t want to end up in court, so she played it safe. She declined to notarize after all of that work. Better safe than sorry, because in a fraud investigation, only God knows how long you would be in court!

The very next day, Marcy got a call from 123notary. They wanted to help her brush up on her knowledge. The girl at 123notary asked, “Name two Federal holidays in January.” Marcy said, “Oh, I know this… um…. Martin Luther King Day… and … I can’t think of the other one.” Marcy forgot about New Year’s Day. This may seem funny, but 9 out of 10 answer this question incorrectly. The answer is too obvious, or since it is celebrated in the last evening of December, it doesn’t seem like it happens in January.

The following day, Marcy got called in to notarize three Grant Deeds for a busy Realtor. They all had the same document date, the same signer, and would all be notarized on the same day. Marcy wanted to mark her journal and the additional information sections of the Acknowledgments with some distinguishing information to tell these documents apart. After all, they had the same name, date, signer, and everything! So, Marcy wrote the document date, the name of the document, # of pages, and some other information in the additional info section, but also wrote the property address as that was the only unique piece of information to separate the three Grant Deeds. Marcy was being smart now and staying out of trouble. After all, she didn’t want someone playing swap the Acknowledgment certificate after the fact. That would be a long court case. Smart — very smart!


Point (18) Name Variations, Middle Initials & Identification
If the printed name on the signature section of the document says, Tom T Smith, then the signer has to sign that way. Once in a while there is a consistency error where the spelling of the name or the name variation might vary throughout the loan by accident. If the signer’s ID has a shorter version of the signer’s name, then it would be illegal to notarize them under a longer name. For example, the ID says “Tom Smith” and the loan documents say “Tom T Smith”, then you can’t notarize the person under the name “Tom T Smith”.

On the other hand, if the ID says, “Thomas Timothy Smith”, then you can notarize him as Thomas T Smith, or just Thomas Smith in addition to the full name stated on the ID.


Point (19) Journals
Whatever name you choose to represent the signer that is legal according to your state’s Notary law gets recorded in your journal. Each journal entry must record:

The Date & Time of the notarization
The Type of notarization, i.e. Jurat, Acknowledgment, Oath
The name of the document & optional date of document
The name and address of the signer
The identification of the signer
The Notary fee you are charging
A signature of the signer
There should be space for the thumbprint of the signer to the right.

It is recommended that you take thumbprints for notarizations of any type of document affecting real property such as a Deed, or for Powers of Attorney. Additionally, if the method of identification was credible witnesses which is allowed in many states, you should take a thumbprint just to give extra proof of the person’s identity should it ever be questioned in court.

The most confusing part of a journal entry for Notaries is the additional notes section. What notes should you take? This is where you record information about credible witnesses and their signatures. The witnesses do NOT sign where the signer’s signature goes; otherwise where will the signer sign? You can take notes about the building, or neighborhood, or anything distinctive about the signers or your surroundings. This might jog your memory a few years after the fact should you ever be called into court about the notarization — and some type of investigation will likely happen at least once during your four year term. So, keep well documented evidence for all of your transactions.


Point (20) Federal Holidays
Please memorize these holidays, and the days or months they fall upon. You will be tested on this.

New Years Day
Martin Luther King Day
Washington’s birthday AKA and observed on Presidents’ day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans Day


Point (21) Notary Acts: Acknowledgments, Jurats, Oaths, Copy Certification by Document Custodian

(1) Acknowledgments
The signer doesn’t need to sign in front of you for an Acknowledgment. But, they need to appear before you and be positively identified. Do you keep a pad of Acknowledgment forms with your state’s wording? If there is a wording error on the acknowledgment provided to you, and you don’t have a replacement form, you will have to use cross-outs which is very unprofessional. Additionally, the notarization might get rejected if there are cross-outs. Keep a journal even if your state doesn’t require it. That is your evidence when you are investigated for someone’s fraud. You might have to lose a day or more in court if you don’t have your paperwork in order. Take journal thumbprints too, just to be thorough. Be professional, carry Acknowledgment and Jurat pads. Ninjas always carry what they need.

(2) Jurats
Jurats require identification in most states although they didn’t used to many years ago. The signer must sign before you for a Jurat. You must make them swear to the truthfulness of the statement or document as well. Affidavits typically use Jurats, although that is up to your client what type of notarization they want. Don’t forget to administer the Oath to the Affiant, or you are breaking the law! Know your notary procedures.

(3) Copies of a document?
Foreigners often need their transcripts notarized, or copies of their transcripts. The law forbids copies of vital records, but not on transcripts. You should ideally supervise the copying of the records to make sure the copy is real. That is a best practice that you can do as a notary. Some states allow a Copy Certification by Document Custodian form which is a Jurat with some extra wording on it and recognized as its own notary act. Clients were happy that I not only notarized the copy, but made a note on the certificate that I personally supervised the copying, and I signed my brief note as well. People were happy with the thoroughness of my work.

(4) Oaths
What is proper Oath wording? A lot is left to the notary who is generally untrained.
There is no official Oath wording for notaries. So, the Notary is left to improvise. Here is some wording we generally like:

Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
Are the contents of this document complete, true, and correct to the best of your knowledge?

By the way, the name of the person who swears under Oath is the Affiant.


Here are some other points about certificates


Loose Certificates
Don’t send loose certificates in the mail. If the lender wants a new certificate, ask for the document and original certificate, destroy the original, and attach a new one. You do not legally need to see the signer again to do that. There should only be one certificate floating around with the document. Make sure to date the new certificate the date when the notarization was actually done and not today’s date! Important point.

Certificate Wording
Most notaries do not cross out the wording in Acknowledgment sections. Where it says “his/her/their” requires the notary to cross out two of the three. That way, upon reading the edited wording, you know if you are dealing with a single man, single woman, or a plural amount of people. Sometimes the gender of the signer is not obvious based on their name. Signature(s)? What if you have one signer who signed a document twice? Then don’t cross out the (s) buddy! This is not rocket science, but most notaries do not do their cross-outs. This is the one document where you not only get to cross words out, but you are legally required.

The date you use for a notarization must be the date of the signing. If it is around midnight, then either the date before or after midnight will do. That is the only exception. If you ask me, I feel that the date on an Acknowledgment should correspond to the minute that the signer signed the notary journal since the document could have been signed before the notarization and the certificate could be filled out after. This is only important if you have a midnight signing, otherwise there is no question about the date.


Point (22) Elderly Notarizations & Signature by X
If you are a Notary who visits hospitals, you will have to learn how to handle difficult elder signings. Many elders have trouble moving their arms. Additionally, if the nurses have given them drugs, then they might not even be able to stay awake or communicate. You need to make sure the elder is sober. It might be illegal in your state to notarize a signer under the influence of morphine or whatever drug they are on. You also need to make sure the elderly signer understands what they are signing so they don’t get scammed. You need to make sure they are the ones signing the document and not an overly zealous daughter who puts a pen in grandma’s hand, grabs the old lady’s arm and moves it around to make a signature.

Use due caution when notarizing the elderly
Please keep in mind that the well-meaning middle-aged people who call you to visit the hospital to notarize granny might not be the old lady’s children. They might be some strangers who just wanted to “help out” who might be trying to cheat granny out of every penny she owns through a Power of Attorney or some other legal documentation that a senile old person might not mentally grasp. Take precautions to make sure you are not facilitating a scam, and that the elderly signer can state in their own words what the document is about. It might be difficult to ascertain by looking at identification cards who is related to whom as relatives don’t always share the same surname. Just assume that people might not be related and might not have honorable intentions no matter how nice they seem. Otherwise you could end up in court for a very long time!

What is Signature by X?
Signature by X is where the signer being notarized signs an X instead of a regular signature.
Many Notaries go through their entire career without understanding the necessity and importance of the Signature by X / Signature by Mark procedure (Notarizing an X). If you have ever done a hospital signing, or signing for elderly, you might be acutely aware of the physical and mental limitations that a signer has in tasks we take for granted. This often necessitates Signature by X procedures.

What steps are necessary for a Signature by Mark or X?

(1) You need two Subscribing Witnesses who witness the Signature by X.
(2) The signer signs an X in your journal and on the document.
(3) Witness one signs the person’s first name in the document and journal.
(4) Witness two signs the persons middle and last names in the document and journal.
(5) Document the ID’s and signatures of the witnesses in the document and journal.
(6) Keep in mind that this is a very unusual notary procedure and is tricky.

Subscribing Witnesses?
What is a Subscribing Witness? Anyone who witnesses someone signing by X as an official act is a Subscribing Witness. Subscribing Witnesses sign the document and the journal. In California, one witness signs the signer’s first name and the other signer signs the signer’s last and middle name (if there is one). It’s good to create documentation to accompany the document as to what this odd procedure is, since it is uncommon and looks strange. It’s also prudent to indicate the Subscribing Witnesses’ names on the actual document and that they witnessed the Signature by X.


Point (23) Elizors
I am adding this topic just so notaries can appear intelligent if the subject ever comes up. In my career I have never heard this term, but maybe you will. An Elizor is a court appointed official that can sign over property when the owner refuses to cooperate with the court.


Point (24) Embossers
An embosser may be used in many states as a supplemental Notary seal. As a secondary seal, the embosser should not use ink. Embossers leave a raised three dimensional impression in paper. If a Notary is prudent and embosses every page of every document they ever notarized, then it will become obvious if pages are swapped after the fact as they would not be embossed. Additionally, in a rare case where a Notary’s seal is forged, the forger will not be likely to be smart enough to also forge the secondary embosser which will make their forgery very obviously detectable. Embossers help to deter and identify fraud. They are highly recommended as a result.


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