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February 23, 2019

TEA — Trusted Enrollment Agent

What is a TEA, and do members of that profession get together once a year to have a TEA party in Boston?

The NNA offers a Trusted Enrollment Agent program. Those with TEA designation can do additional tasks that get additional jobs. TEA agents are trained to understand digital certificates which are used heavily in the biopharmaceutical industry. They also are trained to understand how to apply to obtain a digital certificate and do identity-proofing. They must also learn to identify and distinguish between different types of identification documents. I think they handle blood samples too, perhaps in a delivery function.

Word on the street is that TEA jobs don’t always pay well, but tastes better if you add a little sugar. But, any designation you can get will help. Personally, I feel there should be a choice between an Earl Gray TEA, and an Oolong TEA.

Q. Where does a TEA live?
A. In a TEA house.

Q. Which rap star is a Trusted Enrollment Agent?
A. I was thinking of Ice TEA, but I think he is doing mainly acting now.

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  1. How about having a Japanese TEA ceremony?

    Comment by admin — March 28, 2019 @ 2:20 am

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