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March 19, 2019

Is it a Federal crime to make a photocopy of a military ID card?

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I have heard that it is illegal to make a copy of a military identification card.
As a notary, you are not responsible for making copies as a general rule. Be especially cautious and vigelent with Military ID’s. We don’t want you getting in trouble.

Forum discussion on the topic.

Copying Miltary ID – is it allowed?

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  1. Just curious why this would be applicable to us a Notary? And why would it be illegal? I mean if someone wants to do a copy certification by document custodian I don’t think it’s the responsibility of the Notary to make the determination of what is a legal copy of illegal copy. It’s like making a copy of a dollar bill. If someone wants to attest that it’s a true copy, that’s up to them. We are their to properly identify the signer and witness the signature…that’s it. I am curious about this one though if anyone knows anything more.

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    Comment by Kyle Eisenberg — March 17, 2020 @ 6:07 am

  2. Inspire login, 05-28-19

    Kyle, I know that this simply makes our work harder, but it is good to know that copies of military ID’s should not be made. REALLY, it’s irritating that Our record of ID information on the US Patriot Act/other ID forms is NOT good enough for our vendors, and that uploaded copies of them puts the signer’s at risk, so vendors should not ever ask for them to be emailed. Yet, in the past, I Have had vendors want me to email the ID’s, even SS cards. I won’t even record somebody’s SS# in my journal, only their state license, state ID, FOID Card, Concealed Carry Card or Work ID numbers. I suggest that you do like me, and up your fees. Every lender makes a couple of $K on every refi. I hear the “wambulance” when I negotiate with a vendor who tells me that I am taking their entire fee, BUT, a few months back communications broke down on a seller package, split signing, and the local signer could only sign at 7AM. $300.00 signing job for me, and NOBODY argued with me about it, only double checked my availability AND I got it shipped at FedEx distribution same day, AND checked to see that it was delivered. With the current COVID19 inSANITY I will be bringing lysol & paper towels to my next signing to sanitize all of the pens. I intend to use my cheapest pens, the stick ones, and leave the pens that the signers use with them. They are Lucky that we will do this work for them. Every signing represents about 3 months lead time. Lenders Should have gotten ID information way before they call/text you to witness their signing. It really takes backbone to do this job, but, please don’t burn out. Interest rates plummetted this month and they should be a lot of work in early June.

    Comment by betty — March 17, 2020 @ 1:24 pm

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