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December 12, 2016

You won’t get reviews if you do this…

No, it is not what you think. I’m not talking about spilling coffee on the loan documents or cussing out the documents. It’s worse than that. Some Notaries put a link to their review page in the signature section of all emails. This might get you a few Yelp or Google reviews, but has not worked well for reviews. If you ask for a review for from your signers, make sure to write a customized email to them and put the link in the body of the email, not hidden at the bottom. We have proven techniques for getting reviews and that is one of them.

Additionally, doing top notch work, showing up on time, dressing nice, and being nice are good ways to make people more eager to be motivated enough to get off their assets and write a review about you.


November 23, 2016

Bad Notary Reviews and the Law on the internet

I am not an Attorney, and this blog article does not constitute legal advice, but only my experience talking to Attorneys as well as “practical” advice.

Many internet sites have review systems.
Yelp, RipOff Report, 123notary, Travelocity, and others. People who get a bad review sometimes get upset and want to sue. The question is, who can you sue, and how hard is it? What I have been told (consult an Attorney for a “real” opinion) is that the sites that publish reviews are off the hook. The law protects their right to publish information that someone else wrote regardless of whether it is true, false, based on evidence, or not. However, you do have the right to take legal action within a time frame of perhaps a year or several years depending on your state based on the Statute of Limitations. You would need to contact an Attorney to see what that time frame would be.

The Statute of Limitations
On the other hand, if a slanderous statement is published on the internet which just sits there, even if it had been there for years, you could claim that since it is still being “published” that it is within the time restraints of the statute of limitations and perhaps a judge might buy that (good luck.)

Who can you sue?
If you want to sue someone, you need to go after the individual who wrote the review and NOT 123notary or whomever published it. Step one is to find out who they are which an Attorney can do. You need to know their legal name and address, etc. You can have an Attorney write to them and try to get them to take the review down. If you sue them, it is likely that they are broke, especially if they write in broken English like so many do. So, good luck collecting.

How much will it cost?
But, you do have rights. It might cost you $5000 just to establish the identify of the individual who wrote the review. It might cost another $10,000 to go after them depending on who you hire, what state you are in, and how good the Attorney is, etc.

Bad Notary Reviews?
Very few Notaries on 123notary get bad reviews — only about two per month. However, most Notaries are paranoid that it will happen to them and that their life (as they know it) will be over. Notaries with bad reviews stay in business and do not lose that much market share. What they do lose is their pride more than anything else.

So, for Notaries, you should just leave the Attorneys alone and forget about it. Just write a rebuttal and wait for three years and I’ll remove it. Cover up your bad review with good reviews. If you have ten good reviews and only one bad review at the bottom of the stack, people will see the bad review in proportion or might not even read it at all. A bad review will not ruin you life. Just deal with it like a pro instead of making it worse and provoking a huge conflict with 123notary. After all, it is not our fault you got a bad review. Also, should we disable our entire review system just because one Notary complained bitterly about a bad review and threatened to sue. If we removed his/her bad review we’d have to do it for everyone and then we wouldn’t have a review system at all. Review systems are a very practical way for the publish to defend themselves from bad service providers.


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April 25, 2016

123notary’s comprehensive guide to getting reviews

To do well on 123notary, you need our certification (not someone else’s,) a good notes section on your profile, and a few good reviews. You don’t need a million reviews (although Ken in NYC thinks he does and has close to a million now.) But, at least one solid review every quarter will keep you far ahead of the game. The catch is how to get reviews, how to ask for them, who to ask, when, and what else to do? Here are some pointers, and then the articles listed below will keep you entertained for the rest of the evening!

1. Get a new review at least once per quarter.
You don’t need a new review every week, just once every few months. This will keep you ahead of the competition in most cases, or at least not far behind if you live where the real review sharks are. Ken has over 400 reviews now, so competing with him will be impossible. But, doing your best will impress all.

2. Understand the 8% rule
Only 8% of people you ask will give you a review. You might have better luck if you deliver stellar service, show up on time, and offer to do extra at no cost. You get more by giving more without asking for return, so give to charity, help thy neighbor, and do extra for your Notary clients.

3. Only ask those who praise you
It is a waste of time to ask for reviews from those who didn’t like your work. Ask those who liked your work and ask right after they say how much they liked your work.

4. Individuals are easier to get reviews from than title & escrow or signing companies.
Signing companies and big companies that hire many Notaries are bombarded with requests for reviews. Yes, ask them, but don’t base your success at getting reviews on the big guys. You stand a 3% chance of getting a review. If this means you should accept a few jobs from regular clients who just want an Affidavit notarized, it might be a good idea as reviews are life and death.

5. Email a link
It is difficult for people to maneouver 123notary. There are too many pages, and too much going on. Make their life simple and email a link to your review page. Ask for their email and send a link. If they can’t find the review page, they won’t write a review.

6. Don’t get three reviews the same day
Many Notaries do this and it looks tacky. They get three reviews within hours of each other and then no reviews for years. If you ask a list of people for reviews, then spread it out over time. If we think your reviews are fake or that you posted them yourself, you are in trouble!

7. Old reviews lose their steam
If you have all of your reviews from 2012, and no new ones, you will get as much business as if you didn’t have any reviews. Keep your reviews current if you want to get business.

8. Five or Six reviews doubles your business!
What? Oh my God! Only five or six? That might mean asking eighty or so people. But, the benefits of these reviews will last for years. Imagine paying 123notary the same amount of money, but getting double the output from your listing, plus having more pride!

Review oriented articles you should read

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Tips for your notes section

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January 11, 2016

Let them let you know how much they love you, send them a link

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Most Notaries are just too busy. But, the serious ones are not. The serious ones know that their survival depends on love. If their clients love them they will get repeat business and reviews. So, send a link to the clients who love you. Send them a link to your review page so that they can write a review.

Five or six reviews on your profile can double your incoming calls. It is no mystery. It is the power of 3rd party credibility. If you say you are great people say, “yeah, right.” But, if someone impartial says you are great, and a few others do too, then you are in business. If you have twenty people who love you, don’t send the links out all on the same day, otherwise you will get five reviews on the same day which looks like you wrote them yourself. Remember, that credibility is what the review system is about, so don’t shoot yourself in the foot. Get your online Notary reviews spread out just like you spread out your love! Send them a link!


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December 14, 2015

Don’t ask for a review at the wrong time

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Notaries are notorious for doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. Title companies are even worse when sending e-documents is concerned. How can the world keep spinning around on schedule while everybody on earth is so uncoordinated?

When, I lecture Notaries about how they need to ask for reviews, the timing is very important. Some ask too many people at once and then don’t do it again for three years. They’ll have three reviews on the same date that look like they wrote them. Take this advice instead. See how it’s done.

BORROWER: Gee, I love your work. You are the best Notary we’ve ever had!

NOTARY: Really? … I mean, thanks. Nobody has ever said that to me before.. I mean — I get that all the time.

BORROWER: Oh. Well, you explained everything to us nicely, showed up on time, and didn’t discuss politics like that “other” Notary who talked for two hours about how he didn’t like Obama-care.

NOTARY: Hmm. Well, it’s either that or Trump-care, whatever that is. By the way, 123notary has a review feature that’s easy to use. If others see that I have a realistic review or two on my profile, that would help so much. Would you mind writing a quick review for me? I can email you a link to my review page.

BORROWER: Sure, just don’t sell my email to an outsourced service abroad or Trump will tax you. My email is

NOTARY: Got it. I will send you an email right now from my i-phone.

BORROWER: I bet Jeb Bush wants to put implants in those i-phones.

NOTARY: Actually, it is Obama who’s Obama-care manifesto of hundreds of pages who discussed implants. The senators didn’t read that part carefully or they probably wouldn’t have voted for it.

BORROWER: Between Trump and Ahmedanijan, I think we’re all doomed.

NOTARY: I agree. I just can’t believe that “other” Notary would bring up these topics at a signing though.

BORROWER: Ooops, just got an email. There it is…. let’s click on the link here. Yes, we just can’t figure out why he would be the one to bring up politics at a signing, especially at a signing where both signers have been registered democrats since we were of voting age — actually, card carrying registered democrats. Why, we wouldn’t vote for a republican if you paid us to, or offered us a break in our tax bracket. Hmmm. Let’s write something in the review. It wants my name, email, and a comment. Okay…

“Sam the Notary was excellent. He showed up on time and explained everything to us. Thank God he wasn’t like that ‘other’ Notary who showed up late and then had the audacity to discuss politics throughout the entire signing. Good God!”

BORROWER: Okay, your review has been published. Just wait for Jeremy to approve the message and it will go live.

NOTARY: How do you know the process?

BORROWER: Well, it’s a long story. You see my psychic whose name is Sam also told us that a Notary would come to our house. Sam the psychic is also a registered democrat by the way and swears by Obama-care. Anyway, he told us the entire procedure. We were just relieved to know that a Notary who was helpful would come to rescue us. I just loved your service. In fact, I love it so much, I wish Obama would create a new system called Notary-care.

NOTARY: Hmm. That sounds good. Like a dental plan. You pay every month, get penalized if you don’t pay, and then you can use a Notary who is on the list of acceptable Notaries, but you have to make a co-payment, and fill out twenty forms. I agree. That would make the world easier, and a better place, not to mention reducing the chance of Notaries getting involved in political discussions with borrowers.

BORROWER: Yes. And you know what’s funny? The Notary before that “other” Notary also had the nerve to discuss politics with us. What is it with these people?

NOTARY: I’m not sure, but I’m going to email Jeremy to add a new field on his database. A new search function where you can choose the political affiliation of the Notary. For you, I really feel you are better off with a democrat who doesn’t discuss politics at the signing.

BORROWER: My sentiments exactly.

COMMENTARY: On the other hand, if the borrower doesn’t praise your Notary work. Don’t bother them asking for a review because it won’t happen!


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June 22, 2015

How to write an email to ask for a review

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It is so important to have reviews on your notary profile. Most notaries don’t have a single review, but the people high on the list typically have a few. Notaries are shy and don’t always know how to ask for a review. Here are my tips.

(1) Don’t ask anyone for a review unless they compliment you on what a great Notary you are, and perhaps how thankful they are. If they mention how you are so much better than those other notaries, that is a good sign. If they like your service — ask for a review. Otherwise, don’t waste your breath.

(2) If they like your service ask them, “Would you mind writing a one sentence review about my service on It’s easy.” If they say sure, then tell them, “I can show you how to do it, or I can send you an email.”

(3) Next, you need to write down their email. Remember, that asking verbally and then following up with an email is a good combined approach. Doing one without the other is much less effective. I call it the old 1-2.

(4) Writing the email.

Dear Samantha,
I am so glad you enjoyed my Notary work. I enjoyed working for you too, and hope that I will hear from you in the future. I’m only a phone call away. If you would like to write a review about me, just click on this link, and fill out your name, email, company name, and write a quick sentence or two.

(5) I put the link to Carmen’s review page. But, if you look at your personal page on, right above your NAME, you will find the link that says, “Write a review about (your name)” Just cut and paste that link into an email and you are set.

(6) Problems.
I get emails once a week claiming that their client wrote a review about them, but that I am at fault for not publishing it. If I am in town, I publish reviews daily. I get a huge SEO benefit from each review so trust me — I have no reason not to publish your review. If I am out of town, you might have to wait five days or so until I get to a computer. I work very hard and need to leave town to clear my head in the mountains or desert. Sometimes people say they wrote a review when they didn’t. There is no proof here.


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December 21, 2014

123notary Reviews

There are many sites out there that recommend 123notary. However, there is no organized way to find testimonials or reviews about There are individual notary web pages that mention that they are certified or elite certified by There are resource pages which recommend 123notary as a resource as well. Additionally, on Facebook, there are discussions where notaries give their honest opinion about which notary directory they like the most. Sometimes they like 123notary most while others prefer Notary Rotary or Notary Cafe.

Here are some links to sites that have unbiased commentary about

Read this one first!
Leon Austin comments that 123notary certification is hard, but in terms of return on investment, has been one of the best!

3 reviews about us. Two had amazingly good luck while another is sore about his free listing being removed. Can’t please them all!

Notary Memphis
This site gives a quick description of the perks of 123notary and other notary sites.

Houston Mobile Notary Service
They describe the benefits of 123notary Elite certification.

Helpful Links
Find helpful links here about many notary organizations including 123notary!

How to get started as a mobile notary.
123notary is listed as a resource

#123notary on our blog
We have many posts under the tag #123notary on our blog. It is us talking about us, but interesting reading none-the-less.
It includes one negative review about us from a Russian lady who complained she got too many calls for notary work from our site. Of all the bad reviews I’ve ever gotten, that is the absolute best.

CA Notary Services
This notary is Certified by 123notary and his page shows up on the first page of Google because he links to his own page from his other sites. Interesting!

The Delaware Notary Association
They list 123notary as a resource

Florida Preferred Notary
This Notary is Elite certified by 123notary!

Instagram Photos of 123notary

Julian Hill
He produced a VIDEO about his notary service in NYC & mentions he is 123notary certified

Here is an Elite Certified Notary’s website

Frank Tabacca is a member of many notary organizations and 123notary certified!

Notaries discuss 123notary’s Elite Certification
This discussion doesn’t exactly support my cause of selling more Elite certifications. Many notaries claim that more certifications are not necessary. One compares them to Boy Scout Merit Badges. However, in real life, Elite certified signers get 4x the business than those not certified by 123notary in similar positions in the search results!



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123notary’s Linked In Page
For discussions that are fun, visit our Facebook page. But, if you want practical down to business discussions, our Linked In members are top notch in this respect and will deliver riveting opinions!

My personal Twitter
I use it more for notary tweets than anything else, but there are all types of tweets there if you are interested.

123notary listings on 123epayment.
Purchase listings here. But, you might ask Carmen first before you make a purchase just to be on the safe side.

Our travel blog! Great foodie & travel information
This is where we have our certification courses and tests!

123notary vs. Notary Rotary
The notaries disagree as to which site gets them more business. Read the nitty gritty!


August 20, 2014

If movie reviews get one to four stars, why not notary reviews?

My comedy writer came up with blog entry ideas. He is a very funny guy. He will think in deep concentration for twenty minutes crafting the exact wording of a joke. So, he came up with the idea of giving notaries stars in their reviews.

If you don’t have reviews… How to get reviews…
In my opinion, if a notary doesn’t have any reviews after being on for a year, perhaps they are not the best notary in the world. What I learned, is if you don’t ask for reviews, you won’t get any, unless you are really amazing. So, how do you distinguish between notaries who get reviews organically, and those who pester everyone in site for a review? You can’t.

Imagine if 123notary gave stars for notary reviews.
If a reviewer really likes a notary, they could award the notary several stars. Once again, in my opinion if you have five or more reviews, you are in the top 1% of notaries on, and that speaks for itself. But, what if you have a legitimate review from a Title company? It is hard as hell to get a Title review! In fact, for every twenty reviews on, there is less than one Title review. Title companies are bombarded with requests for reviews, and they will only write one if they love you or hate you. Believe me they have to love you more than the other three hundred notaries who pestered them recently!

What would notaries think?
In real life, if certain notaries got stars, and others didn’t, there would be rivalry and jealousy. A notary has a lot of control as to whether or not they have our certification, but how much control do they have.

“How come Carol got four stars, but I only got three?”
I can just hear it now. Another nightmare that would make the SPW drama seem like a walk in the park!

The truth is, if the reviewer doesn’t think you are worth three or four stars, they probably wouldn’t be writing the review for you in the first place! So, if you have a review, it is worth four stars in my book. After all, what is someone going to do, write a review about you saying that you were just okay, adequate — “She did her job well, but it was nothing special?” If you are that dull, not so many people will write a review about you.

Ending tip:
If you want reviews, go out of your way to be the most educated and pleasant notary in your state. Arrive on time, dress well, smell good, be pleasant, don’t discuss politics (unless you are bar tender notary) and study up so you can give informative answers to any questions that they might have (not including legal questions which should be referred to an attorney.) Good luck!

(1) Imagine if 123notary make it possible for those writing reviews to give you three or four stars?
(2) If you have five or more reviews on your notary profile, you are in the top 1% of notaries in terms of quality!
(3) Another drama that would make the SPW drama seem like a walk in the park!
(4) If you want reviews: arrive on time, dress well, smell good, be pleasant, answer questions thoroughly, and for god’s sake don’t discuss politics!


March 27, 2014

What to Write in Your Notes Section

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What to Write in Your Notes Section

Two signing company closing supervisors and a title company manager were walking through the woods when a frog called out to them and said: “Help me! I am a professional, detail-oriented, accurate notary who, through a curse, has been transformed into a frog. If one of you will kiss me, I’ll be returned to my former life and profession!”

One of the closing supervisors grabbed the frog and was about to kiss it when the title company manager took it and stuffed it in his pocket. The closing supervisor stared at the older, wiser title company manager and asked, “Didn’t you hear her? If you kiss her, she’ll turn into a notary!”

The title company manager replied, “Sure, but these days a talking frog is worth more than a notary who says she is professional, detail-oriented, and accurate.”

The point: many, many notaries use these adjectives– “professional, detail-oriented, and accurate”– in their notes sections. But just SAYING this does not demonstrate style or experience. It is not convincing, and does not make you stand out. TELLING the reader something about how you handle a difficult loan signing or how you treat borrowers makes you stand out. Saying “I will treat your loan as if it were my only one” is much better than using a string of adjectives. TELLING us how many loans you have closed, what equipment you have in your mobile office, what types of loans you specialize in, what your strong point is (“Technology is my soul”), and any special degrees or skills you have will show WAY more effort and eagerness on your part.

If you want to be a real live notary–use your notes section to TELL US something about you and your style. Companies will kiss you with kindness if you do!

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November 18, 2013

10 quick changes to your notes that double your calls!

I have been poking around and seeing how the newer listings are performing. Basically, it is bizarre. Some are getting clicks up the yazoo, while others get one click per week. So, I decided to take a closer look and see what is going on.

Obviously, notaries with reviews get tons more work simply because they have credibility from 3rd parties. But, brand new listings don’t have any reviews, so the only thing that makes them different is their NOTES section. So, what did I notice? Many notaries refuse to write a notes section, so I have to make something up for them. I write stuff like: I am reliable, motivated, and personable. These wishy-washy adjectives mean nothing to me, but I wonder what they mean to the browsers on our site. The answer is that they mean something alright! Worse! The ones with nonsense claims using a string of adjectives and commas are getting next to no clicks! So, what works and what doesn’t. The good, the bad and the ugly.

(1) Adjectives: BAD
Example: Reliable, personable, friendly, accurate, detail oriented

Result: Will get you far below average clicks just because you are saying nothing about yourself that sounds REAL to the reader.

(2) Years of experience: So-So
The number doesn’t reflect what you have actually done. Having many years of experience doesn’t count against you, but it also doesn’t count for you.

(3) NNA certification: So-So
Result: Generally, those who claim to be NNA certified do no better than the average notary. If you average it out, those who claim to be NNA certified do oh so slightly better than the average notes section of other newbies. BTW, 90% of notaries on 123notary are NNA certified, so by claiming it on your profile you might as well say, “I am no different than 90% of the other notaries on this site”

(4) Real Estate Agent: So-So
To me this is a waste of space. Those with Real Estate backgrounds fail to realize that despite their self-promoting claims, they really don’t understand the loan documents at all unless they have really studied for at least five hours from a loan signing course. It is not a selling feature because people want to hire you as a notary, and not to sell their house!

(5) Languages: Good
I encourage people to list their language first, before stating anything else. Fluent Spanish; Conversational Cambodian; Some Portuguese. In your notes section you can say how well you speak the language, but NOT in the language field which only accepts the name of the language. Those who put their language skills up front got more clicks, but nothing earthshaking.

(6) Radiuses: Very good
Example: 100 mile radius; or; Travel above 20 miles is charged an extra fee.
The notaries who listed how far they went in a clear and non-verbose way did better on clicks. EVEN if you have restrictions about how far you will go for a charge, the fact that you will go far away means a lot to the readers.

(7) Terms and Conditions: Good
Even if you have extra fees, or large charges, people like getting the facts. They are reading your profile for facts, not fluff.

(8) # of loans: Good
The number of years you have been in business says very little. But, the number of loans says a lot more. If you have done 1000 loans, you might still be ignorant of a lot of what you need to know, but at least you can measure your experience.

(9) Last minute signings: Good
Notaries who do last minute signings got more clicks. Nothing amazing, but they got a lot more jobs as well. Clicks and jobs are not proportional. When it comes down to getting a job assigned, you need someone who will jump when you say jump.

(10) Minimums: Good
Minimums are constrictive, but show that you are professional and mean serious business. We found only three examples of people with minimums. One did a lot better than average while the other two did average. It doesn’t seem to hurt to have a minimum.

(1) Notaries with reviews get tons more work simply because they have credibility from 3rd parties.

(2) Make your notes sound real and believable and you’ll get more clicks. That’s a fact. P.S. – They’re reading your profile for facts, not fluff.

(3) Listing your language skills can help get more clicks.

(4) Clearly stating how far you’ll travel is very good for your business

(5) The number of years you’ve been in business isn’t as important as the number of loans.

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