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March 19, 2021

Is it easy to pass a fake ID for a RON notarization?

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If you are doing a notarization by video (sounds dubious at best) and the person presents a fake ID. How difficult would it be to determine if this is fake?

My answer is that I am not a RON, but that there are about eight types of portals or software packages that accompany RON notarizations and they can be used to identify a signer or check ID. Each is different and I have no IDea if they are good at spotting fake ID. If they can connect with the DMV in the signer’s area, then that would definitely help to verify the ID.

But, maybe the RONs and RONda’s out there can help give their input for this question as you know more than I do.

PS… If you are a female RON, wouldn’t that make you a RONda?


November 15, 2016

How to spot fake ID at a notarization

Most Notaries study Notary law. But, do we keep handbooks that are up to date about spotting fake ID’s? Perhaps we should . Our primary task as a Notary is not to make people feel good, and is not to get the job done either. It is to identify signers and make sure that fraud doesn’t take place. It is better to say “no” rather than to get a Notary job done wrong — hence the name “no”–tary. Otherwise we would be yestaries and the world would go down the tubes.

ID Handbooks
The NNA and other vendors have books going over every state’s identification documents. They can tell you about distinguishing features, new watermarks, and other telltale signs that the ID is genuine.

Jeremy’s Solution — an online ID database
Personally, I think there should be a computer system to let the Notary look you up on a Federal or state database — but, that’s just me.


Things to look for one the ID

(1) Physical Description
Sometimes the physical description doesn’t match the signer. With ladies changing their hairstyle frequently, it is hard to tell their identity.

(2) Mispellings
Then, there could be misspellings in the name or a wrong name variation.

(3) Tampering
Obvious signs of tampering are almost a guarantee of a fake ID. I saw one of those once and only once.

(4) Watermarks
Finally watermarks are used in identification documents and currency to prove authenticity. It is possible, but hard for a fraud to replicate an authentic watermark. In China I’m sure they’ll figure it out as faking things is their specialty. But, for the rest of us it would not be so easy.

(5) Lack of raised lettering
Many of the newer ID’s have raised lettering. However, without a guidebook, you won’t know which states and which identification years of issue have raised letters.

(6) What’s your sign?
Ask the signer their sign. If they are using a fake ID with wrong DOB it will be very difficult for them to immediately recite their sign. You can also ask for their zip code to spot a fraud.


Most Notaries do not inspect ID’s carefully. They just record the information in their journal. Unless something fake is jumping out at them, they will not notice that something is wrong. It pays to get a handbook and become and expert. After all, the whole point of being a Notary is to deter fraud. In my opinion, each state’s Notary division should require all Notaries to be experts at spotting fake ID’s in addition to other critical related skills. Maybe one day technology and training will improve.

Smokey bear says — say no to forest fires. Notary Jer says — say no to fake notary identifications — if you can spot them.

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March 15, 2017

Questions to ask to see if an ID is fake

As a Notary, you might run into a fake ID from time to time, but there are not so many of them out there proportionally. Most Notaries don’t bother to take a closer look at ID’s, but perhaps you should inspect each one as if it was fraudulently created.

Always inspect an ID to see:

1. There should be a physical description, expiration date and signature. If these are omitted, the ID is probably fake.

2. Newer ID’s contain raised lettering, embedded images, holographic images and microprinting.

3. A fake ID might have letters blurred together, or print that appears above the lamination.

4. Peeling lamination is a bad sign

5. See if the person’s eyebrows match. Women change their hairstyle and color regularly leaving the eyebrows. mouth and nose as more reliable features for identification.

Questions you could ask

1. You could ask the person their address or zip code.

2. Ask them their sign rather than their DOB. You can memorize a DOB, but nobody memorizes a fake sign. I’m a Leo by the way.

3. You could use an ultraviolet light to see if the perforated image looks authentic compared to a real ID (like yours in your pocket.)


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June 1, 2021

Fake Notary News

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JEREMY: Now for the Notary news of the day. It has been alleged that China interfered with a process within the local secretary of state’s office that influenced a decision on Notary policy. Now, Notaries are not required to verify if an ID is actually real using a serious of logical steps.

TUCKER CARLSON: This is fake news!

HANNITY: That’s not fake news. Jeremy runs a blog with Notary articles. It is not news to begin with. It’s fake non-news.

TRUMP: All I want to know… is why does most of the trouble we have in the United States, most of the spying, espionage, interference with elections, interference with notary divisions, and most of the new infections diseases always come from (pause) … Chi—na.

JEREMY: I love that you got more than that the last ten presidents all put together. I love how you got touch on trade with China. I love how you give the media a hard time. But, the thing I love most about you, is how you say, “China.”

TRUMP: Thanks, I appreciate that. After all the abuse I’ve taken, it just makes me not want to go to work in the morning. But, now I’ll be living in Florida and going back to running my businesses. So, maybe I’ll feel like going to work in the morning. You have to go to work in the morning. I repeat myself a lot. And sometimes I repeat myself.

TUCKER CARLSON: I have a better idea. Why not call it “un-news.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: ha… I kind of like that. That has a ring to it. Un-news. Fake un-news.

JEREMY: Umm. How can I say this. This is not news, un-news, fake news, or anything of the sort. It is a satirical article for Notaries. They get bored, my job is to inform and entertain.

TUCKER: CARLSON: Good point. It isn’t fake news, and it shouldn’t be. We would never publish anything like this. Why would we? Why would anyone? Why would you? It doesn’t make the world a better place, not does it make your life any better.

JEREMY: I like to write useful information sometimes and other times I like to write about nonsense. Why not. I write it because I have freedom of press just as long as I don’t try to promote it on Facebook.

LAURA INGRAHAM: Yes, Facebook thinks that freedom of press is a risk to national security, at least if it is on their platform.

JEREMY: I think that the problem is that Zuckerberg learned Chinese, and started thinking like they do over there — repression. But, I learned Chinese and feel the opposite. But, I studied in Taiwan and have a Taiwanese accent in Chinese. Hmm. If I learn a Peking accent will that change my world view?

TUCKER CARLSON: It might change your worldview and it should. Where you live affects your consciousness. It always does, and there is no denying it. In fact, where you live affects your way of thinking to such a degree, that you should strongly consider not living in a place that makes you think like a freedom hating control freak.

JEREMY: Unless you like being a freedom hating control freak. Some people like that kind of thing — especially in California where I live.


April 19, 2021

What if Covid was more like a real horror movie

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The way people are behaving and what we see in the news is identical to some previous horror movies about infections diseases of the future. The whole reason this Covid fiasco is even possible is that the media has way too much influence, people are too quick to blindly accept whatever fake news you feed them, and that people travel so much that diseases can effectively spread all over the world in weeks.

But, what if the behavior conformed more to how Hollywood would film a film about Covid?

MARIA: Oh my God, the news. Mom. the news. It’s China again. People are dying in the streets.

MOM: That could happen here. Look at all those half naked wretched looking people with their eyeballs hanging out of their sockets dying from Covid. I always knew this would happen because I watch too many sci-fi thrillers. But, honestly the make up is much better in this one.

MARIA: Mom — that’s not make up, it’s real.

MOM: I’m immune to it. All those horror movies are like a vaccine against reality for me. I’m good. But, that Chinese lady on the left — great acting, all the screaming and everything like she lost everything.

MARIA: She DID lose everything and can’t go to him home for three months. They’re going to harness her to a bed where she can’t move.

(One Month Later)

RALPH: Maria, you told me this killer disease would be here in a few weeks and it’s here. I’m terrified.

MARIA: I”m over being terrified. I got it out of my system being scared last month.

RALPH: I’m scared every month. People keep getting infected, and when they do, their hair falls out and they turn grey with this crazed look on their face. It’s just like the wreaper disease.

MOM: It’s like curse of the living dead. And the only thing that can save us is the vaccine which won’t come out until next episode if we’re lucky.

MARIA: This isn’t a movie. It’s real mom!

MOM: I guess it would be more real to me if I actually knew people who got sick.

(Another Month Later)

RALPH: I was in bed for two weeks unable to move. Now, all I want to do is infect others.

MARIA: Ralph, you’re missing half your teeth, half your hair, and are walking around with your hands out forward like a zombie.

RALPH: I know. If you were paying more attention, you would notice that I am dragging my lifeless left foot along as well. I’m going to infect you after I scream like a teradaktyl and cough up some blood. ooops. I’m low on coughable blood. I’ll have to put that on the list next time I go to CVS if they even let me in.

MARIA: You evil fiend. I can’t believe the Ralph I know has turned into something so crazed and evil. But, on a brighter note, I can tell mom. She loves this type of stuff. She will probably know several movie references to your behavior.

(5 months later. Ralph dies a slow death having his skin eaten up by a rare infection and turning into a walking corpse.)

SANDRA: I’m sorry about Ralph. But, those of us who have not been infected and turned into zombies need to find a way to get —- the vaccine. It is the only solution.

MOM: But, you can’t get the vaccine without being notarized, and most notaries have become teradaktyl zombies. If you come into contact with them, you will become like them.

MARIA: Are there any Notaries who are still normal?

MOM: There are, but they are too afraid to go near anyone.

SANDRA: I just went outside. There is a line of people going on for hundreds of miles. The government has come to the rescue. Millions of people are going without food, showers, or medical care to stand in line for this vaccine. And they all look like zombies. Their brains have turned to mush and mentally they look like they aren’t even mentally there.

MOM: We should go and see that line.

SANDRA: It’s right down mainstream.

PEOPLE IN LINE: Vaccine….. vaccine…. we need the vaccine.

MARIA: Their clothes are all ripped and their hair is all disheveled.

MOM: I know, it’s just like that zombie apocalypse movie I saw at universal. Great for Halloween. (ring ring)

THOMAS: Mom, you gotta think quick. Rumor has gotten out, that the last stash of the vaccine is at your house.)

MOM: Oh no. All of those zombies will surround our house, break the windows, and then eat us alive looking for the vaccine.

MARIA: But, they are braindead zombies. The vaccine might protect them from Covid-19, but not from the more serious problem that they have which is that they are zombies who believe everything the lamestream media feeds them and all without even the slightest of questioning.

MOM: I don’t think they even need to censor information. The news can just tell them not to read it and people are so obedient towards complete strangers that they won’t read it. It’s like they are under some spell of a higher level spirit like Amalek.

THOMAS: You can leave my Amalek out of it…. Oh, no… Amalak. I was thinking of our little cat Amali. That’s different. Amalek is the spirit of deception and distortion. He is supposed to be a bad guy according to the ancient Hebrews.

MARIA: Oh no, the house is already surrounded. But, some zombie police are there in their beaten up police cars, torn police uniforms and dented night sticks. This really is like a horror movie.

MOM: So, when does it end?

THOMAS: When Fauci gets fired!

MARIA: Now you’re talking. If he gets fired, does that mean I no longer have to wear a mask?

THOMAS: It could lead to that.


March 7, 2021

Fake police scam targetting Notaries

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We are writing about this topic and others on our forum. Please reference the forum to read more about this and other interesting notary topics.


February 3, 2021

According to the CDC, 6% of Corona Deaths are from Covid-19 ONLY

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If you think that Covid-19 is worse than the flu, look at the total numbers for any particular year, then multiply by (.06) to get the number of people who died of Covid-19 who did not have serious comorbidities who died purely of covid. Yes folks, that is 6%. That means that this year 330,000 people did not die of Covid-19, but it is roughly 20,000.

Is 20,000 Covid-19 deaths in 2020 higher or lower than deaths from the flu in a good year, bad year or average year in the last ten years? (The correct answer is a lot less.)

Are the 20,000 Covid-19 deaths more or less than the net increase in suicides due to unconstitutional shut downs that serve no purpose other than to destroy society? I read that there are about 50,000 extra suicides in the USA above and beyond the regular 48,000 or so.

Never mind the drug overdoses and excess traffic accidents that resulted from shutdown related depression.

For each life lost due to Covid-19 (without comorbidities) there are several lives lost to shutdown related issues.

Additionally, the UN predicted that 130 million would die of hunger worldwide as a result of shutdowns in the world. But, how often does fake news or the lamestream media tell you about those poor brown people overseas who are dying like insects? Do the people who restrict your rights in the name of “safety” care about the “safety” of the hundreds of millions starving?

We are detached from reality in America. Even the homeless are overweight and don’t have to worry about starvation. We don’t seem to get it that real harm is being done to our rights, our economy and to helpless people (who overpopulated) in other countries.

Personally, I feel that the poor should have less kids as they cannot educate or feed them properly. The rich should have more kids, and if they were taxed less they might. That would even out inequality — and if there is one thing I care about almost as much as freedom and the constitution — it’s equality! But, on the other hand, you have to work hard just to be below average. We live in a competitive world.


January 29, 2021

A healthcare house of cards revealed by Covid-19

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Americans are all afraid of Covid-19 and the reported deaths are about 8x as high as India per capita. All day long this is what we hear and talk about. But, why don’t we just live and get on with things? It is because we live in a house of cards in many ways.

Many Americans live in poor health and depend on pharmaceuticals to keep them healthy. This is an artificial way of maintaining your existence and it is not God given. The average person over 65 in American is on at least five different medications at the same time and the ambulatory elderly fill 9-13 prescriptions per year. These numbers are several years old, and it is hard to know what they really mean. But, these drugs are not good for your liver and are not natural.

By contrast in Japan, people walk a lot, drink a lot of green tea, have lots of vegetables, fish, rice and other healthy foods. They are lean, healthy and live into their eighties. They are hardly dying at all from Covid and they didn’t shut anything down because of their constitution.

So, the bottom line is that we are afraid of Covid not because Covid is dangerous, but because many of us are on thin ice to begin with at least healthwise.

Most Americans have very limited savings. If you shut them down or deny them income for even a short amount of time, they could go broke right away. This would cause a chain reaction and put landlords in a precarious position. If we saved more like the Chinese do, we would not be in such a vulnerable situation.

My personal emotional state is not so great in general. But, others are in even worse shape. The shutdowns and negative atmosphere causes people to indulge in more drinking, drugs, child abuse, and other negative behaviors. Suicides are way up, and society doesn’t seem to care. If we were in better emotional shape before Covid-19, it would be easier to get through this.

The political situation has been bad in America for several years. People don’t respect the constitution, honesty, or even fair elections. When you throw a pandemic into the situation, it can get a lot worse.

For those of us who can’t reason properly, and then you throw in a fake pandemic, people think unrealistic thoughts. They believe that only mad scientists can save them with some dangerous sounding vaccine. The same people who invented the virus are probably involved with the cure, just like some B rated science fiction movie. But, why are people so dumb in real life? Haven’t we seen all of this nonsense in movies already? Can’t we spot the bad guys from 8000 miles away? Can’t we sense fake Covid death numbers and see right away that there is no definition for how the numbers are computed? If you are dumb as rocks, and most people are, you will be fooled by the fake news and no amount of reason can save you. In a sense, mentally you live in a house of cards.

If you are vulnerable in any of these ways, you could completely fall apart during Covid-19. This disease scenario tests us, and finds our weaknesses. I learned a lot about myself. But, honestly, I am used to the nonsense now, and I have gotten used to adjusting my lifestyle. I just reverted to my shutdown lifestyle. I have places I go for juice, to eat, to walk, and for fun. The first shutdown was murder for me, but the 2nd was easy. I already had my habits in place. For other people it is not so easy. Bar owners going broke. Drug addicts overdosing. People committing suicide. Idiots about to take a vaccine that has God knows what in it. I fear for our community.


April 5, 2018

The name on the ID vs. the Acknowledgment, Document, and Signature

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As a Notary, you will be confronted by a myriad of inconsistencies. Names on identifications don’t always match names on documents. We have discussed this multiple times in our John Smith examples where the name on the ID is shorter than the name on the document which in my examples is normally John W. Smith. However, I want to introduce the complexities of name variations in an organized way.


RULE #1: The name on the ID must prove the name on the Acknowledgment
The name on the ID is not always identical or “matching” the name on the document. I do not like the term “matching” because it has multiple connotations and therefor is not clear. The name on the identification must PROVE the name on the Acknowledgment as a minimum.

The name on the ID says John Smith.
The typed name on the document says John William Smith
The signature on document says John William Charles Smith
The name on the Acknowledgment cannot say more than John Smith otherwise you are notarizing someone whose name you cannot prove.

Whether or not your state approves you notarizing a signature that is longer or not matching the name on the identification is between you and your state. But, according to sensible practices, the main thing is what name you are Acknowledging the person as, because that is your job as a Notary. As a Notary, you have to prove the identity of the signer and certify that information in the form of a Notary certificate. What goes on the certificate must be true under the penalty of perjury in California and must be true in other states otherwise it could be considered fraudulent. In this example, you can prove the signer is John Smith, he over signed the document which the Lenders don’t usually mind, and you notarized him once again as John Smith — nothing more, nothing less.

RULE #2: The typed name on the document ideally exactly matches the signature, but, if the Lender says it’s okay, an over signed version of the same name would suffice.

i.e. If the typed name says John William Smith, then the signature could be John William Charles Smith.

RULE #3: The name on the Acknowledgment can be an exact match of the signature if provable by ID, or a partial match of the signature that is proven by the identification.

i.e. If the signature says John William Charles Smith, you can notarize the signature as that name if it that name variation is entirely provable based on the ID, or you can notarize him as John Smith as the ID proves that name.

RULE #4: The typed name on the document is supposed to match the name on Title.

The recording agency has a particular name on title, and loan documents are supposed to match the name on title. Sometimes people change their name on title using Grant Deeds and Quit Claim Deeds and which form you use to change a name on title depends on what state you live and your individual situation, and I am not trained in these matters, (sorry.)

Rule #5: Just because you are obeying sensible practices and the law doesn’t mean the Lender won’t get mad and fire you.

The Lender wants the name notarized based on how the name reads on the documents as a general rule. Usually times you can get away with notarizing a shorter version of the name for legal reasons. If you have a situation where you have a choice between breaking the law and pleasing the Lender, choose obeying the law. If you have a choice between pleasing the Lender and taking liberties identifying someone which is a wishy-washy point in the legal code in many states (look up your state’s requirements for proving someone’s name — many states only say that you have to check their ID, but not see if the names exactly match) then you have a judgement call.


Summary of rules using fortune cookie English

1. Name on ACKNOWLEDGMENT must be proven by name on IDENTIFICATION

2. Name on ACKNOWLEDGMENT must be part or whole of name on SIGNATURE

3. Name on SIGNATURE can match exactly or be a longer variation of TYPED NAME on document.

4. TYPED NAME on document should MATCH name on TITLE

5. LENDERS want name on the Acknowledgment to match TYPED NAME on document, but this is not always legally possible.


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December 5, 2017

If you’re named as an identity theft conspirator, it could cost you $20,000 in legal fees

If you are named as a conspirator in an identity theft ring or identity theft case, you might be looking at some serious legal costs. Being a Notary is not safe, especially when you refuse to keep your books correctly (oh, but my state doesn’t require me to.) Excuses will not get you off the hook when you are a suspect in an identity theft case and when your journal doesn’t has a fake ID documents and no thumbprint (oh, but my state doesn’t require me to). Your state’s shoddy lack of requirements could cost you $20,000, but only if you choose not to keep proper records. Your state is not forbidding you from keeping good records. They just don’t require good records. It might be fun to just stamp things without keeping a record of what you did. But, the fun will go away when you are named in a law suit.

Legal costs might only be a few thousand, but could be as high as $20,000 in a worst case scenario.

Keeping a journal properly with:
1. One entry per person per document… i.e. if two signers each sign five documents that is ten journal entries.
2. Keep journal thumbprints as that is the only way the FBI can catch frauds if a fake ID is used (in many cases.)
3. Keeping additional notes about the signers might help in court such as mentioning tattoos, a nervous twitch, or anything else noteworthy.

Keeping good records is your responsibility as a good Notary whether required by law or not. Your refusal is pure obstinate and I won’t tolerate it for a minute. If you don’t understand good record keeping, the NNA teaches journal filling procedure quite well. So, consult them or risk possible legal consequences! Keeping your journal correctly doesn’t keep you out of court — it just normally shortens your time dealing with investigators and the court system to a few minutes instead of a few months. Take your pick!


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Do you keep a journal to please your state, a judge, the FBI or 123notary?

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