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February 14, 2011

7 Famous quotes from our blogs

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(1) “Unless you are dead, you can still respond to an email.”

(2) “Maybe that is just how things are done in those parts — people just come into your house and make themselves comfortable. People in Los Angeles don’t do that as a general rule.” Sept 23 2012 blog

(3) “It was a very normal signing except for the bizarre mishap.” Sept 23 2012

(4) “It was a classic case of being at the wrong house because your GPS was wrong! This is why I never trust technical gadgets by the way.”

(5) Sept 23 blog – “She asked me to meet her in the salon. It was an upscale salon just off Madison Avenue. She was having her full head foiled, so we had lots of time to sign the documents.” Sept 21 2012 blog

(6) “KEEP A JOURNAL whether you are required to or not. Once you start using it, it will become second nature. It will save your life!!”

(7) Sept 21 2012 blog – “I often wonder what some of the states are thinking when they come up with some of these rules or the lack of rules and guidelines. It would be great if we all had the same set of rules to follow…But I guess that would be asking a little too much from our government.” Sept 21 2012 blog


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