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August 6, 2018

Why you should consider getting 123notary Elite Certified.


Notary Certification

from 123notary!
At the time of this article being written there are only about 100 Elite Certified 123notary members. Elite Certified members get a lot more quantity of work, and get paid roughly $14 more per signing than someone who is not 123notary Certified. So, why would someone pass up more work at higher prices, isn’t that what we all want? Actually not. What people really want is to not have to study — and that is where the problem lies.

Standards for passing our Elite Certification have been raised and that is why it is so highly prized by title companies. You have to be good as a notary, signer and have some obscure knowledge about documents and the industry to get Elite Certified. In any case, here is some data about our Elite Certification.

1. Elite Certification is FREE for now.
We used to charge $179 for Elite Certification. Since we have recently changed our educational and testing requirements, we are allowing people to pass our test at no cost. However, you do have to study and very few can pass because the standards are high.

2. Get more $$$
Elite Certified members on 123notary get paid $14 more per signing than uncertified members. If you are complaining about not getting paid enough, your complaint will change to being paid too much. And that is a nice thing to complain about. You won’t know what to do with the additional income you have. But, I can help you with that. You can invest that in more advertising with 123notary!

3. Get a lot more attention from Title & Escrow
Title companies love 123notary because we have better quality control for our Notaries than other sites. They especially like our certified and elite members as well as people who are top on the list in their area as they are the cream of the crop in the Notary industry.

4. Impress others with your knowledge
Knowing more about the industry will impress people, especially when your knowledge is more solid than anyone else which will basically be true if you can pass our test. People pay more for knowledgeable, experienced and dependable people. But, they don’t pay more for people who fallaciously claim to be knowledgeable, experienced and dependable. Self claims of greatness are inexpensively bought credibility, but our Elite Certification is a highly prized mark of credibility that comes from an unbiased judge of ability — me!

5. Be safer as a Notary
Notaries who don’t know anything (97% of Notaries to be exact) are a danger to their clients, society and themselves. Not knowing how to handle notary situations prudently, not keeping your journal correctly and not knowing how to fill out forms correctly in all cases is not only negligent — it is dangerous and can get you sued, or forced to be a witness in a long drawn out court case, fired, investigated, or in some cases fed to the lions. Ignorance doesn’t pay, but knowledge can keep you and everyone else a whole lot safer. It is worth the ten or more hours you will need to study to get this icon.

6. Get more clicks on 123notary
Clicks and more clicks translate into more jobs. You still have to answer your phone, print documents and go to jobs, but there will be more jobs and better jobs if you can get this icon.

7. Feel more confident and less afraid
Many Notaries have a sense of dread, because they don’t know if they will run into a situation they cannot handle. Earning our Elite certification will have taught you how to handle a wide variety of problems common to Notary work. You might not know everything, but you will know pretty close to everything.

8. Get favorable treatment from Jeremy and Carmen
We both have the highest respect for our Elite members. They are smarter and we are very aware of that. We also respect their motivation as motivation is a scarce commodity these days. We are more likely to promote Elite members with discounted upgrades and special deals on additional counties (no guarantees, but this is our practice.)

Get treated like a king or queen, make more money and get recognition by virtue of your rightfully acquired knowledge. Nothing should be holding you back from being Elite Certified by 123notary for FREE. All we ask is that you take the studying very seriously, and study with the intent of mastery rather than just skimming the materials. Study and review and quiz yourself on every aspect of the information at hand. If you get less than 100% on a self-quiz, you will not do well on our quiz. But, try it and perhaps you will pass, and if not, you still will have learned something of value.



March 27, 2018

Does knowledge matter any more as a signing agent?

any Notaries are telling me that nobody tests them and nobody cares if they know anything. My clicks reveal that when I started my career as a directory owner that knowledge mattered a lot more. Now it still matters, but not as much.

Ten years ago a certified signing agent on 123notary would get more than double the clicks that an uncertified member in a similar position would get.

Now, even an Elite certified 123notary member gets only 80% more clicks than the absolute most notarially illiterate members.

So, knowledge still matters, just not as much.

However, I feel it is undignified not to be an expert at notary matters if you are a notary. Additionally, you can get into legal trouble if you are sloppy in your notary work. Failing to fill out:

Additional Information sections in Acknowledgments can lead to fraud that could get you subpoenaed!

Not keeping a journal can get you pegged as a suspect in identity fraud cases. It can also get you in trouble if someone forges your seal impression, your lack of a journal makes it look like you were the one that notarized the document in question.

Not keeping a journal correctly can lead to other problems. If you cram five documents in a single journal entry, the borrower could come back in court saying they only authorized you to notarize one of the documents. Since there is only one journal signature for five documents you won’t even know which document was authorized and bingo — you are a suspect in mortgage fraud — congratulations.

Not abiding by prudent practices identifying people with name variations can land you in court.

Making clerical mistakes filling out notarial forms can get you fired or sued

Saying no under the wrong circumstances can get you sued. Additionally, saying no under the correct circumstances but not properly explaining why can get you sued, and successfully sued.

So be careful and be an expert at Notary work. If you don’t know your loan documents, nobody cares. But, we do care if you know how to be a notary and follow directions and be polite and login to your listing regularly.


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December 25, 2017

123notary’s certifications will get you more business than before

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A certification is only as valuable as the knowledge it represents. In the past, I thought our certified members were great and did not need to be tested. Then, things changed and I found I was wrong. I had to remove certifications from many people’s listings. So, now there are fewer 123notary certified members. However, the ones that have the icon have a higher level of knowledge than before. Therefore, having our certification icon will get you a bigger advantage now than ever before.

All you have to do is actually know how to be a Notary, know your loan documents, and know how to handle situations. Being 123notary certified is pathetically easy. I am shocked how many people cannot pass our test. It is easy. Most people would rather fail in their career than study a few hours. Studying is not that hard, and this is much easier than studying for a real license. So, what is the problem.

In the old days, 123notary certificaiton would get you roughly 2.5x more business. Now, that I am cleaned up my cert icon and where I put it, it will logically get more than that. I would estimate it would get people 4x more business. However, I need to wait a few months before I get formal readings. In any case this is huge. You would be a fool not to have our icon. The studying involved is only a few hours. It won’t kill you.

Additionally, the Elite icon is being scrutinized. It is not so easy to get, but you can do it if you put your mind to it. Ask us how to get the elite icon. And if you don’t believe me then ask Santa (if he’s real.)

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August 29, 2017

123notary Silver Certification (coming soon)

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123notary has tried various certifications over the years. We tried the basic, and elite. However, the basic one was good for life. The problem with that is that I could not check up on people. So, many Notaries had the basic that it would be too hard to check up on people anyway. Additionally, many cheated on the online test by having others do the test for them while many also memorized the answers rather than learning the concepts. The elite test was far too advanced for 98% of our Notaries, so that was not an idea that revolutionized the site either. So, my new idea is to have a silver or gray certification for serious Notaries.

In the old days, the emphasis was on knowing the documents. We quizzed people on documents, the Right to Cancel, initialing, and handling issues at signings. However, we have been finding that the biggest problems with signing work these days has more to do with not being a good Notary rather than not being a good signing agent. Not getting documents back on time and being rude or not following directions are also serious problems. So, it seems that knowing the documents is the least important thing these days, especially as Lenders are doing such a much better job explaining the documents to the borrowers themselves. So, now the emphasis is on being a good Notary.

123NOTARY SILVER CERTIFICATION will differ in its branding from the Green or basic certification and Elite in various ways.

1. The book will be online in the blog and free.
2. The test will be by phone and 24 or more questions. Questions will be on mandatory topics and will not come from a pool of general questions. There might be a pool for each specific topic of question such as multiple questions for Jurats where I would only ask one particular Jurat question at a test.
3. A 90% test average will be necessary to pass and in a limited time period for questions that range from easy, medium and a few hard ones.
4. Questions will be based on:
(a) Notary Work (Acknowledgments, Jurats, Oaths, Affirmations, Journals, Identification, Prohibited Acts, Seals, etc.)
(b) Power of Attorney (technical terms, signing procedures, etc.)
(c) Loan Documents and signing procedures
(d) Handling situations and following directions.

5. The silver certification will also consider having a proper attitude, and communicating well. If you ask me to repeat half of what I say, you cannot qualify for silver.

6. The silver certification will be good for four years with mandatory pop quiz questions by phone every year to ensure that you answer your phone, still have a good attitude, and haven’t forgotten everything you are supposed to know.

7. The silver course will come with tutoring from Jeremy and Carmen to ensure that the students learn the materials well enough to pass our tough test.

1. A take home ecourse or physical course.
2. Online testing
3. 15 questions that are random.
4. 86% pass rate on relatively easy questions.
5. No recertification necessary although I do ask pop quiz questions from time to time to make sure you did not cheat.

1. A physical take home book.
2. An over the phone test on only the most sophisticated aspects of loan signing. Elite is not such much practical as it was for the most elite caliber of Notaries.

The problem with our Green certification is that after the fact during pop quizzes we only require a 60% knowledge rate on the basic questions, although over the phone we ask harder questions so we are not comparing apples to apples. Too many people forget what they knew or cheated on the test. The other problem is that many Notaries are getting very old and senile. Some have Alzeimers or dimentia while others have had strokes or serious health problems that affect their thinking, level of motivation and attitude. We need a certification where we have less of a quantity of certified notaries, but keep track of them regularly and require high standards.

123notary will network with signing companies and get them to endorse our silver certification. We will train their notaries for them as a reward for referring people to us. Since our silver standard will be highly manicured and well maintained, it will be to the advantage of signing companies to use these Notaries. We predict that we will only be able to get about 400 silver Notaries, but that they will be hand trained and be the best Notaries on the market.

My rules for using silver certified Notaries will be as follows. If you officially endorse the silver standard, you must pay $100 minimum per signing to silver certified Notaries and pay within 15 days. Otherwise you will get in trouble and 123notary would have to reject your endorsement. If 15 days is too hard to enforce, I might have to extend the policy to 30 days. I’m not sure how this is going to work as we have never tried anything like this before.


June 27, 2016

How much should you spend on advertising?

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Many Notaries don’t want to spend much on Notary advertising because they don’t make much money or are just getting started. You cannot make money without spending money. Other Notaries have a presence on our site, but left their notes section blank, have no reviews, are not 123notary certified, and then blame us if they didn’t get any business. That is your fault for not dressing your listing up! If you pay $100 to go to a formal dance and show up in ripped clothing with your hair messed up and nobody dances with you — is that the fault of the people you paid $100 or your own fault?

1. Get a foundation before you pay big bucks
You need to get Notary certifications, reviews, and a good notes section before you pay big bucks for advertising

2. Assess the value of your advertising
All serious Notaries track their new sales. They keep track of where the sale or lead originated from. If you get 27% of your new sales from 123notary, then that is a factor in how much you spend on advertising the following year.

3. Base spending on income
If you have a listing with a good foundation as we described above, see how much new business you got from us. If you got a lot, then you should reinvest about 10% of the income you made in new business from our site. Or, you could figure out how much residual business you got from leads from our site as many will use you again and again for years to come. You might want to pay us 2% of the total long-term value of the business you got including residuals. The math is a bit complicated and involves some guess work as well. But, you have to do it otherwise you will be a poor investor.

4. Additional Areas
If you want to advertise in several counties on, see how well you do in those counties. If you spend money on one county and nothing comes back — try another county. Find the counties that work for you and stick with them as long as they continue working. Your success in a particular area might depend on proximity, the current competition (which could change overnight), population, and other factors.

5. How should you start?
Start by investing $100 in a listing with us, get our Notary certification and pass it. Get some reviews, and polish your listing. If things go well, then get a prorated upgrade with Carmen and move up the list and get other areas. If things don’t do that well, then keep what you have.


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May 2, 2016

Not being 123notary certified = only getting 47% of the work you would have gotten.

Most Notaries claim they don’t “need” to be 123notary certified. They are already NNA certified or already know it all. Our certification is not to teach you anything. Our purpose is to verify that you are up to a particular level of knowledge. The people who use our site take our certification very seriously and they skip over people who don’t have it. In fact, those who are not certified only get 47% of the jobs they would have gotten if they were certified according to my number crunching.

If you are paying $100 for a listing, but only getting $47 of the value, that’s terrible, right? But, most Notaries on our site are in exactly this position. They pay every year, but some other Notary who pays the same that they do is getting more than double the jobs they pay. So, you’d think that the uncertified Notaries would wake up and just study and take a test. But, they rarely do. Most of them took it before and failed and just gave up. If you give up on our test, you’re giving up on getting work from good companies.

So, what is the solution? Study! If you study hard, you can do better the next time you take the test. A little studying won’t kill you. Plus, this is your career and you should take it seriously. Not knowing what you are doing not only doesn’t make sense, but is dangerous!


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April 30, 2016

Should you study loan documents, or get a neck tattoo?

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Notaries are by nature very short-sighted people. If business is good this month, then they assume that for the rest of their life that things will stay the same. Notaries get all bent out of shape when anything changes, because they want everything to be the same. The only changes they will accept are lower prices and higher income. But, even if you give them lower prices, they will still complain because, “why didn’t you give me a better price before?” The problem with this short-term way of thought is that the world doesn’t stay the same, and certain choices you make will help you or haunt you for the rest of your life or commission (whichever comes first.) Here is a tale of three Notaries and the choices they made. Forgive me if parts of it resemble a Jack in the Box commercial.

Should you get 123notary certified, take the next signing, or get a neck tattoo? It might seem like an obvious choice to you, but it was not to Jim.

Notary #1
Jim decided to get a neck tattoo. Sure, he had heard about the benefits of notary certification. But, he didn’t think he “needed” it because companies were hiring him. He didn’t grasp the concept of being hired more, or being possibly paid more. He only understood that he made enough money for the basic necessities such as: Putting food on the table, beer, and getting neck tattoos. His tattoo set him back $217.00. But, there’s more. Jim didn’t realize before he got his neck tattoo that his social life might be affected by his decision. He lost half of his friends due to his neck tattoo. But, on a brighter note, he gained some new friends who were more understanding of his decision. His new friends took him on a ride on their Harley and introduced him to new and exciting substances that Jim would never have found out about otherwise. Jim’s Notary business suffered because of his neck tatto as well. He lost 40% of his business which ended up costing him $5613.00 over the course of his first year in business. Maybe Jim’s decision was not the best, but who am I to judge?

Notary #2
Shelly wanted to get 123notary certified, but every time she wanted to study, something got in the way. A signing would be offered to her, or a birthday party. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to study. She realized certification would help her in the long run, but giving up a $90 signing seemed like a waste of income potential, and Shelly didn’t like to waste any opportunity. Years went by, but Shelly continued to stay busy.

Notary #3
Tammy had listened to what Jeremy had said on the phone.

Jeremy – “123notary certification doubles your jobs from your listing on on average. Results may vary from individual to individual though. If you get $317.00 more business per month as a result of your 123notary certification which is a reasonable estimate if you have a higher placed listing, over the course of 10 years, you would get $38,000 extra business. It might take you 10 hours to study for our certification exam. So, you could say that each hour of studying is worth $3800 in that case. Of the things that make you “too busy” to study for our test, which of them is worth $3800 per hour in long term revenue?”

Tammy – “Hmm, that is a really good point. I never thought about it like that. I believe in prioritizing. I am going to put everything on the side and study right now!”

A week later, Tammy had passed our exam and was getting more business! But, 10 years later Tammy met Jim at a bar. Jim explained how he had lost everything. Nobody wanted to hire him, his friends had all died of overdoses and motorcycle crashes, and his life was horrible. Shelly happened to show up at the bar and explained how business had taken a sudden downturn. Instead of studying and actually trying to know something, she quit and got a job. Meanwhile, Tammy had gotten Elite certified by 123notary, bought five top spots, and was making 100K+ per year at her Notary business. Of the three, it is clear the education wins the game and Tammy prioritized her time and strategized!

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April 4, 2016

Compilation of Certification Posts

Over the years, we wrote many articles about 123notary certification. The ones that did the best were ones that did not mention certification in the title, but mentioned some benefits associated with our certification. Here are our best articles about certification and elite certification.

Here is an easy way to make $4000 more per year

NNA certified signers who failed our test!

What is the difference between a listing getting 16 clicks / month & 100+?

From 3 jobs per week to 3 jobs per day!

Do you have to be a CSS to get work these days?

A detailed look at the Ninja Course

How much more does a 123notary certified signer make?

The top 1% of Notaries and the bottom 99%.

Uncertified and not a single call

From zero loans to 40 in only seven weeks!

How do you prove your knowledge as a signing agent?

If you are not 123notary certified, you are not 123notary certified

123notary’s certification is highly valued by those who use our site

Which gets the work, skills or certification?


Does Elite certification help?

123notary Elite certification, what is it all about?



July 6, 2015

Get certified by whomever you advertise with in the long run.

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If you advertise with the NNA, get certified by them. If you advertise on Notary Rotary, get certified by them if they offer such a program. And if you advertise with 123notary, get certified by us. Don’t fight it. Just do it, because your listing won’t look professional without it and our browsers will notice the difference even if you don’t think it matters.

But, I would make sure you like 123notary before getting our test. If you are advertising with us, and haven’t decided if you want to make our relationship a long term deal, you might consider waiting. If you are sure you want to list with us for at least two years, then definitely invest in our certification as your listing will not produce the same number of jobs without it.

Give us a fair chance too. Many notaries who have a stripped down listing claim that they get little business from us. The fact is that there is business going around on our site, but that goes to notaries who have the most professional looking listings in their area. The ones with reviews, an informative notes section, high placement, 123notary Elite Certification, and perhaps a company name will get the first call most of the time. If your listing says, “I am a mobile notary, please call me,” that is not enough information to attract a serious buyer. If you try to write a great notes section and get a few reviews, then serious customers might call you for work. Don’t judge us until you have prepared your listing to be up to fighting strength, otherwise we’re not playing on a level playing field.

Many notaries mention that they are NNA certified in their notes section on our site. We learned that this statistically doesn’t result in any more or any less business. It is just a redundant note about yourself. Most notaries on 123notary are NNA certified, so claiming their certification differentiates you from the crowd as much as claiming that you have two arms and a nose. So, does everyone else. You need content on your profile that is different and better than the rest if you expect to get any serious business, and this takes work. Taking an hour or more to brainstorm about what to put in your notes section can really make a difference. Reading what others put in their notes sections will give you ideas.

Passing our certification test puts you in the top 25%
3% of our notaries are Elite Certified, and 25% are regular certified. Ask yourself if you want to be in the bottom 75%, or the top 25%? Put yourself in the position of a Title company looking at notaries on our site. Who would you call first? Would you call someone with the Elite emblem on your listing or someone who has no certifications? Would you call someone with a well organized comprehensive notes section or one with a one-liner? You might know how great you are, but others do not. So think from their perspective and prove how good you are. Get tested by impartial 3rd parties.


April 7, 2015

Cert book & test sold separately with test results as a number? Good idea or not?

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For over a decade we have tried to talk people into getting our certification course and test as a package deal. People complained because they were already “certified” by some other unnamed agency. Whether they could pass my test or not was a fact that I could not prove or disprove, and neither could they. Maybe I should let people take my test for free if they passed some other agency’s test. Or maybe only charge a nominal fee. It is hard to know. But, here is what I am considering doing sometime this year.

A score of 1-30
I am tired of a pass/fail certification test. If people don’t pass, they take the test again and bother us for a password. What I would prefer to try is to have a test that gives you a score. The score would be a number from 1 to 30. If you studied hard and had very sophisticated knowledge you might score in the high 20’s while if you were just beginning and didn’t study much, you might score three or four points. This way instead of being “certified” or not, your knowledge would be reflected in a way where you could be accurately compared to people of all levels. If you didn’t like how you did, you could purchase the test again and try the test a second time.

Emotional responses
If people see numerical test results, they might become competitive. How come Sandy got a 17, but I only got 4. Why did Ken Edelstein get a 30? What does he know that we don’t know? In real life Ken hasn’t taken our test, but he could write a book about notary tests in his sleep.

Those who can’t pass now…
Rather than just not giving people the certification icon because they didn’t pass our test, at least this way they can stand out from the others who didn’t pass our test who know much less than they did. If a score of 15 represents passing our test, then if you got a 14, that is pretty close, while those who are complete beginners might score a 1 or 2. At least the new proposed test would allow you to prove your knowledge even if you can’t pass a particular threshold!

Not needing our prep book
For those who don’t “need” our prep book, they could use someone else’s prep book to study, and then take our test. They could use Notary2Pro’s, NNA’s, or any other agency’s. They could get a much lower price for our test than currently advertised, and have the freedom to choose their course. I think notaries will like that freedom. On the other hand, we might rewrite our loan signing course and make it a lot better in which case notaries would be penalizing themselves for not taking it!

In any case, let us know how you feel about a numerical score and how you feel about choosing your own study guide for our signing agent test.


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