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September 29, 2016

Notary Aptitude Test 2

(1) Notary Stamp is to Notary Seal what Attest is to:
(a) A test and a verbal verification (b) swearing and stating (c) The 123notary signing agent online test and proof (d) Oath and affirmation.

(2) Document Date is to Signing Date what date is to:
(a) Ditching date (b) Marriage date (c) Engagement date (d) Backdate (e) No relation

(3) Backdating is to signing what _____________ is to lying about your age.
(a) profiles (b) rescission date (c) Notary Applications (if you’re under 18 or not a US citizen) (d) notarizing an acknowledgment an hour before your signing appointment.

(4) Name on Title is to Name on a Document as name on Birth Certificate is to:
(a) Name on your ID (b) Your street aliases (c) Death Certificate (d) Mother’s maiden name

(5) Jurat is to Oath, what Oath is to:
(a) Quaker Oaths (b) Oath written text (c) Swearing (d) Attest

(6) Original document is to wet ink signature as commission paperwork is to:
(a) Secretary of State’s seal (b) name of your state (c) Felony conviction (d) Commission impossible

(7) Venue is to State what State is to:
(a) Secretary of State (b) City (c) County (d) Zip code

(8) Witness is to bank robbery what Notary act is to:
(a) Acknowledgment (b) Jurat (c) Protest (d) Unmarked Bills

(9) Subpoena is to testify what credible witness is to:
(a) Busy-body (b) Bank Robber (c) Subscribing Witness (d) Identify

(10) Middle initial is to document what ___________ is to identification
(a) Name (b) Middle Name (c) Matching or longer (d) Name on Title

(11) Digital signature is to an eSigning what a/an ________________ is to the future of the Notary profession.
(a) eDocuments (b) Notary (c) eNotary (d) 123notary

(12) SnapDocs is to the Notary Profession what Walmart is to:
(a) eBay (b) Retail (c) Amazon (d) Life


1. Note to readers, seal has two meanings. It could mean a stamp, or a signature). Answer (a) is correct even though it is part joke and part true.

2. (e) is the correct answer as the document date is arbitrary and could be any date, and has no relation to the signing date although it is commonly the same date as the signing date by convention.

3. (a) profiles typically have women who lie about their age and roll back the years about five to ten years. But, do men also backdate their age?

4. The name on Title is your official name that the property is registered to which carries a certain amount of official merit to it and permenance just like the name on your birth certificate. However, people do change their names after the fact that could lead to different names on the document or ID. Correct answer is (a).

5. (c) Swearing is a part of the Oath just like an Oath is a part of the Jurat process.

6-12 Figure it out on your own! That was fun!


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April 14, 2016

Married for 62 years & other stories

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The smaller the dog the sharper the teeth
Once when I ended a signing, 2 small dogs came out and attacked me as I got up to leave the house! One actually bit me! Luckily the skin did not get broken but the owner was horrified. I bruised from the bite. I had to call the man back later to take care of some more business related to the signing, and he was apprehensive. He thought I was going to sue him. He apologized profusely again. Now I’m just extra cautious whenever there are dogs around!

We’ve been married for 62 years
I had the most beautiful signing once involving an 85 year old woman and an 86 year old man. They had been married to each other for 62 years, living in a very small town in Indiana. The last time the wife had an id was 1971. Their daughter had crashed the only car they had, and the husband bought a snow plow because it was cheaper than buying a car. She didn’t need to drive it so she never renewed her id. They were in a small town in Indiana so she never needed an id because everyone knew her. The ironic thing was that she needed a picture ID to get a birth certificate to get a driver’s license. The husband was a retired army sergeant and told me, “Go to Bank of America. We’ve been going there for 50 years. They know us.” I had to tell them that I couldn’t do that. He then pulled out a name badge from the 1960’s with a picture of both of them and asked if they could use that as an id and I had to tell them no. They wanted to get the home equity loan done so badly that they did everything to go about getting her an id. 6 or 7 months later, I heard from them and we did the signing. They were so cute. The husband would tell her where to sign, how large or small to sign, and to sign straight because she couldn’t see too well. They were adorable. It warmed my heart to work with them and to see them together. They were just precious!

The missing spouse and the hookah
I had a signing once where the atmosphere was very mysterious. I got to the house and there were 4 men and 1 woman there – the Mom, the Dad, and 3 brothers – with a hookah being passed around with little tiny cups of Moroccan mint tea. I felt like I was in a different place altogether! I’d never been around a hookah or Moroccan tea!

We started the signing and then discovered that we were missing one person – the spouse of one of the persons on the loan. The state of Florida requires the spouse to be on the signing even if they are not on the loan itself. They didn’t realize that the wife needed to be there too and so they asked me to hang out for 2 hours until she got home from work. I didn’t feel comfortable with this so I declined and rescheduled to come back to finish it another day.

From an appreciative customer of 123notary
I love being with! I also advertise through Notary Cafe and Thumbtack, but they don’t drive customers to me the way 123notary does. I get multiple calls a day for notary work, and I make all the appointments I can even though I work on a part time basis. I’ve been with 123notary for 6 years so far and they’ve added an extra $25,000 to my yearly income as most of my clients have come from them. I’m commissioned in NY and PA so I’ve busy, but would be even busier if I were full time. I do certificates, fingerprinting, and I-9s too, and I love Jeremy! Thank you 123notary!


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August 31, 2012

The chicken & egg: Birth certificate problem solved

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How to get a Birth Certificate with no Photo ID

I frequently get calls from people who need a document notarized because they have no ID. They are trying to get a copy of their birth certificate to rebuild a lost/stolen set of identification papers. But, the classic problem of needing ID to get ID comes into play. They want something notarized to apply for the key document – the certified copy of their birth certificate.

Of course I cannot comply with their request, as they lack “government issued photo ID”; my standard for notarization. However, I do provide them with the solution to their problem; if they can obtain a replacement for their lost credit card. Or, if they have some other credit card. For this to work the credit card must be in their birth certificate name.

Their salvation is the on line web service called They can order their birth certificate over the internet. But how is this possible? Surely they can’t just order one of the most secured instruments (at least in New York State), with just a credit card? Well, the answer is that they can – assuming they have “knowledge in their head”. Stick with me and I will explain how this is both secure and convenient. is a front end for ordering on line many government issued forms. They handle birth, death, marriage and divorce papers. And they do it securely – and all the applicant needs to have is a credit card with a name that is on the document. They also need that all important “knowledge in their head”. I have used the service myself and can explain how it works. has access to MANY “public records”. During my on line application I was presented with a series of questions (multiple choice) that an imposter would not be able to answer correctly. Briefly, I lived in Florida. One of the questions was “At which of the following addresses did you live”. Another was which of the following cars did you own. Similar questions about events in my past, all found in searches of public records assured them that I was indeed My birth certificate order was accepted based upon the information I was able to provide – unlikely for an identity thief to provide correctly.

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February 8, 2012

Can a notary notarize a birth certificate?

Can a notary notarize a copy of a birth certificate? 

Notaries are advised to stay away from notarizing copies of vital records including birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates.  The state and/or county clerks are in charge of vital records.  Just politely decline when asked to notarize a signature on a brith certificate.  These types of vital records must be certified by the entity (the county clerk).
No place to sign!
Additionally, there is no place for a signer to sign on a birth certificate, so how can you notarize a document without a signature?  Conceivably, you could draw up an Affidavit that claims that the copy is a true and complete copy of the original birth certificate.  The signer could sign that affidavit, and you could notarize the signature on the affidavit and give them a quick oath. But, this is not legal in many states in conjunction with a birth certificate.

 What should a notary do?
As a notary, you should know the name of the document that is to be notarized BEFORE you get in your car.  Imagine driving 45 minutes in traffic only to find out that you are going to be asked to notarize a birth certificate. Have fun getting your travel fee in that case when you tell the client, “no can do”. 
Fetal Death Certificates?
I never knew this existed until I read someone’s reply to a forum post about notarizing (or not notarizing) birth certificates.  I never knew there was such thing as a fetal death certificate.  How can you give a certificate to someone who has not yet been named?  Do souls have an SKU number?  Was the fetus mature enough to have been infused with a soul yet?  When you study spirituality, you start asking questions like this!  On a brighter note, the fetus will be reincarnated, and won’t suffer much according to a colleague who specializes in past life regression!
Notarize THIS!
I am remembering this great mafia movie about the mafia boss and the shrink called Analyze this!  Imagine a movie about mafia people and notaries!
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