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August 28, 2016

November 15, 2011

Where Can I find a Chinese Speaking Notary?

Where can I find a Chinese speaking notary public?

At, we receive all types of inquiries from many types of people all the time.  Where can I find Roger Smith, he is a notary in Louisiana?  He notarized a document for me a year ago, and now I can’t find him.  I refer the inquirer to the Louisiana notary division, since they have the addresses of all currently commissioned notaries in the state.  I also get a few people asking me where they can find a notary in India, or Thailand. I refer them to the embassy, or ask them to find an attorney in the country in question.  I give sensible advice, and steer people the right direction, but honestly, I don’t have a lot of information myself that is good for answering most of the questions I get.  The harder requests are requests that I would LIKE to be able to fulfill, but sometimes it’s hard. 
Where can I find a Chinese speaking notary? has many bilingual notaries. You can use the LANGUAGE FILTER on the top right of the search results page after you do a search by zip code. Many of our bilingual notaries are Chinese Speaking notaries, however, they are all spread out, and there are dialects too.  Someone who knows Min-Nan-Yu only might not be fluent in Hakka for example.  These are Southern dialects from Guang-Dong and Southern Fu-Jian by the way.  The more common dialects are Mandarin, Cantonese, and Taiwanese in American metros.  You might find many Cantonese speaking notaries in any big city, but we have relatively few advertising on our site.  You can do a search by zip code and then use the language filter on the upper right side of the page.  Try inputting the term Cantonese, and then try Chinese as a second search. See what happens.  I cannot guarantee results because people join our directory daily, and change their language information from time to time, and drop out from time to time as well. 
If you can’t find a Chinese speaking notary on 123notary…. then…
The document signer needs to speak the same language as the notary in California and many other states. As a practice, even if your state doesn’t require it, the signer should be able to communicate directly with the notary.  You could try the Chinese yellow pages, or ask around in your metro’s Chinatown. There will be plenty of Chinese speaking notaries, but they might not advertise much as their business might come from word of mouth or (peng-you tui-jian gao-su peng-you) as the case might be.
It is common for Chinese people who function mainly in Chinese to pick service providers who also speak their language.  However, this might not be a good idea.  If your English is “Good enough”, you might be better off with an English speaking notary who is really good at what they do, and who is familiar with commonly notarized affidavits and documents. Just my opinion. Choose the skill set before you choose the cultural affinity if you have a choice!

To find a Mandarin speaking notary, just look up Mandarin in the language filter on search results. To find a Taiwanese speaking notary, just look up Taiwanese in the language filter. To find a Cantonese speaking notary, just type the word Cantonese in the language filter in the upper right corner of the search result pages. Honestly, the word “Chinese” will give you much wider results than these dialect names, but in NYC or San Francisco, you might find the dialect of your choice!  “Zhu ni hao yun!”.

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March 2, 2021

Jeremy’s July 2020 trip to New Mexico

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The stress of Covid-19 being in the environment, my site crashing for a week in July of 2020, and life in general necessitated going on a vacation. It was not possible to go earlier, so I waited until I erroneously thought it would be safe to travel. I wanted to be gone on July 4th, 2020, but had some things to finish up and wasn’t feeling well. I thought it would be WW3 here on the 4th due to all the recent riots in Los Angeles, but it was quiet. I guess the Antifa people had been subdued by the police fairly well in our area.

Joshua Tree
The plan was to have a long and relaxing drive, be with the shaman healing spirits of New Mexico, and do some hiking. I started the trip in Joshua Tree. I took some of my old favorite hikes and a few new ones. Joshua Tree is one of the best places to meditate because the vibration is very pure and spiritual. I started to feel lightheaded, and had to turn around a little prematurely on the boy scout trail on day one. But, on day two I had more water and aspirin and was able to hike five miles. On day three I went to Barker Dam where there were a lot more people. For my safety I like to hike near people just in case I get dehydrated or dizzy. So far I have never had a serious issue hiking, but sometimes I feel weird due to my circulation and liver issues.

Benson, AZ
Then I went to Benson, AZ. I like to meditate there in the hotel and there is good hiking ten minutes from there near Kartchner Caverns. I hiked in 100 degree heat, and it was a little too much for me since I was going up hill. But, I said a prayer that I would be alright in my hike. Within minutes a miracle happened. There was one small cloud in the sky, and that cloud moved exactly between me and the sun for forty minutes, which lowered the temperature and intensity making my hike a lot more tolerable. The next day I drove half an hour to Tombstone to see gunfighters, saloons, and get a buffalo burger. I saw an antiquated hotel and a tour of its ghosts. It was mildly interesting. Meeting the other tourists from the East Coast and hearing their stories was interesting too. They had to deal with being quarantined against their will by Cuomo once they returned.

Socorro, NM
From there I took a twisty route up the Eastern mountains of Arizona to Eagar and then East to Socorro. My psychic contacted the angels to ask where the best place for healing would be, and they said Socorro. I was able to get multiple shaman spirits to do healing work on me while on the road to and from Socorro in all directions from that destination. So, I feel Socorro, NM is the ideal place for healing work. From there I took a day trip the following day through remote areas. I went through Magdalena, then saw the very large array of huge radio dishes, and then went to a gas station with a restaurant which was closed on Sundays. So, I went to Pie Town, NM. There were lots of guys with guns in holsters. I remarked that it is refreshing to see socially responsible people having guns — because in my area it is that gangsters who have the guns and the responsible people who stand for nothing. I had a burger and blackberry pie and then drove to El Mapais National Park for some walking and scenery. From there I went to Albuquerque for more hiking but it was 96 degrees there and I was completely alone on the trail which is normally populated with mountain bikes.

I started seeing signs that all visitors were to be quarantined for 14 days. They sprung this rule on me after I had driven 800 miles. Gee, thanks for letting me know ahead of time — not!!! But, I was not there to do anything, only meditate, hike and get healing work, which I succeeded in doing. So, I got upset, and then kept seeing quarantine announcements on the freeway. The next day I drove into the middle of nowhere, meditated at a rest stop, and then went down to a town with the cheapest resorts in the country. I got a hot bath in mineral water for $8 — towel included with free drinking water. What a deal! After this, all restaurants in NM were closed for eating in, so I had to eat in the hotel. I had blueberry pie from the supermarket which was made by Jessie’s pie company who makes the best pies of all description and they are a nationwide chain. I had granola, fruit, dinner rolls and pie for dinner. Simple but yummy.

After three nights in Socorro I drove through Las Cruces and hiked at dripping springs. I got a lamb kabob plate from my favorite restaurant and had to eat it on the trunk of my car. Then I went to Deming, NM to rest on my way back to Benson. The angels had requested that I go back to Benson to do some spiritual work to protect the locals from evil spirits, and I did. The next day I went to Tucson, and then the next day I did a long trip up to Flagstaff and the Navajo Nation.

Navajo Nation & Flagstaff
Most of Tuba City in the Navajo Nation was closed down. There was a beautiful new hotel run by Hopis. They closed it down. The only things open were a testing site for Covid and two Chinese restaurants. So, I enjoyed some fried rice — you guessed it, on the trunk of my car in the searing heat. I spent the night in Flagstaff and my legs felt weird walking. I think I was having altitude sickness. So, I talked to an interesting old lady at a bar — yes, the bar at outback was open in Arizona. Then I went to the hotel, had trouble falling asleep because the vibe there was heavy. The next day I drove all the way to Yuma, did a food tour of Mexican and Asian cuisine. The food there is excellent. Marinated grilled spicy meat is used in their tacos and burritos with cabbage. This is not generally the way Mexican food is made in California. I would say that my best experience with Mexican food is usually in the tiny city of Yuma, AZ. I walked along the Colorado or Yuma river — whichever it is, had tacos, and then drove back home.

So, that was my trip. I felt better for 12 days after coming back. But, then I got depressed again. I think I want to go back to New Mexico for more healing work. My body seems to need more and more and health is one of my main priorities.


January 29, 2021

A healthcare house of cards revealed by Covid-19

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Americans are all afraid of Covid-19 and the reported deaths are about 8x as high as India per capita. All day long this is what we hear and talk about. But, why don’t we just live and get on with things? It is because we live in a house of cards in many ways.

Many Americans live in poor health and depend on pharmaceuticals to keep them healthy. This is an artificial way of maintaining your existence and it is not God given. The average person over 65 in American is on at least five different medications at the same time and the ambulatory elderly fill 9-13 prescriptions per year. These numbers are several years old, and it is hard to know what they really mean. But, these drugs are not good for your liver and are not natural.

By contrast in Japan, people walk a lot, drink a lot of green tea, have lots of vegetables, fish, rice and other healthy foods. They are lean, healthy and live into their eighties. They are hardly dying at all from Covid and they didn’t shut anything down because of their constitution.

So, the bottom line is that we are afraid of Covid not because Covid is dangerous, but because many of us are on thin ice to begin with at least healthwise.

Most Americans have very limited savings. If you shut them down or deny them income for even a short amount of time, they could go broke right away. This would cause a chain reaction and put landlords in a precarious position. If we saved more like the Chinese do, we would not be in such a vulnerable situation.

My personal emotional state is not so great in general. But, others are in even worse shape. The shutdowns and negative atmosphere causes people to indulge in more drinking, drugs, child abuse, and other negative behaviors. Suicides are way up, and society doesn’t seem to care. If we were in better emotional shape before Covid-19, it would be easier to get through this.

The political situation has been bad in America for several years. People don’t respect the constitution, honesty, or even fair elections. When you throw a pandemic into the situation, it can get a lot worse.

For those of us who can’t reason properly, and then you throw in a fake pandemic, people think unrealistic thoughts. They believe that only mad scientists can save them with some dangerous sounding vaccine. The same people who invented the virus are probably involved with the cure, just like some B rated science fiction movie. But, why are people so dumb in real life? Haven’t we seen all of this nonsense in movies already? Can’t we spot the bad guys from 8000 miles away? Can’t we sense fake Covid death numbers and see right away that there is no definition for how the numbers are computed? If you are dumb as rocks, and most people are, you will be fooled by the fake news and no amount of reason can save you. In a sense, mentally you live in a house of cards.

If you are vulnerable in any of these ways, you could completely fall apart during Covid-19. This disease scenario tests us, and finds our weaknesses. I learned a lot about myself. But, honestly, I am used to the nonsense now, and I have gotten used to adjusting my lifestyle. I just reverted to my shutdown lifestyle. I have places I go for juice, to eat, to walk, and for fun. The first shutdown was murder for me, but the 2nd was easy. I already had my habits in place. For other people it is not so easy. Bar owners going broke. Drug addicts overdosing. People committing suicide. Idiots about to take a vaccine that has God knows what in it. I fear for our community.


December 31, 2020

Jeremy is fatigued, but why?

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2020 has been a traumatic year. Wild fires, smoke, restrictions to our human rights, face masks, 123 going down for a week in June, Carmen dying, etc. When will it end? This is a lot of misery for one year.

I started getting very tired in late September. I couldn’t figure out why. I had a dream that my friend Mitch took Chinese herbs and got tired. But, Mitch was representing me in the dream and it was not the herbs that were making me tired. So, I had my psychic ask an angel. The angel said that I was processing part of Carmen’s karma after she died and that was tiring me out. Hmmm.

You will be reading this several months after the fact as I prepublish my articles. I am going to Yuma tomorrow Oct 3rd and traveling around AZ and NM like I often do for my energy and health. The shamanic spirits will do healing work on me like they always do. But, this time I am going to spots where the spirits are able to help me more. Spots they prefer and are “better staffed” if you can accept that notion.

Honestly I am a mess without Carmen. I am behind on emails, blogging and most of my other tasks. Somehow I will figure out how to make my life work again. Wish me luck. If only she could do emails from heaven. I’ll ask her next time I do my spirit communication.


December 27, 2020

New Year’s Resolutions for Notaries for 2021

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Every year I come back to this topic. Sometimes I address it in a humorous way, and other times in a serious way. Notaries often procrastinate some of their responsibilities. Your business will do better if you are a little more proactive in certain ways. Here are my tips for 2021.

Stock up on supplies like paper, toner, ink, get that new GPS system if it will help you, pens, stamps, Fedex envelopes, and whatever else you need.

Notaries have to eat on the road and that is not always healthy unless you live near a Whole Foods or a Jamba Juice. But, you can have packages of nuts and dried fruits in the car, and then bring fresh fruit on a daily basis. Dried fruits have a lot of nutrition. Apricots, dates, plums, dried mangos, raisins, and other dried fruits are packed with many micronutrients, minerals, vitamins, iron, and more!

The newer Notaries seem to take education a lot more seriously. I noticed a change in collective attitude about six months ago. It seems that Mark Wills at LSS is a force of motivation and enthusiasm to be reckoned with. His students seem to be popular on our site too. His course seems to be oriented towards practical issues like dealing with some of the types of signings that became popular in the last few years (that were not popular during my day sonny.)

123notary has a paid certification course with a hard test. Our testing standards are the hardest in the industry and those who use our site are aware of that. We also have a very interesting FREE course on the blog which people love called Notary Public 101 and we test people who completed that test and sometimes certify them. Most people don’t study enough, but you can make that your New Year’s resolution and it will benefit you for the rest of your career.

Your Notary profile has a notes section. I just reviewed several hundred of our most prominent notes sections on the site. I am sorry to say that few did a bang up job writing about themselves. I think that putting in a lot of effort to try and figure out what to say about yourself will really pay off. Those who use our site want to read what you have to say about yourself, so if you say very little, they are less likely to call you first. It might take a few hours to read our section on the blog called, “Your notes section” while taking notes. It might take a few more hours to write a great notes section. But, that is what successful notaries so, so if you want to be successful, invest some time in it, especially during the holidays.

It is the same suggestion every year. Our notaries seem to have less reviews than a few years ago. The very experienced Notaries got old or died off. Most of our Notaries are new which is refreshing, but they need to have reviews too. Anyone who compliments you on your work – ask them for a review and send them a link to your review page. The link is above your name on your profile.

Company Names
It pays off to have a good company name and register it with your county. We have written many articles on the topic. Please read those articles. It takes hours of brainstorming and conversations with others to pick a great name for your company. It is worth the effort in the long run.

Review your state notary laws
Some people look to Notary agencies for advice, but to know your local laws, please refer to your notary division’s website. Most states have a notary division under their Secretary of State, but some have it under another state office. Review those laws, because you might have a quandry one day if you are not rock solid on Notary laws and procedures.

I think I better think up my resolutions for this year. I want to be better at time management, lose lots of weight and learn Chinese better. Never mind becoming a millionaire — I’ll save that for 2022.


November 2, 2020

Notary Verbiage & Notary Wording

Originally published Nov 13, 2016.

Notary verbiage is a fancy way of saying Notary wording. Notary verbiage is legally required on all notarizations that are in writing. Oaths and Affirmations might not contain any written proof of the transaction other than in the Notary journal. The Notary form where the Notary wording is documented or written is called a Notary Certificate. A Notary Certificate would be a separate piece of paper where official state Notary wording is written or it could be the official notary wording embedded at the end of a legal document after the signature section.

Notary verbiage varies from state to state
You need to make sure that the Notary wording you are using is prescribed for your state. Each state has different wording, and you can look up that wording on Google by using terms such as, “New Jersey Acknowledgment Verbiage.” You need to specify which type of Notary act you want to know the wording for. Acknowledgments and Jurats are the two most common forms of Notary acts, although some states allow for certified copies of powers of attorney and other specialized notary acts.

Out of State Notary wording causes confusion
If you are a California Notary Public notarizing a deed with Florida Notary wording, you are allowed to Notarize the document. Notary wording on out of state documents might be a little different than what your state’s official Notary verbiage is. But, so long as it is not substantially different it is allowed. That means that so long as there are no differences in meaning behind the words in the Notary verbiage then it is okay. Most Acknowledgment sections claim that the signer appeared before the Notary on a particular date and acknowledged that they in fact signed the instrument (document).

International Wording
Out of state notary wording has never caused a problem in my personal Notary career of eight years. However, international requirements can cause a huge nightmare. It is common for overseas document custodians (the entity who will record or hold on to the document after it is notarized) to have requirements which are not only “not done” in the United States, but could be illegal. It is common for Chinese organizations to want an American Notary to put a stamp on a blank piece of paper with no Notarial wording which is completely illegal. In such a case, you have to explain to the signer that you are required by law to staple a notary certificate to the document being Notarized, fill it out completely, and then stamp it to complete the Notarization. Most states also require the signer to be identified and sign a journal.


(1) The Venue

Q. What is a Venue?
A. The venue comes at the top of a Notary certificate and documents the state and states the county.

State of California
County of Los Angeles

Certificate verbiage will contain a venue which is a section at the top of the notary certificate which includes the state and county where the notarization took place, and a signature section at the bottom which is where you put your signature and Notary seal impression. It is possible that a preprinted venue will have the wrong state which is a problem. If there is wrong information in the venue, you either have to do a cross out, or start with a brand new form. Most venues pre-print the state, but leave a blank where the county is to be inscribed. A prudent Notary will make sure all forms get filled out correctly with no cross outs as that is very unprofessional, especially on documents such as Deeds or Power of Attorney which are likely to be recorded by the county or some other organization.

(2) The body of an Acknowledgment.
Below the venue, the acknowledgment certificate will state that on such a date, a particular person or several named people personally appeared before a Notary Public and acknowledge that they signed the corresponding document. The wording will also include the fact that the signer was positively identified or perhaps known to the notary (some states allow for personal knowledge of a signer at a notarization.)

(3) The bottom of an Acknowledgment
Locus Sigilli is a lovely Latin term means the location of the stamp. At the bottom of the Notary certificate form is where the signature of the Notary goes and also where the stamp goes. Most Notaries use an inked Notary Seal while others use a non-inked Notary embosser in addition to prove authenticity of the notarization as it is possible to emboss all of the pages of the document to prove that pages were not swapped after the fact.

(4) Examples

Example of a Florida Acknowledgment Certificate



The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this ___________ (date), by __________ (name), who is personally known to me or who has produced _____________ (type of identification) as identification.


Notary Public

Printed Name:__________________

My Commission Expires:


Commission #_________

California Acknowledgment Wording

State of California
County of Los Angeles

On 7-21-2016 before me , Joe Smith Notary Public, personally appeared Sam Sarno
who proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person(s) whose name(s) is/are subscribed to the within instrument and acknowledged to me that he/she/they executed the same in his/her/their authorized capacity(ies), and that by his/her/their signature(s) on the instrument
the person(s), or the entity upon behalf of which the person(s) acted, executed the instrument.

I certify under PENALTY OF PERJURY under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing paragraph is true and correct.

Witness my hand and official seal _______________
Description of Attached Document
Title or Type of Document: _______ Number of Pages: ________
Document Date: _____ Other: _____________

Crossing out verbiage is required
On an Acknowledgment form, the boiler plate wording in the middle of the form requires cross-outs. Normally on legal forms you don’t want to cross out anything, but these cross-outs establish whether you are dealing with an individual signer, a male, female, group, etc.
If you look at the California Acknowledgment wording above, you will notice the term “Person(s)”. If it is a single person, then cross out the (s). The term name(s) — if there is only one name then cross out the (s). If you are doing a name affidavit, you might have a single person and six or seven names in which case do not cross out the (s). Then there is the he/she/they wording which can be complicated if you are notarizing someone of ambiguous gender or for Siamese twins.

Jurat Wording
Jurat wording is substantially different from Acknowledgment wording in that the Jurat requires the signer to sign in the presence of a Notary and swear under Oath as to the truthfulness of the document. Many states have a simplistic wording that just says,

“Subscribed and sworn to before me this __________ date of ______, (enter year) _______. ”

Other states have more elaborate wording, but the basic facts documented are the same.

Certified Copy by Document Custodian
This is a type of Jurat that is used only from time to time. Many individuals want to make a copy of a document and then have a Notary “certify” that the copy is correct. Most states don’t allow a Notary to certify this information. However, a Notary could make the photocopy him/her-self and write a note claiming that they attest to the fact that the photocopy is a true and complete copy of the original. However, the offficial Notary act that takes place is a Jurat where the signer swears under Oath that the copy is genuine. I completed many such Notary acts for college transcripts especially for foreign clients.

Read More about Notary Wording

Should you use book wording for Oaths or improvise?

Notary Acknowledgment Wording

Index of information about documents


May 15, 2020

Notaries over 60

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Since my Notaries over 50 blog article was so popular, I am writing another one that is similar.

Notaries over 60 need to be careful about the Coronavirus which partakes in ageism. It kills mainly elderly people and people from cultures that eat noodles like Italians and Chinese (not sure why). Personally, I think this disease is prejudiced against people who live in cold weather and I think the disease is racist! Washing your hands regularly and using disinfecting wipes on all surfaces at signings, in your home and car make sense. The regular flue also kills many elderly people, so being extra cautious about your immunity and health makes sense.

Bad Weather
Avoiding signings during inclement weather makes sense too. At your age do you want to be caught in a freezing rain storm? Think about it.

Going up long flights of stairs might be hazardous to your health depending on how good your health is.

Getting plenty of non-impact exercise is critical. If you want to live to be old and healthy, lots of swimming and walking should be a daily habit. Jogging and exercise that puts strain on your joints might come back to haunt you in your old age.

A good diet with lots of fruit, vegetables and supplements makes sense as well. My article about Notaries over 50 goes in detail about which foods are miracles for good health.

It is necessary to get enough sleep so you are not cranky or susceptible to disease. However, elderly people sometimes sleep less than others. What a paradox. Get enough sleep just to remain healthy and have a good immunity system.

Acupuncture is a way to balance your energy channels in your body. It also helps to strengthen immunity and deal with aches and pains.

Keeping a sharp mind
Mental atrophe is a problem for people getting older. It is important to review Notary educational materials, your state handbook, and do mental exercises to keep sharp. Grape juice and grape seed extra help to keep the cobwebs out of your cerebral neurons. A good mind has a physical aspect as well as an intellectual. Keep this in mind so that you don’t get mentally fuzzy.

Good eyes are important. Americans don’t eat enough orange foods, but those are good for the eyes along with good circulation. The eyes need blood too, so if the blood doesn’t slow, they will suffer. Carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and yams are some excellent sources of orange foods. These are also good for the spleen. Spinach also has lots of vitamin A for your eyes and it can be put in juice mixes, but is not good as a solo in a juice. I try to each orange foods at least once per day or at least a few times a week for my spleen and eyes.

Don’t retire – just slow down
People who retire just die according to research. So, if you don’t want to die, don’t retire. Just do less. People in one of the Greek islands where people live to be 100 frequently all have community responsibilities, hike by necessity, have a mainly plant based diet, and live near the ocean so they get that ocean vibe which helps people relax.

Get health energies
The forest, ocean and desert all have healthy energies. These can help you feel better and perhaps live longer. I visit these places regularly. Trees and flowers or gardens can also have healing energy as the plants have metaphysical properties. Stay healthy by getting external sources of good qi so you can make it to 70.

This might be hard if you live in Los Angeles. But, if you live in a normal state where people have human values (like Texas or Montana) you might find others who like to socialize. For those who live in California, it might make sense to find people out of state to socialize with – just trying to be realistic.

Let me know if you guys can think of other tips for the 60+ crowd.


May 10, 2020

Notaries over 40 – a list of ten things that define your life

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I published another article called Notaries over 50. But, Notaries in their 40’s have issues too. Let’s look at those issues. Most Notaries are older people. That is why we do better on Facebook than Instagram, but that is a different issue. Notaries tend to be women, and tend to be in Real Estate or Lending. Roughly 90% of our Notaries are over 40. Here are some issues you might have in your 40’s if you are a Notary.

1. You burned out in your career and now you want a free-er lifestyle.

2. You are fine but your industry got burned out due to changes in interest rates or other uncontrollable events and decided to become a Notary.

3. Your kids graduated from High School, now you have some extra time and foolishly decided to become a Notary.

4. You got pregnant, and how you need a way to support your (illegitimate) children. oops. That is for Notaries in their 20’s — wrong article

5. Your friends either moved away, ignore you because they are devoted to their careers, or got married and focus on the family and never call you any more. Meanwhile your family is busy dying one by one and you feel more socially isolated than any other time in your life. God, being 40 something sucks!

6. You get a gallstone and seek help from a Chinese herbalist named Qiao. You can spell her name but not pronounce it unless you took high school Chinese and learned Pin Yin romanization.

7. You start getting dizzy for no reason and decide to drink more water.

8. You put more money in retirement than you spend having fun because having fun is no fun anymore now that all your friends have abandoned you.

9. You spend more time reading 123notary’s blog in hopes of enlightenment, entertainment and becoming a master of your craft.

10. You wish signing companies would pay you on time so you send threatening letters which works, but leaves you feeling empty inside thinking — why is life like this? Why can’t they just be decent human beings and pay me?

I hope you enjoyed my list of realistic things that happen as a Notary once you turn forty. Let me know if you have other things you would like to share. Perhaps I could use the comments to write another article.


May 5, 2020

Squirrels and notes sections – they all look the same

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I often wonder how squirrels tell each other apart. “Hey, who stole my acorn? Was it you?” I have this same mistake with Chinese girls. “Hi, Cindy.” “Like, I’m not Cindy.” “Oh… (pause) Awkward.”

But, people’s notes sections on the various notary directories look fairly generic as well. They talk about their NNA certification. They mention they are background screened but fail to say by whom. They mention they have E&O, but omit to say how much. And they mention that they “travel”, but don’t mention how far. A few mention that they will jump for clients, but once again leave out — how high.

Then there are those who brag about how dependable they are and how they have a .001% error rate. There is no point in mentioning any of this because anyone can claim this, but claiming it not only doesn’t make it true, but makes you look inexpensive and like a novice.

Can you make your notes section stand out? Can you put some cold hard information and something unique that makes you look different from the other Notaries jumping from branch to branch doing job after job? Take this seriously and put some time into it because uniqueness enhances your click ratio which translates into more work!

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