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April 18, 2016

How valuable is a county search compared to a zip search?

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Carmen claims that the zip search gets close to 90% of searches while the county page does not. But, my evidence states otherwise.

Find a Notary vs. Advanced Search
Clicks to the Find a Notary Public page represent roughly 30% of search volume. The Find a Notary Public page offers purely click on a city or county related searches and no zip searches. The Advanced search and masthead search represent the other 70% of searches which offer a choice between city/county or zip searches. Therefore, we know for a fact that at least 30% of searches are by city or county page which both revert to the county or sub-county search results. My estimate is that 45% of searches show county page results while 55% do not.

Here is some more evidence I got by accident
I created a listing for someone in Oklahoma. The average new Notary with free placement in that area had .88 clicks per day while our zip-less Notary had only .42 which means that he got 47% of his total potential clicks merely by being on the county page. This is finally some real evidence of hour powerful our county pages are.

How does this affect you?
If you were planning on purchasing additional county pages with high placement, you need to know how much of the potential business you will get without being listed in local zip codes. The answer is about 47% of your full potential. However, we often charge a lot less than 47% of the book rate if you get additional counties on an existing listing. Additionally, your reviews will show up in additional counties if those counties are on your original listing.


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July 2, 2013

Find a notary public at the last minute on

Do you ever need to find a notary public at the last minute? You might need a notary office, or even a mobile notary public who will travel to you. It seems like a difficult thing to do. You ask around. You ask where you can find a great notary public. You assume you will have to stand in line at some bank or office and fill out a lot of forms.

But, it is easier than that. Just visit and click on the FIND A NOTARY page. Find 7000 mobile notaries throughout the United States. We have notaries in every state by the boatload. We even have notaries in remote parts of Montana, Hawaii, and Delaware.

Notaries on our site who have our certification icon are a lot better trained than those who don’t. So, even if your notarization is an easy one, it pays off to have someone who knows what they are doing.

Good luck finding a great notary on!

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May 3, 2013

Find a Notary — one who provides late night 24 hour service

I was thinking about this today. Everybody needs to sleep. In our search results for 24 hour notaries, we should document when their black hours are. Everybody sleeps sometime — even if it is during odd hours. If they are sleeping, then maybe another 24 hour notary would be a better candidate for a particular job. Some people go to sleep at 4am and wake at 8am, and they would be perfect for a 2am job. Don’t you think?

But, 123notary has tons of 24 hour notaries in our search results. Use the Find a Notary Public Search page to find these people. Roughy 25% of all of our 7000 notaries on the site provide 24 hour service (or claim to). This can be a real life saver.

The tricky part is that not all of these notaries are “real” 24 hour notaries. Some don’t answer the phone after hours, or even during business hours. So, how do you know which of our 24 hour notaries are real ones? Surprisingly, I have called many of these notaries myself and the MAJORITY do answer the phone late at night, even after midnight. Keep calling until you find one who can accommodate your job.

24 hour notaries are often used for last minute travel documents, hospital signings, airport signings, and loan signings for people who work unusual shifts. I did a loan signing at 2am for someone who got out of work at midnight. A bit unusual, but there was no traffic, and my client was very nice. It worked well.

Find a 24 hour notary public on on our Find a Notary page. Good luck!


November 28, 2011

How do I find a notary public?

How do I find a notary public?
Finding a notary public is easy.  Do you need a notary office where you can go to?  Or, do you want a mobile notary who will travel to you for an extra travel fee?
How do  I find a notary office?
Try your local yellow pages and find a local UPS store, mail boxes store, or someone who advertises as a notary public.  Many attorneys, insurance offices, bail bonds offices, and real estate offices will have a notary public on staff.
How do I find a mobile notary?
Just use and look up by zip code or use our  find a notary page. We have thousands of mobile notaries throughout the United States who can help you day or night. They will be happy to come to your home, office, movie set, hospital, jail cell, or meet you at a cafe somewhere.  There are many uses for mobile notaries, so make sure you find someone who is experienced in the particular type of job you have in mind.  Jail, hospital, and power of attorney signings are trickier than normal, so make sure you find someone experienced in those particular types of jobs if you need to hire someone for that type of work. 
What if I don’t have current identification?
You need to let the notary public know what type of identification you have before they see you.  If you drivers license is expired, you will generally not be able to use it as identification with a notary public.  Identification acceptable to notaries must be a current government issued photo ID with a physical description, signature, serial number, and expiration date.
What if I need help filling the document or drafting the document?
I would advise that you DO NOT bother notaries with questions about documents. That is very far outside what they are authorized to do or advise you about. If you have questions with documentation, ask an attorney, or find someone qualified in whatever the subject matter of the document is.  Notaries notarize signatures on documents and sometimes certify copies of powers of attorneys and give Oaths.  They are not supposed to do much more than that.  Rules differ state by state.

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