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October 15, 2021

The Supply Chain Debacle

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It all started when I had to go to five stores to find Starbucks Double Shot. I love double shots so much I created a notary quiz question where the notary has to administer an Oath to me for a statement that says, “I love Starbucks Double Shots.” Well, they are not being manufactured anymore and they are out of stock. Thank God I have the remains of a dozen that I keep in my trunk for trips. What is happening to this planet.

Then I couldn’t find water at the supermarket. But, I went to another supermarket and they had Arrowhead, but not their store brand. Is this a trucking problem.

Then, I started seeing articles stating that the supply chain has been undermined for five months — and I am only realizing in October 2021.

So, how will this affect the notary biz? Good question. First of all, if you are a Notary (or anyone else), you should consider stocking up on things you like and things you need because they might not be available at some point because your trucker died, quit, or has Covid. Additionally, local California laws make it impossible to hire a trucker who has their own truck because they must be categorized as an employee even if they meet the definition of a subcontractor. I believe CA created that law solely to throw a wrench in people’s business models and put people out of work.

Supply chain issues lead to a decrease in construction because materials are so hard to come by. That means less purchases, sales, and construction paperwork. We still might have refinances, and that might go up as property values might climb if people are not able to build easily. Additionally, there is a labor shortage as people don’t want to work as much or due to labor law issues, cannot qualify to work under the terms they like or need such as being an independent contractor. AB5 is such a bummer.

I think that in the long run, people will die from the vaccine and from natural disasters. My psychic channeled the angels at my request to ask about two dozen questions — mostly personal. But, one was about earthquakes. The angel said that earthquakes would be the tip of the iceberg. We will have volcanoes all throughout the world — that means Oregon and Washington State will be in big trouble, and perhaps Wyoming.

It seems clear that the Messiah is coming, and the prophecy is that 2/3rds of the world’s population will die in the years before he becomes a public figure. A much smaller portion of the American population will die compared to the world population, but there will still be death. And death means more available housing which means that ALTHOUGH housing might go up for the next two years, it will have to come down a little starting around 2023 or 2024 when it hits it’s apex, and then sharply around 2024-2027. This is just my guestimate, but it is based on future events revealed to me.

So, I don’t know where it makes sense to put your assets: stocks, gold, real estate, land, or cash. Maybe a mixture of all of these. Basically, when the market hits its apex, there will not be much in terms of Refinances after that. And God knows what will happen to global financial markets. We might face another meltdown, but of unprecedented proportions. Time to build a bunker and stock up on canned goods!


August 8, 2021

Memorial of Carmen Towles, former salesperson for 123notary

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Carmen Towles passed away in July of 2020. I found out on July 25th from a client. I believe she passed away on the 24th, but I see other conflicting reports on Notary Rotary saying it happened two weeks before that. The last time I talked to Carmen was on June 29th when she was released from the hospital. She was able to talk but wasn’t making logical sense. She couldn’t remember if she had a gall stone or a kidney stone. I think you would remember that.

Carmen died of Pancreatic cancer, but had a gall bladder infection too. She never told me about the cancer, perhaps because she didn’t want me to worry. I think it would have been better if she had told me so I could plan ahead.

In any case, Carmen and I worked together for 17 years since 2003. I remember the first time I met her at the entrance to our complex. I was selling her a course book. She was very talkative, inquisitive, and sharp. She kept calling me to ask questions and became very knowledgeable as a signing agent. Carmen claimed she took the NNA course, but that it did not make her feel confident enough to go out and do real signing work. After she mastered our 123notary course, she felt she got a practical road map of what to do and how to handle situations. As time went on, I begged her to work for me. She initially didn’t want to. It took a few years to get her to work full time. After she got used to it, signings slowed down, and she became hooked on 123. She did the new sales and renewals and was very possessive about the work.

Carmen was an excellent mentor to many of our Notaries. She taught them the twists and turns of what can happen at signings and with the various companies who hire Notaries. She kept many out of trouble and inspired all. She had real charisma, pizzazz, combined with a deep and pragmatic knowledge of Notary law and signing competency. Nobody else combined her flamboyance and knowledge. None of the other Notary companies have anyone even half as good as she was.

Carmen helped me put together a new over the phone test content as well as a new course which is on the blog and free — Notary Public 101. We wanted to emphasize what gets Notaries in trouble, so they can stay out of trouble. The other courses taught information which was about loan documents which is fine, but you don’t normally get in trouble for not understanding the documents, you get in trouble for notary mistakes or mishandling situations.

The Notaries are very sad that Carmen is gone. There will never be another Carmen. I am sad that I never got to say goodbye. I didn’t think she would pass away so fast. I thought she had another year where she would function at half speed. But, I can communicate easily with spirits, so I have had a few simple dialogues with Carmen.

JEREMY: How are things in the brighter world?
CARMEN: I’m getting a lot of rest.

JEREMY: What will I do without you?
CARMEN: Oh, don’t worry about it.

JEREMY: Do you have to wear face masks up there?
CARMEN: Ha ha…. no!!!

So, now I have to do all of Carmen’s work. I call all of the renewal people. It wouldn’t take that long except that the higher level people like to chat. Many of our higher level people have been with us for years, in some cases up to 20 years, and they have stories from long back. The bigger issue is not having to do her work. I am missing the new calls because I am not prepared to answer the phone all the time. I am not sure how I will hire someone new who will be acceptable and who will last.

And third, I miss Carmen because she is like a family member to me. She understood me well, and had very sensible advice for me about all of my issues. I didn’t necessarily agree with all of her advice, but most of it was good. I am very sad, lonely and don’t know what to expect of the future. The future doesn’t look very bright now, but you never know. I am going to try out several new ladies who seem promising.

With all of the bad vibes in the atmosphere due to the Covid19 issue, riots, and political upheaval, it seemed like the devil made his rounds to disrupt many cities, many lives, many political issues, etc. First there were Covid19 shutdowns which took away our rights. 80% of what I could do outside of the house was shut down or disappeared. Then the devil came to my neighborhood with the riots. A month later my site went down for a week. Actually that was done by angels for my protection, but felt like the devil was somehow involved. And then my site went back up, Carmen became incapacitated and then died shortly after. So much grief in just five months. No wonder I feel more depressed than I have felt in years.

Carmen was always there, usually answered the phone, only went on one quick vacation that I knew about which was a cruise in Mexico. But, she kept her phone with her so she was accessible. She even did phone duty while she was on Jury Duty. She was always there, and now she will never be there again.

I will have my psychic contact Carmen in the brighter world to see if she has anything she wants to tell the Notaries. My ability for spirit communication is okay for very quick questions and answers but not good enough for conversations. So, we will leave this up to Walter who is an expert.

Incoming phone communication to 123notary is basically almost impossible now. I answer some of my incoming calls. but, I really can’t get more than 10%. If you want to reach me fast, just use the email form on I am very slow by, so if you are in a hurry, is a little faster.

So for now, that is all I can say.


July 26, 2021

Jeremy’s culinary trip to the hood results in a paranormal situation

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I had been dreaming of going to South Central (The Hood) to sample Salvadorian food. I had not been in about 15 or 20 years since I was doing notary work. It used to be a black area, and then it turned into a Salvadorean area. That is how Los Angeles is. Pretty soon the whole city will be Salvadorean…. or perhaps Honduran if the refugee crisis continues. I have been wanting to do this for two years, but never had time.

After my chiropractic appointment on Friday, I had this thought that I should “just do it” even though I would risk sounding like a Nike commercial. So, I went food tasting in Larchmont first. I had my blueberry banana smoothie to get my fruit and berry energy for my health regimen. Then I sampled a piece of lemon cake and chocolate from a cafe. This was in a very poche part of town. Then I went down Western. The traffic was the worst I’ve seen in years. I inched my way down block by block. There was very little to see and no restaurants worth visiting. By this time I was pretty deep in the hood.

Then, a tiny waft of marijuana smoke came in my window — from where, it is unclear. I felt a drugged experience immediately. But, not a marijuana experience. I can’t describe it. I didn’t like it. But, I don’t do drugs and I was sober. It was a heavy, low and distorted feeling. I felt slightly dehydrated and mildly lightheaded as well. After that I felt terror. I had no idea why. I didn’t see that many people on the sidewalk, but the one I saw looked very drugged out. I felt that I was in the wrong place, but thank God during the day. I wanted to get out — and fast. So I turned left and it got more normal again. I drove East and started feeling normal again, then drove North, and then down Vermont. There was a good Asian noodle spot near the university, but they were closed and there was no parking anyway. Vermont was slow going South as well and there was nothing good to see.

After I got back, my psychic said that some 11 year olds were being drugged very close to where I was driving, and they were hired to kill someone. That is why I felt what I felt. I thought the hood was safe now. But, according to the psychic, I shouldn’t be down there …. at all.

So, I guess I am very sensitive to pick up on what other people are doing at least from the vibration. This experience was sort of paranormal, and very disturbing. But, nothing bad happened. I learned never to drive around Los Angeles Friday afternoon. It is terrible. But, Sunday is a good day, and if I ever do another food tour, I will try it then. My papusa dining experience will have to wait!


May 26, 2021

A therapist becomes a signing agent

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Jeff the therapist gets tired of dealing with insurance companies, secretaries, and the daily hassle of being a psychotherapist and longs to become a Mobile Notary. However, he seems to have trouble transitioning into his new life.

JEFF: He, my name is Jeff Winkler and I am here to facilitate the signing of your refinance. Do you have any prior medical conditions I should know about?


JEFF: Are you on any medications that could complicate our signing?

SIGNER: Ummm. Lipitor

JEFF: Oh, is your cholesterol high?

SIGNER: No, because I take Lipitor. If I didn’t take Lipitor, then my cholesterol would be high.

JEFF: I understand. Do you ever hear voices?

SIGNER: I think we all hear voices. My wife is the only big voice that I hear.

THE WIFE: I heard that!

JEFF: Great, well here is the package. Can we sit at the dining room table?


JEFF: Will your insurance be covering the signing?

SIGNER: I think the Notary fees is listed on the TRID or the Settlement Statement. It’s $200 and out of that I’m sure they pay you at least $35.

JEFF: Yup, sounds like your insurance company covered it and is giving the service provider their usual 20% or so for doing 99% of the work. Let’s see…. Now, here is your rate and on this other document your APR. The APR is higher than the rate, how does that make you feel?

SIGNER: It’s supposed to be higher because it incorporates fees and closing costs into the percentage plus it’s compounded.

JEFF: Aren’t I supposed to explain that to you? Maybe you should be the signing agent.

SIGNER: Does that bother you?

JEFF: No, but it perplexes me. Perhaps you have been through this several times and know the drill. I’m still fresh out of medical school with Loan Signing Systems. I just got a degree in signing from them. Was your mother also a borrower?

SIGNER: We had a loan under my father’s name as a child.

JEFF: How did that make you feel?

SIGNER: I think that is pretty standard. I was not aware of my parents’ financial arrangements.

JEFF: So you had no feelings about that. Uh-huh. I’m taking notes. Do you feel comfortable signing the entire package?

SIGNER: I’m already 90% done.

JEFF: Yes, and on this document here, you need to sign with your middle initial.

SIGNER: Yes, I will… By the way… How does that make you feel?

JEFF: I feel a sense of completeness when you use that middle initial. Something I never felt as a child.

SIGNER: I’m afraid our time is up.

JEFF: Hey! I’m supposed to say that. You’ve taken over my job as a Signing Agent AND as a therapist.

SIGNER: How does that make you feel?

JEFF: It makes my life easier and it provides comic relief?

SIGNER: Great, next time you can lie on the couch during our session. I’m doing a construction loan and I’ll request you. I run a few businesses and we are always doing signings.

JEFF: Oh, perfect. Here’s my card. I also do Weddings and Bar-Mitzvahs

SIGNER: Mazel-Tov. See you next time. There’s a Fedex station around the corner on Wilshire. It’s open late.


May 3, 2021

Taking precautions against Covid

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Although I got a cold, and not Covid, I take precautions for contagious diseases. While other people who think that wearing a paper mask will protect themselves somehow, I realize that a think mask might delay when you are infected with something, but cannot prevent it altogether, so it therefore does NOT keep you “safe.”

However, I take Vitamin D regularly. People who take D still get infected with all types of diseases, but the severity of the disease is a lot less because of the effects of the vitamin which stimulates 2000 genes in your body most of which have to do with the immune system.

I also take garlic and eat cruciferous vegetables and fermented foods regularly. This is good for your gut bacteria which is the backbone of your immune system.

I even had a few maitake mushrooms which increase your killer T cells by 30%. I’m not sure how many maitakes I am supposed to eat. I just eat a serving each time. I like to live in moderation.

When I got sick, I found it a little bit remarkable that I had no symptoms other than fatigue and chills for several days. Normally when you get an infectious disease you cough, sneeze, are stuffed up, have intestinal issues, lung pain, or something. I had none of this. Was it because I took precautions for my immune system? Was it the vitamin D?

Then I asked myself using my psychic techniques which are not necessarily accurate, but are all I have — HOW MUCH WORSE would my cold have been if I did not have garlic, vegetables, fermented foods, D, maitake, etc? It looks to me logically that it could have been many times worse. If my lungs had been hurting for two weeks or coughing stuff up, that would have been very painful. I think I got off lucky although I lost a fair amount of time from work.

My amateurish psychic reading says that my cold would have been six times as bad. So, while we are all scared of Covid, a simple common cold can destroy your health and body very easily. So, keep your immune system tuned up at all times because you never know what is down the road.


April 1, 2021

Tips on notarizing dead people

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Just for the record, it is illegal to notarize a dead person, so I advise that you don’t break the law in any way, shape or form. I also recommend that you defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. It is the domestic ones who are the worst these days. Since it is April Fools day, I took the liberty of publishing this silly article. Here are my points.

1. Six Feet Under
Dead people are normally six feet under which satisfies the social distancing requirements. Unfortunately it might be hard to see them and identify them if you are separated by six feet of dirt. But, you could improvise.

2. Notarizing Spirits
If you notarize a spirit, make sure the spirit has ID, and that it is good spirits. I’m not sure how that applies or what that means. I think a human might be in good spirits, if happy spirits are around us. I noticed that during the period of spiritual darkness in mid 2020 my mood declined due to the pervasive influence of malevolent spirits. I was told that would go away in April 2021. Let’s hope for the best.

3. Notarizing a Voice
If you notarize a voice for someone in an insane asylum, first of all realize that all of us hear voices. Some people hear them louder than others or more frequently. The problem is if you believe the voice. I am mildly clarevoyant and regularly talk to the spirit of my guru, healer spirits and a particular angel, but I know these “people” well and know what is in character for them to say. But, the voices that crazy people hear might be demonic spirits. The voices might be “real” , but not savory. But, the bottom line is that the voice must physically appear before you and present ID to be notarized.

4. Dead People Vote for Democrats
The joke is that living people usually vote for Republicans, but vote Democrat after they die. If you are notarizing ballots in any mail-in election, it might be hard to do signature verification on a dead person. It might require some creativity. But, in defense of states requiring notarized ballots, those states were not questioned by Trump’s Attorneys. So, Giuliani must have some faith in the notarization process. He should send some of his signature cigars out to Notaries who did a good job.

5. Half Dead
People who are half dead in a hospital who cannot think clearly or communicate well or hold a pen properly are prime risk for lawsuits. One in seven notaries on our site who has been in business full-time for several years ended up in court. If you want to increase your chances of appearing before a judge, engage in risky hospital notarizations. It pays to speak directly to the signer for hospital signings. If they are sleeping and cannot talk to you, that is a bad sign.

6. The Vaccine
My psychic says that those who take the vaccine will become infertile, genetically adulterated and become the living dead and we will have something like a zombie apocalypse of some sort. He said they would become something inhuman. I’m not sure about his credibility, but there is aluminum and some DNA strings that can affect your immunity in various ways which is not natural and scary. I wouldn’t take it. But, you might have to notarize the half dead one day so brace yourself.

7. Carmen
Carmen passed away in late July, 2020. She doesn’t need to be notarized in heaven, but if you want to chat with her, get used to communicating with the dead. She still has a good sense of humor and might give you some good tips.

This article is for comedic purposes only and you cannot legally notarize a dead person’s signature even if they signed before they died. Don’t try it.


March 6, 2021

The safety of our Notaries is our top priority! — a Covid story

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A signing company called a Notary on our site. The Notary found out the borrower had Covid-19 and called back to decline the job. The signing company said, ‘We understand. The safety of our Notaries is our top priority.”

The next thing you know, the same signing company offered the job to a friend of the Notary in a nearby town. If the signing company cares so much about “safety,” then why would they send someone to an infected person’s house? So much for “safety.” The other Notary took the assignment.

So, the question is, how should we be “safe?” If someone has Covid-19 or even a cough at this point they are banned from society. They are prohibited by law from going to any store, or even a medical clinic. At my acupuncturist they take your temperature before they let you in the door — or they used to. I think they got bored with that or perhaps it’s no longer a requirement. The people who need help the most can’t get it. And getting food? Sorry, you don’t qualify. It’s all about being “safe” by violating your rights. Hitler made lots of unnecessary restrictions and claimed it was for people’s “safety” too. So, whenever someone restricts you to be “safe,” think of good old Adolf.

Ironically, one of my favorite people is Adolfo. He is a bar tender, musician, and really cool guy from Texas. I feel that he brings honor to the name Adolf. And that’s one of the cool things about being Hispanic. You can name your kid Jesus, Adolfo, or Israel, and get away with it without an ounce of criticism. Imagine being white in a Jewish part of New York City being named Adolf in 2020. At any rate, my diversion about Hitler had very little to do with anything, but I wrote it to keep you “safe.”

The bottom line is that if the signing company cared about “safety” they would not offer a Covid-19 signing to anyone, but would make someone with immunity stand 10 feet away from the signer on the porch and slide the documents back and forth.

Personally, if you are under 50 and in good health, you are more in danger of dying in a traffic accident on the way to the signing than from Covid-19. But, the media doesn’t try to brainwash you into being afraid of traffic accidents in 2020.

But, my psychic says that in 2021, the media will find new things to terrify you about. Every day they will show photos of people who died in car accidents and suggest that you don’t drive because it is dangerous. They will keep a daily tab of how many died, and in what state from — you guessed it — car accidents. Car crashes — don’t let it happen to you! Then in 2022 they will scare you about eating processed foods and how you will get cancer if you do. Then in 2023, call phone radiation will become linked to cancer, and we will all have to go back to the stone age. Each year a different brand of fear mongering. I can’t wait to see what the scare is for 2024. This is even better than Halloween attractions involving masked men with chain saws.

At any rate, thanks for reading this blog and remember to hide in your basement for the rest of your life. Leaving it would put you in mortal peril. You might die in a car accident, from Covid, or get shot by unruly gangs of people that Cuomo released from jail for no particular reason other than to stick to an insane narrative. And remember — always be “safe”.


March 2, 2021

Jeremy’s July 2020 trip to New Mexico

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The stress of Covid-19 being in the environment, my site crashing for a week in July of 2020, and life in general necessitated going on a vacation. It was not possible to go earlier, so I waited until I erroneously thought it would be safe to travel. I wanted to be gone on July 4th, 2020, but had some things to finish up and wasn’t feeling well. I thought it would be WW3 here on the 4th due to all the recent riots in Los Angeles, but it was quiet. I guess the Antifa people had been subdued by the police fairly well in our area.

Joshua Tree
The plan was to have a long and relaxing drive, be with the shaman healing spirits of New Mexico, and do some hiking. I started the trip in Joshua Tree. I took some of my old favorite hikes and a few new ones. Joshua Tree is one of the best places to meditate because the vibration is very pure and spiritual. I started to feel lightheaded, and had to turn around a little prematurely on the boy scout trail on day one. But, on day two I had more water and aspirin and was able to hike five miles. On day three I went to Barker Dam where there were a lot more people. For my safety I like to hike near people just in case I get dehydrated or dizzy. So far I have never had a serious issue hiking, but sometimes I feel weird due to my circulation and liver issues.

Benson, AZ
Then I went to Benson, AZ. I like to meditate there in the hotel and there is good hiking ten minutes from there near Kartchner Caverns. I hiked in 100 degree heat, and it was a little too much for me since I was going up hill. But, I said a prayer that I would be alright in my hike. Within minutes a miracle happened. There was one small cloud in the sky, and that cloud moved exactly between me and the sun for forty minutes, which lowered the temperature and intensity making my hike a lot more tolerable. The next day I drove half an hour to Tombstone to see gunfighters, saloons, and get a buffalo burger. I saw an antiquated hotel and a tour of its ghosts. It was mildly interesting. Meeting the other tourists from the East Coast and hearing their stories was interesting too. They had to deal with being quarantined against their will by Cuomo once they returned.

Socorro, NM
From there I took a twisty route up the Eastern mountains of Arizona to Eagar and then East to Socorro. My psychic contacted the angels to ask where the best place for healing would be, and they said Socorro. I was able to get multiple shaman spirits to do healing work on me while on the road to and from Socorro in all directions from that destination. So, I feel Socorro, NM is the ideal place for healing work. From there I took a day trip the following day through remote areas. I went through Magdalena, then saw the very large array of huge radio dishes, and then went to a gas station with a restaurant which was closed on Sundays. So, I went to Pie Town, NM. There were lots of guys with guns in holsters. I remarked that it is refreshing to see socially responsible people having guns — because in my area it is that gangsters who have the guns and the responsible people who stand for nothing. I had a burger and blackberry pie and then drove to El Mapais National Park for some walking and scenery. From there I went to Albuquerque for more hiking but it was 96 degrees there and I was completely alone on the trail which is normally populated with mountain bikes.

I started seeing signs that all visitors were to be quarantined for 14 days. They sprung this rule on me after I had driven 800 miles. Gee, thanks for letting me know ahead of time — not!!! But, I was not there to do anything, only meditate, hike and get healing work, which I succeeded in doing. So, I got upset, and then kept seeing quarantine announcements on the freeway. The next day I drove into the middle of nowhere, meditated at a rest stop, and then went down to a town with the cheapest resorts in the country. I got a hot bath in mineral water for $8 — towel included with free drinking water. What a deal! After this, all restaurants in NM were closed for eating in, so I had to eat in the hotel. I had blueberry pie from the supermarket which was made by Jessie’s pie company who makes the best pies of all description and they are a nationwide chain. I had granola, fruit, dinner rolls and pie for dinner. Simple but yummy.

After three nights in Socorro I drove through Las Cruces and hiked at dripping springs. I got a lamb kabob plate from my favorite restaurant and had to eat it on the trunk of my car. Then I went to Deming, NM to rest on my way back to Benson. The angels had requested that I go back to Benson to do some spiritual work to protect the locals from evil spirits, and I did. The next day I went to Tucson, and then the next day I did a long trip up to Flagstaff and the Navajo Nation.

Navajo Nation & Flagstaff
Most of Tuba City in the Navajo Nation was closed down. There was a beautiful new hotel run by Hopis. They closed it down. The only things open were a testing site for Covid and two Chinese restaurants. So, I enjoyed some fried rice — you guessed it, on the trunk of my car in the searing heat. I spent the night in Flagstaff and my legs felt weird walking. I think I was having altitude sickness. So, I talked to an interesting old lady at a bar — yes, the bar at outback was open in Arizona. Then I went to the hotel, had trouble falling asleep because the vibe there was heavy. The next day I drove all the way to Yuma, did a food tour of Mexican and Asian cuisine. The food there is excellent. Marinated grilled spicy meat is used in their tacos and burritos with cabbage. This is not generally the way Mexican food is made in California. I would say that my best experience with Mexican food is usually in the tiny city of Yuma, AZ. I walked along the Colorado or Yuma river — whichever it is, had tacos, and then drove back home.

So, that was my trip. I felt better for 12 days after coming back. But, then I got depressed again. I think I want to go back to New Mexico for more healing work. My body seems to need more and more and health is one of my main priorities.


February 13, 2021

Fighting tyranny my way

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In order to fight the Marxismization of the USA, and tyranny, we must understand the power structure and how to apply pressure at the various levels of the chain of command.

TOP: Deep State & State Supreme Court Judges

MIDDLE: Governors

LOWER: Police & Sheriff & County Health Departments

LOWER(ER) Businesses subjected to unfair restrictions

LOWEST: We the people!!! (low, but dignified)

CHECK & BALANCE: Federal courts sometimes can help resolve local issues. I am not an Attorney and don’t know how that works. but, our checks and balances have been infiltrated by Marxists who oppose freedom of religion because it would be “suicide” according to a Federal circuit court in regards to a California case about freedom of assembly within religious buildings.


The deep state appears to be bribing judges and governors in many if not all states. Nobody quite knows who they are or how to stop them… for now. China might possibly be involved too. My psychic senses tell me the deep state is a bunch of rich board members who mostly live in Idaho who want power (but live off the grid so they have to generate their own power.) Unless you are a very good spy, it will be hard to figure out who the deep state is, but I think Trump is working on it.

The Supreme Court can shut down the power of a Governor to make executive orders, but they very rarely do, and when they do, they take forever. In California it took eight months for them to stop Newsom from making executive orders that contradict existing legislature. However, he still has orders that contradict with laws about discrimination against people with breathing disabilities via his face mask order.

The police in Los Angeles DO NOT enforce Covid related laws. They also do not protect us from discrimination as they see that as an issue for Attorneys.

The health department can shut down restaurants for disobeying orders that are arbitrary, tyrannical and unconstitutional that did not go through a system of checks and balances.

We the people in California sit and watch our rights being stripped from us by autocrats and oligarchies that do not function in an American system of checks and balances made by arbitrary orders that are not even laws and are far from constitutional as they normally violate our liberty and our freedom to assemble.

California’s solution is to recall the governor, and we have gotten almost a million signatures. But, recalling takes time, and there is no guarantee that the next idiot in charge will be any better than the original as they are controlled by the same deep state and are not subjected to a system of checks and balances as the court system is limp and mainly dysfunctional.

I suggest a system of concerned citizens putting pressure on all levels of the system.

We should put daily pressure on the police and sheriffs to protect houses of worship from tyrannical shutdowns and allow businesses to function normally with full rights.

We the people should put pressure on the health department to not enforce covid-19 restrictions. The penalty for non-compliance with citizen demands would be severe harassment, protests and mass civil disobedience.

Restaurants, stores, churches, and other entities should stay open and defy oppressive attempts from authoritative organizations to suppress them. Fines for noncompliance should not be paid out of principle no matter what the consequence — even if it is jail time.

The supreme court judges or justices should be tried on charges of treason for failing in their duty to provide checks and balances and stop unconstitutional orders from being originated.

The basic problem of the disaster of California is seen as a problem with a single human being — namely Gavin Newsom. He is a big problem, but I believe he is only responsible for less than 1% of California’s problems with unfair executive orders. The remaining percent of the problems are due to the fact that the courts allow him to do anything, law and health enforcement don’t stop him, and we the people sit and do nothing.

Covid-19 restrictions are not something temporary that will just go away. They are part of a larger undermining of American freedom and government that will strip us of our rights, money, freedom, government, culture, and anything that means anything to us. We will be completely destroyed if we don’t fight back. You cannot rely on Donald Trump alone to save you because he hasn’t saved anyone. Biden will sell us down the river. It is up to we the people to save America. Start putting pressure on the various levels of authority now!


January 23, 2021

Is the current societal situation depressing you?

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My previous guru says that we are all the masters of our mood. My current guru claims that your environment is more powerful than you are to control how you feel and your general consciousness. This philosophy dictates that we should choose our environment(s) and choose them cautiously. However, My environment where I live is generally good. But, with the Covid-19 situation and the demonic vibe in the atmosphere, my mood was effected.

I became more depressed, and despondent. I saw no hope in the future. I saw no hope in humanity. I am writing this in December 2020, and the vibe in the air is clearing up. There is not as much evil.

The angels told my psychic that in April 2021, the evil would be mostly gone and that there was a huge battle happening in heaven between the forces of good and evil. Down on earth, there was also a battle between those that value the constitution, America, freedom, and those who want to ruin that and ruin us. So, the war manifests itself in multiple realms — even perhaps in the underworld (wherever that is… think downwards.)

The forces of evil gave a lot of encouragement to the rioters, and governors who trample on our civil rights. These forces also make us feel depressed, and cause some to commit suicide or act more antagonistically than normal.

I’m trying to do the best I can under this situation. I do spiritual exercises to clarify the outer environment. I also leave Los Angeles to tap into more healthy atmospheres. Arizona and New Mexico had a better spiritual atmosphere. The irony is that the air is clean in Los Angeles because few people are driving, so the physical atmosphere is not bad here.

Not sure how you guys are doing, but I’m just scraping by on an emotional level.

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