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March 2, 2021

Jeremy’s July 2020 trip to New Mexico

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The stress of Covid-19 being in the environment, my site crashing for a week in July of 2020, and life in general necessitated going on a vacation. It was not possible to go earlier, so I waited until I erroneously thought it would be safe to travel. I wanted to be gone on July 4th, 2020, but had some things to finish up and wasn’t feeling well. I thought it would be WW3 here on the 4th due to all the recent riots in Los Angeles, but it was quiet. I guess the Antifa people had been subdued by the police fairly well in our area.

Joshua Tree
The plan was to have a long and relaxing drive, be with the shaman healing spirits of New Mexico, and do some hiking. I started the trip in Joshua Tree. I took some of my old favorite hikes and a few new ones. Joshua Tree is one of the best places to meditate because the vibration is very pure and spiritual. I started to feel lightheaded, and had to turn around a little prematurely on the boy scout trail on day one. But, on day two I had more water and aspirin and was able to hike five miles. On day three I went to Barker Dam where there were a lot more people. For my safety I like to hike near people just in case I get dehydrated or dizzy. So far I have never had a serious issue hiking, but sometimes I feel weird due to my circulation and liver issues.

Benson, AZ
Then I went to Benson, AZ. I like to meditate there in the hotel and there is good hiking ten minutes from there near Kartchner Caverns. I hiked in 100 degree heat, and it was a little too much for me since I was going up hill. But, I said a prayer that I would be alright in my hike. Within minutes a miracle happened. There was one small cloud in the sky, and that cloud moved exactly between me and the sun for forty minutes, which lowered the temperature and intensity making my hike a lot more tolerable. The next day I drove half an hour to Tombstone to see gunfighters, saloons, and get a buffalo burger. I saw an antiquated hotel and a tour of its ghosts. It was mildly interesting. Meeting the other tourists from the East Coast and hearing their stories was interesting too. They had to deal with being quarantined against their will by Cuomo once they returned.

Socorro, NM
From there I took a twisty route up the Eastern mountains of Arizona to Eagar and then East to Socorro. My psychic contacted the angels to ask where the best place for healing would be, and they said Socorro. I was able to get multiple shaman spirits to do healing work on me while on the road to and from Socorro in all directions from that destination. So, I feel Socorro, NM is the ideal place for healing work. From there I took a day trip the following day through remote areas. I went through Magdalena, then saw the very large array of huge radio dishes, and then went to a gas station with a restaurant which was closed on Sundays. So, I went to Pie Town, NM. There were lots of guys with guns in holsters. I remarked that it is refreshing to see socially responsible people having guns — because in my area it is that gangsters who have the guns and the responsible people who stand for nothing. I had a burger and blackberry pie and then drove to El Mapais National Park for some walking and scenery. From there I went to Albuquerque for more hiking but it was 96 degrees there and I was completely alone on the trail which is normally populated with mountain bikes.

I started seeing signs that all visitors were to be quarantined for 14 days. They sprung this rule on me after I had driven 800 miles. Gee, thanks for letting me know ahead of time — not!!! But, I was not there to do anything, only meditate, hike and get healing work, which I succeeded in doing. So, I got upset, and then kept seeing quarantine announcements on the freeway. The next day I drove into the middle of nowhere, meditated at a rest stop, and then went down to a town with the cheapest resorts in the country. I got a hot bath in mineral water for $8 — towel included with free drinking water. What a deal! After this, all restaurants in NM were closed for eating in, so I had to eat in the hotel. I had blueberry pie from the supermarket which was made by Jessie’s pie company who makes the best pies of all description and they are a nationwide chain. I had granola, fruit, dinner rolls and pie for dinner. Simple but yummy.

After three nights in Socorro I drove through Las Cruces and hiked at dripping springs. I got a lamb kabob plate from my favorite restaurant and had to eat it on the trunk of my car. Then I went to Deming, NM to rest on my way back to Benson. The angels had requested that I go back to Benson to do some spiritual work to protect the locals from evil spirits, and I did. The next day I went to Tucson, and then the next day I did a long trip up to Flagstaff and the Navajo Nation.

Navajo Nation & Flagstaff
Most of Tuba City in the Navajo Nation was closed down. There was a beautiful new hotel run by Hopis. They closed it down. The only things open were a testing site for Covid and two Chinese restaurants. So, I enjoyed some fried rice — you guessed it, on the trunk of my car in the searing heat. I spent the night in Flagstaff and my legs felt weird walking. I think I was having altitude sickness. So, I talked to an interesting old lady at a bar — yes, the bar at outback was open in Arizona. Then I went to the hotel, had trouble falling asleep because the vibe there was heavy. The next day I drove all the way to Yuma, did a food tour of Mexican and Asian cuisine. The food there is excellent. Marinated grilled spicy meat is used in their tacos and burritos with cabbage. This is not generally the way Mexican food is made in California. I would say that my best experience with Mexican food is usually in the tiny city of Yuma, AZ. I walked along the Colorado or Yuma river — whichever it is, had tacos, and then drove back home.

So, that was my trip. I felt better for 12 days after coming back. But, then I got depressed again. I think I want to go back to New Mexico for more healing work. My body seems to need more and more and health is one of my main priorities.



  1. I went to school in albuquerque late 60s early 70s
    Feel in love with all of it ..go back frequently.lots of friends spread out all over NM
    Just mellows me every time

    Comment by Francis A Colavita — March 30, 2021 @ 1:07 am

  2. Hilarious. I love Santa Fe.

    Comment by Kyle Russell — March 30, 2021 @ 8:36 am

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