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May 3, 2021

Taking precautions against Covid

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Although I got a cold, and not Covid, I take precautions for contagious diseases. While other people who think that wearing a paper mask will protect themselves somehow, I realize that a think mask might delay when you are infected with something, but cannot prevent it altogether, so it therefore does NOT keep you “safe.”

However, I take Vitamin D regularly. People who take D still get infected with all types of diseases, but the severity of the disease is a lot less because of the effects of the vitamin which stimulates 2000 genes in your body most of which have to do with the immune system.

I also take garlic and eat cruciferous vegetables and fermented foods regularly. This is good for your gut bacteria which is the backbone of your immune system.

I even had a few maitake mushrooms which increase your killer T cells by 30%. I’m not sure how many maitakes I am supposed to eat. I just eat a serving each time. I like to live in moderation.

When I got sick, I found it a little bit remarkable that I had no symptoms other than fatigue and chills for several days. Normally when you get an infectious disease you cough, sneeze, are stuffed up, have intestinal issues, lung pain, or something. I had none of this. Was it because I took precautions for my immune system? Was it the vitamin D?

Then I asked myself using my psychic techniques which are not necessarily accurate, but are all I have — HOW MUCH WORSE would my cold have been if I did not have garlic, vegetables, fermented foods, D, maitake, etc? It looks to me logically that it could have been many times worse. If my lungs had been hurting for two weeks or coughing stuff up, that would have been very painful. I think I got off lucky although I lost a fair amount of time from work.

My amateurish psychic reading says that my cold would have been six times as bad. So, while we are all scared of Covid, a simple common cold can destroy your health and body very easily. So, keep your immune system tuned up at all times because you never know what is down the road.



  1. Jeremy, Thanks for the common sense approach to good immune health. If you want additional data on this and other subjects subscribe to “Daily Dose with Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski, DN.” He puts out a daily vlog that has been VALUABLE to Elaine and I. I’ve been “subscribing” (subscribing is a misnomer since it is free) for a couple years.

    Comment by Ken Steinbeck — September 20, 2021 @ 10:19 pm

  2. Zinc is great against COVID as is Xlear (nasal spray) which kills 99 percent of COVID. Use twice a day. Has xylitol

    Comment by Inda jean reynolds — September 21, 2021 @ 2:26 pm

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