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March 6, 2021

The safety of our Notaries is our top priority! — a Covid story

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A signing company called a Notary on our site. The Notary found out the borrower had Covid-19 and called back to decline the job. The signing company said, ‘We understand. The safety of our Notaries is our top priority.”

The next thing you know, the same signing company offered the job to a friend of the Notary in a nearby town. If the signing company cares so much about “safety,” then why would they send someone to an infected person’s house? So much for “safety.” The other Notary took the assignment.

So, the question is, how should we be “safe?” If someone has Covid-19 or even a cough at this point they are banned from society. They are prohibited by law from going to any store, or even a medical clinic. At my acupuncturist they take your temperature before they let you in the door — or they used to. I think they got bored with that or perhaps it’s no longer a requirement. The people who need help the most can’t get it. And getting food? Sorry, you don’t qualify. It’s all about being “safe” by violating your rights. Hitler made lots of unnecessary restrictions and claimed it was for people’s “safety” too. So, whenever someone restricts you to be “safe,” think of good old Adolf.

Ironically, one of my favorite people is Adolfo. He is a bar tender, musician, and really cool guy from Texas. I feel that he brings honor to the name Adolf. And that’s one of the cool things about being Hispanic. You can name your kid Jesus, Adolfo, or Israel, and get away with it without an ounce of criticism. Imagine being white in a Jewish part of New York City being named Adolf in 2020. At any rate, my diversion about Hitler had very little to do with anything, but I wrote it to keep you “safe.”

The bottom line is that if the signing company cared about “safety” they would not offer a Covid-19 signing to anyone, but would make someone with immunity stand 10 feet away from the signer on the porch and slide the documents back and forth.

Personally, if you are under 50 and in good health, you are more in danger of dying in a traffic accident on the way to the signing than from Covid-19. But, the media doesn’t try to brainwash you into being afraid of traffic accidents in 2020.

But, my psychic says that in 2021, the media will find new things to terrify you about. Every day they will show photos of people who died in car accidents and suggest that you don’t drive because it is dangerous. They will keep a daily tab of how many died, and in what state from — you guessed it — car accidents. Car crashes — don’t let it happen to you! Then in 2022 they will scare you about eating processed foods and how you will get cancer if you do. Then in 2023, call phone radiation will become linked to cancer, and we will all have to go back to the stone age. Each year a different brand of fear mongering. I can’t wait to see what the scare is for 2024. This is even better than Halloween attractions involving masked men with chain saws.

At any rate, thanks for reading this blog and remember to hide in your basement for the rest of your life. Leaving it would put you in mortal peril. You might die in a car accident, from Covid, or get shot by unruly gangs of people that Cuomo released from jail for no particular reason other than to stick to an insane narrative. And remember — always be “safe”.


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